Getting It Out Of Our Systems Ch. 02


This story follows on from “Getting It Out Of Our Systems” by PippaCambridge. This is the next time that Sally and Matt meet and is written by Sally.


A couple of weeks had passed since that afternoon when we’d tried to get it out of our systems. I hadn’t heard much from Matt, just the odd text. Maybe the guilt had kicked in. Despite that I’d find myself day dreaming about that hot afternoon all the time. The taste of his lips on mine, the touch of his hands on my body, the pleasure that had ripped through me and the look of lust and want in his eyes! All I could think about and dream of was him. I knew we hadn’t got it out of our systems and I wanted more. I kept typing out texts but not daring to press send. I wanted Matt again but was scared he might say no.

A couple of days later I found myself fantasising about Matt whilst I was in the shower. The thought of his hands massaging and caressing my soapy boobs whilst his hard cock pressed up against my shapely ass seriously turned me on. I imagined how we’d passionately kiss whilst the hot water cascaded over us. We’d then get out of the shower and whilst still wet go to the bedroom. The urgency of wanting to fuck each other wouldn’t allow us time to get dry. I knew I had to see him again as I clearly hadn’t got it or him out of my system.

As I finished my shower my mind flicked back to how it had all started. I’d known Matt for years. To begin with there had been no attraction between us . I’d never thought of him in that way. We’d started emailing, just friendly banter, and then some harmless flirting had crept in. It was fun and exciting and brightened up dull days in the office. The flirting gradually got more intense. Both of us seeing how far we could push things. I kept doubting in my mind that Matt would ever want more but his messages seemed to say the opposite. In one email Matt wrote “Something in the chemistry between us when we swap emails tells me all I need to know.” I’d sat at my desk wondering if maybe there was more to it.

On another occasion Matt had referred to me as a “beautiful, sexy, feisty woman”. Matt had the ability to turn on the charm and he was definitely charming me. He also had the ability to make me smile even when I was having a rubbish day. He’d once offered to come lingerie shopping with me and told me that he “could be like Gok Wan but with an erection 😉 “. I’d pushed the boundaries too . I’d mentioned licking my lips and then commented about which set of lips I was referring to. Matt’s reply came back saying SALLY! I AM SHOCKED…..but yet strangely aroused!!! ;-)”

The email flirting turned to texting as it got more explicit! We were sending a large amount of messages each day. I’d sit staring at my phone waiting for a reply. At one point we’d graphically described what we’d like to do to each other and then joked that we’d had textual intercourse. The thrill had been immense but had also left me wanting more.

Gradually the emails and texts turned into an e-affair. We’d occasionally meet for coffee. On a few occasions we’d given in briefly to temptation and kissed. The first time had been in the city art gallery. I’d been asking Matt in our emails if he’d ever given into temptation and he was ironically answering the question in person when we kissed. One minute we were feigning an interest in the art work and then the next we were lustfully kissing, our hands running over each other, our lips wanting to devour each other.

On another occasion I’d met Matt at his office and after a tour of the building we’d gone back to his office. As soon as we’d walked back in to his office we’d locked eyes and then immediately locked lips. We kissed and kissed. And then moved into his stationery cupboard in case anyone walked into the office. For months after we joked about having sex in that cupboard and all the sexual acts that could have taken place in their and also how we both had a fantasy about shagging on Matt’s desk.

Before we left his office Matt said to me that he had one more thing to do. I thought he meant shutting his computer down or something like that but he kissed me again passionately and then quite matter of factly said “Right, that’s that done, shall we go get a coffee?”. On all occasions the guilt had got the better of us and we resolved to lose touch for a while but we never stuck to it for more than a few weeks at the most. Perhaps it was inevitable that after so many years that it would only end up in one place.

I walked from the bathroom back to my bedroom. I was only wearing a towel around my body and one on my head that my wet hair was wrapped up in. For once I was home alone. I glanced at the clock on my phone and realised I had a few minutes to spare. With thoughts of Matt still in my head I knew what I wanted to do. I removed the towel from my head and let my wet hair fall down around my ears and neck. I walked over to the bed, propped up the pillows and sat down. I took the tube escort bayan gaziantep of lube out of my bedside drawer and opened it. I squeezed a blob out on to my finger. I lay back and applied the lube to down there. It felt cold on my warm skin.

