Friends with Charles , Judy Ch. 01


We had met Charles and Judy hiking in the mountains the week before whilst holidaying in the mountains and had been as surprised at their ages as they were at ours. Although they looked their 10 years apart, they looked more like mid 30s and mid 40s rather than 41 and 50. Judy hadn’t had children and it showed – the outdoor life had kept her figure looking firm and neat; her dark raven hair and wild Irish eyes adding to her youthful looks, and Charles, with his Scottish accent and trim grey beard reminding you of Sean Connery had no hint of a paunch and looked fitter than many men half his age. The pair of them had a wicked sense of humour that comes only with years together and they were an incredibly easy couple to get on with.

Which was exactly why we found ourselves sat around the diner table drinking wine with them in their home, some thousands of miles from our own? We had passed the stage of small talk and had moved on to witty stories of our travels and past exploits.

Judy took you off on a tour of the house leaving Charles and myself to talk men’s trivia. Whilst chatting, Charles opened a tobacco tin and started to roll a cigarette, noting my surprise.

“For some reason I didn’t imagine you to be a smoker” I said

“Not normally” he replied, “but on the weekend Judy and I enjoy the odd joint”

When asked, I said neither of us had tried it, but nor were we against the idea – I personally looked forward to the chance to try it and I knew that you were also up for the experience.

We were soon disturbed as you and Judy returned, and although outside the night was cold, you came back oozing about the hot tub in the rear garden – Judy had suggested to you that we all take a dip later; you had spoken for both of us with a resounding “yes”!

The conversation turned to the joint Charles was just finishing and lighting up; I looked at you to gauge your opinion, it was obvious to me you were cool with the idea. Judy turned down the lighting and lit some scented candles and changed the music to some mellow blues that seemed to perfectly suit the moment.

Charles passed me the joint and I took a deep drag as if I had smoked all my life; the flavour was nothing like I expected, smoother and far more pleasing than I imagined, the feeling of light-headedness going directly to my brain. Charles, sensing my inexperience, took the joint from me and keeping it in his hand, held it up to your mouth. As I watched you take a drag, I noticed the slight intimacy of his fingers just touching your lips. I looked at Judy who also watched; she caught my eye and simply smiled at me, again, the atmosphere made it all ok.

I saw the effect it had on you; you smiled at me and your eyes seemed to glaze over slightly as you laid back on the sofa listening to the music.

Judy took the joint from Charles and still smiling at me, took a deep drag.

We were all sat around the coffee table sharing the joint not talking much when suddenly Judy sprang to her feet and suggested the hot tub would be perfect now as the sky was dark yet starry and there was a frost on the ground. I mentioned we had no swimwear but Judy said they always went naked at night – we could either wear our underwear or they would lend us towelling robes and they would let us get in first with the lights off, whatever we were most comfortable with. I looked at you for your opinion and you shrugged back at me,

“We’ll take the robes” I said

“You can change in the spare room” Judy replied, “I’ll put the robes on the bed”

They went off to change and we went into the spare room, by now both relaxed and tipsy/high enough to not care about what we wore.

I eyed your smooth, slim body as you stripped and you commented on how lucky it was we had both trimmed ourselves şişli escort only that morning; we had spent a lot of time on the hills and were both feeling fit and slim. Walking out of the room, I joked with you about Charles’s fingers to your lips – you teased on the way Judy had looked at me. We both laughed and wearing just the thick robes, headed out into the garden. Sure enough the lights were dimmed low so we could just see the dark of the water and after slipping our robes off, had to feel our way down the steps into the heat of the tub – the water, in contrast to the outside air temperature was pure bliss.

We sat on the lower step and snuggled up together to make the most of the few minutes alone waiting for the others. We kissed deeply as teasing me; you reached between my legs to feel my hardening cock,

“Thinking about Judy are you?” you laughed

I reached up to your stiffening nipples and joked back,

“Fancy Charles/Sean Connery do you?”

At this point the outside speakers came on and Charles and Judy walked out onto the patio; although it was dark and they were only silhouettes against the dim glow from the candles in sitting room window, we both knew as they slipped off their robes and entered the tub, that they were both naked. More to the point, they knew we knew, but they didn’t yet know what, if anything, we were wearing!

