Subject: Fraternizing at Breedum Hung U Hey, fans, keep writing and commenting and saying what you like. Your appreciative comments inspire the next story! Say hi ail And toss some coins into the Nifty hat, to support the free availability of amateur smut! Today, we present… Fraternizing at Breedum Hung U. Beep beep beep. “Goddammit! Fucking thing!!” Junior woke to the sound of his roommate Beeb (short for Bull Balls) cussing at the jackoff machine, which was getting worn out from constant use and losing battery capacity. Lately, it ran out of power just as Beeb was trying to blow his first load of the day, so Junior knew what was coming next. “Hey, roomie, you awake? Can you help me? Lookit this problem I got.” Beeb held his precum-dripping, ready-to-pop rod in front of Junior’s face. “And these things, they just gotta be drained.” Beeb hefted up the biggest pair of balls in the county, on either man or animal, positioning them in full view next to his dick. Junior already had morning wood, making it look like he had three legs under the covers, but this sight was quickly getting his dick drooling. Beeb could see the peak of the tent beginning to moisten through the sheets, a spreading wet spot testifying to the allure of his testicles. “Alright, alright” sighed Junior. “I’ll service yer alarm cock.” Beeb was pleased with himself for being able to arouse the biggest stud on campus, and a straight guy at that. Beeb lay back on his bed with legs spread to let his freakishly huge, low-hanging nuts roll onto the covers while Junior stood with his precum-lubricated hand sliding rhythmically on Beeb’s boner and his cock laying across Beeb’s face. This always did the trick. In between licks on Junior’s urethra, Beeb liked to talk dirty. “You’re made for man-to-man action, with this thing. Have you ever seen a bigger one? How can you call yourself straight, jacking off dicks all day that got hard looking at it?” Junior decided to engage with him. “You should meet my new friend, Sirk. He’s not quite as long, but boy, he’s got me beat in width.” Junior could feel Beeb’s pecker getting hard as steel, the dickhead becoming like a ripe plum in his sliding palm. “The fuckin thing’s like a Burrito Grande and impossible to suck, but it makes you wanna try. I mean, yeah, I’m straight, but me and him sixty-nine each other every chance we get. And can that guy shoot! You and him oughta have a contest. He’s got gallons…” Beeb’s meatstick started shooting jets of jism into the air, but Junior knew he had to keep on jacking to properly drain the guy’s voluminous balls. This was the fun part, pumping out the juice, and Junior was getting pretty randy himself, watching the stuff splatter all over Beeb’s legs and stomach and massive ball sack. It seemed like there was even more than usual, judging by the number of heavy squirts. When Beeb’s hose finally stopped fountaining, Junior was glad he didn’t have to clean it all up. Beeb gathered together the sheets and the waterproof pad underneath. “So, you know this guy with a super thick dong on him? Can I, um…” “Sure” answered Junior. “If you blew that fast just hearing about him, I’d be interested to see how you react. Y’know, I’m going to a frat party at Iota Nu Beta tonight, a sorta meet-n-greet with a new sorority, but something dick-related usually happens in the back room. How about I meet you and Sirk here beforehand and we can socialize, hm?” Beeb smiled as some cum seeped out of the sheets onto the floor. Pubic Health was usually an intellectually-challenging, scientifically rigorous class, but not today. “We have a guest lecturer from the Institute for Sexual Rectitude. I’m sure the topic will be of interest” intoned the professor. A chubby, conservatively-dressed little woman faced the all-male lecture hall. “I know that this message has been reiterated for several decades now, but it always seems that male culture, especially pornography, is resistant to it, and therefore one needs to periodically remind you young males that, to put it in the best-known phrase, size doesn’t matter!” The guys leaned back, rolling their eyes and folding their arms, ready for the usual drivel. “I can see already that I’m going to have to do a lot of convincing, but as you will see, science is on my side.” The speaker proceeded to expound on the structure of the, er, well, I’m going to relate it as cunt actually, because to hell with all those Latin medical words that wrest control of language away from the common man. The phallus…er, rather, pecker can poke this little spot here near the entrance that triggers her off, and so more than three inches is just wasted. The myth of the superior big penis (ecch!) has oppressed the differently endowed, and so we must be sensitive, bla bla. Time for questions. Junior slouched in his seat, trying