Gavin and Sally Ch. 02


This story follows on from the previous chapter, picking up, well you’ll see. Once again all characters are well over the age of eighteen and are in consensual sexual relationships, no coercion is involved. This is my fantasy universe and bears no relation to the reality we see around us or indeed the worlds you see in your own head.


They lay in the bath together, Gavin against the sloping rear and Sally leaning back on him. He ran his hands up and down her arms as they talked and lazed in the warm water. He casually moved his arms to allow his hands to cup her small but perfect breasts, she sighed and laid her head against his shoulder. The doorbell rang and they ignored it. It rang again and they still ignored it. Then a hand pounded on the back door, they ignored it. The house was silent, Gavin kissed Sally’s shoulder and she sighed. Neither heard the back door open. The next thing they knew was that the bathroom door swung open and their younger sister’s head peeked in.

“Oh shit!”


“Gavin! Sally!”

Monica, a bright, blonde, twenty seven year old, came into the bathroom and stood hands on hips, eyes wide and mouth open. Sally moved Gavin’s hands and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Mon, this is not what it looks like,”

“Fuck, it certainly looks like what it looks like.”

“Well okay, it is what it looks like, but we can explain, but why…”

“Why am I here, I came to see you guys, and wow! am I seeing you guys. Do you want to get dressed please, ‘cos this is a bit too weird to continue with you both naked.”

“Alternatively, you could strip off and join us in the bath.”

“Thanks Gav, but I think I’ll pass on that offer. Much as I’d like to play gooseberry with you, today is not that day. I’m going to make myself a coffee.”

Monica whirled round and left for the kitchen. Sally turned to Gavin and gave him a quick kiss.

“Come on you, our little sister needs us,”

Gavin and Sally hurriedly got out and dried, then headed for their rooms to dress. Fifteen minutes later, Gavin walked into the kitchen, seeing Monica sat at the table with her coffee half drunk. He made two coffees and sat wordlessly at the opposite end to Monica. Sally came in toweling her hair and grabbed the coffee, sitting midway between her siblings.

“OK, what’s going on as if I couldn’t guess?” Monica’s tone was gruff,

“Err, well Gav and I are…”

“We’re in a relationship, I adore her, she quite likes me.”

“Nice, well how did this cozy family fuckfest occur.”

“My car broke down.”

“What? Your car breaks down so you leap into bed with our brother?”

“Mon, calm down, it’s complicated, but essentially because of the car breaking down, we kind of re-arranged our lives.”

“Gav, we need to tell Mon everything from the beginning.”

Sally did that, as Gavin chipped in with his thoughts on the situation. Gavin got up and taking the mugs made more coffee. They carried on explaining the events leading up to her arrival, and eventually Monica smiled.

“Hmm does that smile indicate any degree of tolerance or acceptance on your part?”

“No, well sort of. I can see why, well almost see why, but you’re brother and sister, doesn’t that worry you?”

“No and yes. No for ourselves, but yes as regards you and the family, oh and possibly the rest of the world.”

“well I find it a bit weird that you two are so close and obviously in love, you’re my family for Gods sake. Who can I turn to when I need to discuss the situation I’m in?”

“Hey we’re still here for you, little sis, aren’t we Sal?”

“Of course we are, so if you have a problem we’re here to help you”

“Yes, well I really do need some advice.”

“OK go ahead caller, what do you want to ask Sally,”

“Gavin!” They said as one, he held his hands out flat, palms towards them, mouthing sorry.

“The truth is Roger’s sister is coming to stay and well, she and Rog are very close and…”

“You’re worried it’s more than the normal brother and sister relationship?”

“Yes! How did! No! Yes. I don’t know, I…”

“What is it sis?”

“Rog is cagey about her and his family, I haven’t seen any pictures apart from a few from a couple of years ago and they are sat together, she’s on his lap and to me they look like lovers not siblings.”

“Ouch, but do you have any proof, I mean.. actually I don’t know what I mean, sorry.”

“Gav’s right, what proof have you got?”

“None, we’ve met a couple of times, and she seems nice and friendly, I just am so confused.”

“Us being together didn’t help did it?”


“Okay, well is there any way you can approach this without upsetting yourself or Roger?”

“That’s what I came to ask you!”

“Sis, how long have you and Roger been together?”

“Oh! err… we met at Uni, so I guess nearly six years, yeah six years.”

“OK, so is everything alright, you know at home..?”

“She means are you still feeling the earth move, does he still float your boat, is he..?”

