Freedom and the Widow Ch. 04


After much loosening of the tongues of the two experienced women, due to the quantities of alcohol consumed, Victoria eventually found her way to her luxurious bedroom with her mind buzzing with newly acquired erotic thoughts. Her senses were also buoyed by her excitement at being somewhere warm and exotic; and as she slid between silken sheets, her hand slid down to the equally silky feel of her smoothly shaven pussy. She could not wait to try on another outfit tomorrow, and her pussy buzzed as she thought of going with no panties, as she teased her clitoris she dreamed of having a male at her feet, begging to tongue her; she moaned with pleasure as her orgasm lapsed into deep sleep.

Eric Chandler had spent the day at the beach at Pamplonne, lusting at some of the mature beauties he’d seen there, and fantasising about the more assertive looking examples as he waded waste deep in the warm Mediterranean; his cock jutting unseen below the waterline. He was holidaying here on his own; he’d been widowed six years ago, and had had a couple of relationships since, but still had not found what he was really looking for; he had always had a penchant for dominant women, but had never had the courage to take the step. As he got older he found that the urge grew stronger, rather than beginning to diminish.

His lust had grown throughout the day and now he wandered about the main area by the quay, looking for a certain sort of club. He was getting tired as the small hours wore on; St Tropez was not the sort of area known for exotic nightclubs, but he knew there were a few, and one in particular-he just had to find it. He resigned himself in need of his bed, and as he wandered under the plane trees past a taxi rank, he saw a sight that stopped him in his tracks. A gorgeous leather-clad woman pointed scornfully into the rear of a cab and a male obediently climbed in, followed by her. He watched for the direction that the cab took, but it was hopeless; it could have gone in any direction on reaching the arterial road, out of site.

As he strolled back his memory strove to keep an image of the look on that woman’s face; pure control. His cock stayed half-erect as he pondered what the male in the cab would be treated too as he passed through the small shops of Boulevard Louis Blanc. Opposite a café he saw a shop display which was of immediate interest to him; though it was dark inside he pressed his face against the window and smirked at the fulya escort leather skirts and full length hide coats which clothed the slim and elegant mannequins within, as he tried to sniff through the glass in his inebriated state, what met his eyes next had his cock as stiff as it had been all day. To the rear of the dark shop, a door opened revealing a bright light behind it; a slim mature woman with bouffant hair stood, gesticulating to someone beyond. It was not the woman who excited him; the walls were adorned with leather bull-whips, crops and leashes. Beyond the woman’s waving arms he could just make out further mannequins wearing leather cat-suits; the rear room was no store-room, it was an additional shop which specialised in leather fetish wear.

He slunk away from the window as the woman closed the door; he crossed the street and stopped to tie a shoe lace, trying to look as innocuous as he could. He watched with interest as the woman with the bouffant left the shop and strutted confidently down the street in a tight leather skirt. He smiled and made a note of the café; he’d be back tomorrow to view some of the shop’s patrons.

Victoria awoke to brilliant sunshine and warmth which seemed almost tropical; she smiled like a child as she looked from her window through the palm trees which waved in the soft warm breeze, down to the beach and the vibrant blue bay beyond. After showering she chose a loose fitting dress, which was split up one side, exposing a thigh to one side, hugging her middle and emphasising her mature breasts; her nipples clearly visible in the fabric. The dress was set off by sandals which elevated her as much as the stilettos she had worn for the trip, but were much easier to walk in.

Cherie and Wanda sat at a table just beyond the large conservatory, beneath the shade of an awning. Wanda smiled and clapped as Victoria made her entrance; she was delighted with her new-found choice of apparel, it was hard to believe she was the same woman who was an acquaintance of those grey bridge club people back home. Both Wanda and Cherie had chosen similar, light but sexy outfits for the shopping trip they had planned the night before, Victoria sat and adjusted her legs in the soft breeze; she had chosen to wear a tiny thong, and her pussy buzzed with excitement as the cool zephyrs played on her shaven mound, while they discussed Madam Pompidou’s and visiting ‘The Club’ bebek escort for the first time that evening. Cherie tilted her head and smiled knowingly at Victoria.