Watching the shapes of two fit people doffing their robes and climbing into the tub certainly had the right effect on me; it was just possible to make out the gentle swing of Judy’s breasts as she leant forward to climb down the steps, Charles was a little harder to make out but I knew we were both trying to get a glimpse to see how he measured up!

The water was soon too warm to sit deep in and before long both Charles and I were sat on the higher step, only waist deep in water – you and Judy held out as long as possible but first Judy and then you, climbed up a step and joined us. By now my eyes had got used to the lack of light and I could see across from me that Judy’s breasts were every bit as good as they looked under her clothes heaving slightly as she breathed – or was it something else? As dark as it was, I realised, and I knew you realised, that the other two could also see the perfect outline of your upper body as you leant back against the side of the tub. I could feel the sexual tension in the air as we carried on talking as if everything was normal – I touched you under the water and you shivered as I wondered where the night would lead us.

“It’s getting hot in here, anyone for another joint” asked Charles as he boldly stepped out of the water.

This time there was no doubt to his shape as, semi erect, his cock swung in front of him as he reached for a towel and dried himself off in front of us all.

“Good idea” you replied as you climbed out and followed him to where he held out a towel for you, wrapping it round your dripping body and rubbing you down in an attempt to help dry you off.

The sight of such a simple gesture seemed to have such an incredibly erotic effect on me and with my cock by now fully hard, I stepped out of the tub reaching for two towels, the first of which I passed to Judy close behind me. I took in the sight of her shapely form silhouetted against the window as she towelled herself down, looking at me as she did so.

Dry and wrapped in our thick robes we all headed through the patio doors and back into the warmth of the living room where the fire glowed in the hearth. Charles rolled another joint as I put another log on the fire and knelt together on the floor, Judy and you chose another CD to listen to.

“Let’s have something we can dance to” remarked Judy

“Mmm let’s” you replied

Sat on the sofa together sharing the joint, mecdiyeköy escort Charles and I watched the pair of you dance in front of the fire. As the flames grew brighter you reached for the light switch and dimmed it so all was left was the flickering of the flames in the hearth.

Quietly watching the pair of you dance sexily, her hands on your waist, I couldn’t help but stare at Judy’s cleavage, comparing her to you as both your robes loosened around you middles letting the upper portion fall open slightly. Saying nothing, I realised Charles was enjoying the view as much as I was! Alert to my senses because of the joint, I heard Judy comment on your body,

“I couldn’t believe your age” you replied! “Your body is so sexy”

“Thanks honey” she replied and kissed you on the cheek, lingering slightly longer than she might have done.

I noticed that both robes had become almost undone apart from the tie in the middle and you were both showing smooth flesh all the way down to the tie and from the tie downwards. Dancing closer, Judy moved her hands from your waist outside your robe onto the flesh of your hips, opening the front of your robe even more and revealing your soft, firm belly and the shadow of your neatly trimmed pussy. Careful not to expose myself I stole a peek next to me to see Charles blatantly sat there with his robe open and his hand on his now fully erect cock; slightly shorter but thicker than my own and wet on the tip. I was comforted to see that like myself, he shaved himself smooth – I imagined, in fact hoped that Judy would also be smooth between her legs.

As I looked back up at the pair of you I watched Judy slip the top of her robe from her shoulders, just the waist belt holding it to her, her tits larger although less firm than yours looking incredibly sexy in the firelight. Looking straight into her eyes as though you were alone, you allowed her to do the same to you. Hands back on your hips, she held you at arms length to look at you, then with a nod of approval she pulled you close – close enough that your tits became squashed against hers, and kissed you full on the lips.

I swear I could see the glisten of moisture between your legs.

I let my own robe fall open and I caressed my own cock, a tiny drop of pre-cum leaking from the tip.

“Make a fine pair don’t they?” Charles commented

“Whose, Helen’s or Judy’s?” I joked

“Either – or both together” laughed Charles

Charles, undoing his robe, stood up naked, penis thrust out in front of him said, “Would you mind?” and walked over to you. He reached first for Judy’s then your own robe ties and undid them, letting them drop to the floor. I enjoyed a brief view of Judy’s completely shaved pussy as, if on cue, the pair of you dropped slowly to the floor, Judy lying back on the discarded pile of towelling and pulling you on top of her, Charles stood, cock in hand over the pair of you!.