As I started to move my finger in a circular motion around and over my clitoris the sensation of the cool lube turned quickly to a pleasurably one. As my finger carried on rhythmically circling round I closed my eyes and pictured Matt’s face. I could see his big brown eyes. If you looked into them for too long you could easily get lost in them.

We’d locked eyes before and I was sure I’d felt the electricity buzzing between us. I could also see his gorgeous, sexy smile. Matt’s smile made me melt. It made his eyes light up and he had a habit of adding a cheeky wink. Matt was a few years older than me. He was tall and handsome. He had strong arms and gave the most amazing hugs. I felt so safe in his arms and as though it was only him and me and nothing else. He looked good in whatever he wore and he always smelt gorgeous due to his good taste in aftershave.

As my fingers worked away a tingling sensation began to grow in my stomach and down there. I remembered how Matt’s tongue had felt on my clitoris. Licking it and flicking it whilst I laid on his bed, my arms splayed out, barely able to breathe from the sensations coming from down there due to him. The pleasure had been exquisite.

I carried on moving my finger, still thinking of Matt and wishing he was there. He was definitely in my system and also under my skin. As the tingling turned into a deeper feeling it felt as those waves of pleasure were growing inside me. Each one bigger than the previous one. I quickened the motion of my fingers. It also felt as though a spring was being slowed coiled up inside me.

By now I knew I was close to coming and so I removed my finger for a brief moment. I then moved it back to my clitoris and started pleasuring myself again. I did this a few times. The starting and stopping seemed to increase the pleasure for me.

Just as I was about to come I slowed down the rhythm of my finger until it was barely moving. I’d found from experience that this intensified and prolonged my orgasm. The spring inside me now felt so tightly coiled I knew that at any second it would release itself and unwind. As my finger lightly brushed over my clitoris it was enough to tip me over the edge and I came.

Waves of pleasure radiated out of me, down my legs to my toes and I felt my muscles down there contracting and expanding beyond my control. I inhaled deeply as a massive smile spread across my face.

I waited for my orgasm to subside before I started moving my finger again. The sensation was now intense, almost too much to take, but after a minute or so the waves of pleasure that had been brewing again reached their crescendo and I found myself coming again. I stopped my finger and just enjoyed the feeling. I inhaled and exhaled deeply as I lay there completely lost in the moment. I remembered that the last time I’d come I’d been on top of Matt!

A couple of days later I woke up feeling poorly. I was due in work that morning but felt too ill to go. My husband offered to drop our daughter off at her nursery as usual and so after phoning work I returned to bed. After some more sleep I felt much better. I got up and made myself a cup of tea and took it back to bed. My phone was on my bedside cabinet. After checking out Facebook my thoughts turned to Matt. I still ached to see him and have him again. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and text him.

As I selected a new message on my phone I wondered what to say. I typed “Hi Matt. Hope you’re ok. Just wondering if you fancy a coffee sometime. It’d be good to see you. Take care, Sally xx”. For some reason there were butterflies in my stomach even as I typed it. My thumb hovered over send.

I sat for about a minute inwardly debating whether to send it, wondering what his reply would be. I told myself to get a grip and pressed send. The icon swirled and then changed to show my message had gone. I stared at my phone waiting for a reply. A few minutes passed. I tried to reason with myself that he was at work and therefore may be in a meeting or on a phone call and unable to reply. Time seemed to stand still.

After what seemed like hours to me my phone beeped. I half jumped with the noise. I hoped that the message was from Matt. I unlocked my phone but then paused. Half of me didn’t want to read the message. What if he was saying he didn’t want to meet and that it was over. I told myself that not reading it wouldn’t change what it said and that I’d never know what it said until I did read it.

I held my breath and pressed the message icon. The message was from Matt and it said “Hi. I’m good thanks. Would love to meet for a coffee, the last one we had was hot and steamy!!!! ;-)”. For some reason I breathed a sigh of relief. I knew what he meant.

