Friends mom has a sexy new workmate


Friends mom has a sexy new workmateThis is the first time I’ve written a story, so I apologize in advance if it’s difficult to read. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or any questions in general. The story is based on real-life events, although names have been changed, and events slightly modified for a more erotic reading. All sexual encounters are between adults over eighteen.Please enjoy.My name is Daniel. In the early nineties, my family moved to a bigger city to be closer to my mother’s parents. My grandfather had cancer and did not have long to live. My mother loved being home and I loved the beaches, ease of access to the newest tech and just the pop culture of earlier 90s, I went from living on a sugar cane farm to computers, surfing, the boom of alternative music, the start of the internet, and join clubs with people of similar interests.At the same time, this city was a large beach city that had a bohemian feel with new wave hippie twist, I had long brown straight hair, and wore a flannel or surf shirts with jeans and converse shoes. Being a small-town guy my father found it hard to adjust. When I started at a new school I met a guy named Chris, he lived close to the school, so I’d come over where I met his older brother Jimmy and his mother, Beverly.A forty-something-year-old short straight dusty blonde hair some times in a french bob although mostly she would have a pixie cut. I liked it best in between when she would use hairpins, pale skin with light brown freckles sprinkled sparingly on her face and body, in the summer she would glow when lightly tanned, slim upper body with nice small perky breasts that only just started stretched making them seem bigger and floppier than they were, a slim waist and her amazing hips with great long legs, she was around five-eight she appeared tall when in her heels.Working as a secretary she dressed in stylish but casual business clothes and liked odd jewelry, she was pretty classy but in a hippie sort of way. I spent a lot of time at Beverly’s place as my parents were on the brink of splitting up, which they would eventually. She would feed me, mend a scrap when I would fall grazing a knee. She was generally very sweet to me growing up, and Beverly would become like a second mother to me, although Beverly was much more a physically affectionate person. Maybe at the time, I didn’t realize it but the older I got the more I developed a crush on her.In my mid-teens, Beverly was getting married for a second time to an old hippie that seemed cool and had money but was just a drunk. They moved a little out of the city into a hinterland setting, so I would sleepover on the weekends as it was far enough to be not worth picking me up again till the next day.Then after I had turned eighteen, the father of my friend Chris would send him overseas for training to birth and raise racehorses, as he had a stud in another state. But I was friends enough with Jimmy to still have a reason to sleepover on weekends and we would drink and smoke weed on the porch with Beverly and her hippie husband. During the nights we would listen to 70s music, and during the day Jimmy and I would rip through the forest riding dirt bikes along the trails.Back at the house, Beverly would wear ripped up jean hot pants doing some gardening, so I would make excuses to help and spy on her ass through the holes. The best moments were when she would bend over so I could see her mature pussy lips wrap around the groin of the jean shorts which was nothing but the seam by now, I remember her pussy flesh covered in lace panties bulging and squeezing from each side.Other wonderful sights would be her tanning on a sun lounge in a tiny bikini, joining her in the spa but without the bubbles so I could peek through the water. My favorite perv though was her vacuuming in a Casual One-Piece Slim Fit Dress bra-less and panty-less sometimes, it was amazing… Beverly was a touchy-feely person too, and while dressing like this it enticed me to be riskier in how close I could feel her back, I would lean into her hugs and hold her boldly around the waist hips and butt. But never a real signal of lust.Then her hippie husband would suddenly disappear and their divorce soon after was a boon for myself as I was there to help her around the house and just being a friend that she could lean on. She came out of the divorce with her house and some money but Beverly had stopped working at the time so she faced a future unsure of her finances.At first, she started studying massage, which fit her new age style, this was such a boon for me as I became her practice body. My poor cock was strained to its limit as I would almost cum sometimes just from her hands slipping to deep into the creases behind my groin, or her body and breasts would lightly caress my skin. Maybe she wanted more during these times but our relationship was like we were family and I knew my feelings for her were taboo.She would dress in amazing sheer nightgowns in which I could see the bumps of Beverly tummy and thighs swollen under her slim waist and banana-shaped hand full-sized breast. How could a horny twenty years old guy reset being totally in lust with Beverly’s mature beauty, who was by now in her mid-fifties.I had no trouble with girls my age, and I made good money.So I hope I have given you an idea of this life because it is going to culminate into a night of sexual