Friends , Lovers Ch. 3


Once again adding the element of sight made me a little nervous. I found myself closing my eyes until Joe twisted my wavy, copper, waist length hair around his hand, pulling my head back to meet his gaze, and he commanded softly, “Open your eyes! I want to watch you watching me.” With that, Jake and Joe began the same there-then-gone touches on Gillian as they had performed upon me.

I watched silently, kneeling on the floor, as her body came alive with their caresses, and she was covered in goose-bumps. Obviously startled at first by each feather-light glance of their hands, she trembled. They applied the same restraints to her arms and legs , then Jake brought out these strange looking metal clips. This was one of the devices previously laid out that I had never seen before. They bore a strong resemblance to roach clips. He opened the clamps, and with a quick motion had them attached to Gillians’ nipples. She gasped, then moaned as the clips bit , just slightly, into her long dark nipples. I watched, fascinated! She squirmed a little, then really started to move as he dialed up the device that made these clips vibrate.

While she was distracted by the sensations pulsing through her firm, round tits, Joe and Jake took out some flavored oil and dripped it all over her swelling chest. I still knelt, looking on in amazement at what I was viewing. Jake commanded, “Okay, slave ,” with a wink and a broad smile, ” now get over here and clean this up with your tongue!” Apparently, I didn’t move fast enough, because he grabbed me, tossed me down on top of Gillian and smacked my ass hard. “Do as I say, or the punishment will be severe!” Being rushed, at least, gave me less time to think about what I was doing, and, in a way, made it easier to just get into.

I started slowly tracing a spiral around the creamy white flesh . Ever so gently, I brushed the tip of my tongue levent escort all around, carefully avoiding invading her areola. Gillian moaned softly, my tongue leaving a glistening trail as I delicately removed each drop of the oil. The teasing and tickling of my mouth, combined with the harsh clamps seemed to be driving Gillian to distraction! I started to enjoy teasing her, and let my hands lightly explore the rest of her body while I continued tormenting her with my mouth. Finally, I let my tongue flick each nipple a few times, and I thought she would break free of the shackles! Gillian moaned with increasing intensity as I changed the torture from flicking to suckling. The taste of her slightly salty flesh mingled with the sweet cinnamon of the oil . My own arousal was intensified with each soft sound escaping her lips.

Once all of the oil was cleaned up, Jake grabbed me by my hair and started to redirect my oral efforts further down Gillian’s body. This was something I had truly thought I could never do. But somehow, in that moment, my curiosity outweighed my fear. I wanted to know what another woman tasted like! I had never even tasted my own juices, and here I was , about to perform cunnilingus on Gillian!

“This has to be a dream!” I thought as I started touching her swollen, smooth pussy lips . It astounded me just how turned on I was getting just looking at her very moist folds! I gently stretched her lips apart, thinking how beautiful the female genitalia is. She strained against her restraints in a futile effort to raise her hips higher. I took a deep breath, and ever-so-lightly licked her inner labia, taking my first taste. I didn’t know what to expect. She was sort of sweet, and this new taste combined with the musky odor of sex around us, left me reeling!

I looked up for Joe or Jake, but couldn’t see them. A voice beyoğlu escort shot out from near the door of the room to keep it up, and I knew they were still watching. I again bent down , this time using my soft tongue to slowly part her inner labia and brush over her most sensitive place for just a moment. Gillian went wild! Encouraged, I kept going, licking, probing, and even sucking her clit. I used my hands and mouth to bring her almost to her limit. While still engulfing her hot, hard clit with my mouth, I slipped one finger into her. She began to thrash as wildly as she could, desperately seeking release. When her moans started to become squeals, Jake pulled me away. “Go play with yourself while you watch me fuck her.” he told me, and pointed to a chair within his view.

Joe began stroking Gillian’s tits, working his way down to her pussy as Jake climbed on top of her. “I’m watching a real live porn show!” I thought to myself, almost giggling. With one hand, Joe was gently tugging at the clips on her chest, while the other explored her labial folds. Jake’s fully erect member slowly began to glide along Gillian’s now drenched slit. Gently he probed her tunnel with just the tip of his hard cock. He elicited frustrated groans from her, taking his time and teasing her before plunging into her dark, hot depths. I watched with eyes WIDE open as Jake fucked Gillian right in front of me and while Joe played with her cunt! It drove me wild to see him touching her like that.

Then, Jake dismounted and began to unshackle her. Unrestrained, she tried to pull him on top of her, but he resisted, chuckling, “all in good time, but first you’ll ride me for awhile.” Jake laid back and she moved to straddle him, still blindfolded. She wasted no time and immediately took the full length of his shaft into herself. Once she was in a good rhythm, kağıthane escort he silently motioned to Joe. I watched as Joe moved close behind Gillian, and it slowly dawned on me: he’s really going to fuck her in the ass! We had discussed a lot of what-ifs before we ever got here, and I knew this would be a dream come true for Gillian, but I had never been sure if this would EVER come about, least of all today!

I started rubbing my clit furiously, the fire inside me growing exponentially. Tenderly, he spread her cheeks and pressed a finger against her whorl. Gillian panted as he turned his finger allowing her to pull him deeper. As her excitement grew, Joe inserted another finger, stretching her walls, and readying her for his large cock. Apparently satisfied that she was sufficiently prepared, he straddled her thighs and brought his hard, throbbing organ to the tight ingress of her rear. Gillian cried out as he pushed into her just enough to make her need more of him. Finally, to her relief, Joe thrust deep inside of her with an audible grunt. Joe would plunge deep into her ass, then Jake would pound her pussy, back and forth, filling her completely. I longed to be a part of this, but being forced to watch added an element I had never imagined. Before long, Gillian was squealing and Joe and Jake were moaning and grunting like wild animals. Every so often, one of the men would remember I was there and smile over at me, obviously aroused even more by watching me pleasure myself. I couldn’t make eye contact, and tipped my face downward.

As they all climaxed nearly at the same time, I felt myself cumming too. The room became awash with the heady scent of sex and the sounds of orgasmic shudders. At the last moment, Joe pulled out of Gillian’s ass with a “plop”, and shot his warm seed across her back and buttocks while Jake filled her with his familiar semen. It was incredible to me , as brain function returned , to think I had just watched her get sandwiched, and had been watched masturbating myself to an unbelievable climax at the same time. I had never even let Joe watch me do that before!

“Well, tonight was really a night of firsts,” I thought.

It was 7:30.

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