Fun with Friends in Dorset Pt. 03


Once the action had completely subsided, we all agreed it had been a fantastic evening and that we were all looking forward to more fun the next day.

Louise and myself went for a shower to clean the several loads of cum from our faces and bodies. The guys all quickly got dressed and we had a final nightcap before it was time to head to bed for some rest.

This brought up the question of where on earth everyone was going to sleep.

Ron had two spare rooms. One which Sam was obviously taking, and the other which had been planned for myself and Bill.

However, Clive had other ideas. “Why don’t you come back and stay at mine?” he offered looking directly at me. After further chat it was decided that I was going over to Clives, and Louise would be staying put at Ron’s.

Louise and I laughed saying we didn’t want the guys fighting over who was getting to sleep with either of us and that we were happy either way.

I got dressed back into the mini dress that I had worn to the nightclub. We sat finishing off a drink as we waited for a taxi to come and pick the four of us up.

The taxi arrived a wee bit later and I gave Louise a kiss thank you, telling her I would see her later that day as it was now well past three in the morning.

I received lovely warm hugs from Bill, Sam and Ron telling me to behave myself but laughing whilst they did so.

I was bundled into the back of the taxi, showing lots of leg as I got in, and sat by the side of Henry and Denzel.

Clive instructed the driver on where to take us, and we set off on the short journey to his home.

My little white mini dress was once again riding quite high up on my thighs and I had plenty of leg and cleavage on show.

The taxi ride consisted of me receiving a few nice kisses from both of the guys, whilst the taxi driver commented quizzically on how we knew each other, as we must have looked an odd group.

Clive took pleasure in telling him that I was a, ‘married bit stuff down from Scotland, enjoying the sights and particularly enjoying the sights of some black men.’

The kisses became more urgent with their tongues once again exploring my mouth, as Clive explained to the taxi driver how we had met and even began telling him that they had all been fucking me that night. The driver seemed intrigued by this at first not believing Clive, thinking it was a joke. Eventually he asked me out right, “Is this true love? Have you been having fun with these three guys?”

I broke off from Denzel’s gropes and from a big black tongue in my mouth and sat with my legs wide open and said, “Yes. Everything that he has said is true. I am married and I came down here to get a good fucking from lots of men including these three.”

The taxi driver seemed flabbergasted by this, saying that he had heard and seen stuff like this on the internet, but never thought he would actually come across a ‘hot wife’ in reality. Adding that he knew the house we had been picked up from was his bosses dads and that Sam was always a, ‘lucky bugger!’

I was then once again kissed hard by young Henry, as the taxi driver kept taking sneaky looks in his rear-view mirror at the action that was going on in the back of this cab. The taxi ride was going to take about twenty minutes.

During this time my tits would once again be taken out of my dress and on full display for the taxi driver to see, as two sets hands found a way up my leg and into my panties as well. I was again kissed and groped quite heavily. At one point the taxi driver was looking directly at me in his rear-view mirror as I smiled and licked my lips saying, “I hope I get some more big black cock and big black cock spunk later on!” looking directly at him as I spoke.

Clive was laughing in the front saying, “You wouldn’t believe that this bitch has just had several cocks and several loads of spunk fired all over her face and tits and the bitch is still wanting some more!” He went on to tell the driver of Louise back at the house he had picked us up from, and no doubt she would be receiving more of the same treatment from the three guys that she had been left with.The ride continued with yet more heavy petting and groping until we arrived at Clives lovely home.

The taxi driver thanked us for making his shift, telling us it was something really fun to tell the guys back at the depot. Clive left him saying, ” I think we’ll be taking the girls out again tomorrow night, so if you were on we could definitely use you again for picking us up and taking us out.” The guy sprang to life giving Clive his card.

I joked that we better not tell Sam as it may get one of his drivers into trouble!

We headed into Clive’s house. In honesty I was extremely tired and really just wanted to get some sleep. Once in the guys give me a wee kiss again and the sleeping arrangements were decided.

Clive lived in a two-bedroom house and he made it abundantly clear that I was sleeping with him as he joked that Henry and Denzel would bursa escort be fighting for the couch or for the spare room.

