Fulfillment Ch. 02


Tod gasped, and it wasn’t from the more than comfortable weight pressing down on his crotch. Brother and sister weighed the same, but more, they were the same. Kelly’s rectum felt exactly the same, hot and slick. She pushed down, sighing, and then drew a deep breath and held it. Her entire body shuddered, and Tod felt the vibration transferred through his rod. He gasped too, but then the girl settled down, reclining and relaxing against Tod. She raised her head and smiled at her brother.

“…so stiff…”

“Yes, I know!”

“…all the way deep inside me….”


Tod wanted to fuck her, to take her, to use her and cum inside her. He wished he had full mobility so he could do something like that, and not simply sit with her engulfing him so totally. But it was a good alternate. He glanced at the boy; Andrew was a great alternate too. Each of them was. They seemed to bring into Tod’s life, the missing feminine element that he had so badly missed. The room seemed to glow with it, with the gentle, quiet warmth of their passion, and what made Tod smile even more to himself, was the fact that this passion was also directed at him to some degree.

Then he watched as the brother placed his hand gently on his sister’s ankle and run it down over her pointing foot. She raised her leg slightly and he pulled her foot over close and kissed it, and the sight of that one act made Tod’s dick surge up hard within its confines. He rolled his pelvis downward, then up, making his dick move an inch either way inside her. She gasped, her body shivered again. Tod slipped both hands over her silken shoulders and kneaded her breasts. She put her hands over his and pulled them more firmly to her, and then both her legs went straight out – Andrew letting go quickly – and her feet pointed. Her legs strained, every muscle showing through her delicate skin. She moaned, and Tod could feel her rectum tightening around him. It squeezed, fluttered open and then rippled all along its length. He felt it; it was like it was jerking him off inside, and the next moment, gazing at Andrew’s beautiful face and shoulders, fondling Kelly’s tits, Tod came in the girl’s ass; grunting, pushing upward, gasping. There was so much jiz coming out that the pressure of it squeezing out his hole actually hurt. He pulled down and rolled up and Kelly cried out softly. Her brother grasped her flailing hand and held it tight as her body jerked and twitched, just as Tod’s was.

When the storm had passed, Kelly sighed happily and started to get off Tod’s lap. Tod’s cock slipped out of her easily, and it was instantly coated by a glob of his own semen which drained out of Kelly’s well stretched hole. She stood, helped by her brother, and then the two of them came and knelt on the floor at Tod’s knees, hugging themselves to him with eyes closed and happy smiles on their faces.

Tod closed his eyes and passed out right there in his chair; the satisfaction and contentment overwhelming and so long overdue that it all felt new and fresh.

Those first few days turned into a week, then two. A month went by and the twins never seemed to want to leave or even mention anything about it. After that amount of time Tod was surprised that he hadn’t grown weary of them or tired or even bored, but there was nothing wearying about them. They never complained or argued, never took advantage of anything Tod had or did, and in fact became the most helpful and loving companions he had ever known. They were young, but strangely mature for their 25 years. But their maturity did not seep into their play; each and every time they alt porno undressed and came to Tod, they were playful and happy and uninhibited. And Tod never tired of them or grew bored because these times of spontaneous sexual activity were frequent and often.

Every morning he woke up with one of them snuggled warmly against him, the other standing there in the buff, holding a hot cup of coffee out to him. They were both interchangeable at these times but also at all other times. He grew accustomed to having his ‘morning erection’ either swallowed whole by one of their beautiful mouths, or buried deep up inside their bowels, to be rubbed and squeezed until he spurt. And most times, because they knew of his fondness for their legs and feet, they would straddle his cock with their backs to him in order for him to reach down and touch their feet, and it was in this position that Tod first realized how identical, and therefore, interchangeable they truly were.

He could not tell them apart, though when the boy was on him, riding him hard, the giveaway would be the thin, warm strings of jiz which would start to decorate Tod’s thighs upon Andrew’s climax.

