Friends Reinvigorate

Female Ejaculation

My names Lisa and I spent Christmas / New Year, this year on holiday in Cape Verde with my daughter Zoe and my friends Claire and Steve. This was my first holiday in nearly two years following my husband Derek’s long illness and death sixteen months ago.

On the Wednesday, our fifth day, Claire, Steve and I were enjoying the sun by the pool and Zoe had gone diving for the day. We’d been reading, listening to music and generally chatting when the conversation took a twist.

“Lisa we hope you don’t think we’re interfering and you won’t be offended by what I’m about to say. Steve and I have been your friends for many years and we appreciate the difficulties you’ve had and the sadness involved over the past two years,” Claire began. “But we are concerned that you haven’t been socialising much since you lost Derek. We know it’s been a difficult time for you but we are worried that you are getting into a rut. We think by now you should be trying to get out more.”

I was a little surprised by the way the conversation had turned. “I understand your sentiments and I appreciate your concern as trusted friends who have supported me unstintingly over the years and especially recently. I am finding it difficult to go out and socialise as most people are in couples and I find it difficult to take up conversation, especially with males, as I am always questioning their intentions from the start.”

“We both understand your wariness, it’s understandable. We empathize with your predicament but we also realise that you have ‘needs’. You are an attractive woman who is still in her prime and we recognise that you were very much in love with Derek and he likewise with you but we know that he wouldn’t want you to hide yourself away and that he would want you to have fun. You don’t need ‘love’ to have fun and satisfy your ‘needs’.”

“I do understand what you are saying. I loved Derek very much and I don’t think I’ll find that feeling with anyone else. As for my ‘needs’ it is difficult to know where to start having only been involved with one man for so many years and effectively with no one for the last two. Also I don’t want other people to think I’m being, and I don’t want to be, disrespectful to Derek’s memory.”

“What you had with Derek was a very warm and loving relationship, just like Steve and I have together, but what we are talking about, to put it crudely, is just sex in order to satisfy your wants and desires.”

“I know what you’re saying makes sense, but it is very difficult to make the first move.”

“We know that, so we thought that perhaps we could be of assistance to you or more especially Steve could.”

“Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting,” I queried.

“Possibly…….. It’s quiet and private here so why don’t you let Steve take you back to the house and perhaps you could ‘play’ together? I know you like him and he’s fond of you. No one need know, apart from us, and it’s not a problem as Steve and I often take other partners for fun.”

I couldn’t quite believe what I was hearing or what was being suggested. Claire and Steve never gave any indication of their sexual liberalism in all the years we’d known them.

“Steve why don’t you take Lisa up to the villa, I’ll follow on later,” Claire suggested. Steve took my hand, without saying a word, and helped me up from my lounger. He led me up the steps, along the path and into the cool air-conditioned shade of the living room. I had said nothing either in agreement or disagreement but had followed Steve blindly. My mind was racing and I was totally bemused. Steve is quite an attractive man, who at forty is four years older than me, and on reflection always has the attention of the ladies. I have got on well with him over the years, but never in a sexual way.

Steve was standing behind me and I felt his hands reach round and he started softly stroking my bare midriff above my bikini bottoms. “Lisa just relax,” he whispered quietly and affectionately in my ear. “Everything will be fine; I’ll take complete care of you. We don’t need to rush we’ve got plenty of time to satisfy you.” I felt a cold shiver run through me, partly out of apprehension and partly in anticipation. His hands moved to my back and up to the halter of my bikini top, which he untied. I then felt the clasp being popped as he eased it off my boobs, dropping it to the floor. Steve had seen my boobs many times over the years, when I sunbathed topless, but this was different and he had other intentions on his mind. He reached round and cupped a breast in each hand whilst nibbling on my ear. My body gave an involuntary jolt, in surprise. “Don’t worry,” he whispered. I turned my head to the side and our lips met. They were locked together at first, all dry, until I succumbed to his probing tongue and let it into my mouth. He was very gentle, slowly working it around, entwining it with my tongue. He was unhurried as I savoured the feel of him probing inside my mouth accompanied by a slight increase in pressure as he moulded my boobs in his hands. We were kissing and I was being şişli escort fondled for some time as he rolled and squeezed my nipples between his fingers and I was already leaning back into his bare chest feeling relaxed and comfortable being with him.

