Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles 1: Slumber Party Gets Wild


Futa’s Naughty Scented Candles

Chapter One: Slumber Party Gets Wild

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to my wonderful beta readers!

Autumn Holt put the first of the newly reformulated Lavender Relax candles into the box. Their first order. A shiver ran through the motherly futa. She wanted to share this amazing product with other women. This pheromone that led women to desire other ladies.

It was all the work of Dr. Kayleen Harland, the woman who had moved in down the street from Autumn and had accidentally created futas. It had changed Autumn Holt’s life. She was so close with her daughters now.

Incestuously close.

Humming, she sealed it with packing tape, put on the printed label, and headed to the nearest UPS dropbox to send it off to its new owner. In two days, Britney Meyers would be the proud owner of a very special scented candle.


Britney Meyers

I unwrapped the purple candle from its shrink wrap. It was Futanari Mom’s Lavender Relax. I loved homemade scented candles. My mom let me buy as many as I could. I had a few favorites, but Futanari Mom’s was a new imprint. It was a funny name. I didn’t know what futanari meant, but it gave it this Japanese feel. And who wouldn’t want a candle made by a mom?

Humming, I put the candle on top of the entertainment center in the furnished basement where I was holding my slumber party and lit it. I drew in a deep breath as the lavender scent permeated the air. I groaned at how good that was. It made me tingle.

“Wow, that’s nice,” said Mary Smith. “Where did you get that?”

“The web,” I said as I turned around. Mary sat on the couch, her brown hair spilling around her forehead. She wore a t-shirt and a pair of blue pajama bottoms, ready for the slumber party. Like me, she was nineteen.

“No shit,” giggled Shannon Baker. The redhead sat at the other end of the couch on the armrest, her legs spread wide. She had on a pair of plaid boy shorts and a pink tank top that hugged her round breasts. Freckles dotted her face. “Everything comes from the web these days.”

“Futanari Mom’s,” I said. “That’s who made it.”

Sarah Takamaki spluttered on her can of said she was drinking. She coughed and wiped at her mouth, her round, blue eyes going wide. “What did you just say?” She wiped at her lips. She was half-Japanese. She would look fully Asian with her pale-olive skin and delicate features, but her eyes were Caucasian. “Futanari?”

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Uh, just misheard,” she said. “I mean… It can’t be that.”

“What?” Shannon asked, leaning forward.

I was curious, too. I breathed in that wonderful, relaxing aroma. It made me feel so warm. I rubbed at my stomach through my flannel top. It was a mauve with matching bottoms. The heat settled low in my nethers.

“Yeah, what?” I asked her.

Sarah licked her lips—boy, she had nice, plump, and kissable lips; why did I think that?—and shifted. She wore a pair of pink panties and a nightie that matched it, her small breasts making hardly an impression in the light fabric. They were cute, though. Small. Handfuls that would be so fun to…

Play with?

I shook my head. What a random thought.

“It’s just… I think futanari means hermaphrodite in Japanese.”

“Hermaphrodite Mom’s Scented Candles?” I asked. “That can’t be right.”

“Well…” Sarah shrugged. “I don’t speak Japanese as well as my parents or my older sister. Mom was more insistent that she learn it than me. Maybe I’m wrong.”

“Maybe it’s some White woman who heard a pretty Japanese word and doesn’t know what it means,” said Mary. She drew in a deep breath, her breasts stretching out the front of her t-shirt. They were succulent. Round and plump and…

God, her nipples were hard. Just poking at the fabric of her top. I could bend down and kiss them.

“You know,” continued Mary. She pushed up her glasses, her cheeks faintly pink. “Like those girls who get tattoos of—”

“I don’t care what it means,” Shannon interrupted. “God, that smells good. I love it. Great buy.”

“Yeah,” I said and sank onto a beanbag chair by the couch. It rustled beneath me. My thighs rubbed together, my panties getting damp. I glanced at Shannon. She straddled the armrest of the couch, almost grinding her pussy into it.

She could grind it on my…

God, what was wrong with me? Where did all these lezzie thoughts come from?

“So, what do we do?” asked Sarah. She licked her lips. “Talk about boys?”

I should have been super excited about that topic. After all, there was this new cute guy at our school. Tod. He was so… so… I frowned. Where were my tingles in my pussy when I thought about him? That urge to go and hump a pillow. I bit my lower lip, feeling confused.

“Not really in the mood for that,” said Mary. She blinked. “Huh, never thought I’d say that.”

“Yeah,” Sarah squirmed. She glanced at me and then looked away quickly.

“Boys are boring,” said Shannon. “I brought a deck of cards.”

“I can go grab the M&Ms to use as chips,” I said.

“Naw, we don’t need that. We can bet with other things.”

I frowned. “Like… what?”

“Oh, our clothes,” she said.

