Fun with My Family


My wife, my daughter, my son, and myself may remain together forever. After a few brief swinging episodes, my wife and I decided that the range of our tastes could be encompassed within our little family. Why, we wondered, had we even becoming involved with other couples? Perhaps we wanted experience some variety, or maybe it was the thrill of doing something out of the ordinary. Those other couples might have been different, but they never pleased us as much as when we finally got together with our kids.

Our kids both like fucking us as much as we like to fuck them. Perhaps, I shouldn’t make it sound so crude because it is more than just the sex; it is the close emotional bonds of our little family. We all became lovers when the kids, first one and then the other, came of age.

I admit that Sarah, my loving wife, had agreed to open up our marriage when our kids were in their early teens. I was a little surprised to find that Sarah’s first lover was not another guy, but a foxy divorcee who lived a few houses away. Since Sarah had first proposed the new openness, I had not yet developed any new relationship. When I arrived home early one day, I caught them together. They graciously invited me to join them.

Annie, my daughter arrived at her eighteenth birthday first. It was a great birthday, and her mom bought her a whole bunch of female toys and taught her how to use them. The ladies opened these presents privately while I took my son to his early morning baseball game. As soon as we were gone, Sarah got out of bed and took a quick shower. Then she woke up Annie and invited her into our bedroom. When Annie arrived, Sarah was reclining on the bed naked, with all the toys, still wrapped in colorful paper, next to her. When Annie saw her mother naked on the bed, she removed her nightgown, sharing the sight of her lithe body with her mother. Both women felt the wetness grow in their pussies merely from the sight of the other’s beautiful naked flesh.

“I thought you would like if I showed you how to use all of these special presents,” Sarah said, “just the two of us girls alone together.”

“What did you get me, mommy?” Annie asked excitedly. Her young eyes flickered over her mother’s mature, sexy body with its flared hips, long slim legs, and firm round boobs.

“Come over here next to me and open them, baby,” Sarah said. Annie, wiggling with her excitement now, quickly threw herself down on the big bed next to her naked mother. She picked up one, and then another gaily wrapped gift, shaking it or weighing it in her little hand.

“I thought I would receive my presents later, mommy!”

“Yes, sweet baby, but these are special presents for you now that you are a big girl, and you may open them now. You’ll see why soon.”

“You are so good, mommy.” Annie started to pull the paper off one gift and gasped and blushed, seeing the writing on the inner package. “Mommy, a vibrator,” she cried out. “I always wanted one of these. Thank you so much.”

She continued to remove the pretty bows and colorful paper. Her skin became both damp and flushed from the excitement of the toys and her mother’s closeness. Some packages contained batteries, others the toys themselves.

“Here, baby, let mommy help you put the batteries in these things.”

Annie initiated the first kiss as they sat together on the bed and brushed their bare flesh against each other. Her lips touched her mother’s, and soon mouths opened and tongues twisted into the other’s mouth. Soon their bodies were entwined, with fingers and hands exploring the other’s nakedness. Sarah pulled her daughter on top of herself. They kissed with their firm breasts pressed together. Annie lifted her head up.

“Mommy,” she said, now confused, “we are two girls. Maybe we shouldn’t get each other so stirred up.”

“Don’t worry, sweet baby, we have our little toys and each other to cool us off again. Let me show you how.”

Annie smiled trustingly and let her head drop down, her lips again open to her mother’s tongue. Soon her young body felt on fire with lust.

“Follow my lead, baby,” Sarah said, and switched herself around so that her face was pressed right against her daughter’s fuzzy triangle. She began to kiss her daughter’s belly and thighs. In response, Annie moved her head to her mother’s trimmed mound and began to plant her own little kisses. Sarah gently spread Annie’s firm, young thighs and dragged her finger up the moist folds that were now peeping from between Annie’s outer cunt lips.

Annie gasped at the subtle pleasure from that simple gesture. Soon her own fingers were touching her mother’s secret places. Shortly, Annie realized that her mother’s tongue and lips had replaced the fingers, and she, in turn, planted her first kiss on a woman’s pussy. Looking at her mother’s partly shaved snatch as she softly laved it with her tongue, Annie realized that her mother was fulfilling her promise. Soon mother-daughter rapport was so intense that their mouths and fingers incestuously touched the other’s flesh in harmony, tasting and stimulating gerçek porno on each other’s pussies.