Matt and I had joked about how ‘meeting for coffee’ could be an innuendo for meeting for sex as we seemed to misbehave when we’d innocently agreed to just have a coffee. I hit reply. “Excellent. Are you free this afternoon as I’m home alone all day. You could pop in on your way home from work. :-)” I sent my reply and then waited for a message back. After a minute or so my phone beeped again. “Sounds great. See you about 1.30pm. Hope they’ll be something tasty for dinner.” A big smile spread across my face as excitement began to grow inside me. I thought for a second and replied “Of course! Would you fancy a tongue sandwich and pork in cider? ;-)”

Our texts had always been full of smut and innuendo. We seemed to be able to make innuendo out of anything. Food had cropped up before. I recalled how we’d once joked that we should have a dirty weekend away together. I’d said that we’d have to leave the room to go down for breakfast. Matt had replied “I like the sound of ‘going down’ for breakfast. I could suck on your melons and spread butter on your croissant and then lick it off! ;-)”

Matt had a way with words and I loved it. We just both seemed to be on the same wave length when it came to finding smut, innuendo and at times complete filth in just about anything or any situation. My phone beeped again. It was another message from Matt. “Sounds divine. I’m already salivating at the thought of it! ;)”.

It was already mid morning and so I got up and dressed. As I pondered what underwear to put on I hoped that Matt would be taking it off me later. He’d once said that he didn’t have a real preference on colour and that “coordination was the key”. With those words in my head I picked out and put on my lacy black bra and matching lacy black knickers.

I got dressed, dried my hair and then wondered what to do until Matt arrived. I busied myself with some house work and then flicked through some magazines but couldn’t concentrate on reading. I glanced at the clock and time had crept on to 1.25pm. I knew, well hoped, that he would arrive soon. I sat on the sofa and a couple of minutes later his car pulled up outside.

I grabbed my keys and unlocked and opened the door. Matt was walking down the drive. I hadn’t realised just how pleased I would be to see him. The ball of nerves and anticipation that had been growing in my stomach felt bigger than ever. Matt looked at me, grinned and raised one eyebrow. His look said it all. “Hello Mr Forrester” I said to him as he reached the front door. He replied “Good afternoon Mrs Jones.”

“Do come in” I said as a massive smile spread across my face.

I had barely closed the door and we were already passionately kissing, devouring each other, our hands wandering all over each other, exploring, feeling, desperate for more. The knot in my stomach melted away and was replaced with a tingling sensation down there. A wave of excitement rippled through me. I wanted this man and I wanted him now. We stopped kissing for a moment and just stared into each other’s eyes.

I had never been filled with so much want or lust. I broke the stare and moved my lips close to Matt’s ear. I whispered softly “I really want to fuck you”. I’d said it once in a text but now it was for real. Matt replied “You’re a dirty girl Sally”.

“Isn’t that why you like me?” came my retort. Matt simply said “Oh yeah!”.

“Well if I’m so dirty perhaps we should take a shower?”

“It’ll take more than that to rid of you of your filth” Matt joked.

“It must be the company I keep that’s leading me astray. I used to be a polite young lady until I met you.” Matt raised one eyebrow and shot me a look that clearly said I don’t believe you. I said no more but took hold of his hand and led him in to the bathroom.

I closed the door behind us. We stood for a second and then at the same time we both started to undress each other. Matt was wearing a jacket, shirt and jeans. I helped him slip out of his jacket and then started to unbutton his shirt. It fell open and I placed my hands gently on his chest. He smelt more gorgeous than ever as I inhaled his scent. I slid my hands up to his shoulders and his shirt fell to the floor. I planted delicate kisses on his muscular shoulders and then down his chest.

I bent down so that my eyes were level with the buttons on his fly. I undid the buttons one by one. His cock was already hard and I could see it bulging, trying to burst through his boxer shorts. I lowered Matt’s jeans and he stepped out of them.

As I stood up Matt tugged at the bottom of my jumper. I instinctively lifted my arms up. In one move my jumper and t-shirt came off revealing my black lacy bra. Matt then crouched down and mimicking me undid and removed my jeans. As Matt saw my pants he commented “Nice choice Sally”.

“Well I seem to remember that co-ordination is the key”.

“Oh yeah baby!”

Matt then undid my bra and removed it. He then lowered his head and started to suck on one of my nipples, licking and flicking it with his tongue whilst his fingers pinched and squeezed the other one.