My jaw dropped. This rush of excitement shot through me. I wanted to scream out “Yes, yes, yes!” but I restrained myself. I didn’t want my friends to think I was getting all lezzie for them. Nothing wrong with being down with the muff diving, but we all told each other everything. All four of us were straight. If I came out as gay, they’d think I was lying to them now or had been lying all along. Besides, I wasn’t gay. I liked guys. At our last party, we had stared at pictures of boys and gushed about how cute they were and how we wanted them to make love to us.

Now… now…

“I mean, can we?” Sarah asked, squirming.

“I’m only wearing three things,” said Mary.

“Yeah,” I said. “No bra on.” My nipples rubbed into my flannel top, throbbing and aching.

“And I only have two,” said Sarah, glancing down at her panties and her nightie top.

“Me, too,” Shannon said. “Don’t care. Who’s in?”

“Uh…” I glanced at Mary. She licked her lips, a smile playing on it. She met my eyes and then looked away with a blush. I breathed in, that lavender scent filling me up and soothing away my fear. “Yeah, let’s do it. Strip poker.”

“All right,” said Shannon. She slipped off the armrest to join Sarah and me on the floor. A moment later, Mary followed, sitting on her knees.

Shannon opened the pack of Bicycle playing cards with the red backs. She shuffled them a few times, the cards riffling together. Then she dealt out the cards, five to each of us I stared at my hand. I had a big pile of nothing before me.

“Mary,” said Shannon. “You can bet or pass. Have to throw in a garment as your bet.”

“Uhh… Pass,” she said.

I glance at my cards. “Pass.”

“Pass,” Sarah said.

“Chickens,” said Shannon. Then she pulled off her top and threw it into the middle of the floor.

My breath caught at the sight of her round breasts. They were so wonderfully shaped. They had a perkiness to them, a light dusting of freckles across their youthful perfection. My pussy clenched as my mouth went dry with the urge to suckle on them.

“Mary?” asked Shannon. “You going to look at my tits or make a bet?”

“Oh, yeah, sorry,” said Mary. She glanced down, bit her lip. “Um, I fold.”

“Me, too,” I said, still looking at Shannon’s tits. I tossed my cards down.

“God, Britney, you don’t have any lady balls,” said Shannon. “You, Sarah?”

“Fold,” she said.

“A pair of threes,” groaned Shannon, the redhead shaking her head—and her tits; god those were so sexy—and smacking her lips in disgust. “You guys have to try. Your deal, Mary.”

This time, I got a pair of jacks. I swallowed and then peeled off my bottoms and threw them in, wearing only my black panties. I glanced at Sarah. She bit her lip and then she pulled off her top and threw it in, her small breasts little mounds topped by dark-olive nipples. I just wanted to suckle on them.

“Nice,” said Shannon. She hadn’t put her top back on, her boobs jiggling as she shifted. “Well, I got nothing. Fold.”

It came to Mary. She pulled off her bottoms and tossed them in. She glanced at me. Normally, I would raise the bet, but I wasn’t ready to get naked. My pussy was too wet and nipples too hard. I shook my head. So did Sarah. Mary sighed, pushing up her glasses. Then she glanced at me.

“Show ’em.”

“Pair of bois!” I said, showing off my Jacks.

Mary winced and Sarah sighed. I grinned and grabbed their clothing. I hummed at my victory and then started shuffling and dealing. I glanced at my next hand. I almost had a flush, four red hearts and one diamond. But that diamond matched my five, so I had a pair. I’d had some spare clothing.

I could be a little aggressive.

Shannon glanced down at her naked tits. She only had her panties. If she wanted to bet, she would have to strip naked. I hungered to see that happen. My pussy clenched and my clit tingled. That wonderful scent of lavender filled the air. She shook her head, no bet placed.

Shannon threw in her top, her round tits jiggling. They were so lovely. Mary bit her lip. She sighed and pulled off her top, her plump boobs appearing. I wanted to just lean over and suckle on her nipple. She threw her top into the pot, too. I tossed in Mary’s bottoms.

“Fold,” Sarah said.

Shannon glanced at me and then at Mary. To my shock, the redhead peeled off her boy shorts. We all gasped, staring at her as she leaned on her back and shoved her panties up her legs, exposing a shaved pussy peeking between her thighs. A juicy pussy.

I groaned, my cunt clenching. She sat up totally naked. She tossed in her panties and then glanced at Mary. She would have to take off her panties if she wanted a chance of winning back her top. Or she could fold.

“God,” groaned Mary, looking at her cards. “I’m out.”

Shannon stared at me and arched an eyebrow. I threw in Sarah’s top. “Call!”

“Pair of sevens,” said Shannon, flipping around her cards.

I shrugged.

Shannon pulled in her pile of winnings. She had all her clothes back, but she didn’t bother getting dressed. She just had them lying in a tangle before her while Sarah shuffled, her eyes glancing Escort over at Shannon. The redhead sat with her legs spread wide, her pussy lips parting. She definitely didn’t have a hymen. She was the first of us to have sex. I mean, I had only given a blowjob and Mary had let a guy finger her twat.

Sarah wasn’t allowed to date.

