Fun in the Kitchen


Jamie looked at her naked body in the mirror. She liked what she saw. She was about five nine, 34C breasts, a 26 inch waist, thick auburn hair. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a thin line that led to her pussy. Jamie liked sex, and it had been a while since she had gotten any. She was in desperate need of some satisfaction. She needed a man, but even more than that she needed to take a shower.

Jamie stepped into the shower. The warm water felt great on her body. As she washed herself, the spray of the shower hit her mound. She felt a twinge of pleasure and moved back. As the water pelted her, she felt her lips swell and her clit emerge. Jamie spread her legs apart. As she did her thick lips parted ever so slightly. She reached down and touched herself. The sensations were great. With a little movement of her finger she had herself worked up into a frenzy. One hand slipped a finger into her eager pussy. It was wet with excitement and the feeling of having something inside it only made her hornier. Jamie decided that she wanted something more in her.

She turned the shower off and quickly dried her body. Jamie trotted down the stairs; her pert breasts bouncing up and down as she went. She looked around the living room. She Escort Bahçelievler saw nothing that interested her. She headed into the kitchen. In one drawer was a spatula with a thick rubber handle. She sat on the marble counter and spread her legs wide. She could see the lines of moisture that had dripped from her eager cunt. As she opened her legs, her thick lips parted and the bright pink of her vagina was visible. It turned her on even more to see herself like this. She too the spatula and began to rub it between her labia. He body quivered each time the textured part of the handle grazed her clit. Slowly Jamie pushed the handle into her opening. Her head tilted back as she felt some fullness. It was great. Her knuckles turned white and she gripped the spatula and thrust it in and out of her hole. Her wetness dripped down onto the counter. Jamie liked the sensation but she wanted something more.

She deposited the spatula in the sink and looked into the fridge. Sitting in front of her was a carrot. She took it out and chopped the green off. Jamie sucked on the carrot like a cock, letting her saliva wet the thick end of it. It pressed against her vagina, the large end pushing its way Bahçeşehir escort into her. She let out a loud moan as it popped into her hole. The texture on the carrot shook her body as she penetrated herself with the vegetable. She was close; she felt the tingling in the pit of her stomach. Then she remembered the summer sausage that her friend had left her. She hopped off the counter, leaving the carrot stuffed in her pussy.

Pulling the sausage from the fridge she wondered if she would be able to fit it in her. It was a good three inches in diameter and the full length was over a foot. Pussy juice dripped down the carrot at the sight and thought of her forcing this huge meat into herself. Jamie pulled the soaked carrot from its place and slid the smooth, cold skin of the meat along her open hole. She began to press, but she was too tight. She kneeled down on the floor, placing one end of the sausage on the tile. It pointed straight up at her like a missile, waiting to impale her. She lowered her body down onto the round end. She groaned as it stretched her opening. She put more weight on it, she felt as if she was gong to tear in half. With one last push she thrust her cunt onto the meat.

She Bakırköy escort bayan gasped as the smooth sausage slid into her, filling her pussy. She looked at the soaked carrot still in her hand. She reached it around her and lined the head of the carrot up with her tight asshole. With a swift push, she plunged the carrot into her tight ass. Her mind spun with the sensations of total fullness. She slid her body up and down on the sausage, pumping her ass with the carrot at the same time. Her body shook as an orgasm neared. She let all that weight off her legs, plunging the sausage almost all the way into her tight pussy. Her ass squeezed on the carrot as it penetrated her ass. Her muscles tensed up as the first wave of the orgasm hit her. She threw her head back and gulped air as the orgasm tore through her body. Her cum spewed from her cunt, dripping down onto the tile floor. Jamie pulled the carrot from her ass as the orgasm subsided. She laid down on the cool tile and let the smooth sausage slide out of her. As it dropped out of her pulsating vagina, a flood of cum followed it. The empty sensation was so strange. She wanted more but she was so tired.

Jamie heard a noise at the door. Teton, her Great Dane trotted into the kitchen. He stopped as the smell of her cum hit him. He nosed around the sausage and began to lap up every drop. She smiled at his eagerness.

“You really like the taste of that don’t you? Too bad there is only . . .” then a thought hit her, she looked at the huge dog. Her cunt began to drip at the thought.

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