exploration with a new friend Beverly met at her new job in a small tobacconist. Helen was maybe the proprietor of this business, her thick curves I will never forget. truly delicious looks with dark shoulder-length hair and Mediterranean skin, in her fifties too but a little younger then Beverly.There was a local party, bbq, and music at the rural firehouse tonight. I was out with Jimmy and his girlfriend. She was driving to Beverly’s place to pick her up as Jimmy was on bass with this band and we could all go together. This is when I first met Helen and she had only just met Beverly that week.Beverly said we’ll have to all squeeze into Jimmy’s girlfriend’s car as it would be a waste taking two cars thirty minutes over the mountain to the fire station and Helen didn’t have a car, and Beverly’s vehicle was no bigger. Jimmy’s bass was taking up a back seat in his girlfriend’s hatchback so a compromise would have to be made. Hoping Beverly would have been the one to sit on my lap as we had done that before long ago to my joy, but Helen brought it up that she would so that was that.Helen was wearing a flowing flower print dress that just passed her knees and busty white sheer bodysuit with no bra so her large areolas would protrude like saucers on her large breasts, stretched the fabric to almost see-through. After Beverly took the center rear seat with me taking the Escort window side, Helen was quick to sit on my lap but her ass was off to the right on my inside thigh, I seemed uncomfortable and she shifted herself straight on top of my bulge.We both started to wriggle covertly trying to find the faint sparks of pleasure and she swirled her ass sometimes letting me know she was teasing, and this was all while Beverly was right next to me. She must have felt the rhythm of us rubbing our groins together I thought. Just as Jimmy was shutting his door Helen yelled out, “I’ve forgotten something” and rushed out.The plan in my mind was instant, when Helen would come back I will lower my pants and flip her skirt so my cock could slide on her panties covered pussy, which was a success because the moment Helen sat back down on my lap my hands were like lighting, and her pussy lips with only thin fabrics left as a barrier to my cock, wrapped around my shaft and popped over my large knob while slowing sliding back and forth.Helen whispered to me in a coo “that’s better.” And while we had only just started, the feeling of our sexy parts rubbing together was endless.Helen kept up normal conversion while I looked out the window sometimes feeling her breast while I explored the left side of her body, we pretended to whisper to each other but really we touched tongues and kissed each other quietly. Suddenly she found an opportunity to pop the buttons of her bodysuit and I then realized she had no panties underneath, she must have taken them off when she “forgot something” earlier before we left.As the moist heat of Helen’s bare pussy came in contact with the bare shaft of cock, she was hairless as was I which only helped the feeling of her pussy folds slipping over my smooth shaft, perfectly lubed from her pussy juices we were in our secret world of pleasure, our sexy parts trying to help my very hard dick enter her throbbing pussy hole but alas it just could not get the right angle as we were nervously still trying to keep our composure.I tried not to look at Beverly beside me if I had to reply I would turn and look if spoken to though, but she seemed oblivious to the burning sex happening under Helen’s skirt.When we arrived my plan to cover up this daring intimacy was not as forthcoming as I stumbled and nearly got caught, but quick hands scooped my pants with a half zip and covered it with my shirt when Helen raised herself off my lap.Helen and Beverly walked off together as if nothing happened, Jimmy and his girlfriend ran off to set up so I just roamed around and enjoyed the party. After Jimmy was done he wanted to go smoke cones at home, I joined them as it was an oldies party anyway and a bit boring, we left Beverly and Helen who gripped my arm while we said our goodbyes for the night.Awaking in the morning Jimmy told me he was heading out with his girlfriend and did I want a lift into town, I moaned some shit apparently like don’t wake me so he left.Getting up a few hours later I found Beverly and Helen cooking breakfast offering some for me, so half asleep a sat down and watched the ladies moving around the kitchen with Beverly dressed in her silky gown and Helen in a borrowed nighty that was too small for her, lengthwise it just wouldn’t cover her undies which were thin black bikini style that shaped her butt cheeks into astonishingly an almost perfect upside-down love heart.Both women did not give me any acknowledgment of the sins Helen and I committed the night before in Jimmy’s car while sitting right next to Beverly basically touching hip to hip.Beverly said she was going shopping with Helen and they just left the rest of the day, so I slept in till the afternoon. I loved Beverly’s place the patio overlooked the city so in the evening I sat put light music on and watched the city change from day to night.Beverly returned with Helen catching me mid ripping into a bong, they both said hi with Helen adding “That looks relaxing, can we crash here too?” I nodded while blowing a long dragon of smoke.Quickly they came back Beverly holding two glasses and Helen with a bottle of cheap white