Cards were dealt. I ended up with a good hand. Three fours; spade, heart, and diamond. I smiled at that. Shannon glanced over at me and then looked down at her pile of clothes before her. She glanced at her cards and shook her head. No bet from the one furthest ahead.

Mary drew in a deep breath, stood up, and then peeled off her panties. Her glasses shifted on her nose and her cute tits jiggled as I stared at her brown bush emerging. I bit my lip, trying to see a hint of her labia through the curls. She bent over, tits swaying, and stepped out of them. She tossed them in and glanced at me.

“Cute bush, Mary,” said Shannon and winked at her.

Mary sat back down and glance at me.

Well, I was the only one not topless. I drew mine off.

“Go, Britney!” Shannon whooped as my tits spilled out. They jiggled before me, my nipples hard. I shuddered and tossed my top on the pile. I could have taken off my bottoms, but it didn’t seem right. I still had two articles of clothing to bet and now we all were showing off our boobs.

Sarah threw her cards down. It came back to Mary. She stared at me and then shook her head.

I shrugged and took off my flannel bottoms and threw them in, down to just my panties. “Your bet.”

“I don’t have any clothes,” she said with a look of frustration on her face.

“Yeah, you’re going to have bet a sexual favor,” said Shannon without a hint of embarrassment. “Twenty seconds licking the pussy of the winner.”

My cunt clenched. “Really?”

“Yeah, that’s how this works,” said Shannon. “Mmm, I bet you really want to win now, Britney. Just dying to get her licking your cunt for twenty seconds.”

“I mean…” I breathed in that lavender scent. My pussy soaked my panties. “Yeah. I do.”

“Okay,” Mary said. “Twenty seconds. I have a pair of aces!”

I grinned and flipped my cards around to show off my three fours. “Three of kind wins!”

“Twenty seconds,” said Shannon, grabbing her phone, her boobs jiggling. “Get to it, Mary.”

I shuddered as Mary crawled naked before me. I leaned back on my beanbag chair. It rustled beneath me as I spread my legs. I shuddered as Mary pulled the gusset of my panties to the side, exposing my blonde bush. I shuddered, the spicy scent of my pussy suddenly so sharp and clear in the room.

“Start!” Shannon called.

Mary ducked her head down. She pressed her face right into my curls. Her lips kissed my virgin twat. Then she licked it. I gasped at the feel of her tongue sliding up my slit. My back arched. I groaned and shuddered, the sensation so intense.

Such a rush to feel.

She brushed my clit. Sparks flared. The beanbag chair rustled beneath me. I whimpered as she licked again and again. Her tongue flew up and down my folds. Sarah and Shannon watched Mary going down on me, both girls grinning.

“Oh, my god,” I moaned as the tongue stroked me. “That’s so good.”

Mary stirred an orgasm in me. I could feel it starting to swell. Her tongue felt so amazing. She stroked my labia and brushed my clit again. She circled my bud, sending such delight racing through my body.

My back arched and toes curled. Her tongue caressed me again. That naughty, wet appendage sent delight rippling through my body. My nipples throbbed atop my jiggling boobs. I never wanted this to stop. I wanted her to make me cum. It would be—

“Time!” Shannon called.

“No,” I groaned.

Mary lifted her face, panting. Her lips had a creamy, glossy quality to them. She licked them and then went back to her position. I shuddered, my panties sliding back over my pussy. I sat up, blinking, my cheeks on fire.

“Good?” asked Shannon.

Blushing furiously, I nodded.

Shannon winked and started shuffling the cards. After they were dealt, Mary glanced at her hand and then said, “Twenty seconds!”

It came to me. I had a lousy pair of twos. It was the worst winning hand possible, but… I wanted to have my pussy licked again. I threw in my discarded top, my breasts rising and falling. Sarah shuddered and then peeled off her purple panties. Her thick, black bush appeared drenched in her juices. There was no way to see her pussy through it. She tossed in her panties. Shannon threw in her top.

It came back to Mary. We all had made the initial bet. She didn’t have to raise it but could pass. “I’ll raise another twenty seconds.”

That was forty seconds of heaven. I tossed in Mary’s panties. My hand was so shitty, but I just had to give it. It came to naked Sarah. She nodded and did a slow lick across her tongue. We all knew what she bet. Laughing, Shannon tossed in her boy shorts. It was time to show.

Mary turned over a pair of tens.

“I’m out,” I groaned.

Sarah showed a flush. All five of her cards had spades on them. Shannon groaned and threw her cards away. Though Mary had lost, she didn’t look it as she crawled across the play area to the naked Sarah.

“Forty seconds…” Shannon said when she finished tapping on her phone while Mary’s face nuzzled into Sarah’s thick bush. “Now!”

“Oh, my god!” Sarah squealed. “Mary!”

The brunette licked and lapped, her cute ass wiggling back and forth as she worshiped the winner’s cunt. My pussy clenched. My heart pounded in my chest. This was so hot to watch. I fanned my face, my shoulders rolling.

