Friend Stays with The Wife and I


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I am Paul. I’m married to Heather. We met in college and fell in love. We were typical young American couple; after college graduation we married and began our careers. This story took place ten years after our marriage. One could say that our life together has been a fantasy, till this recession.

We had sex just about every day during college days; like most couples we slowed down after a couple of years. I’ve been trying to spice things up by renting porn movies, purchasing dildos for Heather, and taking her out to romantic dinners.

I’m a lucky man. Heather is beautiful, sweet; and what a body! I’m not sure how I got her but am very happy I did. She has beautiful 36c breasts with big nipples I call pokies. I love when her nipples are hard though she gets embarrassed by them. Is there anything sexier than seeing a woman with hard nipples? Sure most of the time pokies are caused by her being cold but still, I enjoy the fantasy that it’s me or some guy that has gotten her aroused.

She loves to dress sexy and I always encourage her to wear shorter skirts than she feels comfortable in. I love catching other men checking out my hot wife. If I had my way for one night, she would wear a short black skirt and tops that would be semi sheer. That way, when she moved, her nipples and breasts would be visible. I love the idea of her showing off to other men and women. I’ve masturbated too many fantasies of watching Heather kissing other girls and getting laid by a hung stud with a monster dick.

If she had some such fantasies like most women, she didn’t share them with me. I figured that she had a jealous boyfriend in her past that made her feel dirty for having fantasies. When I asked her, she always said, she never had any and followed that up by saying fantasies were a guy thing. However, I caught her masturbating at night a few times. The only thing that sucked was that I couldn’t enjoy that with her. Have you ever tied to sleep with a hard cock while next to a sexy women rubbing her pussy?

Talk about my own personal hell. What Heather didn’t understand was that I didn’t care if she was thinking about others. I just wanted to feel her wet pussy and feel her cum when my cock is fucking her deep and hard. All I could hope for was that one day she would open up and share those sexy fantasies with me. Is it strange to have erotic fantasies about one’s spouse in bed with others?

One night I thought Heather was awake and I wanted to get back at her. I wanted her to know how it felt pretending to sleep with your spouse lying beside and masturbating. Stealthily I reached for some oil in my night stand, applied a generous amount to my hand, and started to rub my hard dick.

My fantasy thoughts were about our dinner at a restaurant.

A good looking waiter flirts with Heather and she seems to enjoy the attention. I encourage her. This is our first night where she flirts with another man while my hand is caressing her inner thigh. I’m sure he has a great view! Heather’s nipples are hard as my hand inches up her thigh. I feel the heat radiating from her cunt.

Slowly my hand rode up and down my cock while I thought about this guy taking his cock out then and there. He places one leg on a nearby chair and opens wide his thighs. Heather kneels between his legs sucking his dick and deep thrusting with gags. The thought of her lips on his cock sent me over the edge. With that thought a thick stream of cum rocketed out of my cock and landed on my chest.

I never thought about other men or that I might be bi sexual or cuckold until last night.

Even though it was dark, I knew she was watching! About an hour later I was woken up by the bed rocking. It was Heather! She was masturbating. Oh! How I wished that I could sink my cock into her wet pussy while she masturbated and to have her tell me what she was thinking about while she came on my cock. That would be hot!

A month after that night with the sexy waiter fantasy, I felt hot again. We were watching a porno. Well, not really a hard core fuck porn movie; but an erotic movie on cable. Heather had downed a couple glasses of wine before the movie, and maybe that was what helped her feel free and open. Normally Heather would make fun of me and demand I change the channel; however, this night she wanted to watch the movie. I thought she was aroused by the lead female character in the porno. The character was a big wig that enjoyed using her power to sleep with male and female clients and employees. After thirty minutes of watching the movie I caught Heather touching herself!

Maybe that was the key, a strong character free to do as she wished.