Sarah herself was enthralled with her young daughter’s sweet cunt. She had her face pressed into Annie’s mound so hard that her mouth and cheeks were coated with Annie’s pussy secretions. Sarah’s hands grabbed her daughter’s firm ass cheeks as she drove her tongue deep into the virgin snatch. Then she slipped a finger into Annie’s tight vagina and started massaging the inside of her love canal, promoting a rhythmic motion in Annie’s pelvis.

Annie followed suit right behind Sarah and drove two fingers into her mother’s cunt. She heard her mother gasp as her delicate fingers stroked the soft membranes. Soon however, Annie’s loving caresses ended as her trembling body convulsed. It was then that she had an orgasm, and it was more intense than the few fingerings had given myself lying awake at night. Her pussy throbbed with these new sensations of delight, and her cunt clenched her mother’s imbedded finger, even as Sarah continued stroking it in and out.

Annie resumed her own responsibilities as she came down from her climactic high. She drove Sarah to come shortly afterwards, having made a special effort to push her beloved mother over the edge. Annie felt her own fingers gripped within her mother’s throbbing cunt as Sarah writhed in passion next to her daughter. Annie ran her tongue over her lips, tasting the sweet cuntal emissions from her mother’s pussy.

They came up for air, panting and allowing some of the moisture to evaporate from their hot skin.

“Ohhhh… mommy, I never knew!” Annie sighed as she kissed again and again her mother’s naked flesh. “That was so good!”

“It’s only going to become better, baby. Your sex life is opening up before you now, and you will enjoy many pleasures.”

“Oh fuck,” Annie moaned. “It was so good, but so bad; I’m your naughty girl now, Mommy. I know that we aren’t supposed to do such things, are we?”

“This is a private matter, and you needn’t worry about it, baby. Did you like it?” Sarah moved around so that she was face to face with Annie.

“Yes, mommy, it was wonderful.”

“Then enjoy the pleasure that we can give each other, but, of course, these pleasures are our secret. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mommy, but what about daddy, and… what about Davie?”

“Your father knows all about these things, and soon he well show you some other pleasures. As for your brother, David will be old enough soon to find out about our little family’s secret delights. Until that time, mum’s the word, okay, honey?”

“Yes, mommy.”

“Now, baby, let mommy show you how to use your little toys before your father and brother get back from the game.” Sarah reached out for a cute little vibrator lying on the bed.

“Ooooo, Mommmmmy!” Annie cried out in desperation several minutes later. “Fuck me with that dildo and make me come again!” The young girl writhed on the bed with a small dildo wedged into her virginal cunt and a vibrator buzzing across her clitoral hood. An entire world of pleasure, never before anticipated, was opening before her. Again Annie screamed, begging for the ecstacy of release, as her dear, loving mother teased and fucked her with her new birthday toys.

Sarah watched while Annie bucked her slim hips on the bed and observed with deep satisfaction as the young girl was convulsing whenever her mother stroked the vibrating smooth plastic across her daughter’s mound. She leaned over Annie and sucked a perky nipple into her mouth. Again Annie yelled out her need for release. Sarah lewdly sucked even harder and rasped her tongue across the hardened nipple.

“Ohhh… Ohhhhhh god… OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! YESSSS!” Annie screamed as the second climax of the morning ripped through her. She froze briefly and them relaxed into the soft bedding. As soon as Annie was composed, Sarah led her into the shower where they cleaned up, giggling as they touched and kissed each other under the warm spray.

Over the next few weeks Annie, alone or with her mother, tested every birthday toy. Each day brought a new form of sexual pleasure. Sometimes, if they were alone, their sessions together were proceeded by a long, relaxing bubble bath. Months of being each other’s lover flew by until a small question built up in Annie’s mind.

“What about daddy?” she asked lying cuddled with her mother as they relaxed from another bout of pleasure.

“Soon, baby, soon,” Sarah replied. “I explained that your pussy needed to be prepared for daddy. You didn’t want him to just rip through your cherry, did you? …Of course not, by now your hymen is probably mostly gone from playing with your little toys.”

“I also worry about us, mommy. I really like to be with you, and, well, is seems strange to think of being with daddy.” Annie was somewhat reluctant about being with her dad, though she loved him very much. She also could not bear the thought of not having her pussy eaten out almost every other night by her mother, or genç porno izle being able to kiss her mother’s pussy.