“We’ll show you just how much power you have over males; once we get you into a nice kinky outfit, they’ll be falling over themselves to get to you. You will not believe you have gone through life the way you have so far, when you see what’s on offer.” The three had a light breakfast, and then the barefoot Cherie snapped her fingers and a willing male servant hurried over to her, knelt and put on a pair of strapped sandals she’d chosen. Victoria looked on with a strange envy, as he kissed her feet and remained kneeling as they left.

On the way through the house they met a maid, dressed in a tight black uniform; who beamed with pleasure as she displayed the cane she carried, and on a leash and led by her, LeClerc. He tried to look solemn, but dressed only in a white shroud and obviously naked underneath; his erection lifted the material as he relished his punishment. Cherie looked sternly at him, and then glanced at Victoria.

“Kiss our guests feet. I want you to think of her when you are being thrashed; she may have the opportunity to cane you herself one day.” Victoria blushed a little and the thong tightened in her cleft as her pussy swelled to match it as the submissive male eagerly bent to kiss the new mistress’s feet; he studied the pertly mature flesh through the straps of the sandals and memorised each taught muscle. He would enjoy the caning all the more now. The haughty maid jerked impatiently on his leash, eager to show her domination and exact her punishment on the subservient male. She bade them goodbye and they watched as she opened a door to one of the larger lounges; a circle of about eight maids some eight or nine strong, clapped as the proud maid led her victim in for punishment before them. Cherie clapped too as the door was closed behind them.

“She will cane his bare ass whilst the other maids watch, then to add to his humiliation, he’ll be made to do the very thing he has been punished for whilst kneeling at the punisher’s feet. It is so ironic really.” Victoria’s pussy tingled all the more, as just as they left through the front door, the whoosh of the cane and the male’s first cry of pain was audible throughout the house.

The thrill continued for Victoria as they drove down to the centre of St florya escort Tropez; it all seemed like a dream, so detached was she now, from her former life. They parked the car near the market and strolled amongst the stalls under the plane trees as they made their way to Boulevard Louis Blanc. Having donned her sunglasses like her two companions, Victoria began to feel so naturally assertive, as she strutted with the other two confident women; aware of males of all sizes and ages stepping carefully aside and viewing the trio with a noticeable sense of awe. As they approached their destination Cherie steered them first into the café opposite.

“Let’s have a quick latte before we begin, to sharpen the senses.” This was a routine the women often followed, as Madam Pompidou’s could sometimes be busy, and they liked to have her full attention when choosing fetish-wear in the specialty shop to the rear. Victoria took off her glasses and her pussy bulged with delight as her eyes met with a male sat a couple of tables away; she could not help notice how he looked at her with a sense of wonderment as he smiled; his jaw dropping as he got an immediate response which made his cock stiffen. He quickly looked elsewhere shyly as she continued to smile proudly.

Eric swallowed deeply as he dared look in her direction again; a sixth sense told him that these were women who were independent and got what they want, as much as their obviously assertive attitude. There was something about the women in the split skirt in particular; his balls tingled as he studied her discretely. After about 20 minutes they left; Victoria turned and gave a stern smile at the male whose eyes could not keep from looking at her. His cock stiffened as he watched the mature and shapely woman step out into the sunshine; he quickly fantasised about being on a floor, kneeling before the three women, they were so attractive.

His fantasy hit new levels as they strutted across the road and entered the leather shop; his jaw dropped and he gasped audibly. The waiter who had appeared unseen behind him, smiled broadly as it was obvious what interested this client; Eric blushed visibly and tried to look nonchalant. The waiter owed a lot of his business to the shop opposite, and he was patently aware that the popularity of his café owed more than a little to certain people’s love of leather; when he brought another coffee ordered by Eric, he winked knowingly at him before leaving. Eric was a little puzzled, and then he noticed a card wedged between cup and saucer. A silhouette of a woman in boots was on the card; ‘Club Zero’ read the legend; ‘erotique’ and ‘cuir’ were words that hit him; his balls now tingled as never before, this was just the club he was looking for.

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