I quickly took advantage of the situation. I told her to hold on to that thought and went to get a towel, some oil, and quickly undressed. Ankara escort When I returned to the family room I had undressed and walking towards her with my hard cock. Heather was still wearing her shorts and tank top. Her eyes were focused on my rock hard pulsating cock. I sat on the towel and started to masturbate. Heather looked at me, laughed and then slid her hand into her shorts. She told me things that I’ve been dying to hear, and we masturbated watching the movie. The only sad part was, the movie was soft core cable porn. I thought we were ready to see some hard stuff.

Over the next week Heather opened up. I knew I wasn’t her first lover; not that her past bothered me. When Heather talked the ball started rolling. She held nothing back. No matter what she told, my only reaction was a hard cock which she enjoyed. One thing that shocked me was that she liked thicker cocks long enough to give her a little pain while she was fucking. She told me about some of her past lovers. She asked me if I was okay with her talking about other men. I stood up and she noticed the bulge in my shorts.

She asked me why I was hard and I told her, “Listening to you talk about other men is very kinky. I’m not sure why I like it, but I do.”

Heather then started talking about her past lovers in detail and how she enjoyed sex with the guy who had regularly fucked her during high school days. She liked the fact that he was very horny and always wanted multiple fuck sessions. He would make her do things that she never thought she would ever do like having sex in public places.

What she told me next floored me. Heather told me that when she had sex with her high school lover she always had orgasm and whenever he was around she was wet. She knew that he wanted her and would make her do things that her parents wouldn’t approve of and that turned her on. She told me that she always wore a skirt when she was with him because she never knew when he would bend her over and fuck her.

He often fucked her asshole till the pail would make her orgasm. She was turned on mad hot by that and would want him to fuck her again and again till her anus was swollen and spouting out. By wearing a skirt he had easy access to her body and she could quickly cover up in case they were busted for fuck in public. Many a time they had left the place with their minds swirling after their act.

Over the course of the next week I felt kind of miserable. Every time I saw any guy, all I could think of was, how big was his cock? Does it sound strange? At nights I would have dreams about Heather being seduced and watching her give head to some hung guy and submit to vaginal and brutal anal sex.

One day on my way home from work I noticed a new adult store. Something drew me to it. I parked my car and walked in. The store had everything and some novel toys that I never dreamt of. Needless to say, I quickly bought about two hundred dollars worth of trinkets and walked out with a hard on. I decided to pick up dinner and gift wrap a life size dildo for Heather.

I decided to wait till after dinner to give Heather her gift. Heather came home at normal time and I presented her a glass of wine. We enjoyed the meal that I had picked up. We cleared the dishes. I handed her the gift box.

Heather smiled, “What’s this?”

I slapped her ass. “Oh it’s just a something for you.”

She gave me a naughty wink. “Should we go to the bedroom to open my present?”

Heather looked happy as she opened the gift. I couldn’t wait to see her face when she opened her life like vibrating cock that was eight inches long and pretty thick with life like prominent veins.

“I think someone has been a very naughty boy.”

I smiled, “Yeah, I’ve been hard all day waiting for this moment.”

“Well naughty husband, go and wash this for me while I get ready to try it out in my cunt. May be in my ass too if I get horny enough for anal.”

I was very happy to know that she wanted to use it! I didn’t expect, she would use it tonight but maybe later in about a week or so. Her excitement turned me on. Knowing she wanted to try the vibrator and enjoy the thick shaft immediately. I felt like a kid in a candy store. All I could think about was watching this thick cock dildo sliding into my wife, banging her aroused and wet pussy. My mind was focused on how my wife would look while using her new toy. Would she enjoy the dildo fucking her? Would that toy fill her holes tight and slide hard and give her the painful orgasm she yearned for?

When she handed me the toy reality set in. I cleared my throat and tried to focus on what she asked me. Then I realized what she wanted. She was going to use it and she wanted me to clean it for her! While Heather was in the bathroom I went to the kitchen to clean the new toy dick.

Could you imagine someone peeking through our kitchen window? There I was standing busy with a cock in my hand and washing it! What an view that must have been. It felt Ankara escort bayan kind of strange holding that dildo, in a way this thing was very life like and that turned me on too.

