Future sissies


Future sissiesI was born a Class A citizen 22 years ago on June 13th. As a Class A citizen, I have certain privileges not afforded to others. Before I go any further, let me explain. There are three types of citizens. Class As, like myself, are males that have been designated at a young age to play the dominant role in society. These are the politicians, athletes, manual laborers, etc. We are chosen based solely on masculinity and certain physical features, such as height, strength, facial structure and physical health. These males tend to be the most driven and aggressive. Before I get to the second class, I’ll briefly mention class C. This class is made up entirely of women. Women in our society are generally seen as only for reproductive purposes and lower level jobs, such as secretaries, nannies, and teachers. This is because their usefulness has largely been replaced by the next class I will tell you about. Class B is the second most valuable class we have in society, only after Class A. Class Bs (colloquially called “sissies” or “girls”), are males that are designated at a very young age for a special purpose. These individuals are generally shorter, more feminine, and very weak compared to us men. They have been chosen for a very specific role that they are molded into starting in grade school. Now, Class As and Bs have very different c***dhoods and experiences. By the age of 8 most males have been separated into their respective classes, and as such are separated into different schools. Class 1s go to schools tailored to developing masculinity in their subjects. As such, sports and physical activity are just as encouraged as studying and learning their subjects. In fact, recess takes up half of the school day. Most of these boys spend their time playing, fighting, and everything else you would expect of school age boys. After that, they follow the normal progression to high school and then university, where they are trained to fulfill their important role in society.Class 2s, however, follow a very different path. Starting in grade school, they are taught to be feminine and submissive in every way. These boys start a hormone regimen at a very young age to help facilitate this training. By the time puberty hits, they will have already been chemically neutered so no testosterone will affect their development as young sissies. They dress in girly uniforms, typical of a “schoolgirl”, with the tight shirt, short skirt, and tall socks. They grow their hair out long and soon learn how to use makeup and choose attractive panties and bras for their small, developing breasts. In school, their classes consist of certain subjects such as Etiquette, Homemaking, Cooking, and other topics tailored towards the feminine side of life. After grade school, they go on to high school where they learn more, let’s say “advanced”, techniques of caring for their future masters. Very early on, as men tend to be more sexually aggressive, we find these sissies to be the center of our more carnal desires. By high school, the typical fooling around occurs on a regular basis. I remember my first time with a sissy. I was a senior, she was just a few months younger. Her name was Victoria. Victoria was a short girl that lived down the street from me in a school dormitory. She had dark red hair that gave off a beautiful kadıköy escort orange sheen under the right light. She had freckles from cheek to cheek, light green eyes and a thin frame that perfectly accentuated her supple breasts. At just over 5 feet tall, she had the perfect little frame I could imagine. I had seen her around town quite often, usually out with other girls shopping, getting groceries, and the usual stuff. She always caught my eye, the way her hair d****d down over her breasts and her back curved, causing her butt to stick out perfectly…The first time I got a chance to have her was at a dance sponsored by both her school and mine. These dances were held at my school occasionally to foster development of our masculine and feminine roles. Naturally, I put on the nicest outfit I had, as we all know how much girls like a well-dressed man. I arrived to the dance, and being the more reserved and pensive type, I situated myself along the back wall to wait for the arrival of the one I desired most. After a few drinks and a passing conversation or two with my friends and classmates, I saw her walk in. She was wearing a tight purple dress that barely made it down over her back side. Her hair was straightened and brushed to the side, coming up over her right shoulder. As I looked her up and down, I saw how her small, black heels straightened her back and made her ass stick out, petite, but shapely and soft. I had always had a weakness for a nice butt, and she definitely had a slightly more developed frame than many of her friends. The tight dress hugged her tiny breasts perfectly; I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I downed my drink as fast as I could and slid my way through the students on the dance floor towards the girl that I desired so savagely. As I made my way over her eyes caught mine and a saw a brief smile slip out of her lips. Standing in front of me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Stifling any nervousness I had, I took a deep breath.“Would you like to dance with me?” I said.“Yes! I mean… sure, why not?” She responded, obviously excited at my offer.She handed her purse to her friend and took my hand as we walked out to the dance floor. I turned around and pulled her closer to me as I put my hands around her waist and her hands on my shoulders. She was looking down at my chest, clearly nervous in my strong presence. I suppose she was used to being around the other girls and didn’t have much experience with the boys. I looked down at her and asked if she was alright.