Her mother was suddenly called away because of her own sister’s auto accident. Although Aunt Betty would recover, she needed some assistance for a few weeks, and Sarah willing took her turn, moving in with Betty and helping her convalesce at home.

Annie missed her mother, and missed her soft hands and lips on her body. Her dad picked her up at school in his new car, and noticed the glum expression on his daughter’s face.

“Have a bad day at school, sweetie?” Bill asked.

“Not especially, I just miss mommmy.” She moved next to her father, and he put his arm around her, giving her a soft squeeze. She felt a little thrill in her body when she felt his strong hands press her side.

“I do too, sweetie, so much,” Bill sighed. He glanced down at the sexy legs protruding from his daughter’s skirt, pulled far up her thighs when she had seated herself in the vehicle. He felt his neglected cock move. He kept his arm around his daughter’s young body and stroked her softly with his fingers. Sarah had departed so suddenly that she had not updated her plan for Annie and her father to get together, and, as far as Bill knew, Sarah had not yet taken Annie to the doctor to get birth control pills.

Annie felt herself becoming warm as her father caressed her. A twinge of fear suddenly coursed through her as her doubts about having sex with her dad returned to her mind. She pulled away from him a small distance.

“What’s up with you, Annie? You’ve been acting a bit strange the past few days. Tell me, honey, what’s the problem?”

“I miss mommy so much, and I really need her,” she said and looked over to watch the expression on her father’s face.

He looked sad too and said, “I know, sweetie; I know.”

“I don’t know if you understand completely, daddy. Mommy and I have been lovers for months now. I’m so horny now, thinking about what we do together, how we touch each other. I almost can’t stand it,” Annie cried out with her voice rising, showing her desperate condition.

“I know that, sweetie, but do you think that it is any different with me. I need her too, honey,” he said and looked over at his daughter. She had unconsciously pressed her hand against her breast. “If you are really horny,” he suggested. “What about those little toys?”

“Daddy, plastic doesn’t replace living flesh. I need to be touched, stroked, felt, kissed…” Annie’s voice faded.

Maybe I should call Sarah tonight, Bill thought, and find out what I should do until she arrives home again. He looked again at his daughter, as his fingers began touching her breast through her blouse and bra. “Maybe, we can help each other a little, sweetie,” he suggested. “We can do a few things to tide us over until your mother returns.”

Annie glanced shyly at her father. “Do you want to fuck me?” she asked boldly, wondering what he would answer and knowing that her father had been waiting for weeks to drive his stiff cock into his daughter.

“Of course, but we don’t need to do that, sweetie, just some touching and caressing to help each other feel better.”

“Would you eat my pussy, if I asked, daddy?”

“I have been looking forward to eating you out for months, sweetie. I would be glad to do it right this minute.” He had not seen his daughter entirely naked in years and had thoroughly enjoyed Sarah’s descriptions of her own incestuous sexual activities with Annie. Bill had achieved enormously rigid hardons whenever he listened to his wife’s describing his daughter’s body and what she had done to it.

“Then do it, daddy; help me and I’ll help you!” Annie whined as the automobile slowly coasted into their driveway. “Let’s go into the house and help each other right now, so we feel better.”

They almost ran into the house. Davie was at baseball practice and would get a lift home in a few hours. Annie dropped her book bag in the vestibule and followed her father up the stairs into his bedroom, the same room where she had enjoyed many pleasures with her mother.

Without even closing the door, they began to undress each other, hastily dragging partially unfastened attire from the other’s body. Annie could see the bulge in the front of her father’s trousers, as she clumsily attempted to unfasten his belt. She could feel his hand reach across her shoulders and down her back to unfasten her bra. Finally, she had the pants undone and dragged them down along with his briefs. As she knelt on the floor helping her father step out of his clothing, his erection was inches from her face. Annie kept her eyes fastened this fleshy protuberance as she freed Bill from his pants and briefs.

“Suck me a little bit, sweetie,” Bill directed. “Then I’ll eat that sweet pussy that I have been hearing so much about.” Immediately, Annie took the crown into her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. It twitched in her mouth, and she heard her father groan with the pleasure of it. She sucked more hdx porno of his erection into her drooling mouth and daintily held the shaft between her thumb and one finger. The size of it filled her mouth so much she could barely swab it with her tongue, so she let it out and ran her tongue up and down the length of the shaft.