I remembered about my friend coming to town. Well that could wait till after the present toy time. Even though I hadn’t asked Heather yet, my friend Mike was coming to town on business. I had asked him to stay with us. I should have asked Heather first, but didn’t was sure she wouldn’t mind. His company would pay for his stay at a hotel. I knew that he liked Heather and she enjoyed flirting with him.

I made a mental note to ask Heather about Mike after toy time. I have to say it was strange, holding a synthetic cock in my hand. It felt almost real with that artificial skin; look wise this thing was dead ringer. I wondered if this is what it would feel like, to give a guy a hand job?

When I walked into our bedroom, Heather was nude and lying on the bed. She was ready to play! I walked in, stripped my clothes and joined my wife on the bed. We started to kiss and caress slowly. When my hand moved over her pussy I could feel how wet she was. I moved up on the bed and knelt between my wife’s legs. She watched me move on the bed and as I brought the toy up to her pussy. My hands were shaking as the toy cock touched her wet pussy lips. She gasped as she felt the toy slide slowly into her open cunt. Inch after inch entered her, opening her up, spreading her lips far apart. With about half the toy cock in her, she looked full.

Heather’s steaming cunt accepted the thick cock in fully. I slowly pulled the toy out of her wet pussy, flicked on the vibrator and to work the toy back into her gaping cunt. At first I was afraid the vibrator would turn her off. My sexy wife didn’t say a word. When I looked up, Heather’s eyes were closed and she was enjoying her bliss.

This was the first time I saw a woman having dildo sex. It was a fake cock but her face showed the experience that looked real. The thick shaft was going in and out of her pussy and all I could think of was some hung stud banging his cock into my wife. My cock was aching and dripping pre cum.

She moaned and whimpered lying on the bed with this thing in her. Would she be just as vocal with another lover fucking her?

After a couple of minutes Heather was really getting into it. Her hips were moving and she was fucking back. Then she started to get more vocal. “Come on you stud fuck me! Give it to me harder. Oh yeah, that’s it stud. I’m going to cum on your cock. Don’t, stop now you rough bastard. You better fuck me till I cum.”

Then I watched her slam down hard on the bed taking the dildo deep and hard. She screamed loud. I’ve never heard her so loud before. Her body shook, her eyes closed and her mouth fell open. My hot wife was lost in ecstasy enjoying a powerful orgasm. I almost ejaculated just by watching her orgasm.

Her eyes opened. I moved between her legs and slipped my hard cock into her slurry wet pussy. Heather felt different; I’ve never felt her cunt as wet before. Her vaginal vestibule was soft and spongy. I couldn’t help but wonder if this is what she would feel like after a stud had finished screwing her. It didn’t take me long to cum in her warm slippery stinking pussy wet with her abundant orgasmic juices.

Normally after we finish fucking Heather would go to the bathroom to freshen up. Tonight, she didn’t. She just lay there. After around what felt like a lifetime, Heather started to ask me questions. She wanted to know what I was thinking about. Then she wanted to know what I was thinking about when she had the toy in her.

Part of me wanted to go down between her legs and watch her cum juices ooze from her cunt cavity. Then the dirty part prompted me to lick her pussy and make her cum again.

Would she go for something kinky?

After our question and answer session I decided not to push my luck. I had after all watched her get it with that thick life like toy.

Nothing else happened that night. The conversation was a typical American married conversation, dinner, cleaning the kitchen, and then watching True Blood before we crashed.

Every night that week I would think about Heather and try to figure out what she was thinking about. Was she ready to expand our relationship? Would she be ready to share our bed with a third person?

I knew that she loved the feeling of being stuffed with that thick life like toy. Heather’s orgasm was so powerful that I swear she almost broke our bed.

A couple of days before Mike’s visit I informed Heather about Mike coming to town. Thankfully she said that he should stay with us. Now, I was off the hook. After agreeing that he should stay with us, Heather seemed a little different that night. After dinner, she flashed me her tits which of course got me hard and we fucked right in the kitchen.

Never before in my wild dreams did I think Heather would be screwed by another man, with me around Escort Ankara lucky enough to watch! After I gave Heather that dildo, our sex life had improved tenfold.