I’d been left on my own long enough and leaving my robe behind, I lay on the floor beside you both. I caressed your firm ass as you and Judy, legs intertwined, kissed deeply, my hand snaking between your cheeks to your puffy and soo wet lips, stroking you gently from your pussy back to the soft, tight hole of your ass. All too soon Charles knelt in front of you and gently pulled your head up to meet his throbbing cock. Reluctantly you left the softness of Judy’s body but with renewed enthusiasm knelt up to take him into your mouth.

As you moved of Judy I could see the smoothness of her belly and the hairless flesh of her pubic mound, I slid over and gently parting her legs, I kissed and tasted her very wet pussy, savouring the heady aroma and taste of her excitement.

My mouth wet from her juices, I knelt up and pulled you to me, kissing you and allowing our tongues to wrap around one another’s. As I shared with you your first taste of female sex it dawned on me that as you had just released Charles from your mouth, I was also experiencing my first taste of male wetness! I don’t know which turned you on more but the passion with which you kissed me, moaning with pleasure, was unreal!

I pulled you with me as I headed back between Judy’s smooth thighs and offered you her pussy; carefully but tenderly you allowed your head to move closer to her warm wetness, gently reaching out with your tongue tasting for the first time, a woman’s pussy – your body was literally quivering with erotic excitement as she grabbed your head and pulled you into her. She shook with orgasm as she realised she was your “first”.

As you knelt, ass in the air filling your senses with her juices, I watched Charles settle behind you and push his face into your pussy, licking your by now soaking sex and your tight asshole, you squirming as he did so.

I lifted your head up and kissed you, licking Judy’s orgasm from around your mouth, I felt you cum as Charles worked his tongue along and in your pussy, and gently but easily slid first one and then two fingers into your ass.

As you came down from your sexual high, Charles had turned his attention to Judy and kneeling in front of her, had slid effortlessly and deeply into her pussy. Sat either side of the two of them, you had other ideas and pushed Charles out of Judy. She didn’t seem to mind as her face was still flushed from her previous orgasm, but each of her hands reached between each of our legs to caress us. You grabbed Charles by his buttocks and pulled him to a kneeling position, his cock hard and wet between us. Your eyes fixed on mine, and with my hand in yours, you/we cupped his balls and wrapping my hand round his pulsing cock, you took his length into your mouth, tasting both his and Judy’s wetness. You stopped and kissed me, twirling your tongue round mine, giving me no choice but to taste the same. As we kissed you pulled his cock between us and twisted my head towards its heat. You looked at me and I knew what you wanted – I’d seen you taste another girl – now you wanted me to taste another man!

By now I was so turned on that any inhibitions I may have had disappeared and I gingerly let my tongue find the wet tip of his cock. You joined my mouth with yours and kissed me, Charles’ pulsing cock in between our mouths. With both Charles and Judy not knowing what was happening you moved your head back a little leaving my with my mouth enveloping Charles’ swollen wet head. I heard a gasp from Judy as realising what was happening, she started working my cock harder and I imagined she was doing the same to your pussy.

Charles moaned and I guessed this was his first male on male experience as well. This gave me renewed confidence and watching the growing excitement in your eyes as you came on Judy’s fingers, still watching me, I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth and sucked it like I would like it done to me. Instinctively you seemed to realise Charles was about to cum so you took my place. I watched your beautiful face as your sexy mouth took control and Charles tensed then bucked as the first pulse of his orgasm sent a stream of hot cum into your mouth. You held him there until his jerks calmed down slightly and then quickly pulled him from your mouth and into mine as the last squirts pumped into my by now eager mouth and I tried to swallow his remaining cum. Realising what I’d just done was too much for me as my own orgasm erupted and I came in great arks across Judy’s body and onto your own belly and pussy – you moaned loudly as my warm fluid splashed onto your cool flesh, before dripping down onto Judy’s. As Charles finished cumming and fell away next to his wife, you met my mouth with yours and we kissed deeply and passionately before sliding to the floor across the prone and exhausted bodies of our hosts.

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