Fun With Her Gal Pal And Fun With Kelly


It was a Saturday late in the summer of 1991. Kelly had made plans to spend the day with her good friend Becca. Our sexy fun with Becca began in 1988 at our ten-year reunion when she jacked me off at the post-reunion pool party and then fucked me after I drove her drunk ass home. It continued the following summer when I jacked off in front of Kelly’s whole group of friends. Since then Becca and her husband Don had been to our house a few times without much happening other than some flirting and a little grab-ass. Although, the last time Don was over he and Kelly had a moment alone in the kitchen and Kelly pulled up her shirt and let Don suck on her tits for a few minutes.I was working on my classic car in the garage. I was on the creeper under the car when I heard them pull up. Kelly and Becca had been gone for a couple of hours shopping and it was now early afternoon. They were giggling and carrying on like they were still in high school. I jumped when I felt Kelly’s bare foot on my knee as her toes crawled their way up my leg and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. “We have something to model for you and you’re going to love it!” she sang.“Yeah, you’re going to love it!” Becca chimed in. It was now clear that they had drunk their lunch someplace. Then off they went into the house. I continued to sweat, cuss and bloody my knuckles under the car.Probably a half hour had passed when I heard the giggling coming through the house and they burst into the garage. Now I had two bare feet rubbing my cock through my shorts. “Get up here!” they both insisted. I slid out on the creeper. Wow! Nice sight! They were wearing matching tiny blue bikinis. By the time I stood up they could tell I was confused by the matching thing yet enjoying the view.A timeout for some quick descriptions. All of us were thirty-one-years-old and Don was two years older. Kelly was five-feet-two-inches tall with 32F boobs, blond hair in a big curly perm, long legs, a shaved snatch with a rose tattoo on her pubic mound, a cute bubble butt and sexy feet. Becca was taller, about five-feet-six with 36D boobs that were very firm with giant areolae that were probably four inches across, a brunette with shorter hair, she kept her snatch closely trimmed with an electric trimmer in what she called a “crew cut”. She hated the itchiness of pubes growing back after shaving. Kelly is quite petite and Becca is more “normal” sized. I’m six-feet-four-inches tall with a pretty normal looking dick that’s six inches measured across the top.“So, we tried on all sorts of bikinis,” started Kelly, “and the one that we both decided that we loved was this one and we could get tops and bottoms separate so we both got large tops and small bottoms, but we probably really need extra-large but they didn’t have them that size, not that you mind seeing our tits but we probably won’t be seen at a beach at the same time anyway so matching doesn’t really matter and they’re really cute and show off our big boobs and our butts so what do you think?!”I was pretty sure I smelled the wine. Perhaps a sweet rosé? Well, she was right. They looked fucking great. The tops were triangles that were struggling on Becca to cover all of her areolae and on Kelly to just hold in all of that tit. It was coming out on every side. The bottoms were string-tie on the sides, high cut and showing a mile of leg. I also noticed https://www.kusadasibest.com that Becca had shaved, at least some, because of how low it rode in the front.I was going commando. I’d filth up on the car and then take a shower. No need to sweat up a pair of skivvies for a couple of hours. While Kelly was chattering away and I was checking out both of their bodies, Becca was laser focused on my crotch and my cock was appreciating being noticed and was starting to grow. They slowly spun around to show me their asses. By the time they got back around I has hard as a rock. “Oh, goodie!” squealed Kelly. “He’s hard!”Becca just sort of moaned, “Yeah, he’s really hard…”“You have to jack off for us!” Kelly said in a cheerful, happy, demanding way.“What?”