wine, although their attire what roused my interest as Helen wore the same skirt from the night before with an old low cut top which was strange because she just had jeans on for shopping, maybe it was a comfit thing I thought, but I also thought it could be she was going to sit on my lap again and wanted to send me a signal. Beverly was wearing an old white slim one-piece mini dress that was low cut and loose, so her breasts would freely move giving plenty of side boob.We drank and smoked lightly chatting about our lives while I peeped through the glass table catching views under their skirts. Helen was wearing the same black thin panties I saw in the morning. Beverly had see-through white panties that seemed well used, some larger holes made it pretty easy to see her shaved pussy flesh.As I brought my eyes up to Beverly I knew she caught me looking between her legs, she frowned and tilted her head, Helen broke the tension saying a song that had just started was one of her favorites and dragged Beverly up with her. They danced close rubbing their bodies together getting lost in the atmosphere, I couldn’t look away fearing I would miss something sexy.Beverly wanted to rest so Helen said “I want more dancing, come on Dan,” and pulled me from my seat and up against her, I was a little shocked because I never planned on getting up as I only had my boxers and a shirt on. When our bodies met Helen clamped her groin on mine and danced slowly while grinding on my dick.Helen giggled and whispered, “You can touch my breasts too,” so I raised a hand not facing Beverly and cupped her breast feeling the weighty softness and the bumps of her nipple, which were warm and now erect starting to get very warm.While I tried to do this covertly in front of Beverly, I think it was pretty clear what was happening. Beverly then said sharply “Ok ok, it’s my turn to have a dance with him” Helen smiled and slinked back to her chair. Beverly wrapped herself around me giving a smiling frown we held our crotches together swinging side to side.Eventually, the dress Beverly was wearing rode up so our sexy parts touched with only 2 layers of satin. We would grid without intent trying not to make it obvious to each other the yearning of sex between our legs.Beverly then broke away from our embrace saying “oh shit… I’ll be right back.” My rock hard cock pitching a tent strongly in my boxers nearly popped out of the single button on the front, probably exposing the side of my cock’s shaft via the holes being created, I had given up hiding it and saw Helen gazing at my crotch as I returned to my seat.Giggling she lifted one leg to her seat so Escort Bayan her pussy mound was exposed wide. Under the pressure of her thin black panties, her clit was protruding from the top of her parted thick and juicy pussy lips, down the slit to her pussy hole which was slightly wet, I grinned back and began to release my cock. Helen then pulled her undies to the side revealing her pussy to me, and we glared at each other in lust.Just as I pulled out my cock and started stroking it, Beverly suddenly appeared from around the corner. Now wearing a short bedtime gown drawn loosely parted high and low showing the front of her white fine lace panties, and barely covering her breasts. Stuffing my dick back in my boxers I think I got away with it, though Helen was in no rush to cover up, as their eyes met Helen just dropped her leg, saying,”Oh no, you’re going to bed?” in a playfully sorry tone.Beverly replied, “Not just yet, I just went to the bathroom.”Helen then giggled saying, “oh good, hey Dan can I try some of what you’re smoking?”I replied, “Sure, come over here I’ll help.”It was a big patio table and I was tingling in anticipation as she stood up, and made her curvy body sway toward me. Helen then hovered behind my seat as I cleaned the mouthpiece and packed a cone, I gave her the bong but she seemed not to know how maybe.”Are you ok? I can show you,” I said, so Helen made her way around my chair and motioned to sit on my lap.This time she lifted the back of her skirt and open and her legs slightly, without caring if Beverly saw her, to which I covertly released my cock, then held and opened her ass cheeks wide so her panty covered pussy would easily slide along my shaft. Again my poor cock was being used and I loved it.Beverly frowned with a smile watching us while Helen poured another glass of wine, her grinding on my lap was becoming very lewd by now. Beverly and I stared at each other and she tilted her head as if to telepathically question me on what was going on, I gave a sort of shrug and rolled my eyes like I could not help it. Beverly abruptly said, “I want some too, my turn please,” while standing up.Helen slowly raised up, giving me time to cover dick, she gave a soft cheeky laugh while walking back around Beverly and myself, slinking back to her seat. Beverly sat cautiously onto my right leg, now facing Helen, she waited suspiciously to have her attention.Beverly started reaching for the bong, and other items that she wanted, by lifting herself up and gently back down edging closer to my groin. So I built up my courage and planned that I would do the same to Beverly as I did with Helen in the car.It was pure instinct, I knew that this would be her last movement, so I pulled my boxers down exposing my cock, then holding her hips low spreading her butt cheeks slightly, I gently positioned her to land her pussy directly onto