But then a night came when, after dinner as usual, the twins, fresh from their shower and not even adhering to the custom of dressing, joined Tod on the couch. Kelly seemed the most anxious, and quickly mounted Tod and began her sensuous up and down motions, while Andrew knelt on the floor beside the couch and watched. He reached out to caress his sister’s thigh, and at one point Tod caught his hand and pulled it further and pressed his fingers to Kelly’s crotch. Kelly looked down to see which hand was there, and when she saw it was her brother’s, she reached both her hands down and pressed it against her firmly. Tod withdrew his hand, and then Kelly looked over her shoulder at Tod, grinning ear to ear.

“…we…didn’t wish to offend you,” Andrew said, and Tod turned to look at him. He smiled at the boy and shook his head.

“How could anything you two did offend me?” he said, and Andrew’s smile grew so happy and warm that he seemed about to burst. He leaned close to Tod and kissed him on the lips and Tod nearly spent his load into the girl’s rectum right then and there! But a moment later, Andrew rose up on his knees and hugged himself to his sister’s side as she continued riding up and down and up. He kissed her shoulder and she lifted her arm to expose her smooth underarm. He licked her there and then ran his tongue downward and in front to wet her nipple. She arched and sighed and shivered on Tod’s groin. Then she turned her shoulders slightly so Tod could clearly see, and Tod watched as Andrew pursed his lips tenderly around his sister’s nipple and sucked it. The sight of it, of what it meant, made Tod almost ejaculate, but he was able to hold back – perhaps because it was the weekend and he’d already come three times that day.

But then Andrew gently and delicately worked the rest of his twin’s body: her other nipple and armpit, her fingers, the tops of her hands, the insides of her elbows. He took off the hair tie and let his hair down and then it appeared to Tod that Kelly’s gorgeous, sexy twin sister was now making love to her. He made a promise to himself to have the twins make love together, by themselves, because he wanted to see everything. Then he saw Andrew slide his head down in front of Kelly, down between her thighs, and Tod reached up and pulled the girl backward slightly, wanting to expose her to her brother. And Andrew took the opportunity. His head began moving rhythmically, nodding hd abla porno down at Kelly’s crotch, and Kelly gasped. She arched. She rolled onto the balls of her feet and leaned back on her hands over Tod, still riding up and down, but now spreading her knees wide to the side, tilting her pelvis up for her brother. Then she suddenly stopped in mid orgasm from what Tod could tell by the squeezing of her anal ring around his prick. She stopped and lifted up off Tod, stepped to the side and motioned for Andrew to take her place. The boy did so immediately and with only a few moments between the changeover, Tod’s prick hardly even got cool.

The identical, interchangeable tag-team partners switched back and forth like this four times until Tod made them stop. He said he needed a break when in fact he needed to see Kelly sucking her brother’s stiff little joint. They agreed and went off onto the carpet. With a smoothness and agility which spoke of frequent, if not constant, practice, the twins slipped into a head-to-crotch position and licked and sucked each other before Tod’s delighted eyes. He had never seen anything as beautiful, as sexy, as arousing! Kelly and Andrew both breathed hard with mounting excitement, and their actions increased in intensity. Then Kelly orgasmed, still sucking her brother’s cock, and a moment later Andrew moaned and spurt into his sister’s mouth. Tod realized he was ejaculating too, though he had forgotten to even put his fingers around his dick. He grabbed hold and hurried to finish off the wonderful rush, just as the twins writhed and teased and slurped on each other to do the same. They loved each other until the urge and the lust receded, and when they turned and saw Tod’s condition, they hurried on their knees to him and used their lips and tongues to clean off everything which he had spilled.

And this led to their fifth time together that day!

The months and then a year went by, with no lessening of the passion amongst the three of them. Then two years had gone and then four. Tod’s loneliness and hopelessness had long since become a thing of the past, a distant memory. The twins had found jobs locally a year before and made sure that Tod lacked nothing. In fact, they had already given him more than they knew.

And at nights, they still cuddled naked with him on the couch, or on the nights when their sexual needs were overbearing, they mounted him as he sat in his chair, taking turns enjoying him, even as they gave him enjoyment.