“OK Kolej Escort Gav! I get the message! And yes the sex is still brilliant, do you need to know how often, where and what position?” Monica said spikely, her face reddening.

“Hey, I was just trying to help, bloody hell Mon, I’m sorry, but…”

“Sorry Gav, it’s just that, I feel so alone and I thought coming here would help, but I just kinda got waylaid by you two. Hah! the look on Sal’s face when I looked in.” Monica grinned and reached for Sally’s hand. “Sorry Sis, I didn’t mean to intrude on your day.”

“No worries, look, why don’t you stay for supper, we’ll rustle something up or get a takeaway, whatever.”

“OK sure, that’d be great, I told Rog I was coming over and I’ll tell him to organise his own supper.” She reached for her bag which had her mobile phone in.

“NO! Wait! Sis why don’t you ask Rog over too.”

“You think so Gav?”

“Yes, then you and he could talk things over on neutral territory, well almost.”

“OK, OK, I can see your logic, yes, ” she slurred the last word as if thinking deeply about it.

Phoning Roger, she asked him to come over and have supper with her at her brother and sister’s place. As she had come over by public transport, she could go home with him in their car. Roger agreed and said he’s lock up and come over right away.

When Roger arrived twenty five minutes later, they were sat in the lounge sharing a bottle of red wine. Monica opened the door when he rang and was swept up into his arms. He kissed her face profusely and then lifted her up to kiss her passionately as he kicked the door shut. Coming into the lounge he handed Gavin a bottle of new world red wine.

“Hi Guys, bought this over for you.”

“Thanks Rog. here let me grab your coat, Sally has a glass ready, sit down.”

Gavin took Roger’s coat and hung it on the hook in the hall. Returning he sat in the armchair and Sally sat on his lap. Roger sat with Monica on the sofa, hand in hand.

“So Rog, how’s business? still pushing a pen round at Howard’s?”

“Yeah, good thanks, a couple more years and I might make junior partner, but that’s not set in stone.”

“OK, well cheers,”

They raised their glasses and drank, smiling and giggling.

“Ummm, is there some subtext I’m missing here ‘cos this isn’t, like, feeling natural, have I done something wrong?”

Roger looked round at the others, they couldn’t look him in the eye. Monica squeezed his hand, and looked straight at him.

“Rog, you know Jan is coming to stay, well you never say anything about your childhood and I never see pictures of you as kids. Janice is so incredibly beautiful that…”

“Yes she is incredibly beautiful and I love my little sister dearly, but there is something you should know about her.”

Roger paused and took a large mouthful of his wine. The others sat wrapt in the silence. He swallowed noisily and looked at Monica intently.

“My beautiful, glamorous, talented sister, is.. gay. She has known from an early age and I have supported her and kept her secret from Mum and Dad and you, until now.”

“Why, there’s nothing wrong in her being gay is there? We wouldn’t think twice about it, it’s how she is, what difference does it make?”

“Sally to our parents it’s the end of the world, their darling daughter gay? They won’t be able to accept it. There is a chance she would be disowned, rejected, cut off. I can’t let that happen.”

Roger’s head bowed and a tear fell onto his leg. Monica threw herself at him and held and soothed him. She wrapped him up in her arms and held her head against his.

“I’m sorry, but I love my sister so much this really hurts, I’m sorry that I never told you Mon, you’re my best friend and soul mate. Jan wanted to tell you when we first met, but I stalled her, it was stupid, I knew all along that you would still love her like I do, I’m so sorry.”

“Rog, don’t, don’t it’s okay it will be alright. I am so glad you told me, I was so worried about you and her. I must admit I was jealous of your closeness, I thought all sorts of terrible things. I thought I might lose you.”

“To Jan, you thought..”

“Yes and it’s my turn to say sorry. But, if you were, I would understand, she is so beautiful.”

“She is, but then so are you, but you have nothing to worry about in that way. You are the only one for me.”

Roger looked up into Monica’s steel blue eyes and brought his face to hers. They kissed, gently but passionately. Gavin held Sally and she lay back in his arms. Roger and Monica suddenly realising where they were, blushed and parted. Roger looked over at Gavin and Sally and a grin split his face.

“So when did you two become an item?”

“That obvious huh?”

“Well now you mention it, yes.”

“Not long, boring story, but yes we are as you say an item.”

“Well I can’t say I’m surprised, you’ve been the most unmarried, married couple I’ve seen in a while. You look good together, yeah you fit.”

“You don’t sound upset Escort Kolej or outraged or..”

“What the hell is it my place to say what’s right or wrong, you go for it, who’re harming. You look okay to me. Although please promise me you’ll never breed, any more Gavin’s would be too much for the planet.”