“That feels so good,” I uttered quietly as our lips parted.

“I’m glad you like it,” he replied “But we’ve only just started playing, there’s a lot more fun to be had.”

Steve took my hand and turned me round to face him. He dropped his head and soon our mouths were together again with tongues exploring once more. My breasts were being pressed against his bare chest and the warmth of his skin created a very secure and sensual feeling. Our lips parted and Steve lowered his mouth to my left boob and sucked in my hard sensitive nipple. He was very light in his touch, licking over and around it with the occasional sucking motion. He then repeated the same arousing treatment to my right nipple. “I think you’ll be more comfortable over on the couch,” Steve suggested, as he took my hand and led me across the room. The leather upholstery felt quite cold against my skin as I sat down on the sofa and Steve knelt on the floor in front of me. Holding my thighs he pulled my bottom closer to the edge of the seat. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of my bikini bottoms before starting to ease them off. By now I so ‘wanted’ what was happening that, without any request or thought, I lifted my hips to make it easy for him to strip me. My briefs found their way down my legs and off. Steve slowly eased my legs apart and lifted them up so my feet were resting on the seat. I was now totally open and was baring all my sex to his gaze. He used his hands, either side of my slit, to pull me open even more. “You look wonderful and very moist already Lisa; I’m sure your going to taste good.” I had not been in a position like this for a long time and I suddenly felt his tongue as it licked the full length of my slit. It was electrifying, the first touching of my intimate parts by someone else for over two years. I let out a low moan of satisfaction. I thought I would have felt more nervous but I was fine. A little apprehensive about what was going to happen but Steve had me totally relaxed and I had confidence in him. He was ever so gentle and took time with all his actions. His tongue pushed between my pussy lips stroking me back and forth slowly and steadily. He stopped at my love hole and then pushed sensitively working his tongue into me.

“I see that you’ve started to play……………you didn’t waste much time,” came Claire’s voice from the patio door. “It sounds like you’re enjoying it Lisa.”

I was a little taken aback, I’d forgotten about Claire and this was also the first time anyone had watched me having sex. “Mmmmm,” I managed to murmur in reply “Steve’s got a wonderful tongue.” I then felt it come into contact with my clit for the first time. I gave an involuntary jerk in response to his touch on my sensitive button as he licked in circles over and around. He sucked it into his mouth and continued his tonguing. He then started rolling my clit between his finger and thumb, just like he’d done to my nipples. I had my eyes closed savouring all the wonderful sensations but could sense that Claire had moved closer.

“Oh yes! That’s it, Steve has popped your hard little pink bud out of its hood,” she commented excitedly. Steve returned his tongue to my exposed glans. It was now extremely responsive to touch and I could feel the sensation building inside me. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh! Shit! Shit! Shit! Steve you’re making me cum!” I screamed as my body started jerking uncontrollably as I climaxed long and hard. I was producing copious amounts of love juice which was running out of my love hole and coating Steve’s tongue as he lapped it into his mouth. I’d not been made to cum like that for a very long time. It took nearly five minutes for me to recover as Steve continued to lick my slit slower and slower until he stopped.

“Lisa that was certainly some orgasm,” Claire whispered not far away from me. “Do you want Steve to carry on with fucking you?”

“Mmmmmmm please…..” I responded lethargically but with an edge of craving.

“In that case you’ll need to get his cock ready.” Steve placed my feet on the floor and I sat up. He stood facing me and I watched as Claire pulled his swimming shorts down and off.

“Wow!!” I exclaimed out loud on seeing his dick for the first time.

“You like the look of his cock then?”

“Ooooh! Yes,” I continued in admiration. “He is a big boy,” I said looking at the semi flaccid circumcised dick in front of me.

