From Boyfriend to Daddy

Big Tits

What *is* the best weather for finally getting to indulge in a lifelong fantasy?

It’s a question that Violet’s been pondering for the past ten minutes or so, as she sits on the bed in preparation of her boyfriend joining her. Is it a bright and sunny afternoon? Or is it what she has, a storm lashing at the windowpanes and rumbling through the house with every peal of thunder?

There’s a degree of comfort in staying indoors during this kind of stream, and comfort is something her boyfriend had been very adamant on during their talks about this beforehand. Certainly, she muses, the aftercare is going to be all the more sweet and potent with this kind of atmosphere…

Whatever conclusion she would’ve come to while staring out at the gusts of wind shaking the treeline outside, she’s interrupted first by her boyfriend John bustling into the room with two big duffel bags held awkwardly under his arms; something she has to stifle a giggle at, an act that earns her a playfully chiding look.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. I didn’t want to keep you waiting for two trips!” He says, sticking his tongue out at her briefly on his way over to the bed. The bags are deposited, and he dusts his hands off, turning to face his girlfriend with a wide and eager grin. Ever since she’d first brought up these fantasies with him, he’d been hard at work acquiring the right tools, and so she assumes that’s what the bags contain…

“Such a gentleman.” She teases, shifting to sit cross-legged and tilt her head up to look him in the eyes. With the foot of height he has over her, that’s a familiar sensation even while she’s fully standing. “So, what’s in the bags? Do I get to know ahead of time?”

“Youuuu get to know some of it! Like, for instance…” He holds up a finger, leaning over to open up one of the bags and rummage around inside it. After a second, he withdraws a nice heavy looking hairbrush, holding it up for inspection before letting it settle against his palm in a light (yet somehow still intimidating) series of tap-tap-taps. “This beauty! It looks pretty sturdy, I bet it’s great for busting a brat’s butt.”

Even with the jokey phrasing, Violet shivers at both the sight of the hairbrush and the open admission of what it’s going to be used for, squirming a little in place. It’s clearly something that John notices, if the sly note to his grin is anything to go by, but he opts to move on without teasing his poor girlfriend too much.

“We’ve got a couple other tools, too, but I figure we’re not gonna use too many of them for your first time… oh, and the other bag, you can take a look in that one.”

Violet looks at John quizzically, but takes his wink as encouragement to do as he suggests, scooting over on the bed so she can unzip the second bag herself, immediately getting an eyeful of replacement clothes so exciting she immediately zips the bag up again, red-faced and flustered into incoherence for a good few seconds.

“…Meep.” Is all she can muster, pouting a little as John laughs at the flustered response.

“Yeah, I figured that’d be your response. Don’t worry, you’re gonna wear all that before we’re done tonight. Now, c’mere…”

A second’s delay passes as Violet composes herself, and then she rises to her feet, absently toying with the drawstring to her pyjama pants as she closes the distance between them. Immediately, John scoops her up into a hug, leaning down to press a few quick kisses across her face, culminating in a lingering smooch to her lips.

“Oh! Is that what you called me over here for?” Violet asks, still pressed up against him- though she quickly ends up moved a little away from him, enough room between them for his hands to start ghosting down her sides gently.

“Mmnh, not entirely. I remembered one of the things you talked about…” He murmurs, his fingers finally finding their way to the waistband of her pants- at which point, he yanks down firmly, catching her panties at the same time to ensure she’s completely bared from the waist down.

“Fuck–” She yelps, both hands coming down to cover herself only to be stalled by a quick, stern look from John. At that, she puts her hands down by her sides instead, a low whine slipping from her lips as her boyfriend’s hands come back to her bare hips, one moving over to let a thumb rub over the head of her stiffening arousal just to watch her shudder and bite her lower lip.

“Hey, language.” He chides, thoroughly delighted at the state he has Violet in with so little effort. “So! How do you wanna start? You tell me a fantasy, and I’ll enact it, seems like a good way of doing this.”

“R-Right. Well, uh…” Violet takes a second, swallowing hard. She can barely believe this is finally happening- all the years she’d spent fantasising about being shown a firm, fatherly hand in discipline, and her boyfriend now has her pantsed and expecting an outright *request* for what embarrassing, painful punishment should befall her first! It’s the kind of scenario that can drive a girl downright dizzy with arousal, and so it takes her another couple seconds before she can muster bursa escort up a response that wouldn’t be incoherent from stammering. “I, uh, one of my favourite like, images, of this kind of thing, is when the person who gets, um. Spanked. Is tucked under someone’s arm? So we could do that, and, you could give me a couple swats?”