my cock.Beverly willingly yet awkwardly opened her legs slightly and rolled her ass more so her whole pussy fell upon my cock. I could feel her warm wet vagina hole vibrating and tingling through her panties, trying to swallow the head of my dick while her pussy lips spread over my shaft, I could even feel her hard clit at the base of my dick throbbing. Beverly was playing it cool, only small spasms and gasps gave her away.Beverly was expertly packing her bong and punched it well, blowing a long dragon across the table. Whenever Beverly moved her pussy would slide as slightly shifted my dick back and forth, sliding up and down and in between her pussy lips, over her vagina hole and back to the top over her Clitoris. She was so wet I could barely feel her thin panties, and because the holes were definitely stretching, opening more from the constant friction, I could feel the contrast of her actual pussy flesh touching my bare cock.Helen asked, “So you guys party out here like this all the time?”Beverly replied with a tiny sigh, “Yeah…” Coming to her senses she added, “Well.. not all the time.”Helen would lower her eyes while they were chatting, watching under through the glass table as Beverly nervously or restlessly bounced one leg, jerking her pussy against my cock, only stopping to pick up her glass while grinding her pussy back to the front slowly but strongly along my shaft. By now the sleeping gown Beverly was wearing had opened wide, and I wondered what Helen could see as her eyes kept around Beverly’s body whenever she could while conversing with us.”Could I have another smoke guys?” Helen asked, in a begging tone.Beverly very lewdly ground herself a few more times, which shocked Helen who opening her mouth with a big smile looked at me struggling to compose myself. Then suddenly Beverly closed her legs letting out a soft and but sharp huff and gathered her nightgown as she sat up off my lap, quickly again I covered my cock but I’d be ready to release it again for Helen who was already about to sit on my lap again, this time I felt no underwear, she must have taken them off, Beverly and I had been pretty distracted.Helen spoke first saying, “You both look like lovers when you dance together,” while Beverly began to sit on the chair where Helen was sitting.Playful shocked, Beverly said, “Dan is more than half my age Helen, he’s half your age too, you both look like you’re loving something right now.”Helen scoffed with a laugh and said, “Am I? how do u know”Beverly replied, “Well you’re enjoying sitting in his lap again, like in the car last night.”Helen smiled, “Oh really, what are we doing?””I could feel everything you both were doing. I was right next to you both in the back seat remember?” Beverly said informatively.”Hmm, ok so you think something is going on under here now,” as Helen lowered her eyes to her lap.Then looking into Beverly’s eyes, Helen whispered in anticipation, “Should we take a look then?” then biting her lip.Beverly’s face had the look of giving in to the games that we had all been playing over the last 24 hours. Helen hitched up her skirt revealing her thick but smooth thighs, opening them widely to show Beverly my balls squeezed against her bare pussy while grinding back and forth along my shaft.”ngh… mmm… ahh…” Helen quietly moaned while watching Beverly, who was now completely enthralled.”I saw you both dancing before. Doing the same as I’m doing now. Rubbing our pussies on him. He’s a bit shy but I think he loves it.” Helen said, in pauses, obviously enjoying herself.”How could you resist him, I thought you were already fucking him Beverly,” Helen said, looking back at me as I tried to keep cool under so much pleasure.”He’s like my son, remember.” Beverly gasped.”Yea but you also told me he’s a horny guy that lusts after you, and that you love it!” Helen said with a sarcastic voice.Which raised Beverly’s Bayan Escort eyes to us, “Did I…?” Beverly trailed off, watching us in awe, holding one of her hands clutched between her legs the other hand with a finger on her lips in a concerned way.Helen cooed, “I want more this time,” as she bent over, pulling my cock forward so it would be visible to Beverly.Helen then laid back and to my side, wrapping her arm around my shoulders and raising her knees up, I caught Helen’s legs, now able to spread her completely as she reached under to hold my dick hard against her pussy, Helen tried guiding my knob to her pussy opening, but the angle was difficult.In a husky voice, Helen then begged, “Please Beverly, help me put Dan’s cock inside me.”And like a zombie, Beverly knelt down between our legs and took hold of my cock, she circled the knob of my dick around Helen’s pussy hole as Helen eased down her body, the warmth burned on my knob popping through her pussy, then my shaft was being squeezed while sliding inch by inch inside Helen’s vagina. Beverly let go but stayed close, now squatting and fingering her own pussy. Avoiding our eyes as she seemed immersed in me now fucking her new friend Helen.Helen made gasps and winces of pleasure. I tried to stay quiet not wanting to ruin this amazing moment of fucking a hot thick milf. And having the woman that practically raised me, that I always lusted after, gazing at my cock.On an upwards motion my dick flopped out gently hitting Beverly in the face, in an almost automatic move I felt her holding my cock at the base while she ran her lips down the shaft licking lightly