Maybe the fantasy started in my mind due to the fact that I had a six inch long dick. After watching many porn movies there had to be some truth to the fact that size does matter and a little more girth is better.

I wanted to know how erotic it would be watching Heather’s cunt lips open and accept a large cock sliding into her wet pussy. The notion that I could enjoy watching her lips stretch tight around a thick cock was crazy to me since five years ago.

Was Heather too enjoying the same naughty thoughts as I was? For the first time after our marriage she had been the aggressor in bed and I loved it. In college I learned that Mike was hung and had many hard fuck satisfied lovers to his credit. Maybe Heather would want to try him.

Every night I would come home from work and Heather would have dinner waiting for me. Once we finished, she would take me to bed. Our love making would start with me doing her with the toy till she came. Then I would slip my cock into her and try my best. Mike was coming, was she planning something? How would it be watching Mike’s large cock slip into her cunt? What if she loved it? What if she didn’t? Should I get some condoms or would it be okay if he came in her pussy? Would she like it in her ass too? Would her ass gape after that? What if her asshole is torn by his monster penis while getting fucked? What will I tell the hospital folk if I need medical help to sew her anus?

Too many questions.

At last it was the night before Mike’s visit. During the day I had to hide several erections at work. I wondered if Heather was aroused at work like I was. Mike had called me a few times at work this week making sure Heather was comfortable having him stay with us. He thanked me and told me how much he was looking forward to catching up on old times.

I can’t believe what my thoughts were that night. How kinky was it to plan watching my loving wife being seduced. The thought of her nude and Mike checking her out really aroused me. Hopefully this time tomorrow night we all will be in bed and Heather would have enjoyed at least three sexy orgasms and a relentless fuck session.

When I woke, my day started out sexy, with my hard cock in Heather’s mouth. I can’t remember the last time that she started out the day like this. Images of Heather on her hands and knees flooded my mind and when I started to fantasize about Mike moving behind her with his fat cock, I started to cum in Heather’s mouth. She swallowed my spunk like a trooper and didn’t stop sucking till I was dry. She gave me a hot kiss and told me she was looking forward to Mike staying with us. I didn’t care that her lips and tongue tasted differently, when she passed part of my penile juice in my mouth. I just went with it.

Heather got up and went to take a shower. When I went into the bathroom she was shaving her pussy! It’s been over two years since she shaved her pussy. She must have been planning something! We both were running late, and rushed to get out to work.

Heather wore a short skirt, blouse and jacket to work. She looked great and I knew that she was wearing a little thong under her dress. Heather only wore thongs when she wanted to get some attention and she must be planning on getting some soon! Oh how I wanted to reach under her skirt and feel her fresh shaved pussy. I knew that I better leave for work now lest be late.

All I wanted to do was to skip work and get home early. If only there was a way to get the party started earlier! Needless to say, my day at work sucked and was way too long.

Heather didn’t help much as she sent me a couple nasty emails teasing me.


I was on my way home. There were a few items to be crossed off my do list before Mike arrived. After finishing the list I raced home. Heather wasn’t home yet and I called her. She said she would be home in about ten minutes.

I started preparing dinner while waiting for Mike and Heather. Heather got home. She quickly changed and helped me finish all the prep work. Even though we didn’t talk about what was about to happen, we both had that look in our eyes. As we moved around in the kitchen we touched each other like high school kids; lightly touching, arousing and teasing. Tonight our life was about to change.

Mike pulled up in a taxi just on time. We sat down while starting to catch up on old times. Heather finished post dinner cleaning and dishwashing while we tried to help her as much as we could; however, neither Mike nor I are skilled in the kitchen.

There really isn’t much to say about the dinner other than it was old friends catching up.

After dinner I suggested that we get into out hot tub. Mike looked at me and said that he hadn’t packed a bathing suit. I immediately looked at Heather who told him that we didn’t really need to wear a suit. If he wanted to wear one he could borrow mine.

He then looked at Heather to judge her reaction.

She smiled and said, “Okay fine, what the hell.”

We watched as Heather started to undress.

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