Freya and the Micro Part 7


Three weeks went by and Ben’s impromptu video matinee starring Freya almost seemed ancient, almost. Freya was still unsure what Ben was thinking and even less sure about he wanted sexually. She was determined to give him everything he desired, but Ben’s responses to her questions, did not satisfy her curiosity. ***** The Wood-Ewe lounge was a bar and steak house across town from the clinic. It was a destination for those who wanted something different. The upper level of the lounge usually went unnoticed by everyone on the lower level. With only six small tables, low lighting, and a small dance floor it was only popular with those who sought a special kind of privacy. Small tables were in nooks and the nooks were in a maze which provided considerable seclusion. Ben discovered one nook afforded a clandestine view of the one on the opposite side and seated himself.Ben’s view was of the table he and Freya usually occupied at the lounge and had reserved for their rendezvous this evening. Freya liked this table because it afforded the best view of the dance floor and stage on the lower level. From the lower level one could only see occupants above the shoulders. This Friday evening the booth served as an impromptu meeting place and nearly evolved into an interesting threesome. The only scheduled member of the trio was Ben’s unwitting wife. She initially attempted to fend off advances by the duo that positioned themselves close to her table. The two spent considerable time attempting to engage Freya in their lively banter. They talked a little too loud, laughed a little too much, and obviously were on the hunt. They were bold and somewhat too self assured for Freya, who liked to be in control of conversations with people she had not previously met. The interaction only led to a physical nature after Freya scolded one of the interlopers for snooping on her text messages. The apology led to extended play when Tom slid his hand up Freya’s inner thigh. Freya panicked when he leaned over and whispered, “I’m sorry. How about I rub it all better?” *****On Sunday, over three weeks prior to their date, Ben and Freya were home relaxing on their back patio. She doted over him all morning in a quest to find out how Ben discovered she had fucked Danny and Harlan. After a couple of spiked lemonades Ben decided to tell her, conditionally. His main stipulation was Freya could not disclose his source to Danny or Harlan, that he knew, or how he came to know about their sexual activities. “Harlan doesn’t know I know,” Ben snickered before taking another swallow of fortified lemonade. şişli escort He lifted the glass and to watch the lemon seeds swirl before he continued, “Neither does that silly-fucking Danny,” Ben didn’t like Danny and his arrogant smirking attitude. Freya wondered if Ben had been suspicious and if perhaps he had hired a private investigator. She was miles away from the truth and headed in the wrong direction. Ben was not a suspicious or jealous kind of guy and he did not hire outside help. Ben led Freya to his computer and slipped in a disc marked: What do you think of this? The first scene was obviously from a hidden camera. The black and white video was of low quality. Still, there was no mistaking the identities of the participants. The rapid shedding of clothing caused Freya to say, “Oh no!” And Danny’s glaring white ass, which was soon wrapped by Freya’s tanned legs, made her cringe with embarrassment and the raw sex even minus sound, spared Freya little embarrassment. The second video was higher quality and it was a two camera video. It included sound and though the quality was not professional, it was much better than Freya and Danny’s jerky fuck session. It was obviously recorded in the basement of the gym. An already shaken Freya gasped when she recognized the set-up, “Oh-Gawd! How did you get this? I didn’t know Harlan was recording this or I would never have…” “He didn’t record this and he doesn’t know this exists,” Ben stopped Freya, “Don’t you know who owns the building and the gym?” Freya looked puzzled and shook her head. “Well he also owns the apartment complex where Danny lives,” Ben gave her a hint. Freya’s quickly recalled who owned the complex, “Arlen, Arlen Akers? Oh shit! That asshole, I’m going to slit his throat!” Freya went from embarrassed to furious. “No your not, calm down!” Ben was not worried. “Is he trying to blackmail me uh, us?” Freya was fearful and desperately tried to control her emotions. “No, he knows better. The tape made in Danny’s apartment is totally illegal and he could find himself in a serious lawsuit. Besides, he is now suffering the consequences of his actions. Physical and financial consequences in this state are serious. Blackmail convictions require serious jail time. Arlen’s soft white ass probably would not fare well with a bunkmate,” Ben chuckled. “And it wasn’t Arlen who sent me the videos. It was his wife, or should I say his, now estranged wife. She found Arlen’s collection of videos and sent me the copies of the ones with your participation. By the way, you are pretty good at sucking cock.” mecidiyeköy escort Freya sat down and broke down, “I’m so sorry I’ve caused you pain and done some