to give the little woman a view of his knee-length bulge, which was at her eye height due to the stepped-up seats. Sirk, taking the class to hang out with Junior, stood up, presenting the room with his NBA-approved basket. “Earlier, you decried reductionism when arguing against objectification. Men being reduced to their reproductive organs by penis fetishization, that sort of thing. But you yourself engage in reductionism by describing the sexual act in exclusively mechanistic terms. The action of the glans penis on the Grafenberg spot, that sort of thing. In actuality, much of sexuality is psychological, so that one’s emotional connection to certain organs is central to the excitement.” Sirk was relentlessly logical as usual. Some men said “hear hear!” Not only had the speaker failed to prepare the lecture for a straight/gay mixed audience, she was denying what actually turns people on. “He’s right” added Junior, who was happy to support his new friend. “If size matters to me, then it matters. If it matters to the people I interact with sexually, it matters. And, by the way, some of those people are female and aren’t lying when they say it’s important to them both psychologically and physically.” Junior was unaccustomed to talking about fucking in this sort of language, but that was a large part (no pun intended) of what the class was about; translating dirty talk into erudition. Another stud-ent with well-filled-out pants stood up. “I’m sure you’re aware that you’re addressing a community of men who are privileged in terms of, er, um, their corpora cavernosa. Why are you asserting that our endowments are superfluous? I would draw a comparison with, for instance, a group of women with enormous breasts, who have a natural advantage in sexual attractiveness to other people and revel in it, confirming each other’s value. Would you shame them? Are we the bourgeoisie in your Marxist view of sexual economy?” “Now, now, that’s not necessary!” interrupted the Professor. “We have good relations with the Institute and we allow them to do research here. With a minimum length requirement of twenty centimeters, we have a highly filtered population and I’m sure our guest speaker understands that and is simply imparting facts from physiological science. And we’re out of time today, so please let’s thank the speaker and class is dismissed.” As they walked gaziantep escort out of the lecture hall, a couple of guys conferred. “See, her pussy’s only this deep” said one, holding up his middle finger, “and so she’s afraid of `em.” The other replied, pointing to his chest with his thumb. “If I skewered her, I could fuck another girl with what would pop out her mouth.” The retort was quick. “So, is your name Shishka Bob?” Har-dee-har. As Junior, Sirk and Beeb walked up the steps of Iota Nu Beta fraternity, they were greeted by a frat brother stationed on the porch to identify likely candidates. “Whoa! You guys are here to join the Team, arncha?” he effused, intently checking out the three overstuffed crotch bulges. Beeb had been cozying up to Sirk since they met at Junior’s dorm, and had given Sirk enough friendly squeezes to start expanding both their meat, further tightening the fabric. “What team?” Junior asked. The greeter explained. “It’s the Diplomats Team. We’re putting together a group of guys to go to Theta Eta Delta sorority, at their request. We figured on putting our best members forward, so to speak, and you guys got the right stuff, no question.” Sirk turned to whisper in Junior’s ear. “Y’know, girls aren’t so much my thing…” “Yeah, me neither” Beeb added quietly, huddling with the other two. “Maybe me and Sirk can go back to my room and you can…” “Waitaminute!” Junior was miffed. “Are you guys gonna just leave me by myself, no support? I’ll feel like a…” “Heyyyy Junior! I heard you got it enlarged ol’ boy. Maybe you can compete with me now!” Studley, Juniors old nemesis, emerged from the front door dressed expensively in his trademark clingy white pants, all cheekbones and chin and brow, smiling toothfully. Sirk was quite taken with Studley’s looks. “Whozat? He looks like a movie star!” One look at his pants could tell you exactly what kind of movie star. Studley got most of his action with women, which made him feel superior in pussy-fucking skills due to his vast experience, and was thus Junior’s rival for the affections of (voracious college slut and all-around sweetie) Horse Girl. And, well, every other girl. Fortunately for Junior, Studley was also a jerk. Beeb concurred with Sirk. “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind goin’ where he’s goin’ right now. And who’s this other dude?” Behind Studley was another fellow with obvious Diplomat Team qualifications, but with a suspicious, street-hardened expression and a sense of the criminal about