“Oh god, sweetie, that feels so good!” Bill whispered. “I love what you are doing to me; this is so wonderful.”

“Mmmm… mmmm,” Annie answered, her mouth stuffed again with dick.

“Oh man, oh man,” Bill moaned after a few minutes. “You are going to have to stop now, Annie honey, or I’ll come too soon. Let me eat that cunt now.” He reached down and pulled his daughter up and then lifted and carried her over to the bed. Annie lay back and spread her legs, inviting her father to enjoy the sight of her wet pussy and urging him to give her the oral caresses she needed so much.

“Eat my pussy, daddy. I want to feel your mouth on me.” She propped her head up on a pillow so she could see him better. She was admiring his muscular mature body as he positioned himself. As he lay down she let her legs drape across his back, while opening her legs even wider. “Oh god, daddy,” she whispered as she felt the first touch of his lips against her inner thighs.

As Bill lowered himself to his daughter’s dripping twat, he savored the view of her downy cunt and its deep pink inner lips, now easily viewed as Annie spread her legs apart for him. Fighting back his own concupiscence, he teased his daughter, kissing and licking his way up the insides of her legs and then jumping right over her pussy with his lips to kiss her belly.

Although they were desperate for each other’s body, as evidenced by how quickly their clothing had come off, now Bill forced himself to hold back in order to bring deep pleasure to his daughter, slowly building up her passion. They were naked together on the bed at last; that in itself was so deeply satisfying. Bill’s cock, having been sucked briefly by Annie would soon find relief. First, he needed to fulfill her needs. Bill pushed her legs aside and slid up her body to taste her breasts for a several minutes.

Annie could feel her father’s moist cock rubbing inside her thigh. She half expected him to violate his promise and shove his prick deep into her wet snatch, but found that she did not care. Let him fuck her if he wanted. She loved him, and, if he wanted to take her, he could have her. Instead, Bill slid back down to her pussy, kissing her all the way. Now his mouth was planted firmly on her hot labia, and his tongue swabbed deeply into her cleft. She, being used to her mother’s feminine touch, was amazed by the strength of his vigorous cunnilingus.

“Oh, daddy, you really know how to eat a woman,” she breathed. His answer was an even deeper probe of his tongue and increased pressure from his face against her twat. It felt as though he were trying to force his head up her vagina. She moaned, “Oh, daddy, oh yess… yesss.” Her hands reached down to press his head against herself.

Bill was pleased that his daughter was responding so easily, having heard from Sarah about Annie’s doubts about sex with her father. He pulled his tongue from her depths and began licking her up and down as he eased one, then two fingers into Annie’s oozing cunt. His tongue touched her little clit as he felt her hips undulate against him. Now Annie began to lose control. As Bill licked, kissed and fingered, Annie’s hips started to buck against his face. Using his one free hand, he reached up to twirl her pebble-hard nipples.

“Dadddddy… dadddddy… ohhh… daddy.” Annie cried out. “Ohhhh… daddy… yes… yesssss… YESSSS!” She shoved her pelvis upwards, into her father’s face, her entire body shaking with her orgasm. Somewhere in the distance she could feel his lips still touching, his tongue yet licking. A small aftershock made her body quiver once more. After a while, Annie knew that the moaning she was hearing was her own.

Annie emerged once again into the world, reviving from the incestuous assault on her pussy by her father’s energetic mouth. He was holding her in his strong arms; she was cradled against his nakedness. She loved him so much; he had kept his promise and brought her off with only his mouth and hands. She would need to repay the debt as soon as she gathered her wits.

Bill’s cock had relaxed slightly as he focused on Annie’s needs. He perceived her stirring in his arms. He looked at his daughter as she rose and glimpsed her smile lovingly at him. She leaned down and kissed his mouth, but before the kiss even developed, she was moving down his body. Her delicate hands urged him further over onto his back. Soon her mouth was again on his hardening penis, drawing it up to its full, proud height.

“The balls,” he whispered hoarsely. “Do my balls too.”

Annie let her lips slide down the length of Bill’s shaft as she held the rigid cock to her face. She washed his swollen balls with her tongue and sucked each one into her mouth. Forming a stylus with her tongue she ran the point up and down the underside of her father’s pulsating cock. She smiled at her father’s groans and moans, knowing that she was doing a great job. She was thinking to herself as she saw this big pecker up close; could she fit this pole into her? She had to try.

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