Tod never grew tired of them. Andrew and Kelly remained youthful, lovely in every way, and desirable. When they were at work he would daydream about them, either together or separately. He had taken a liking to performing oral sex on Andrew, and he fantasized many times about the sixty-nine they engaged in occasionally. The boy’s semen tasted exactly like his sister’s vaginal flow, strangely sweet and aromatic. But many times he also fantasized about the girl. Both were always so warm and kind to him, thoughtful, helpful. They had both become his dearest friends as well as his wildest and most uninhibited lovers. When they arrived home every evening one would always come to him, asking if there was anything he needed or wanted, and he would always say he wanted them and needed them, and it would be the truth. Then the other would hurry off to shower and prepare, and then start dinner while the first went to clean up. Within half an hour of their homecoming, Tod would be receiving a sponge bath, or sometimes a tub bath; the twins had a large whirlpool tub installed with some of their earnings, and found rokettube porno extra delight in joining Tod for a long, hot, arousing bath. These were usually the days on which the slow cooker had been going all day and only a minimal amount of cooking was needed to finish the meal. They would spend hours in the tub, massaging, shampooing, and of course, making love to Tod. He especially loved having their soapy bodies slithering around and against him, referring to them sometimes as his ‘little pretty fishies.’

And at other times, Tod only wished to watch them, to watch them touch and kiss and caress. The combined shock and arousal of seeing two siblings having sex with each other had long since faded into a simple and complete adoration of watching how their bodies curved and twisted and turned against each other. It was like a dance which Tod never grew tired of watching. Sometimes they were aggressive with Andrew setting his sister down on hands and knees and ramming her forcefully from behind. Sometimes she would do the same to him, using one of several dildos and harnesses they had purchased online; sometimes Andrew would himself use one of the dildos to increase the size of his penetration, though Tod had never heard a hint that the boy’s tiny member was in any way insufficient.

But other times they were gentle and slow moving; kissing each other’s beautiful legs for hours on end, sucking each other’s toes as if they were arrays of cocks; rubbing their behinds together sometimes, and sometimes joining their rumps with a double-headed dildo – still all very slow and sensuous. Tod in the meantime would masturbate, sometimes twice because of how long some of their sessions lasted. Tod had never had such a time in his life; it was as if he were making up for everything, and there never was a moment he felt a need which was above what he now had.

Then one late Friday afternoon, nearly thirteen years after they had been rescued by Tod, the twins came home, stepped into the room and saw Tod laying very still on his wheelchair. Kelly called out to him as she rushed to his side; Andrew already had tears in his eyes as he went to join her. Kelly, having taken Tod’s wrist, now placed his hand gently on his front, tears now streaming down her face. She tried to smile and more fell from her eyes.

“God, oh god,” she wept, and Andrew put an arm over her shoulder. He leaned close and kissed her head, blinking the wetness out of his eyes.

“I know,” he whispered.

They knelt there on the carpet beside the chair for nearly an hour, silent and unmoving. The apartment grew dark and then darker still because they had not turned the lights on at their arrival. It seemed, at least to Kelly, that it was somehow appropriate. Finally she stood, and Andrew with her. They turned to each other and embraced, and then Andrew picked up a picture, recently taken of the three of them on an outing at the beach. He smiled wistfully at it, at Tod and how happy he’d looked that day. Almost as he was now, he thought to himself.

“Yes, he did,” Kelly said softly, hearing her twin’s thoughts. “And yes he does. I…I will make the call then…” Kelly took out her cell phone and called the authorities, saying that she had been passing by on the street and noticed the ‘old man’s’ living room lights were out at an odd time. She’d knocked and no one answered, and then Kelly hung up before any more information could be taken down. She turned the phone off and closed it, then tossed it on the coffee table. She stepped up to her brother and smiled bravely.

“Ready to go?” she asked, and Andrew nodded. His smile was a little more hopeful.

“You never know;” he said. “Might see him on the other side, huh?” Then Andrew and Kelly turned and strolled unhurriedly toward the kitchen. Just before they reached the kitchen doorway, the faded into nothingness.


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