“Thanks Rog I, err we appreciate that.” Sally sat up and giggled.

“Rog, can I ask you something else, about your Mum and Dad, I mean we’ve only seen them a couple of times and they seem like nice normal people, but you never mention them and we never go visit, why?”

“My Mum and Dad do seem like nice normal people, but believe me my Dad can be mean, petty and spiteful. Jan’s a good example. When she knew, she wanted to say something, but I stopped her when he was pretty vicious about one of our cousin’s who had come out. He refused to go see my Aunt in case Kenny was there. They never went to family gatherings after that. He said he didn’t want me or Jan ‘infected’ by him. Can you believe that? And Mum just goes along with it, she never fights her corner, he’s so controlling”

“Jesus, how spiteful, that is horrible.”

“You see why I need to protect Jan, she is so fragile underneath, it would kill her. She goes to see them and each time they try to find out if she’s dating, what’s his name, why isn’t he there with her. She hates it, and so do I.”

“Wow! that is so wrong. No wonder you’re a little cagey about talking about it. Sorry Rog that sucks.”

“Is Jan currently in a relationship?”

“Yes she’s been living with Sarah for three years now.”

“Is she bringing Sarah with her?”

“No, she’s a little afraid, well they both are of the family.”

“Ring her Rog, ring her right now, I want to speak to her, do it please!”

Roger nodded and pulled his mobile from his trouser pocket. He pressed a couple of buttons then waited.

“Jan, hi honey, yeah good, you?, uh huh, look have you got a minute, here’s Mon, she wants to talk to you, yes, she knows.”

He passed the phone to Monica, who pulled her hair back off her face so it sat behind her ears and breathed deeply before she spoke.

“Jan, hi, yes I’m fine, you? good. Now look Jan, Rog has told me about you and about Sarah. What! no of course not, absolutely, not, ha! Please will you listen for a minute. I want you to bring Sarah when you come to us, yes I insist, no it isn’t. Please say you will?… you will! great, I’m really, really looking forward to seeing you and to meeting Sarah. I love you too Jan, you know that, here’s Rog.”

She handed the phone to Roger, who stood and smiled at Mon.

“..Jan? of course sis, of course, no it’s not a problem, yes she is, you were right all along. I know, thank you, yes see you Friday, love to Sarah. Take care, bye, bye…bye.”

He closed the phone shrugged and sat next to Monica, taking her hands.

“Thanks, Mon, she’s over the moon, Sarah was going to be on her own this weekend, but now she can meet the family, well you and me, thank you so much.”

“Well at the risk of intruding, why don’t you guys come over on Saturday and we’ll have a meal and some drinks. It can be a kind of coming out for all of us. Please?”

“Oh Sal, don’t do that big eyes thing, of course we will, Rog?”

“Ahh, how can I refuse such a cute face, yes we’ll come over, thank you.”

“So you think my big sister’s cute huh!”

“Yes, why is that a problem?”

“No, just thought I’d check that.”

“Yeah I bet, well just to put you straight, she’s cute but you’re gorgeous.”

“What about me?”

“Sorry mate you’re definitely not my type.”


They laughed and drank and then opened the other bottle of wine. At Sally’s insistence Monica and Roger stayed overnight, leaving early to get home to change for work. Sally and Gavin rushed around and managed to grab a quick breakfast, kiss and leave for work. Gavin even remembered to lock the door on his way out.

The week passed quickly and on Friday Monica phoned to say she was waiting for Janice and Sarah on her own. Roger had to work late so that a contract could be couriered to a client on Saturday morning. Monica begged them to come over, she was going to do spaghetti and had loads of Bolognese sauce, as she had misread the recipe and prepared enough for eight. They agreed and left to join Monica.

Just after they arrived another car drew up in front of Monica and Roger’s house. They recognised Janice from the wedding and went to say hello. As they reached the car a slightly older woman perhaps thirtyish, got out, she was shortish and a little on the plump side of well covered, but her face lit up as Monica embraced her as if she were a long lost relative. This had to be Sarah, they clustered round and introduced themselves. Gavin grabbed Sarah and steered her to the door, leaving the other three organising the bags. Taking her coat he showed her into the lounge. He sat her on the sofa and asked what she wanted to drink.

“Do you have any wine?”

“Sure, red, white, or rose?”

“errr. Kolej Escort Bayan Red if you have it, is that okay?”

“Sure, now just relax, this must be very daunting for you?”