“Ever since you jacked off in front of all the girls, Becca has been masturbating to the thought of you shooting all of that cum across the table.” Becca kept staring at my cock even though she was now ten shades of red from embarrassment. “So, you have to do it again to make her happy. And trust us, you want to make Becca happy. Come on, do it now.”Kelly grabbed one side and Becca the other and in a flash, my shorts were off and then my T-shirt too. I was naked standing in my garage, with the doors up, with a raging hard-on and a couple of horny goofballs. “Stroke it,” said Becca.Ah, what the fuck? So, I stroked it. A couple of cars drove by but probably didn’t see me unless they were staring right into the garage. Nonetheless, that chance of being seen made me a little bit harder. I had been stroking for maybe five minutes or so. Coming from a cold start, this was going to take a little bit. I asked if they were going to take off anything.“Nope. Keep stroking.”I saw Becca’s nipples start to poke through her top. Kelly’s were too. I was into it. My hand was moving fast. Sweat was dripping from my forehead and running from everywhere on my body. Kelly started to moan softly, “Yeah, that’s it. Oh, yeah. Fuck yes.” I reached a point where I knew I would cum soon. I let out a loud groan to give them a heads-up. Becca shoved a hand down her suit and I could tell she had a handful of fingers in her cunt fucking herself.That was exactly what I needed. My hand was flying now, aiming my cock straight at Becca who was maybe two feet away directly in front of me. Kelly was closer but to the side. I let loose a loud growl, held my cock still and aimed it right at Becca. The first shot (I call it my warning shot, as in — Adjust how much of my cock is in your mouth because I’m warning you that I’m about to fill your mouth with cum) landed halfway between Becca and me. It sounded like she was starting to cum too.The second shot was a huge one and nailed her right on her hand that she was friggin’ with and trailed down the front of her bikini and left a line of cum on the floor. Becca moaned out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and her knees started to buckle. My third shot hit her on the knee and trailed down her leg. The fourth landed on her foot. The rest of it dripped out into a small puddle on the floor. Becca had dropped to her knees and was still fucking herself. After she came Kelly helped her up (I was still having aftershocks from my orgasm). The bikini bottoms were soaked. Kelly had told me she was a squirter, but holy crap! I mean they were soaked! She finally pulled her hand out of her crotch and put it up to her mouth and licked off my cum. “You taste good.”I pulled her hand to my mouth and sucked her fingers. “You taste pretty good too.”Kelly pulled Becca’s clean hand and said: “We’re going to hang out in the pool.” And away they went to the backyard to our above-ground pool. I leaned back against my car, still a bit mind-blown as to what just happened. My dick continued to drip cum onto the floor. I was still dripping sweat. I went into the kitchen to wash my hands and get some paper towels to clean up my cum mess. I watched the girls through the window. It looked like Kelly had hosed off Becca and they were now slathering on sunscreen.I went back to finishing up the project under the car. A couple of hours later I joined them in the pool. I had stayed naked and they were thrilled to know I had been naked the whole time since I jacked off. I hosed off my sweaty body and then hopped in to join them. They were both floating on loungers and had their tops off. A couple of empty wine bottles were on the deck. Once I had cooled down in the water I made my way to Kelly’s tits and sucked her nipples until they were rock hard and red. Then I worked on Becca’s. Hers didn’t get as large as Kelly’s but they rose up into big bumps. Becca was moaning pretty good.Kelly told me that Becca had brought an overnight bag and that Don was coming over after work, which was the second shift, so sometime after 11 p.m. It all just sounded to me like Becca was here to fuck and party through tomorrow.I was at the end of Becca’s lounger and untied the sides of her bottoms. She spread her knees wide. I pulled down the front exposing her pussy. She slid down toward me and I started to eat her out. It wasn’t long before she had grabbed my hair and pulled me so tightly into her cunt that she was nearly fucking my face. I was in and out of the water as she built her climax. When she finally came I had a mouth overflowing with her lady cum. Kelly squirts. But I had never experienced anything like Becca. It was a flood all at once.Becca came so hard she not only released a flood of cum at me but she slammed her knees together and kind of thrashed. She ended up flipping herself off the lounger and into the pool. Her knees had trapped my head and she flipped me in with her. I grabbed her to help her up. My cock was rock hard again from eating her. It