I was so envious of Sarah. Her moans echoed through the basement. She squeezed her thighs about Mary’s head while the brunette feasted hungrily. I bit my lip, moaning in envy. I didn’t know who I wanted to be more.

Did I want to give or receive?

Sarah squirmed, her firm titties jiggling. Her face twisted. Her eyes squeezed shut. A shudder ran through her. She whimpered again. The passion spilling across her face was such a palpable thing to witness.

It was beautiful.

“And… time!” said Shannon, her green eyes twinkling. “God, I hope you keep playing like that, Mary.”

“When I have a winning hand…” I moaned. I breathed in that lavender scent.

Mary winked at me as she licked her juicy lips. A sweet aroma filled my nose. God, that was another girl’s pussy. I wanted to try that. As Mary shuffled the deck, I stared at Shannon’s pussy on display across from me. I could lose to her…

Mary dealt me. Two queens and two fives. I shuddered at my luck. This was a hand I would win with. No doubt in my mind.

I shuddered as I was up first for betting. I was the only one of us still wearing anything, so I took off my bottoms and threw them in, leaving me in just my panties. Sarah had plenty to choose from with three pairs of panties, all but mine, and two tops. She tossed her own panties. Shannon threw in her top.

“Well, of course, twenty seconds,” Mary said.

“I bet your hand is garbage, Mary,” said Shannon. “You’re just a pussy-licking fiend.”

Mary winked at her.

It was my turn. I had such an amazing hand. There was no way I would lose. I could pass and see what everyone else would do, but I wanted to raise. I stood up and peeled off my panties. The other three girls all cheered as my blonde bush came fully into view. Not just my panties yanked to the side so that Mary could eat me out.

“Yeah, show that muff!” Shannon whooped, her breasts jiggling.

“Yeah,” Mary groaned, staring at my snatch with such hunger.

I tossed my panties in. If I somehow lost this hand, then I would have to start betting with my pussy licking. I was fine with that. It came to Sarah. She threw in Shannon’s boy shorts for the bet. Shannon smiled and tossed in Mary’s bottoms into the pile. Like me, Shannon had nothing else to bid. It was up to Mary. Would she accept the raise?

“Another twenty seconds of heaven,” she said then flipped her cards around. “I have nine high!”

“I knew it, slut!” giggled Shannon. “I got a pair of queens. Woot!”

“So do I,” I said. “And…” I grinned. “A pair of fives. Can you beat that, Sarah?”

“Nope!” she said, a big smile on her round face. “Enjoy.”

“I’m so going to cum this time,” I moaned and leaned back. I breathed in deeply, the lavender scent making my clit tingle. My bud felt so hot.

Mary crawled between my thighs. She pushed up her glasses. Her cute head ducked down to my blonde bush. She licked through my snatch, her ass pointed right at Shannon. The redhead winked at me and then grabbed Mary’s rump and just dug in.

“Oh, yes!” Mary gasped. “Shannon, you don’t have to do that.”

“I don’t have to,” Shannon moaned. Her head moved as she feasted.

Mary then nuzzled into my bush. She kissed at my pussy lips. I groaned, breathing in more of that lavender smell. I felt so relaxed. My clit throbbed. Her tongue licked through my folds. She brushed my clit and then swirled her tongue around my bud.

She purred in delight and then she sucked on it. I groaned, closing my eyes as she nursed on my clit. It felt so amazing. Pleasure shot through my pussy. My toes curled. I groaned, the beanbag chair rustling beneath me.

My bud throbbed with my heartbeat. Her lips sealed about my clit. Her tongue swirled around the tip. She slathered around it. I shuddered and groaned. The tip of my clit was so sensitive. Her tongue caressed more and more of it.

“Damn,” I groaned. “You’re just loving my clit.”

I sat up and looked down past my round breasts to see her lips wrapped around my clit. I shuddered as the top of my bud rubbed across the roof of her mouth. Her tongue caressed the bottom. I frowned. Wait, how did my clit reach so far into her mouth?

My bud kept pulsing with my heartbeat. I moaned. So did Mary. She stared up at me with these glassy eyes. She nursed hard as she slid her mouth up my clit and… It was so thick and long. It was like I had a cock thrusting from my crotch.

That was impossible.

“Mary,” I groaned, my cunt clenching. I squirmed as she loved my… my… clit-dick with that hungry mouth of hers. “This is awesome!”

She swirled her tongue around the tip of my cock. I shuddered, my dick throbbing with delight. My cunt clenched beneath her sucking mouth. I groaned and Escort Bayan squirmed as she pleasured my cock. And I kept growing. I could see more and more shaft each time she bobbed her head.

Shannon’s green eyes twinkled over Mary’s rump as the redhead feasted on the brunette. I groaned, wondering if anything was happening to Mary’s clit. I glanced over at Sarah. She was rubbing her pussy, watching.

Then she gasped.