It’s clear that she’s starting to build up steam towards being too flustered to speak again, so John quiets her with a comforting hand on her shoulder, and a warm smile. A sadist he may be, but he’s not *that* cruel!

“Alright, let’s see if I’ve got the juice for it. This is why all guys work out, right? Lifting their girlfriends?” He jokes, leaning across to bend Violet over firmly and surely, hoisting her up pretty effortlessly under his arm, leaving her toes just barely scraping the carpet beneath them. “Annnnd up we go! Hope you’re comfy. How many swats d’you think you should get like this?”

Stunned into speechlessness yet again, Violet has to pause and savour the sensation of being bent over and firmly restrained, acutely aware of her bare bottom on full, vulnerable display. She comes to a little quicker this time, though, even having a playful note enter her voice in place of the stammer when she answers.

“You should decide, sir.”

“Oh, I *like* the sound of that. I think that’s gonna be one of the two things you call me during these little sessions– assuming this one goes well, anyways.”

Violet giggles, opening her mouth to retort- but before she can speak, she’s interrupted by the very first spank of the night landing square on her bare ass! While it’s not the harshest swat that’s ever been delivered, it claps into place with just enough force to light a sting on her skin and drop her jaw, leaving her staring straight forward with a shocked expression on her pretty face. John gives her a chance to adjust, but clearly intends on making this an effective warmup on top of indulging Violet’s fantasy; more swats start raining down just quickly enough to stir the girl out of her trance, resulting in her gasping and wiggling helplessly in his grip.

“Ooh! Oh!” Violet finds herself unable to do anything more than kicking her legs uselessly in the air, jolting forward each time John’s strong palm cracks down across her bouncing, rapidly-reddening rear end. Having not been told how many swats her boyfriend had decided on, she has no idea when the quick warming of her bare seat is going to end, only biting her lower lip and squeaking each time she’s spanked right up until the swats come to a sudden stop, leaving her resting her toes back on the floor and catching her breath.

Already, she can feel her bottom feel hot and tingly, stinging just a touch as her pulse pounds and her cheeks throb lightly in time… but she’s nowhere near her limit, and she’s well aware that John knows that too.

She’s set back down on her feet, and she immediately reaches back to rub at her ass, while John reaches over to smooth some of her long black hair out of her face, letting his thumb rub over her cheek lovingly.

“So, how was that? Everything you hoped it’d be?” He asks. Violet giggles again, responding first with a happy nod.

“Oh, that was so good… I felt so helpless! I knew you’d be good at this…” She leans up on her toes, pulling him in for a brief kiss. “So what’s next?”

John rubs his chin in thought, casting a glance back towards the twin bags laying on the bed. This is still her fantasy first and foremost (much as he’d already professed enjoying it too), but it’s clear that him taking charge is a big component of it, and so this decision should ultimately rest with him. As such, he takes in a breath, leaning over to pluck up the hairbrush he’d set down before, once again tapping it against his palm.

“Next, young lady, you’re going over my knee for a dose of the hairbrush. Then, uh…” He trails off, looking thoughtful. Eagerly, Violet interjects with a suggestion.

“Timeout! After that you put me in a corner?”

“Great idea! You can go in a corner while I set up the *other* half of the night’s festivities.”

Grateful for the save, John leans down to press a kiss to Violet’s forehead, starting to lead her towards the bed by the hand- only to be interrupted a few steps in, by Violet speaking up.

“Oh, wait- you should pinch my ear!”

Taken slightly by surprise, but certainly eager to follow along, John does just that; two fingers pinch Violet’s earlobe, dragging the bottomless brat over to the bed and then tugging her insistently down over his knee, not stopping until she’s fully splayed out with one of his hands resting on her back to keep her in place- not that he anticipates her trying to stand back up again, given how excited she’s been.

“You’re just full of good ideas tonight, Vi. I think I should start having *you* draw up some punishments for yourself.” He teases, setting the brush down just long enough to take a firm handful of each of her cheeks in turn, squeezing and rubbing in place to help warm her up again after the brief break from her earlier bursa escort bayan spanking. “So, I’m thinking this is the one that counts. You know your safeword, right?”