awful things. I don’t know what to say. I started out to make you happy and I’ve sure messed up,” Freya’s demeanor went from shock, to anger, to fear. “Are you going to leave me?” Freya buried her face in her hands and she collapsed into sobs. “Hey, hey, hey,” Ben consoled Freya. “Don’t be that way, I have been getting more attention in the last year than during our entire marriage.” Ben wasn’t exactly without guilt. He had helped convince her to have the implant and he was using the remote to fuel his voyeuristic fantasies. Ben didn’t realize the micro no longer initiated Freya’s activities. It now only triggered a quicker response, but it no longer reduced her inhibitions. Neither Ben nor Freya realized she had the inclinations all along. For years she had suppressed her desires and used sports as a substitute for sexual activities. ***** The Wood-Ewe lounge had a larger than life size, carved wooden sheep. It had a saddle, wore fishnet stockings and sported a smirky female face. It stood at the entrance with one hoof pointing to the door. It was a funny looking amusement and often irresistible for drunks who tried to get aboard. The wooden ewe had springs which caused it to tilt and dump any drunken cargo. The two level lounge was frequented an assortment of characters drawn in by great food and impromptu entertainment. The upper level was a favored meeting place for those who wanted to keep their various trysts private. On Saturdays it was crowded, noisy as hell, and the steamy aroma of grilled steaks permeated the atmosphere. The excellent micro brewery fare drew up-scale rednecks and live entertainment ranged from music to stand-up comedy. Ben and Freya often made lounge dates Thursday or Friday evenings and this Friday Freya arrived a few minutes early hoping to get her favorite table before a crowd showed. She didn’t know Ben was already there, concealed across from her corner. Ben sent a text to Freya soon after she was seated saying he had been delayed and would get there soon. It was not unusual for Ben to be late with clients, so Freya ordered a margarita and relaxed watching the action below. A few minutes later, two gentlemen wandered to the upper level and were seemingly engaged in conversation. They appeared to be looking for their own viewing spot. Freya ignored their banter until one of them turned to her and asked, “Excuse me, but you are obviously alone and since you are wearing rings we were wondering are you waiting for a girlfriend, your husband or your lover?” Freya was startled by his boldness, “My husband, we have a date tonight.” With a big grin the guy then retorted, “Well then, we have established you have at least one girlfriend and possibly one or more lovers.” “You’re pretty nosy for a guy. Is that your lover with you?” Freya pointed to his partner. The guys both laughed and the mouthy guy replied, “I really like a fast wit, but no, he’s my cousin and we come here for steak, beer, and stimulation.” Freya’s phone indicated another text and she picked it up to read Ben was going to be delayed longer. She sent a note back saying she would wait. As she set the phone down Freya felt a slight twinge that made her sit up and cross her legs. Ben turned up the intensity on Freya’s implant and it would have been hard to quantify who was more stimulated by his new voyeuristic hobby. Some guys fly drones, others play video games but Ben had a rare and exclusive toy. The mouthy guy introduced himself as Tom, a real estate agent and introduced his partner as Lee, a loan officer at a local financial institution and asked, “What do you do?” Freya didn’t think of herself as a housewife. “ Not that it is any of your business, but I play golf, tennis, volley ball, compete in runs, lift weights, box, and swim and tonight I’m out to dinner with my husband.” “What no pole dancing?” Tom’s smile was infectious. Freya frowned and shook her head. “I don’t like being upside down with my legs spread,” she blushed realizing her answer would be taken differently than intended. Before she could recover Tom snapped, “Is it inversion or the sexual aspect that bothers you?”Lee smirked and scratched his cheek. He had witnessed Tom in action many times. “You’re naughty and I shouldn’t be talking to you. My husband will be here shortly.” Freya was aroused and fearful at the same time. Not dissuaded, Tom took it further, “Do you ever have sex and share the experience with your husband?” “You know you are really pushing the envelope.” Freya kept her composure. “So you don’t tell him about your lovers. You know keeping secrets will get you in trouble don’t you?” Tom’s mischievous grin amused her. Freya decided to challenge him. “Do you tell your wife about your little adventures?” “Neither of us is married, but Lee is divorced. And the love of my life left me for another woman. It’s something I’ll never understand. I mean, if it was for some guy who had ten or twelve inches of cock well, you know,” Tom looked a little melancholy. He cheered back up when Freya asked, “Are saying you have a small dick?” “Not really, it’s about seven inches, but it’s really fat, want to see?” Tom reached for his zipper. Freya’s eyes widened.

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