“Wait, what are you sucking on?” She sat up, her eyes wide. “Is that…”

“My clit-dick,” I moaned. “I… I… I don’t know what happened, but it feels amazing.”

“Futanari!” squealed Sarah. Then she glanced at the scented candle. “Futanari! Futanari!”

“Yeah, it smells great,” I moaned. I frowned. “Wait, you said that’s… that’s… hermaphrodite.”

My eyes widened. I was a hermaphrodite. A futanari. I had a big cock that Mary suckled on with such hunger. She nursed on me with that delicious mouth of hers. I groaned, my cock not growing any longer, but it thrust so far out of my pussy now. There were seven or eight inches of it in addition to the few that were buried in my friend’s sucking mouth.

Mary bobbed her head up and down. She nursed on my cock hungrily. She suckled with passion. Her tongue swept around the shaft. I groaned, my back arching into the beanbag chair. This was incredible. This was what Bobby Mitchel felt when I blew him.

My pussy clenched. This pressure grew and grew in my depths. My orgasm built. I could feel something familiar and something so different. The swelling in my cunt’s depths along with this ache at the tip of my girl-cock.

“You have a futa-dick,” Sarah moaned, rubbing at her pussy. “This is incredible. Futanari.”

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, my snatch squeezing shut. “Oh, Mary, I’m going to cum. I think… I think I’m going to erupt.”

She sucked really hard at that pronouncement. My eyes bulged. I groaned and loved it. My body shook. Mary bobbed her head, taking as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. She worked up and down my shaft.

I whimpered. Moaned. Mary worshiped my cock. She was amazing. Just a treat to enjoy. I shuddered as that pressure at the tip of my cock hit that wonderful peak. Then I gasped and bucked. My cock erupted.

I fired my cum into her mouth.

“Mary!” I gasped, my body trembling. My pussy convulsed.

My cock spurted over and over again. Each one sent blasts of bliss shuddering through my body. They splashed the back of her throat. I groaned, my spine arching beneath the force of my climax. I bucked through the rapture as she suckled on my cock.

I whimpered and moaned. This was so good. This was just wild. I groaned, my face scrunching up. My pussy convulsed, adding those familiar waves of bliss to the powerful jolts of rapture firing from my cock.

“Oh, my god!” I gasped.

Mary kept sucking. She gulped down the cum firing out of my dick. I flooded her with my jizz while the stars burst before my eyes. It was amazing. My tits heaved while my pussy rippled with delight. I trembled, my legs quivering.

I fired the last blast of it. I shuddered and then I shook my head. I panted, my cock twitching and throbbing. I smiled as she kept suckling. There was no more cum to fire out of me. She slid her mouth up and down my dick.

“Britney!” she squealed. It looked like she was cumming. “Oh, yes, yes, that was so hot, Britney!”

“So is your pussy cream!” moaned Shannon. “Flood my mouth. God, you’re gushing.”

“And you’re a futa,” Sarah moaned, staring at me. “This is impossible. But that’s a cock.”

“What’s a cock?” groaned Shannon. “I heard you guys moaning, but I was just in this relaxing, pussy-munching daze.”

“I grew a dick,” I moaned. “My clit turned into one.”

“No fucking way,” Shannon said.

“Way!” Mary gasped. Then she suddenly straddled me, her hand gripping my cock.

Shannon gasped as she did. “You have a fucking wang sticking out of your pussy, Britney!”

“Yeah!” I gasped. Then my eyes widened as Mary brought her pussy to my hard dick. She pushed her juicy folds right onto the crown of my cock. Her curls kissed the tip, then her wet pussy lips. “Really? You’re a virgin.”

“I just feel so relaxed,” purred Mary, and then she pushed her weight down.

I felt her hymen. I gasped, my cock throbbing. Pleasure shot down my shaft to my own virgin twat. I whimpered, my toes curling. Then her cherry popped. With a squeal, her pussy engulfed half my cock. My eyes bulged.

“Oh, my god!” I squealed at how amazing it was to have her twat engulfing my new and impossible cock. She swallowed inch after inch of my dick. It was such an amazing thing to feel. “Mary!”


She bottomed out on me.

My cock thrust all the way into her pussy. she engulfed every inch of me. I trembled, my clit-dick twitched and throbbed in her snatch. Her silky flesh soaked me with her juices. Her heat flowed down my shaft to my cunt.

Mary leaned over me. She pressed her round tits into my boobs and then kissed me. The rims of her glasses brushed my cheeks. My tongue danced with hers. She groaned, and then she slid her pussy up my cock.

I squealed into the kiss. It felt amazing.

“This is so hot,” moaned Shannon. “I should be freaked out about Britney growing a cock, but I just feel so chill.”

“Yeah, relaxed,” said Sarah. Her eyes narrowed. “Too relaxed.”

She stepped up to the candle as Mary worked her pussy up and down my new cock. I groaned into our kiss, her boobs rubbing into mine. Our nipples brushed. I groaned as this sizzle of delight blazed down to my twat. My snatch clenched, the pleasure shooting up to the tip of my clit-dick.