I was shown up to the bathroom next to the main bedroom and began to get myself ready for bed.

I popped my little case that I had brought into the master bedroom whilst I slipped out of my dress, panties and heels. Once I had used the bathroom I made way back into the bedroom. Clive was under the covers as I walked in completing naked.

“Come here baby girl and cuddle up to me,” he said. “I’ll keep you warm tonight.” I slipped in between the sheets next to this much older, hunky black man.

I cuddled into his arms, this massive guy embracing me and pulling me close to his body.

He completely dwarfed me in size and frame. We hugged like this for a little while and he asked me if I had enjoyed the evening. I told him I had enjoyed a wonderful time, and I knew that Louise had to. He asked me if I ever had screwed black men before and I admitted to having had fun with very few black guys. Telling him that the opportunity to meet black guys in Scotland was few and far between. He asked me whether I ever feel guilty about cheating on my husband and I said no, as he knew that when we got married I was going to need extra men to satisfy me and I still I loved him with all my heart and our life. But that sex was very important to me.

We talked for a little bit about life in general and about his attitude to women and why he had never remarried and also about his delightful son Henry. He was extremely proud of the boy having raised him practically by himself, and as well as being proud of his achievements he was obviously proud of his physique. I admitted that Henry had the biggest cock that I had taken in my life if and laughingly said that I had ‘enjoyed a few,’ but none with the dimensions of Henry’s. He laughed, saying he hoped I didn’t think his was too shabby either, to which I answered, “No you have a stunning body for a man of your age,” and that, “I absolutely adored his cock too.” He complimented me on my body saying he particularly liked my legs and ass.

We then cuddled up and began to drift off to sleep absolutely shattered from the events of the evening. We must have slept for a good seven or eight hours as when we woke up it was very late in the morning. Upon waking I found him lying next to me sporting an erect cock. He stretched and he pulled me towards him giving me a good morning kiss, very gentle at first, but soon my mouth was open responding to his strong, sloppy kiss. I was pulled towards him feeling his stiff member against my stomach.

“Is that on account of me?” I asked. “Or is it just morning wood!”

He joked back at me, “All for you baby girl. All for you!” I was absolutely starving and told my older lover there would be plenty of time for a bit of fun but I asked him whether he was feeling a little bit hungry for some actual food rather than just my pussy.

He laughed saying yes he was rather peckish, and he was sure that the other guys were the same.

We lay a little while longer just enjoying being close to each other and cuddling and kissing. I loved being in the arms of this big black man as he completely and utterly dominated me in his huge arms as I lay sprawled over his stunning hard body.

We heard a noise on the landing and it was obvious that Denzel and Henry where up and about.

Clive shouted, “Is that you son?” to which Henry replied, “Yeah dad. I’ve just been cleaning my teeth.”

“Come here boy,” he shouted and Henry opened the bedroom door, standing posing in the door frame in just his boxers. His cock was soft but still visible through the tight material of his underwear.

“Bloody hell Henry,” I laughed. “Is that thing ever not threatening to burst out of anything!” To which he half jokingly replied, “To be honest not very often no. Unless I wear something extremely loose.”

Denzel put his head around the corner at the same time saying good morning and that he hoped we had a pleasant sleep. Clive cheekily threw back the covers showing our naked form and his half erect cock with me pulled close to him and my hand on his cock.

“How do you think I slept pal?” he asked laughing. “You got to sleep all alone whilst I had this hot young lady to keep me warm and cosy.”

I laughed back saying that I had got the best of the bargain, as cuddling up to such a hunk was an absolute treat. As I said this I lowered my head and took his cock head in my mouth, then flicked my tongue over his bell end and japs eye.

Denzel quipped back, “Oh so he’s your favourite is he!”

To which I stopped sucking his cock and replied, “No I don’t have favorites. I love all three of you.” He then fired back, “Prove it!”

“Don’t worry. I will, but first I need some food and some coffee, I don’t know about you guys but I’m quite peckish and a little bit thirsty.”

Clive laughed saying “You have already eaten this morning baby girl!”

I lowered my head again bursa escort bayan and sucked on his cock for a few more seconds saying,”Yes and it is fucking delicious!”