him. Junior recognized the man. “It’s that guy from the porno theater.” Straight guys knew him from there, while gay guys knew him from the homo whorehouse. He was a notorious hustler who made money harvesting cum, which he could bring forth in most men in less than a minute, one way or another. Or, given time (and enough extra dough), he could work up a huge load in his clients for the most intense, ball-draining orgasm ever. No stud cock was too much for his talents, making him the go-to guy for frustrated, swinger-party “bulls” after they’d fucked a crowd of wives without getting off. Porno movie theaters paid him to cruise the audience, providing the theater with a reputation as a quick relief center. He’d start with the regulars, going from one spectator to the next extracting loads, so everybody could tell what they were in for when he sat next to them. Which was an expert, high speed handjob, resulting in an audible spray of jizz against the seat in front. His own cock was impressive enough to speed up his clients’ progress toward cumming if he flashed it or made them handle it, which was pretty much the only way he used it. Studley knew him too. “I brought this guy along to mess with you Nancy boys!” He seemed pleased with himself (as always) for figuring out how to knock out the competition. Everyone but Beeb had encountered this professional before, and knew his skills. Junior was a little worried he might encounter him again before being called upon to stretch co-ed pussy. Best to stay away from that guy’s hands and mouth. Down the street on Frat Row, Theta Eta Delta sorority had much the same architecture as the others; an early 20th century mansion converted to student housing, with an elevated porch for drinking while girl/boy watching. An exceptionally busty young woman spotted the five Diplomat Team members by their barely-concealed weapons. “Hi, guys. I can guess where you’re from! And even if you’re not from there, you’re sure welcome!” As they stepped up to the porch, Junior and Studley gawked at the sorority members sitting in Adirondack chairs, their tits resting heavily on their laps. The girls gawked back. Their busty guide led the Team into a large front room where several girls were setting up a video projector and screen while others unfolded chairs. Every one of them was awesomely stacked, stretching their XXL shirts and hanging out the bottom, showing nipple when they bent over. Managing those giant gazongas must be a big part of their lives, thought the two straight men as their whangers reacted positively. “We’re the first macromastia support group in the city” explained the guide. “We believe there’s no need for reduction surgery if the woman is surrounded by a culture of affirmation. That includes peers as well as men who can appreciate our ample charms.” True, many of the girls were Rubenesque, but that didn’t stop Studley and Junior from springing 75% boners in their trousers, catching the attention of more than one sorority sister. “Oh, good! You’re affirming already! Well, we’re gonna give you a chance to really show your appreciation in a few minutes, so why don’t you chill for a while in our recreation room, huh?” The guide showed them to a room in the back, but blushed as she opened the door. A big-boned girl with massive, hanging juggs was getting roughly boned from behind by a strangely expressionless naked man with a horsecock too big even for her. His machine-like fucking was getting the job done, and the girl emitted an emphatic moan as she came for the umpteenth time. “Horse Girl!” Junior exclaimed, recognizing his on-again, off-again girlfriend. “Whoo! Yer right!” seconded Studley. “I know that pussy…” He looked Junior in the eye and winked. “…from the inside!” Junior knew of Horse Girl’s wide-ranging activities, and he adored her for being a slut like he was, but it was annoying to see his paramour fucked so ruthlessly and effectively by an uncaring superstud with a dong to rival his own. Oh, right. Yes, it was one of those sex-zombies created for the porno industry by the engineering and psychology departments, transforming unsuspecting college student “volunteers” into mindless stud-robots. Junior thought he’d seen the last of those when he and Horse Girl escaped from Zombie Island, but here one was, with an even bigger dick and maybe a bigger sexual appetite than before. Horse Girl had to push herself away from the ever-pumping pud once she recovered from her orgasm. “Junior! Studley! Yeah, I’m a sorority sister now. You guys gonna try an’ match dicks with this ol’ dreamboat here?” gesturing to the now purposeless zombie. “Oh, I fergot, it’s the `Event’ an’ yer on the `Team’ aincha. An’ watta suriyeli escort team! Lookit them bulges! Well, I hope ta see ya both real soon!” She coyly tilted her head and