It grew there. It was such a delight. I groaned, loving every moment of this. I shuddered, savoring that cunt working up and down my cock. I kissed Mary so much as Sarah thrust her nose low to the candle. About a third of it had melted down.

She inhaled.

“Oh, god, that’s good,” she moaned, wiggling her rump.

“What are you doing?” Shannon moaned.

“Relaxing,” Sarah purred, the fingers of her right hand sliding through her bush to find her clit. She manipulated herself as she relaxed.

I wanted to ask her why Sarah needed to be so close to the candle, but it just felt so good as Mary worked her cunt up and down my cock. She groaned into my mouth, kissing me with such passion as she rode my futa-dick. My pussy clenched, drinking in all that delightful stuff.

Lips nuzzled into my bush and kissed my pussy. I gasped. It had to be Shannon. The naughty redhead was lapping at my cunt now. She fluttered her tongue up and down my folds, brushing the base of my futa-cock while Mary kept riding me.

“Yes!” Sarah moaned beside me. “So relaxing. This is it. This is what causes it. Futanari!”

Movement caught my attention. I broke the kiss with Mary and gasped to see pink swelling out of Sarah’s bush. Her fingers wrapped around her growing clit, stroking her. I gasped in shock, watching as Sarah’s girl-dick grew.

Mary pressed her cheek against mine. She stopped riding my cock, her pussy cleaning down on my shaft, as we watched the mesmerizing sight. Shannon licked at my twat, oblivious to what was happening.

Sarah’s clit grew bigger and bigger. The pink faded away to the pale-olive tone of her skin. The tip became that spongy crown with a little rim. A mushroom cap atop a swelling stalk. She stroked herself as she grew thicker and longer.

“Oh, my god,” Sarah moaned, turning to us. Her cock bobbed inches from my lips. From Mary’s, too. “This is awesome.”

“Yeah,” Mary moaned and slid her pussy up my cock again. Slowly. Her cunt massaged me. I groaned at how amazing it felt.

Feeling wicked, I leaned in and sucked her big dick into my mouth. I groaned and nursed on that wonderful cock. My tongue danced around the crown. I stroked her, loving the feel of her spongy tip throbbing in my mouth.

She groaned and shuddered as I did that. This was incredible to enjoy. I shuddered, my cunt clenching. My cock throbbed in Mary’s pussy as she worked up and down it. I nursed on Sarah’s cock, her salty precum spilling over my tongue.

It was so good.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Sarah moaned. “Oh, Britney, that’s hot.”

“Yeah,” Mary moaned, her voice thick with envy.

I just moaned as I sucked and slurped. Pleasure radiated through my body. Shannon’s tongue stroked through my folds and caressed my hymen. I shuddered as she did that. She pressed against my membrane, finding that hole in the center and wiggling into my pussy a bit. She stroked my walls.

I shuddered, the delight shooting up to the tip of my cock. Mary worked her cunt up and down my shaft. She whimpered as she did it. Her lips kissed at my jawline. She licked up to my ear, sending shivers through my body.

“Suck that futa-cock, Britney,” she moaned. Her tongue danced around my earlobe. “Just suck that girl-dick and love it.”

I whimpered and nodded. This was so amazing. My pussy melted, Shannon’s tongue fluttering up and down my folds. Mary’s twat sank down my cock and then slid back up me again and again. It was so good. So amazing. I grabbed her ass, my fingers digging into her.

And sucked on Sarah’s amazing girl-dick.

I nursed on her cock, her round eyes squeezing shut. Her small breasts quivered. She moaned and gasped as I blew her. She thrust her hips forward, sliding her cock into my mouth a few inches. Then she slid back. I sucked on her.

“Oh, yes, yes, I’m going to cum on your cock, Britney!” gasped Mary.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth!” Sarah moaned. “Oh, yes, yes, keep sucking.”

I did. I suckled.

My orgasm built and built. That pressure deep in my pussy rushed at that breaking point. I would have such a mighty orgasm. I groaned, my futa-cock throbbing and aching in Mary’s cunt. She worked her twat up and down me. She gave me such pleasure.

This was incredible.


I loved every moment of Mary working her snatch up and down my dick. I kneaded her ass as her pussy brought me closer and closer to cumming. Shannon’s tongue helped, my pussy drank in the sensation.

But it was that tight cunt massaging my tip. That was the most sensitive part of the cock.

I concentrated on Sarah’s. I licked and swirled my tongue around that spongy crown. She moaned, her hand fisting the base of her cock. Bayan Escort Her salty precum spilled into my mouth. I groaned, loving it. She whimpered, her face twisting with delight.

“This is so hot!” moaned Mary into my ear. She nibbled on my lobe. “So wonderfully hot. Oh, I’m going to cum on your girl-dick!”

“Cum!” Shannon moaned and then sucked on my pussy lips.