“If you play with him nicely he’ll reward you with a full nine inches with a girth of six and a half…………… Don’t be shy, you can touch him…. he’ll like it…. and I won’t mind.” I reached my hand out, a little tentatively, and cupped the pair of large heavy balls that were dangling in front of me. “He likes having them squeezed gently.” I followed Claire’s instructions and began rolling the hard eggs mecdiyeköy escort in my hand. I reached forward with my other hand and circled my fingers around his meaty shaft. This was the largest dick I had ever played with and I started stroking my hand up and down his length. The feel of a gradually hardening member in my hand was extremely exciting after a long absence. I now knew how much I’d missed having dick. I’ve always enjoyed taking men in my mouth and I was eager for my first taste for over two years and my first new flavour for over eighteen. I leaned my head forward and sticking my tongue out I ran it all over his large purple head coating it in saliva, making it shine, before sucking it into my mouth. It felt so good. Whilst continuing to stroke his shaft I started to play my tongue over his head, probing into his eye, licking around the corona, paying special attention to the fraenulum. I have never been an exponent or practitioner of ‘deep throat’ and don’t enjoy having dick too far into my mouth. I like to be in control and have never let a man ‘face fuck’ me. It’s not to say that men have been disappointed with my oral technique and Steve was obviously enjoying my actions given his little moans of pleasure. His dick was now good and hard and his balls had contracted inside their sacks. I had stopped questioning myself as to ‘is this right’ and was enjoying myself. After a little while my playing was rewarded as I sucked out a quantity of pre-cum from his little eye. Derek always oozed pre-cum when I sucked him and I loved it. There wasn’t much from Steve but it tasted wonderful and was I hoped a precursor to what might follow.

“Lisa that feels so good. I’m all set to fuck, are you ready?” Steve questioned.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied, having removed his dick from my mouth.

“Do you want Steve to ‘rubber up’ or are you happy to be taken ‘bare-back’,” Claire added.

“As nature intended please, I don’t want anything to get in the way of this moment.” I requested.

“Do you have any preference as to how Steve should take you?”

“My favourites ‘doggy’, if that’s O.K.”

“That’s fine by me,” Steve confirmed. “I can go nice and deep for you like that.” He took my hand, stood me up and indicated that I should kneel on the sofa, facing the back, with my head down and bottom up as high as possible. Steve had certainly relaxed me and really worked me well. I was no longer tentative and apprehensive but feeling very horny and extremely randy. I was more than happy to follow Steve’s directions and adopted the position required. I didn’t mind being the target of Claire’s voyeuristic fun either, in fact, it only served to heighten the sexual thrill I was having. “Just spread your knees a little more, that’s it…… You’re lovely and wet,” Steve said as he stood behind me and felt my pussy with his hand. I felt him holding me open and then his head being pushed inside my love hole. I was being stretched as he very slowly eased himself up inside me. He was right, he could go deep like this and I felt myself being penetrated deeper than I had ever been before and I was enjoying it. I felt his balls against me, I let out a sigh and I knew I had taken all of him.

“You’ve taken his whole length, I think you like it. You’ll like it more when he starts to fuck you,” Claire informed me.

By looking back I could see her sitting in a chair to the side and behind Steve. She was now nude, having removed her bikini bottoms, and was playing with her pussy. Steve began sliding his dick slowly in and out of my hole, longer strokes than I’d been used to. It felt so good as he went deep with each inward stroke. I was being fucked for the first time in ages and I was taking pleasure in it. “I want to be fucked harder,” I informed Steve after a little while. Without questioning he started to increase his pace and was driving his dick hard and deep into me. I couldn’t believe Steve’s energy and stamina as he continued to pump me for some time. He reached under me with his hand and located my clit with his fingers. He began working my love button whilst continuing to thrust vigorously. It had the effect of building me up until I was tipped over the edge in a wonderful climax after the best, deep and most intense fucking I’d ever had. I was coating his dick in my love juice as I screamed my pleasure at what he was doing to me.