She nods, at first, then realising that it’s kind of a silly response when she’s bent over someone’s knees. What a thrilling position that is, too, truly leaving her heart pounding and her arousal prodding against John’s thighs, something that both of them notice but choose not to comment on. There’ll be time for that later… and for now, Violet clears her throat to answer verbally.

“Yes, sir.”

That’s all the reassurance that John needs, and he makes sure it’s obvious in his actions; while he does pause long enough to give Violet’s still-pink ass a few light swats by hand, he moves swiftly towards escalation, the brush in his hand only tapping its cool wooden back against its target a few times before it starts sailing down in earnest.

John’s hand had stung, certainly, but it’s nothing compared to the sharp and unyielding *crack* of the brush as it bounces firmly off her bottom. Just as before, Violet’s jaw drops as the first few register, but this time, she’s far more animated in her squirming- never trying to stand back up or block the target, but certainly shimmying her hips and kicking her legs enough that John has to wrap an arm around her waist to keep her in place. Despite this, the pace doesn’t escalate at any point; it’s an even pace, the brush flattening her cheeks with the steady and impeccable timing of a metronome, each harsh swat painting a deeper shade of pink-then-red onto her ivory-pale skin.

With that deepening hue comes a quickly-fanned fire, too, and as the warmth builds to something decidedly more searing, Violet’s quick to find her voice and start yelping out far more energetically than before.

It’s nothing she can’t handle, not so far, but there’s a particular kind of joy she’s finding in allowing herself to sink into her role and react without reservation; letting the sharp sting of each swat wash over her, flinching with each gunshot-loud WHAP of wood against skin, squirming and squealing as though she were decades younger than she actually is…

By the time that the swats peter out to a stop, she’s almost disappointed; sure, her bottom feels like it’s been set on fire and she’s quite sure she can feel a few tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, but the catharsis of letting herself get swept up in her ‘punishment’ was like nothing else she’s ever experienced. Thankfully, she doesn’t have to come back to reality too quickly, as John carefully scoops her up into a gentle hug, angling her cautiously so her cherry-red cheeks are aired outwards, not pressed against his assuredly far too scratchy and coarse jeans.

“Hey, you took that really well, I went pretty hard on your butt.” He murmurs, kissing the top of her head as she catches her breath and reorganises her swirling thoughts. Right, right, words… conversation. She can totally do that!

“Whoa… owie.” She starts, a giggle running through her as she buries her face in John’s shirt. The haze is already starting to lift, but she’s content to let it run its course naturally, enjoying the closeness of the embrace and the slow circles John’s rubbing into her back. Eventually, she lifts her head up, flashing her boyfriend a faintly wet grin. “That was incredible… you *have* to spank me again going forward.”

“Trust me, if you liked that, you’re gonna be over my knee so much. That just might be the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed.” John hums, carefully helping Violet up to her feet, checking on her all the while. Her legs may be shaky, but she can stand, and she pulls back from John to rub at her bottom again- this time, noticeably more gingerly.

“Okay… so, sweetheart, you’re gonna shuffle that cute red butt to the corner, and put your nose to the wall while I set everything else up, okay?” John says, a hand on her shoulder as he guides her over to the corner. She doesn’t object, of course, a small smile on her face as she shuffles into place.

Initially, her hands are still occupied with rubbing her reddened rump, but after a sharp swat and a stern word, she folds them behind her back instead, letting the fruits of John’s disciplinary labour air out in full view as he walks back to the bed and starts rummaging around in the duffel bags behind her. Not knowing what he’s doing is maddening, and between her imagination running wild and the still-lingering scorch in her bottom, Violet finds herself biting her lower lip and pressing her legs together as she waits, working herself up to some fearsome arousal by the time that John clears his throat and gently pulls on her shoulder to get her to turn around.

What she sees when she does is enough to make her eyes widen in a mixture of shock and excitement; a changing mat is laid out on the bed, and next to it the tools necessary to change her into underwear far more padded and absorbent than her normal fare. It’s the fetish that she’d been most cagey about admitting, but as John guides her up onto the escort bursa bed and lays her down on the changing mat, she’s extremely glad she’d eventually spilled the beans.