waved her fingers. As Horse Girl exited and closed the door, the men were left to ponder their fate. Beeb walked over to a puffy, upholstered chair and sat down. As he sank into the seat, a switch clicked and a hard knob in the middle between his legs started to violently vibrate. “Yikes! Wow, this must be how those girls entertain themselves, huh. I’ll bet this pops their pussies after a while.” Beeb’s unit began to get rigid. To enable him to walk, he wore shorts that kept each ball packed up and to its respective side, with his dick pointing vertically in the middle. This put the vibrating knob near the base of his cock, which was lengthening so that the head started to poke up past his pants. Since he’d tucked his shirt in to look respectable, the bulbous dickhead was outside the shirt and visible to all. “Aw, shit” said Beeb as he looked down and saw his dick looking back. “I wonder if it gets guys off too” mused Sirk, who had experimented with many kinds of mechanical cock-milkers. He enjoyed seeing the signs of building excitement in Beeb’s face and body as the electrical stimulator got him hotter by the minute. Sirk recognized this from the many friends and acquaintances he’d invited to try out his inventions, not minding the cleanup after they’d sprayed spunk all over the carpet. “Two minutes till launch” Sirk predicted. “Fuck you” retorted Beeb, a daily stroke-machine user who figured he could outlast any dopey girly thing. Plus, he’d better not soak his shirt, his pants, the chair and the floor with one of his giant loads, which could be embarrassing. His cock was now several inches over the belt, the plum-sized head taut and shiny and oozing copious precum. Beeb soon started to get jittery, and could finally tell he wasn’t up to the task of holding his load against the powerful vibrator. It had brought off untold numbers of clits, turning the most frigid bitches into quivering squirters, but this might have been the first cock to blast because of it. “Well, uh, enough of that. Works pretty good…” Beeb started to get up off the humming chair. “Not so fast, ball boy!” Studley, anxious to incapacitate his rivals before the real competition began, stood behind Beeb and held him down by the shoulders. Junior found this funny, and helped by grabbing Beeb’s arm so he couldn’t push himself up. Sirk happily grabbed the other arm, and now Beeb was pinned. “You gotta see this” said Junior to Sirk. “He could put out fires.” “If those eggplants in his pockets are his nuts, I’m not surprised” commented Studley. “Fuck you guys!” Beeb cursed, as the need to cum became almost overwhelming. If he could only hold out till they got bored or relented in amazement at his stamina… He looked around the room for a distraction. In the corner, the hustler was rapidly jacking the zombie’s giant dong with both hands, using a stroke that looked like it could bring off an elephant. Talk about trigger warnings. Beeb jetted his first shots onto his neck and chin, splattering himself and the men next to him. He thought for a moment that he could prevent a deluge by opening his mouth and swallowing it as it shot up, but this had made him choke before and that wouldn’t work. His jets intensified in pressure as the vibrator continued stimulating his cock base, so he turned his head out of the way and almost shot Studley in the face. Junior could tell this was going to be an even bigger load than this morning, maybe due to the excitement of meeting Sirk. Sirk, for his part, was filled with admiration, thanking his lucky stars for friends like these. Beeb wished he could stop shooting spooge everywhere, but couldn’t. He hated being rendered helpless by his dick, but who wasn’t, sometimes? As the thick jets kept erupting from his swollen firehose, drops and ropes landed on him, Junior and Sirk, as well as the chair’s electrical system. Eventually it reached the wires, a spark and a puff of smoke shot out from under the chair, and the vibrator stopped. Beeb’s dick finally stopped ejaculating and the three other men let go and tried to shake the slimy stuff off their hands. The hustler spoke up for the first time while still expertly masturbating that massive zombiecock. “This guy here got pretty close, lookin’ at that dick blow its load. I could tell he got excited, but I couldn’t quite get him there. Boy, can this weird dude take the stimulation! I’ve been givin’ him my `OK, big dick, you’re gonna cum right now’ stroke, and he’s takin’ it longer than anybody I’ve ever seen. I mean, doin’ my work I’ve jacked all of you guys off before, multiple times, and I never seen anybody, even you horsedicks, take it for as long as this guy can. What’s with him?” “He’s been modified” explained Junior. “A zombie, actually. He’s not really human anymore, but better in some ways. Not