“I want you to sit on my cock,” Steve instructed, before I’d had time to catch breath. He withdrew his still hard dick and sat down next to me. I shifted across and straddled him and he positioned his tool at the entrance to my love hole again. I lowered myself slowly on to his pole and being well lubricated he slid in effortlessly until I was sitting on his balls. I didn’t want to move, I just wanted to savour the feeling of being filled so deep. Steve had hold of my hips as his head leant forward and his mouth started giving attention to my nipples. I stayed still, fully impaled on his organ, and enjoyed the wonderful sensations passing through my body from my breasts. After some time I started rubbing my pussy, in a rocking motion, over the base of his dick. He was hardly moving inside me but it felt good. With a little encouragement from his hands under my buttocks I started slowly sliding up and down his dick. I set up a rhythmic motion and kept going for some time. “Turn round,” Steve suggested. With his dick deep inside me I swivelled round, facing away from him with my feet on the bed. I could now see clearly Claire’s naked form sitting in a chair opposite me. She had one hand fondling her breast and nipple and the other playing leisurely between her legs. We looked at each other and she gave me a lovely smile of approval. I returned it indicating my agreement and level of satisfaction. Steve pulled me back until I was lying and resting on his chest. He started playing with my breasts and nipples squeezing, pulling and tweaking them. His hands moved down and pulled my pussy open. I think this was for Claire’s benefit, so she could see all of me including my clit.

“That’s nice,” she commented.

“Fuck me,” Steve whispered in my ear. I sat myself up and started to work myself up and down his length, slowly at first then gradually increasing pace. I was purring my delight and Steve was groaning his satisfaction. “Stand on the floor………you can ride me harder like that. I want you to give me a real hard fucking, hammer my cock,” Steve instructed. I lowered my legs and standing on the floor I continued to slide on his pole. In this position I was able to come down harder on the downward stroke. I was getting fucked extremely deep and I’m sure his dick was hitting my cervix. His hands were encouraging me to increase my pace, which I did, I so wanted to make him cum. Instead my actions resulted in my legs buckling in the throws of another orgasm that had me cumming and coating his dick in my juice once more. I was breathing heavily and feeling quite bushed. I had not been this physically active for a while and it was the first time ever that anyone had made me cum more than twice. I couldn’t believe Steve’s self control and stamina and his dick was still hard. “Come and lie down,” Steve suggested. On wobbly legs I raised myself off his dick. Steve stood up and assisted me to lie down on my back on the sofa. He parted my legs and knelt between them. He slid his dick back inside me and at the same time placed my legs over his shoulders. He started shafting me leisurely with long unhurried strokes. On the inward stroke he’d stop, when fully up me, for a few seconds before withdrawing. It felt so comfortable and safe being fucked so gently and it seemed the natural thing to be doing. I could hear the rhythm of my deep breathing with an occasional sigh. I could hear Steve give a groan when going deep and I could hear Claire breathing and sighing as she played with herself. Myself and my two friends all enjoying the pleasures of sex. With Steve’s continued action I was so relaxed and could have fallen asleep until he began increasing the speed but not the force of his fucking and he continued until he’d made me cum again, shortly after Claire had brought her self off. “Turn over,” Steve said as he rolled me on to my stomach. I was lying on my stomach, with my legs straight and slightly apart. Steve sat right behind my buns with his legs in front of him and his hands on either side of his body for support. He leant back and began feeding his dick into me again. He proceeded to rock forwards and backwards, I’d never done it like this before but it felt good. Steve then made me bring my legs together, this was a tight fit. I was resting on my elbows with my arms in front of me for leverage to assist in the fucking. It felt wonderful and I couldn’t hold out for long before climaxing again.

“Wow! Lisa you’re certainly enjoying yourself today, but I think it’s time for you to take Steve’s ‘fuck milk’,” Claire said from her chair. “Come and kneel down here………………….. That’s right. Now tip your head back and open your mouth.” I did as required and above me I could see Steve’s gorgeous dick with Claire’s hand jacking along its length. “Oh fuck! Here it comes,” Steve shouted as Claire jacked spurt after spurt of hot thick spunk into my mouth. Steve has a large dick, large balls and produces large amounts of cum, if this was anything to go by. My mouth was filled, like never before, with his warm, tasty cream. I eagerly swallowed every drop.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” it tasted so good.

Nothing was said. Steve laid me back down on the sofa, I was exhausted. He gently stroked my hair …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

……………….. I woke up over an hour later. It was then that I started thinking about what had happened. I couldn’t believe it. I’d allowed one of my oldest friends to fuck me and let his wife watch. I looked around the room for my bikini and couldn’t find it. I could hear Steve and Claire talking outside so I decided to join them. As I approached I could see my bikini resting on the back of a lounger. I could also see that both Steve and Claire had remained naked. “Hello sleepy head,” came the greeting from Steve.

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