rubbed against her as I pulled her up. She immediately grabbed my cock and started tugging it. She held onto Kelly’s lounger at the foot end and steadied herself. She spread her feet and pulled my cock to her backside. Fucking in a pool isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially with a twat as tight as Becca’s. It took a few minutes of concentration and working together. Soon enough though, I was giving her a good fuck.Kelly was loving watching both of our faces as we fucked. She untied her suit too and tossed it onto the deck. She pulled her knees up and was using both hands to work on her slit. I could see her really lubing up and glistening in the sun. Becca was going into overload watching her friend masturbate from just inches away. I had one hand on Becca’s shoulder to help me thrust into her. The other was in her slit rubbing her clit.“Oh, shit Kelly! I’m watching your pussy get all wet. Shit, I’m watching you cum right in front of my face! Oh, my God, Kelly! Holy shit! Yeah, rub that pussy! Rub it good! Oh, fuck! Shit, I’m going to cum!”Becca was about to cum. Kelly was probably going to get there first because of all the noise Becca was making. Seeing those two were ready to explode had my nuts right at the edge. I can’t say if anyone came first. From what I saw and felt, we all exploded at the same time. Kelly sprayed Becca’s face with cum. I felt Becca release a flood of hot liquid into my hand. Becca felt me pulse several streams of cum into that tight slot of hers. There was a lot of loud moaning and cussing in that pool as we all blasted bodily fluids as we orgasmed.It took a minute for us all to catch our breath and appreciate just how fucking awesome it was to cum like that together! We all dove under the water to cool off. Damn, that was one hell of a release!“Oh, my God, Kelly! That’s the first time I’ve ever seen another vagina close up and you came right on me. I can’t fucking believe it. Holy shit! I came so hard watching you!”“You’ve never seen another pussy?” asked Kelly.“Well, not close up like that. Wide open and showing pink, no, never seen that before. I suppose you have?”“Yeah. I think I was probably sixteen. Or, maybe not?”“No fucking kidding? I guess I’ve lived a sheltered life?”I could tell they were headed for more girl talk and keeping themselves lubed both with alcohol and between their legs. I headed inside to shower and get dinner ready. After my shower, I slipped on a pair of soccer shorts. The girls took showers and Kelly swiped a couple of my white T-shirts. That was all they wore, which left the bottoms of their asses showing, just for my entertainment of course.After dinner, I announced I was heading downstairs to watch some videos. Kelly knew that meant I was putting porn in the VCR. They cleaned up the kitchen, drank some margaritas and eventually joined me downstairs.I was onto my second porno. I was naked, rock hard, slowly stroking my cock and had a steady stream of pre-cum running from my dick. Both gals squealed with delight and dropped to their knees in front of me and started to lick and suck my cock and nuts.After a few minutes, Kelly pulled her head away and said, “Becca has never watched people fuck live and in person before, just in pornos. She wants to watch us fuck. Are you okay with that?” What, fuck in front of an audience of one hot chick? Let me ponder that for less than a millisecond. Kelly was on her knees and I was fucking her doggy style before Becca knew she wasn’t sucking my cock anymore. The fact that Becca was pretty loaded may have played a role too! I was slamming Kelly hard with only one intention: To make her cum! It worked. I hadn’t been fucking her for two minutes when she had her first screaming orgasm. Becca’s eyes were huge with lust.I pulled Becca off the couch to stand next to us to have a better view. She was so drunk she was pretty wobbly. I also slipped three fingers into her pussy and was finger banging her. Becca was moaning loudly. Kelly was craning her neck around to watch Becca. I was really banging Becca hard. Becca grabbed onto my shoulders with both hands. Her moaning was working on Kelly. Again, they both came at the same time. Holy shit! I mean, holy shit! I felt like a water balloon had broken inside Becca! She released what felt like a cup of cum on me! It flowed down my arm and make a huge puddle on the carpet. Kelly had sprayed when she came too. I had her juice dripping from my nuts. But Kelly’s was nothing in the world like what Becca let loose!

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