I gasped, my dick twitching. Mary slammed her cunt down my cock. She took every inch and squealed. Her pussy rippled and writhed around me. Her twat massaged me. I gasped at how great that felt. I trembled, whimpering and moaning as I savored this building pressure.

I erupted.

I squealed around Sarah’s cock as my cum spurted into Mary’s spasming pussy.

It was incredible to enjoy. I moaned, loving every second of unleashing my cum into a hot, tight, and juicy pussy. My pussy convulsed, adding bliss to the ecstasy firing through my body. I squirmed on the beanbag chair.

“Yes, yes, yes, Sarah!” moaned Mary.

“Flood her cunt!” gasped Shannon. “Ooh, I’m going to eat myself a yummy creampie. Ooh, girl-spunk. This is going to be awesome!”

“It is!” moaned Mary and… “Oh, my god.”

As I suckled on Sarah’s cock and spurted my cum into Mary’s cunt, something swelled into my bush and then stomach. A growing shaft thrusting from Mary’s pussy. My eyes widened as my mind melted from the pleasure.

Mary became a futa, too.

“Oh, that’s it!” Sarah moaned. “Yes!”

As Mary’s futa-cock grew between our stomachs, hot girl-cum fired into my mouth. I groaned as the spunk splashed against the back of my throat. I drank it down. I gulped down all that wonderful salt flooding my mouth.

It was incredible.

“Drink my cum!” moaned Sarah as she fired the last of her jizz into my mouth. I swallowed it and felt amazing.

“Cum?” Shannon asked. “Holy shit, you’re a futa, too.”

“She’s not the only one!” Mary whimpered. “Oh, my god, I have a dick. I have a big futa-cock.”

“Fuck me! You have to fuck me with it!” Shannon moaned.

“What about the creampie?” Mary asked.

“Fuck me!” Shannon howled.


Shannon Baker

“God, I want that cock in me,” I moaned, my clit tingling. Everyone had become futas but me. It wasn’t fair, but… That cock was huge. It thrust from Mary’s brown bush, twitching and throbbing with her heartbeat. It was way bigger than the two boys I had fucked. “That’s going to stretch me out.”

“Yeah, it is,” Britney said. She had cum running down her chin. “Ooh, that was good.”

“Yeah,” Sarah said, stroking her cock.

I stared at her dick. Ideas burst in my mind.

Mary settled between my thighs. She aimed her cock right at my pussy. I smiled at her and grabbed her. I pulled her to my shaved cunt, my boobs jiggling. She gasped as I pushed her futa-dick right against my folds. My thighs went around her.

I pulled her into my cunt.

“Oh, my god!” I moaned.

“Shannon!” Mary squealed, her eyes going wide behind her glasses. “Your pussy! Oh, my god!”

“I know!” I groaned, her futa-dick stretching me out.

This was so good. Such a rush. I loved having her dick in my pussy, but there were other futas. I wanted to enjoy myself. I breathed in that wonderful, lavender aroma. My clit tingled even more. I would become a futa, too.

I couldn’t wait.

I hugged Mary tight to me, her round breasts rubbing into my tits. They felt so incredible against mine. I shuddered and winked at her. Then I rolled us over. she gasped as she ended up on her back. I smiled down at her, my hips squirming from side to side. I stirred my snatch around her wonderful girl-cock, my asshole throbbing.

I rose, her cock shifting in my cunt and my tits jiggling, and looked over my shoulder at Sarah and Britney. They both had those big futa-dicks, too. “Mmm, Sarah, come fuck my ass and Britney, let me suck those pussy juices off your dick.”

“Oh, god, yes!” Britney moaned.

My friends had been such innocent girls. Nineteen-year-old cuties that were too shy to go all the way with a boy like I had. But now they were relaxed by that wonderful candle. Relaxed and sporting such huge futa-dicks.

They rushed over to me. I smiled, my asshole tingling. Britney’s breasts bounced, her blonde hair spilling about her face. She was so sexy. Her dick gleamed in Mary’s pussy juices. Some of Sarah’s cum still stained her lips.

“Here you are!” Britney moaned, offering me her dick from my right.

I turned my head, opened wide, and suckled her into my mouth. Mary’s tart musk filled my mouth. So delicious. Britney moaned, her back aching and her boobs jiggling. It was so hot to suckle on her new shaft. My tongue danced around her cock. I caressed her and savored dancing my tongue over her flesh.

She shuddered and smile down at me. I winked at her and suckled on her cock. I loved the taste of her dick in my mouth. It was amazing. I swirled my tongue around her crown. She whimpered, her boobs jiggling.

Sarah pressed her spit-soaked dick into my asshole. The cute, half-Japanese futa—which was a word I loved—found my asshole in moments. I had done anal once and had liked it. Now, I was sure I would love being DPed.

My clit tingled as Sarah drilled against my backdoor. I moaned around Britney’s cock and squirmed on Mary’s dick. I ground my throbbing bud into Mary’s bush. I breathed in through my nose, inhaling that relaxing lavender. Sarah moaned, my asshole widening.