mentally, though.” The professional’s relentless hand technique looked pretty appealing to Junior right now, having been the cause of explosive eruptions from Junior’s dick on several prior occasions. But no, he’d better avoid a premature ball-draining. Junior wondered if Studley was getting turned on watching the same scene. Studley was taking his shirt and pants off, with only his over-stretched shorts remaining. “Gotta get outta these wet clothes.” complained Studley. “That stuff got all over me! I know some o’ you don’t mind, but I do.” Nevertheless, Studley’s cock appeared quite rigid in his shorts, even though folded double. “I guess you’re lookin’ at this thing” he said, hefting his half-covered hardon. “I gotta admit, that pro’s had his hand on it a few times, and he busted my nuts right quick every time, so I’m pretty impressed with that zombie fella.” Studley shot Junior a mean, lop-sided smile. “No wonder he’s stretchin’ the best pussy in town.” Junior now felt a pang of jealousy, remembering the earlier scene with Horse Girl being zombie-fucked at high speed. How many times did he make her cum? How long could he bang her box at that pace? Maybe he couldn’t compete with a zombie, but Studley was another matter. “I got more than that” Junior boasted, pointing to Studley’s gaping underwear. Anyone could easily see Studley’s ball sac, dickhead and base through the stretched-out leg hole, while the shaft of it went out and back in a sort of rectangular mega-bulge. “No you don’t” retorted Studley. “Once I fold this out you’ll gasp in amazement.” The last time Studley had seen Junior’s member was when they double-fucked Horse Girl. Since then, Junior’s stint at the semen-extracting biofuels factory had magnified his size, stamina and ejaculation volume. It was time for a rematch. “Ok, we’ll compare the traditional way.” Junior opened up the front of his pants, pulled down his boxers and hauled out the anaconda. Studley was taken aback but still skeptical, since it wasn’t fully erect yet. Junior turned around and jacked himself while watching the hustler work on Sirk, who was busying himself fondling Beeb’s balls. “That developed quick” thought Junior. rus escort Now fully hard, he turned back to Studley. Studley was clearly surprised and dismayed, but he knew he had to perform the comparison as required by law. As he pulled his shorts down his continuously stiffening dong unfolded like a spring. He jacked it a few strokes to max hardness, then stood facing Junior so they could hold the cocks in question side-by-side, getting as close to each other as the rigid meat poles would allow. The one that touched the other guy’s leg first, the one that limited how close they could get, was Junior’s. Studley’s dickhead was inches away from reaching Junior, and it was narrower as well, although neither one could be encircled with one hand. “Goddam, that’s one fuckin’ big dick. No wonder you get talked about. I hate to say it, but that’s the biggest I ever seen, guy. Too bad we’re after the same girl. You ever find a place where you can slip it in and not break `em in two?” Junior was basking in his triumph. “Yeah” he said suggestively. “And she’s cute, too, with really big bazooms and long legs and a big ass. She can’t take the whole length, but boy does she get off on it.” Studley knew who Junior was referring to. Oh well, there were plenty of other girls who’d worship his whanger, but it was unsettling to lose such a high-quality one. Studley wanted to say “I know you love her” but didn’t. Junior wanted to say “she thinks you’re an asshole” but didn’t. Sirk was starting to moan like he was on track to blow a spectacular load. He was getting the pro’s premium treatment, the one that builds up semen volume by hanging near the edge of ejaculation for a long time, then lets it all loose at once. The long-awaited climax was coming at him fast. This would reestablish the hustler’s credentials as a sure-fire nut popper after his failure with the zombie, which is why he went after Sirk. Even Studley was getting excited by the scene, stroking his meat rhythmically but not too fast, because he was guarding his cum. Just then, the zombie came out of nowhere and bent down to suck Studley’s stiffy. The zombie had been trained to extract the loads from other zombies, which was no easy feat, and so his effect on a normal human, even a superstud, was immediate and profound. Studley was quickly overcome by the sensations, forgetting his plan to save his cum for the girls. An expression of open-mouthed amazement came over his face, as the zombie coldly did as he was programmed, using his superhuman lips, tongue and hands to pump out the juice. As the inevitable came upon him, Studley thought it remarkable how fast the zombies tongue was licking along the underside of his cockhead, as if