If she hadn’t, there’s no way she’d be in the position she’s in right now; blushing like mad as John hoists her legs up by the ankle, and stifling a few overwhelmed whimpers as the crinkly padding is slid under her hips.

…Which is most certainly better than it may sound, she’d be quick to assure. This is quite frankly what she’d assume heaven would be like, even down to the displeased hissing and flinching as her sore bottom is lowered onto the comfortable padding. There’s no way it can get better, as far as she’s concerned, and then it does; John’s hand spreading some talcum powder across her, deciding to curl around her eager erection and give it a few teasing pumps.

“You know, I could deal with this now so the diaper fits better… or I could tape you up first, and you can christen this bad boy the lewdest way possible. What do you think, sweetheart?” He purrs, his eyes roaming over her and delighting in the way her back arches when he rubs just the right spot.

“Hhhaa… tape it up first!” Violet coos back, though John doesn’t immediately move to do as she suggests.

“Hmm… one condition. Ask me nicely… and call me Daddy.”

Violet squeaks, peeking out from between the fingers covering her face with a jolt of arousal surging through her. Well, in a position like this, how could she possibly do anything but obey?

“Please tape me up first, Daddy?” She asks, her voice wavering and just a touch uncertain. It’s good enough for her new Daddy, though, as he only waits long enough to lean down and plant a kiss on her nose before the padding is pulled up and over her needy shaft, taped up firmly and given a soft pat at the front.

“Okay, c’mere…” John leans down to scoop Violet up into his arms, carrying her around the side of the bed so he can settle in with her in his lap, propped up against the headboard. It’s not hard for him to find the stiff lump in the front of his girlfriend’s new underwear, and so he quickly starts up a massage, grinning as Violet squeaks and buries her face in his chest again.

His intention going in had been to tease her over the edge with some dirty talk, but from the way she’s trembling and gasping, he can tell she’s already a little too close for that; so, he’s mostly quiet, only murmuring the odd word of encouragement in the brief span it takes before Violet finally hits her peak and cums hard in his lap, mewling happily as she spurts rope after rope of pearly cum right into her new diaper. It’s sticky, it’s wet, it’s warm… but she’s far too spent to care, relaxing into place and letting the afterglow wash over her.

“Mmmh… you’re the best boyfriend anyone’s ever had.” Violet coos, her eyes shut and her face still resting on his chest.

“Wow, and you’re saying that *after* I took a hairbrush to your butt. I must be pretty good, then!”

Violet snorts, batting at his chest with her hand. Rather than let it fall back down to her sides afterwards, though, it comes to a rest near her face, her thumb perilously close to her lips. Were she inclined to get some rest here, perhaps her thumb would have slipped between her lips entirely, but a brief surge of energy and an idea ocurring to her spurs her to sit upwards, gently resting the seat of her padding on her heels as she kneels on the bed.

“You deserve a reward for setting all this up! Some kind of thank-you service…” Violet glances down towards the buckle of John’s belt and back up again, her coy expression conveying everything that it needs to. Without another word, just a wink, John slides off the bed so he has the room to unbuckle his belt and start undoing his pants, deciding to just go all the way and strip out of them entirely before he settles back into place on the bed, a considerable tent in the front of his boxers.

“Another great idea, Vi, you’re on fire!” He teases, settling into a comfortable position propped up against the headboard again.

As soon as he’s settled, Violet scoots forward, reaching forward to run her fingers gently over the throbbing bulge in her boyfriend’s underwear, teasing it just a little before she reaches beneath the waistband to free it from its cloth prison, murmuring happily at the sight of it. He’s much more hung than she is, and that fact never fails to make her mouth water…

Thankfully, that’s just good preparation for what’s to come; her lips find his shaft quickly and eagerly, starting with soft kisses from the base all the way up to the tip and culminating in taking his cockhead into her mouth entirely, her tongue swirling in place for the second before she starts bobbing her head further down. As her lips sink inch by inch, enveloping more of his cock in the hot wetness of her waiting mouth, she keeps an ear out for his sounds. There’s nothing more gratifying to her than the sound of him groaning low under his breath as he starts to lose his composure, and since he’s been about as teased as she had been for this whole encounter, it doesn’t take long at all before she gets that favourite thrill of hers; paired with him rolling his hips up and resting a hand on her head, in fact, something that spurs her to redouble her efforts to take him all the way to the base.

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