We then or made our way downstairs me slipping on my my bathrobe and the guys all just in their boxers. In the kitchen we made some coffee and we rustled up some bacon and sausage sandwiches. We ate ravenously, sitting chatting around the dining room table.

I was asked what my plans were, to which I replied I wasn’t going home until Monday as I thought we might have some more fun with the other guys and Louise later, but first we could have some alone time.

Denzel chipped in saying he was delighted that was the case, but that once his breakfast was polished off he was hoping that I would polish them off.

During breakfast we received a phone call from Ron. He chatted with Clive for a while and then told me that Louise wanted to speak to me.

I asked how she had slept and she said amazingly well considering she had ended up being sandwiched in between Bill and Ron in his double bed. I asked how on earth did she end up like that, and was told Bill simply came through in the middle of the night and snuck in beside them.

I chuckled saying, “I bet you that pleased Ron!” To which she said he eventually saw the funny side. I asked her if anything happened and she said just a little bit of kissing and cuddling, a little bit of feeling but nothing too heavy so far. As we were chatting I heard her gasping and asked what was happening and she told me, “The dirty old buggers are feeling me up as I’m talking to you Anna!”.

I replied “You know what they’re like. They won’t keep their hands to themselves.”

I put the phone on loudspeaker so that we could chat as a group and it was obvious things at the other end were getting a little bit naughty. Clive joked that we were the civilised bunch as we had made some breakfast and intended to get ready before we started having any more fun. Bill joked, “What would you expect. At the end of the day I’ve come down here as part of a Scottish invading army to conquer you all!” I have to say I laughed saying I hoped he was keeping up the Scottish tradition, and I could hear Louise moaning a bit more than she had been.

She then announced he certainly was, as he currently had three fingers up her thigh and was flicking her off as we talked. We all laughed saying I bet that looks amazing to which Sam said,” I’m afraid she can’t talk now because she has my cock in her mouth as well.” Louise tried to garble her agreement, finally pulling his cock out of her mouth she said, “Yes, I can’t deny it. The dirty swines have all now got stiffies.”

We talked and then agreed that would all be meeting up in a couple of hours time as we were going to head out for a late afternoon of ten pin bowling.

Sam joked that he had received an interesting text message from one of his driver’s asking if he could do an extra shift at night. I said, “I bet you did. The dirty sod got an eyeful of me on the way here!”

I retorted back that maybe he could actually run us over later on and said, “I could put on a bit more of a show if you wouldn’t mind Sam. Is he married?” I asked.

We listened as Louise sucked each of the guys and chatted to them as she did so, and to her as they licked her cunt out and began to get horny in the other house.

I told them I was going to have some fun with my three studs. Telling Louise, who was now being fucked by Ron as she was bent over an arm of a chair, I was going to get dressed up for them in a ‘slutty’ outfit and I was going to, “Fucking drain all of their balls again.”

“That’s my girl!” Bill said. It was confirmed that I was going to dress up and have some fun with my three black older studs.

We hung up saying we would see them later on in the afternoon and then Denzel asked me what I had planned for them.

I told them they would have to wait and see, and that I was going upstairs now to get ready for them, and I hoped that when I came downstairs they would be impressed and that they would all be able to perform for me again. It was evident from the state of the bulges in their boxers that this would be quite easy. Their cocks were all standing up to attention.

I have to admit that my fanny was dripping up nicely as well, at the thought of my friend taking a cocking from Bill, Ron and Sam, and also from the knowledge that I was about to have three black guys for the first time in my life.

I went upstairs and showered quickly, giving my fanny a shave to get it smooth for my three studs who were waiting downstairs. I could hear them laughing as I begun to get ready for them.

Once dressed I applied some slutty makeup and tied my hair in a pigtail.

I made my way down stairs and on seeing me I received three loud wolf whistles from them all.

I had packed a pair of my red, seamed stockings and my red suspender belt set. I had also packed a matching bra and panties escort bursa set. With a pair of black stilettos on my feet. I couldn’t decide whether to put a skirt and blouse on or whether just to go down as I was. In the end I decided to go down partly dressed in my stockings, heels, panties and bra.