it was motorized. His next thought was how remarkably hard he was cumming, blasting out jizz squirts like his cock was exploding, shooting a thick shot every stroke of the zombie’s mouth and hands, over and over without an end in sight. Seeing Studley in these paroxysms of orgasm speeded Sirk’s progress and soon resulted in a fountain of sperm from his insanely thick dick. The handjob pro adjusted his stroke to prolong the ejaculation, which showered all the pieces of furniture and carpet that Beeb’s eruption hadn’t. Each copious squirt left a line of drops many feet in front of him, and there were so many that the jackoff artist could point the huge dick around to get even coverage. Even Beeb was impressed at how many shots Sirk could produce when expertly handled. Of course, he was also impressed that the thickest cock on the Eastern seaboard could be brought off at all, and wondered how he’d accomplish this task going forward. Sirk, now a big fan of that heavy sack of grapefruits, had promised Beeb he’d fix the jackoff machine if Beeb would test it in Sirk’s lab. Maybe Sirk, being a shy nerd, wasn’t as skilled in dick handling as some of his classmates and had to make up for it by inventing machines that would do it for him. No problem for Beeb, who thought Sirk’s combination of social awkwardness and oversized genitals made him especially hot. Maybe they could cum into big graduated cylinders to get an accurate measurement and a fair comparison, both popped off by a precision cock-stroking machine for exactly equal stimulation. Beeb’s was getting stiff again. By this time Junior had gotten so randy that any offer of relief was welcome, and he didn’t recoil when the zombie went after him the way he had Studley. Junior had experienced zombie blowjobs before on the secret island, but nothing like this. This one must have been a new and improved model, with super skills commensurate with his super stamina. Junior’s dick was thicker than Studley’s, too thick to stuff in a mouth, so the zombie used his superhuman, oscillating tongue to stimulate the sensitive parts under the head while he speed-jacked the shaft. As Junior stood there steadily proceeding toward ejaculation, Studley hung around kibbitzing. “Well, it was good to see the guy from the porno theater earn his keep. I paid him, y’know. Really did a number on your thick dick friend, huh, with all that cum. But this guy, whew, I never blew so fast! Isn’t that tongue incredible? Now, you put that on a pussy and see what happens! I bet he got on Horse Girl’s clit that way, and you can imagine the result cantcha? Just like me, an’ you pretty soon, but over an’ over again like girls do.” Junior was trying to restrain himself and last just a little while longer to beat Studley’s time, but to no avail. The “motorized” tongue really did get to him like it did to Studley, making resistance impossible. He just had to keep it together a tad longer than that boastful jerk, to show him who could take it like a man… Since the zombie was off to the side, licking, the end of Junior’s cock was uncovered and his cum jets shot freely, going most of the way across the room to land on his elated friends. After such a long period of excitement and no noontime campus restroom action (the glory holes were being sanded and polished today), he had built up extra volume which now flowed over everything in front of him. Junior didn’t have the reservoir of a Beeb or a Sirk, but he could shoot powerfully and far, so that even Studley seemed entertained. “Thank you for entertaining us!” blared a female voice from a now-active video screen. “I’m Bethesda Maryland, president of this sorority, and we would like to thank you for your performance this evening!” The image showed her smiling face and acres of cleavage. How far her tits hung below the bottom of the frame was anyone’s guess. “We hope that you had a fun time, and we look forward to hosting you and your fraternity brothers again in the future. Goodbye.” As he hastily struggled to jam his still-swollen salami into his pants, Sirk quickly scanned the room and noticed several surveillance cameras with remote pan and tilt; a familiar technology. “High definition, wireless, with infrared. Expensive. They’d need a switcher or a multiplexer. I wonder if they were recording.” A servants’ door swung open by some mechanism, leading out to an alley behind the building. The men, somewhat disappointed, filed out, leaving the dim-witted zombie bewildered. Horse Girl let herself in again, closed both doors, and switched off the camera system. Leading the zombie by his perpetually erect monster meat, she sat on the only dry sofa with her legs spread and pushed his mouth onto her pussy. “Why didn’t I think o’ this? Thanks, you guys!”

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