Fulfilling Fantasies: A Suggestion


Dear Ms [NAME WITHHELD].Thank you for your enquiry.In all honesty, I found your e-mail a little vague on the details, but I suppose that’s only to be expected since by your own admission you’re still ambivalent as to whether or not you really want to enlist my services.Nevertheless, your e-mail gave me a good idea of the kind of thing you fantasize about, and so I will lay out a scenario for you, a little suggestion that, should you be willing, could easily be arranged.Since you have written to me, I assume you know a little about my operations, but to clarify. I make it my business to fulfil the sexual fantasies people have that they find it difficult to experience any other way. It’s something of a hobby of mine, which means that there is no fee attached. I will, however, require you to sign a written contract setting out both the nature of the interaction and your limits during the same. I’m sure you understand that this is in both our best interests, given the nature of your secret desires. I also insist that you choose a safeword, to be written into the contract. Should you at any stage in proceedings utter the safeword, there will be an immediate cessation of all activity.Now, here’s my proposition. Since you’re not exactly sure of what you want, I shall allow myself to lay before you a scenario that you may wish to experience fully, modify in some manner, or reject entirely. That is your prerogative.I’m sure you’re acquainted with the vast array of sex toys available on the market. An associate of mine has been working on something new, and should you be willing to act the guinea pig, I should be much obliged.There are many different remote toys available for purchase. The disadvantage of these until recently was that they only worked at relatively short distances. There are now devices that utilize Bluetooth technology and mobile apps, but an associate of mine has simplified the entire affair to create a strap-on vibrator that can be activated by anyone who is in possession of a certain telephone number, thus making the toy vibrate from any location in the world. At present, kolej escort the design is still a little clunky, but that is in the process of being remedied. The dialler has all the power, the wearer none (except of course to remove the device, but that would be to contravene the rules of the game).My suggestion is this, that you wear the strap-on vibrator under your clothes during an agreed period of time on an agreed day. You are free to move around town anywhere you please within certain pre-defined limits. I will instruct four of my men to attempt to find you as you do so, by dialing the vibrator at regular intervals.I am sure you understand that this little game leaves you vulnerable to being seen by any number of strangers as your body reacts to the sensations. Since you have given me to understand that one of the fantasies to which you are addicted is being shamed in public, this is your chance to experience something of that for real. I don’t mind telling you that the thought of you gasping out loud and squirming as the vibrations molest you where anyone might see you react to them is a turn on for me personally. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind accompanying you as you move around town, witnessing your reactions as complete strangers dial your pussy, as it were.The vibrations are very strong, and should you climax, so much the better. In the middle of the street, at a table in a coffee shop. It doesn’t really matter where, as long as you find it unable to conceal your ecstasy from onlookers. Oh yes, that is a delicious thought, is it not?Anyway, the point of the exercise is for my men to locate you by forcing the desired reaction from you. Should none of them have found you within the agreed time period, you may return home and nothing further will happen. Should one of my men discover you, he will come up to you and say, “[NAME WITHHELD], I presume.”This is another safety measure for you. Should you decide at this point that you wish to withdraw from the game, you simply say, “No, you’ve got the wrong person,” and you will remain unmolested, sihhiye escort bayan at liberty to return home.However, should you say, “Yes, I am [NAME WITHHELD],” the man will lead you to a car.I feel compelled to emphasize that you should not take your answer lightly at this point. You do of course always have your safeword to fall back on, but it would be a grave disappointment to all involved should you come to use it. Therefore I advise that you only answer in the affirmative if you are absolutely determined to follow through. I have witnessed my men in action on many occasions, and the following is speculation as to what might happen, to give you some indication of what you are accepting or declining.Once you are in the car, you are blindfolded. The four men who have been hunting you travel with you, so that you are sandwiched between two of them in the back seat. You have no idea where you are going, but the men do not molest you, nor do they activate the vibrator.After a long or a short drive, the car comes to a halt. You are made to get out. Still wearing the blindfold, you are given a shove. “Delivering one kinky slut,” a man says. Two other men grab you, marching you somewhere you cannot see, though you can hear your own footsteps echoing.Then you hear new voices, male voices, plenty of them. Perhaps you can make out what they’re saying, perhaps not. It makes no difference. The men holding you stop suddenly, and one of them says, “Here she is, lads! Let’s get her clothes off!”(I should emphasize here that you still have a choice at this point. While only the safeword will cause the activities to cease, my men do enjoy a woman who puts on a display of reluctance. In short, the more reluctant you behave, the rougher they become. This gives you the possibility of regulating the treatment meted out to you. Oh, and one other thing, don’t wear any item of clothing you’re anxious to keep.)Though you can’t see, it’s obvious to you that you are surrounded. Hands grab at you, or more specifically your clothing, doing whatever they must to Escort sincan gain access to your tits, arse and cunt. The vibrator goes too, since it has done its job by now. Hands grope your thighs, your arse, your tits.One way or another you are brought to your knees. (You can always choose to do so voluntarily, but that’s not much fun, is it?) Above the hubbub of voices, someone yells, “Are you a dirty little cocksucker?” Regardless of how you answer (if you answer at all), another says, “She certainly looks like it.”Then your face is being slapped, by big fat, meaty cocks attached to heavy, spunk-filled balls. “She’s got real cocksucker’s lips,” someone says. “Someone just get their cock in the slag’s mouth,” someone else shouts.Regardless of how much or how little reluctance you display, there will still only be one outcome. Sooner or later you mouth is invaded by a big cock. Your cheek bulges as the huge organ is forced into your mouth. Hands grab at your tits, men commenting on them as they squeeze, maul and claw, pinching your nipples. “Shove that cock right the way down her throat!” someone shouts.Your head is held between forceful hands. The big cock forces itself deeper, mercilessly until you gag on it. As you cough and splutter and drool, hands keep molesting your tits. Your face is slapped again by heavy cock meat. “Want more, do you, fucking knob gobbling whore?” someone yells.It really makes no difference how or if your respond. You have no choice when someone yells, “Open your fucking mouth!” and slaps your face with their hand.A different cock is shoved in your face. Someone is behind you, forcing you down on it, holding your head so that you can’t escape the meat that’s violating your throat. Someone slaps your tits. Someone has their hand between your thighs, feeling your labia from behind. You drool heavily when the cock is finally removed from your mouth, but the respite is short. Your head is grabbed roughly as you are force fed more cock meat. My men love a good slut when they get their hands on one, and once aroused, they delight in using a delightful mouth over and over to satisfy their brute lust.All the while hands continue groping you, your tits, bruising hands with vice-like grips. A finger is eased into your slit. You lose track of almost everything. You cannot know how many men there are, only that there seems to be an inexhaustible supply.

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