She popped into my bowels.

“Oh, yes!” Sarah moaned as she sank into my asshole. “I’m in your butt, Shannon.”

“That’s hot,” groaned Britney as I nursed on her clit-dick.

“I can feel you,” gasped Mary. “Oh, Sarah, your cock is massaging mine through Shannon.”

Sarah whimpered and bottomed out in me. I had a futa-dick in every hole. My nethers felt so stuffed by their huge cocks. They dwarfed the few college boys I had fucked. I whimpered and stirred my hips around their cocks. This was incredible. My clit throbbed.


I felt it growing into Mary’s bush. I shuddered, savoring the silky caress of her curls on my expanding clit. My new cock blossomed. I was a futa, too. We all were. That was so amazing. I slid up Mary’s cock, my bowels clenching about Sarah’s big dick.

“Oh, my word!” moaned Mary, her brown eyes widening behind her glasses. “Oh, wow, that’s good, Shannon!”

My futa-cock slapped down on Mary’s stomach. Sarah drew back and thrust back into my asshole. I groaned around Britney’s cock. I rode Mary while Sarah pumped away. Their two dicks stirred that wonderful friction in me. Silky and velvety delights swirled through me, mixing.

My orgasm built.

I worked my cunt up and down Mary’s cock. I whimpered, drool running down my chin. I nursed on Britney. The blonde’s spicy musk filled my nose. I stared at her blonde curls dripping in her pussy cream. The flavor of Mary’s twat faded, replaced by salty precum.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sarah moaned as she plundered my asshole. She buried into my velvety sheath over and over again. “You’re so tight.”

“Uh-huh,” Mary groaned. “I love your cunt, Shannon. So silky! It’s so good!”

“It is!” agreed Britney. “Ooh, and so is getting blown. I’m going to flood your mouth, Shannon.

I suckled hard, hoping for that.

I rode Mary’s futa-cock, massaging her clit-dick with my juicy cunt. My new shaft smacked into her belly while a wonderful ache built and built at the tip. This explosive need that Sarah’s and Mary’s futa-dicks fed. The friction was incredible.

I whimpered, hurtling closer and closer to my orgasm. I suckled on Britney’s cock. I wanted their cum flooding my holes. I craved it as I rode Mary’s cock. My pussy squeezed about her, the delight thrusting to the tip of my dick smacking into her belly.

I hurtled towards my climax, Sarah’s dick pounding my asshole.

I slammed my cunt down Mary’s cock. Sarah’s slammed to the hilt in my bowels. The two frictions surged into that growing pressure in the depths of my pussy. I squealed around Britney’s shaft as the pressure erupted at the tip of my futa-dick.

I came.

My pussy and asshole writhed around the futas’ cocks while jizz fired from my shaft. It splashed across Mary’s tits. I bucked and moaned, the intense delight of cumming with a dick almost drowning out the feminine delight rippling out of my cunt.

“Oh, yes!” Sarah moaned. “That’s good. You’re cumming, right? You’re massaging my dick and… Yes!”

Sarah’s cum fired into my asshole. She spurted blast after blast of her girl-spunk into me. I groaned, my clit-dick unloading more jizz onto Mary’s tits. I squealed around Britney’s cock, savoring having cum firing into my asshole.

“So good!” whimpered Mary. “Your pussy, Shannon, is amazing! And your cum! You’re bathing my tits! I… I… Yes!”

Futa-jizz fired into my pussy. She splashed against my cervix. No protection. I was too relaxed to care, my mind deluged by my dual orgasms. I quivered, nursing on Britney’s cock. She moaned, her boobs jiggling above me.

“Shannon!” the blonde futa moaned.

Her girl-spunk fired into my mouth. They flooded all three of my holes. I whimpered, gulping down the salty cum while my orgasm intensified. The rapture surged through me. It hit that wild peak in me. Stars danced before my eyes.

I loved it.

My orgasm hit that wonderful peak as my holes milked their futa-dicks. I suckled and spasmed around their cocks. Britney’s salty seed filled my mouth. My shaft fired a last spurt of my jizz. I trembled, loving this delight.

I sucked in deep breaths, all of us moaning and gasping. The basement door opened while I just luxuriated in my climax.


Britney Meyers

“You girls are making a lot of noise,” my mother said, the basement stairs creaking as she descended. I pulled out of Shannon’s mouth.

Sarah ripped out of her asshole and then Shannon rose, her futa-cock dripping with cum. Mary whimpered, pushing up her glasses and then getting up as Mom came closer and closer to catching our futa-orgy.

“It’s getting late and…” Mom trailed off. “Mmm, what a lovely smell. Your new candle?”

My mom stepped into the basement in a blue robe, her blonde hair spilling around her face. She gasped as she saw our naked bodies. My futa-cock throbbed with lust. She was so gorgeous. I rose, strangled sounds coming from Mom’s throat as she stared at my magnificent futa-cock.

“Get her!” I moaned. The four of us rushed her.

To be continued…

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