They all still had their boxers on, and each of them was sporting a semi erect cock or a full-blown hard-on.

I moved across the centre of the room and was soon met by my three black studs.

I was dizzy with lust as they surrounded me.

Soon I had three sets of big, black, hands all over my body. Clive was quickly working on my tits, unclasping my push up bra and throwing it to one side. He expertly took each of my nipples between his finger and thumb and began to get them hard. At the same time I had Henry feeling my ass up as Denzel replaced Clive working on my tits, as Clive moved his hand into my knickers. His big, shovel like hand finding its way to my slippery wet pussy.

“You have shaven smooth again baby girl,” he said to me. “Nice and smooth just the way I like it.”

I confirmed that I had just shaved my cunt for my three lovers and had also applied some baby lotion to make it nice and smooth for them.

I was loving being completely dwarfed by these three huge black guys. Each one over a foot taller than I am and each one with his hands all over me.

Denzel had now moved his mouth to my right tit and he was sucking on a very hard nipple and flicking it with his tongue. Henry had now joined his father with a hand all over my white, bald, pussy rubbing between my lips which was sticky and wet already.

Simultaneously, Henry and Clive probed my quim with a finger each. My knickers now down around my knees, spread taught as I spread like a fucking cheap slut for my older studs. It was delicious stood in the middle of an old man’s living room dressed like a complete whore, with a father and son who each had one finger up my wet, married cunt whilst their friend sucked and ate my aching tits.

I was in heaven. Soon the guys lost their boxers. Which left them completely naked. Denzel was fully erect as I dropped to my knees and began licking around his stiff flagpole.

“Oh yes. Nice and stiff for me already!” I said to him as I looked up at my old lothario.

“Nice and stiff and ready for you definitely!” he smiled as I opened my mouth and took his thick cockhead in between my lips. I flicked my tongue out and then began to suck on his cock. Henry and Clive stood back to watch me working greedily on their friend.

I began by feeding inch by inch into my mouth and then fully taking his cock out my open mouth, covered in my spit and then slowly reinserting it a little bit further. Soon I was able to take his full length deep right down my throat and as I did so I was gagging slightly, and spit was pouring out the side of my mouth onto this big guys heavy, black balls.

“That’s it you dirty married whore. Try deepthroating him if you can,” Clive was telling me.

I tried my best and managed successfully to get his full length into my mouth. Filling my slut throat with stiff, old, black cock.

On withdrawing his spit covered cock, Denzel slowly began to beat my face with it as Clive moved in for his turn. With me still on my knees in the middle of the room, Clive began to feed me his half erect cock to suck. I repeated the same performance on him. Spitting all over his shaft, licking his length onto his balls, and then slowly getting as much of it as I could into my mouth. I again managed to get all of his cock in my mouth right down to his balls, and again was gagging on this deepthroat action.

“Baby girl you suck like a fucking hoover!” Clive was laughing as I slowly moved my head back and forth to suck on him for more deepthroat action. Denzel kept beating my face with his hard on as I sucked on his friends long dong.

Next it was Henry the horses turn. His fully erect cock was just over ten and a half inches in length, as I began licking around his huge ballsack. Taking his cock in my hand and spitting on it, I started to slowly masturbate him up and down. His father told me my wedding ring looked absolutely lovely wrapped around his son’s big thick cock. “Your husband would be so proud that you’re such a dirty fucking slut!” he continued, “If only he knew how much of a married whore and such a dirty unfaithful wife you have become!”

I took my time working on Henry to try and get his mammoth monster cock up to full length and as much of it into my mouth as I could. He was much thicker than both of the other guys and obviously also a good few inches longer then both his father and Denzel. I tried my best to deepthroat this stunning dick, but couldn’t manage to get the full shaft length in my mouth. I could manage to get my tongue flicking out of my mouth as I sucked and slurped at his cock, so I was able to work at the underside of his prick with my tongue. By doing this it did make me gag a little bit, and again lots and lots of spit was drooling out from the side of my mouth coating his shaft as I did so.

“Baby that feels so good!” Henry said to me as I looked up at him with his spit covered cock deep in my mouth.

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