then swallowing my cock in one motion, sucking Helen’s pussy juices clean off my dick.I kissed Helen deeply and she was in ecstasy, especially when Beverly started licking her pussy and lining up my cock to her vagina opening again. With a well-lubed pop and a warm embrace I was inside Helen again but this time I could feel Beverly sucking and gnawing at the shaft of my cock as it sank deeper. Once it fully filled Helen’s pussy I could feel Beverly’s tongue licked all around the pussy opening of Helen sometimes stabbing inside between my dick and Helen’s vagina opening. This was becoming all too much as my orgasm started to build up to cum and I clamped my teeth.I grimmest, “I’m gonna cum, ngh…” But this did not affect the ladies at all. I gave in and groaned strongly as my cock started spasming thumping huge ropes of cum inside Helen, as wave after wave of orgasm ingulfed me.Beverly pulled my dick out of Helen and into her mouth for the last throb of fresh semen directly into her mouth, and she continued to suck for any more, till she saw it dripping from Helen’s pussy, so then while still holding my dick Beverly lapped off our mixed cum on Helen’s pussy.Suddenly Beverly stood up covered her face and ran into the house. I let Helen’s legs down she got up and turned saying, “don’t worry babe I’ll talk with her.”Helen took her panties putting them back on while giving me a cheeky smile then walked inside after Beverly. So I adjusted myself and sat back looking at city lights, while I packed another cone and ripped another bong thinking to myself, “Wow, how did everything lead to this.”I was sure Beverly would be ok by the morning. I could understand how she might have felt about letting herself give in to temptation with the boy she had helped raise, even if I wasn’t her real son. I decided I would sleep it off and say sorry in the morning.Making my way inside to Jimmy’s bedroom, I passed by Beverly’s room, stopping just for a little peek and listen. I could not see much at all but I could just hear them talking about what had happened.Beverly muffled voice says something like, “I have to face his mother”.Helen in a more clear voice said, “No one has to know, even you say he wants it,””We still have time, and he’ll be ready to fuck again by now. Come on!” Helen pleaded.Beverly more cheerfully replied, “Your right… but what are we going to do?””Well, let’s go find him first,” Helen said while she opened the door.Being afraid of getting caught spying on them, I jumped into the bathroom on the other side of the hall. My crotch was covered in cum anyway, so I resided in having a shower, maybe they would hear the water run. I left the door open hoping they would then, “Find me.”Once I was in the water I heard whispers for a while but they never came in, so I finished drying off and wrapped the towel around my waist.”Hey Dan, come in here. Can we talk?” Helen poking her head out the door from Beverly’s room.”Sure,” I nodded making my way towards her. Entering the room I saw Beverly sitting at her computer desk, Helen sat on the bed as did I being no more seats available. They had concerned looks on their faces, and a sense of seriousness filled the air.Beverly rolled closer to us on her office chair saying, “I’m sorry Dan,”I quickly said, “no it’s ok. Honestly Beverly, I’ve wanted you forever.”Beverly smiled, “I knew that, and I’ve lusted after you, too but it’s so taboo. Please don’t let your mother or my boys find out.””So we can continue?” I said with hope in my voice”Oh, Helen, what have you done” Beverly cooed as she stood up removing her clothes, and sat back down deeper into the chair, opening her legs and pulling her panties aside. As I stood up letting my towel fall off, my hard cock stood tall for them both.Positioning myself between Beverly’s legs, I pushed my dick down on Beverly’s pussy sliding it up and down the slit, till her juices soaked us both. I would then adjust the chair to tilt back and at the same time push the chair back against the computer desk. Then using the desk to hold myself over Beverly, I started to enter her pussy.Beverly was tight but so well lubed from her juices which helped my cock invade her warm body. We all could see my cock plunge balls deep and when I drew it out of Beverly’s pussy her flesh stretched around my shaft not wanting to let it go.It did not take long before I was pumping Beverly’s pussy only stopping to pull out so we all could watch her vagina gape, throbbing like it was trying to suck my cock back inside her, which I gladly stabbed back in slowly so we could see it mold around my knob. Then again long consistent thrusts that would squirt and splash with every pump.Beverly and I felt love and relief, we kissed sweetly and told each other what we thought about the taboo sex we were having.Soon I was about to cum, I tensed up and they knew it as well. Helen moved closer to Beverly’s pussy as I half pulled out showing my throbbing cock thumping from the waves of orgasm, filling her pussy with my cum, then pumping a few more times inside her while my cock was still hard.Once I did pull out my cock was softening. Helen started to suck my dick clean and when done with me, she licked Beverly’s pussy too. We were pretty tired after that, so I helped Beverly up off her chair and we kissed like lovers, with Helen joining our make-out session.This story would continue, maybe one day.

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