“Yeah I’m fine… I’m just nervous I guess. I see how you look at me when I’m out around town and I, well, I don’t want to mess anything up.”I pulled her closer with my strong arms and reassured her,“You’re not messing anything up, you look beautiful tonight. I bet every girl in here is jealous of you.”She looked up into my eyes, smiled, and then put her head on my chest and pressed her body against mine. Through her tight dress I could feel her petite breasts rubbing against my stomach, her nipples getting harder. Lower down on my leg, I could feel the bulge of her tiny package pressing against my pants. Obviously embarrassed by her arousal, her hands grabbed my back tighter as she let out a soft moan. This attention made it difficult to remain anything less than rock hard. I whispered in her ear,“Do ümraniye escort you want to get out of here or something?”She looked up at me nodded softly. I grabbed her arm and took her off of the dance floor. As the dances were held in our gym, I knew that no one should be in any of the hallways or classrooms save for the few other hormonal teenagers that had the same idea as us. I opened the door to the hallway and looked back and forth before pulling her small body through the doors with me. At this point I was so unbelievably horny that almost anywhere would do. We quickly hurried down the hallway to the nearest empty classroom, which happened to be the chemistry lab. Locking the door, I turned around to see her standing up against the wall with her white lace panties around her knees, and her hands down in front of her, covering up her private parts. I walked over to her, put my hands around her waist, and went in to kiss her open mouth. She was considerably smaller than me in every way, which made me nervous as I didn’t want to hurt her too bad. Her tongue was very submissive, and as such I ended up nearly down her throat. I began sliding down the top of her dress so her nipples were out in the open. The cooler air running over them only served to make them harder. I hiked up the backside of her dress, and reached around with one hand, while the other moved up to caress her chest. I licked my fingers, and then snuck my hand down in between her soft cheeks, ready to feel my first boy pussy. As I got closer, I could feel her breathing more heavily. Finally, my fingers slid up against her moist, warm hole. I stopped kissing her, and went down to her neck where I could bite and tease her even more. My other hand slid down to where her little package was, and I could feel how hot it was becoming. Lifting up the dress, I saw her tiny clitty. It amazed me how much smaller it was than mine. I don’t have the biggest hardware, but her soft, petite cock was barely an inch!She let out a gasp as I slide my fingers into her hole starting with one, working my way up to three. I looked down as I was sliding my fingers back and forth, in and out of her tiny virgin ass, only to see her little boy clit dripping slightly. After seeing that I couldn’t resist anymore, and told her I needed her to get down on her knees. She anxiously obeyed, kneeling in front of me as I slowly unzipped my pants and removed my raging hard on. I swear standing in front of her for the first time like that I must have grown almost an inch. Nervously, she began stroking slowly while sucking on just the tip. I knew there was no way this little girl was able to handle the whole thing, but this was only teasing me. Feeling her tiny hands and warm mouth on my cock, I couldn’t hold back anymore. Reaching down, I grabbed her by the back of the head and began pushing deeper and deeper.I could hear her gagging, but to be honest I didn’t care at the time. Staring down at her I could see the tears coming out, sliding down her face, staining it with makeup. I pulled out to give her a chance to breath. She looked up at me, covered in saliva and tears. “Are you ok? I don’t want to hurt you or anything.” I asked.“It’s fine, I expect you to be rough, I just never realized how big your cock would actually be!” She replied.I stood her up, wiped ataşehir escort away the tears, and gave her a deep kiss. I then took her hand and led her over to the table, which happened to be perfectly at waist height. I laid her down on her back, and told her to hold her legs back for me. As I moved down to my knees, I could feel the heat of her pussy on my face. It smelled amazing; I could tell she had washed herself with a vanilla body wash before the dance. I told her to spread her cheeks with both hands so I could get a better look at my prize. Her hole was perfect, tight and pink, winking at every breath that graced it. I couldn’t take the temptation any longer, and dove in. I began slowly at first, making sure to get it nice and wet. I pushed my tongue deeper and deeper, to the point where I thought I would taste her mouth if I went any further. I could hear her moans as I swallowed every bit of juice I could get. I had worked myself up so much I needed more to be satisfied. As I stood up, her eyes met mine. She knew what was going to happen next, she had learned about this in school. This is the moment where everything she’s been learning will make sense. I asked Victoria if she was ready. A gentle nod and I knew she was mine. Pulling her frail body closer to the edge of the table, I placed the head of my cock against her tight hole.“Be gentle, please… I’ve heard this can hurt the first time.” She begged.I began pressing into her, the warmth of her tight hole making me harder and harder the further I went in. The head popped in and she gave out a soft whimper. She was a little small to be taking my cock, but she grabbed onto my hips and pulled me in closer. She relaxed enough that I could finally fit the entire length inside her, and soon I was pumping away. The moans she was making drove me crazy with lust, and every so often I would feel her tightening around my cock. With each pump I could see her little cock drip, more and more as I went harder and faster.“Don’t stop… please… fuck me like you’re trying to knock me up.” She demanded, looking up into my eyes.This girl in front of me hand gone from just a fantasy to my personal slut in a matter of a few hours. Picking her up, I bounced her tiny frame up and down, sliding the entire length of my cock. I couldn’t believe that such a tiny person was taking everything I had. She was breathing heavy and I knew she was loving this. Her tiny hole gripping tightly around me, I had never felt anything like it in my life. I put her down, flipped her over, and spread her cheeks so I could see my toy properly. Her tiny hole was open now, winking and squeezing like it was gasping for air. I slid myself back inside and continued pounding into her as her tiny clit bounced back and forth with each pump. After a few minutes of this, I couldn’t take it anymore, her pussy felt too good and I knew I was going to burst soon. I told her I was going cum, and she begged me to go as deep as I can, she wanted to keep every last bit of me in her. A few more thrusts and I unloaded what felt like my entire life supply of cum deep inside her. I looked back up at her, and she had the cutest little smile on her face.“Was I good enough? I always wanted my first time to be special…” she asked.I pulled her in close and assured her that it was the best experience of my life, and I didn’t want it to be my last. She asked me if there was any way she could sleep over for the night, as she didn’t want to go home looking like a mess. That was the first of many nights I spent with Victoria.TO BE CONTINUED

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