“I’m terrified, Roger is always raving about Monica, Janice thinks she’s terrific, and now I’m just a bit overwhelmed.”

“Nah! Mon’s alright, she’s a good girl, we love her, and when we get to know you in about twenty minutes, we’ll love you just as much.”

“Thanks Gavin, you’re very sweet.”

“You’re welcome, oh! here are the others I’ll get their drinks too, back in a minute, just relax, you’re amongst friends now.”

Gavin went out and took the other drink orders and disappeared into the kitchen. Janice and Monica, arm in arm, raised eyebrows at Sally, she giggled helplessly and raised her hands in a “don’t ask me” gesture. They all laughed and went into the lounge. Seeing them, Sarah jumped up and stood looking awkward.

“Sit down hun,” Monica said gently, as Janice slipped beside her and grabbed her hand. they sat together on the sofa, gripping hands tightly.

“I wish I could get you two to relax a little, we don’t bite, well not usually.”

“Mon it’s good of you to have Sarah and I to stay, we’re really…”

“Janice, you’re always welcome, you know that and Sarah too. I wonder where Gavin is with the drinks?”

At that moment, the door opened and Gavin came in with a small tray with the drinks on. Placing it on the coffee table he handed them out. He stood by the coffee table and raised his glass.

“Cheers family, looking forward to a great weekend.”

“Cheers,” rang round the table. then Gavin perched on the chair that Sally sat in. Janice and Sarah looked awkwardly about and Monica was biting her lower lip with her front teeth.

“Okay,” said Gavin, “let’s get the elephant out of the room. Come on tell us how you met?”

Sarah grinned and Janice laughed out loud, Monica put a hand to her mouth and Sally nudged Gavin.

“What? Everyone’s dying to know, why pretend, come on tell us?”

Janice sighed and looked at Sarah lovingly.

“Well, I had just finished Uni and I was working in an office temporarily trying to make ends meet while I decided what to do.”

“I’d worked at the office for about two years when Jan arrived. I was her supervisor when she started.”

“We went for a drink one night and found we had a lot in common, we went out a few more times.”

“We both realised this was more than a work thing, and we had a meal at my flat and the rest is history.”

“Wow, so almost love at first sight?”

“Well Gav, I don’t know, we’ve had three years now and the start is a bit hazy.”

“But, we love each other and that’s the long and short of it.”

“Well I think it’s great,” said Monica, “you two are so obviously in love, it’s lovely.”

“Well at least we can relax here, it’s a bit difficult at work.”

“Why?” asked Sally naively.

“Well with Jan being such a hottie she gets hit on by all the guys, on a regular basis.”

“Do they know about you two?”

“No, we’re not that brave and it’s… well lets just say it’s difficult.”

“Do they know you live together?”

“No! we arrive and leave separately, it’s easier, sometimes I get a lift, which is kind of Sarah.”

Sarah giggled, it was an unrestrained infectious sound and the others joined in.

“Where’s my handsome brother by the way?”



“You know Rog, he’s desperate to prove himself, to me and to your Dad.”

“Dad I can understand, he’s never satisfied with anything we do. “Could do better” was his bloody mantra since we were two. He could be all charming and lovable then become this monster who dictated our every move.”

Janice felt a tear forming and hastily wiped her eye. Sarah’s hand squeezed hers and she kissed her cheek. Janice moved her head to touch Sarah’s. Sally found Gavin’s hand and squeezed hard. He kissed her forehead. Monica stood and moved to the tissue box, yanking one out and snuffling her nose into it.

“I hope at some time he can meet up with you and Sarah, he needs to know, if only to confront his prejudices.”

“Fat chance, more like give me grief about my life and failures. I won’t have him rubbish Sarah, that’s not on.”

Janice had reddened and Sarah had her arm round her shoulder, but Janice lost it completely.

“Bastard has been controlling me for twenty five years now, I’m not letting him do that anymore. I won’t give in to his stupidity, I’ve had enough.”

Gavin lifted himself off the arm of the chair and went and sat on the floor in front of Janice. He placed a hand tentatively on her knee, then looked into her eyes.

“No one has the right to have any say in your life, except you and Sarah, no one should ever make you feel small or insignificant, no one. I’ve only been with you two for about forty minutes, but it’s enough to know that you love and care for each other deeply. Fuck the world, you have each other, that’s enough.”

“Thanks Gavin,” said Sarah, reaching to touch his cheek, “We have a few friends and your support and love is all we need.”

Gavin turned slightly and kissed Sarah’s palm.

“I Love this woman, you’re beautiful,” he said and grinned, “But I still got the best girl.”

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