The memories of our previous encounter came flooding back. I could feel myself getting wetter down their. I let my head fall back and I gave a moan of sheer pleasure. I wanted this man so badly. Matt increased the tempo and I went weak at the knees. I placed a hand on his shoulder to steady myself. His skin felt hot on my fingers. Matt then stood up. We kissed again, more urgently this time as the need to fuck each other grew ever stronger.

I turned on the shower to allow it to warm up. Whilst it did I bent down and curled my fingers around the waistband of his boxer shorts. Slowly I lowered them revealing his large, hard penis which was now fully stood to attention. “You could use that as a tent pole!” I exclaimed. The thought of it in me made me squeal inwardly with delight. Matt just grinned.

As steam began to float out of the shower Matt stepped in and then held out his hand to help me in. The water was deliciously warm on my skin. As it cascaded over us we kissed fervently as Matt held my face in his hands.

Matt then grabbed the shower gel and squeezed a large blob into his hands. He lathered it up and then stood behind me and began to massage my boobs. It felt more sensual than I could have ever imagined. I could feel his hard cock pressing against my bum. One of his hands moved down my stomach and then I felt his finger on my clitoris, gently rubbing and stroking it. Without realising it I let out another moan. “Fuck me, that’s good!”

“You are a dirty girl, it’s a good thing we’re in the shower” smirked Matt.

I wriggled round to face Matt. I just wanted to devour him. I lathered up my hands and massaged his chest and back whilst he carried on down their. We kissed again, this time more urgently. My lust for him was about to explode. We rinsed ourselves off and I turned the shower off. I stuck my head from round the curtain. “Oh shit!” I exclaimed. “There’s no towels, we’ll have to make a run for it.” We both climbed out of the shower and over the pile of our abandoned clothes.

We ran across the hall and up the stairs. Matt was trying to grab my ass and I squealed and giggled as he chased me. At the top of the stairs I grabbed a massive towel from the cupboard and through it at Matt hitting him square on in the face which made me laugh. Matt opened out the towel and wrapped it around his back. He then stretched out his arms and stepped towards me. He wrapped his arms around me and so we were both encased in the towel.

I could feel his wet skin on mine, his hot breath on my neck and his hard cock twitching against me. We just stood there for a minute, lost in the moment. Without either of us initiating it we started to kiss again.

Delicate kisses, the merest of touches of our lips. Shivers ran down my spine.

As the kisses grew more and more intense, Matt let go of the towel. “Do you fancy a bit of doggy style?” Matt enquired nonchalantly. He knew this was my favourite position as we’d once discussed it via text. “Sounds fabulous!” I casually replied. I climbed up on to the bed, put my head on the pillows and stuck my bum in the air. I glanced round to see Matt on the bed behind me. “Not too hot for you this time am I?” I enquired in a joking way. Matt placed his hands on my hips and slowly entered me. “I think I can handle it” he coolly replied.

As Matt’s hard cock slid into me I could feel him in me. I felt full and more turned on than ever before. Matt gently moved back and forwards, his cock sliding effortlessly in and then nearly all the way out of me. As he got into his stride he increased the tempo. Each thrust sent a ripple of pleasure shooting through me. I placed my finger on my clitoris and began to pleasure myself.

Matt placed his hands on my breasts and began to massage them. I could feel his warm hands squeezing and caressing them. I glanced round at Matt, he had a look of half concentration, half pleasure on his face. He saw me looking and gave me a cheeky wink.

As my orgasm began to build I called out to Matt “Oh Matt, fuck me, that’s amazing. Please don’t ever stop fucking me!” Matt remained silent but thrust slightly harder. He placed his hands back on my hips to steady himself as he was now slamming into me now.

The movement of my finger quickened and I knew that any minute I’d come. I felt like I might explode from all the pleasure in me. As Matt slightly slowed down and moved his hands again to play with my nipples it was too much to take. As he pulled and squeezed my nipples with his fingers I was over the edge and coming. “Oh, I’m coming, I’m coming” I moaned sofltly. The waves of pleasure radiated out and through me. I inhaled deeply, unable to move or speak.

I just lay there with my head buried in the pillows enjoying every second of it and not wanting it to end. Matt’s thrusts had slowed down again. His hands were still on my boobs but he was now gently massaging them once more. As my orgasm faded I glanced round at Matt. “Bloody hell!” I exclaimed. “You are amazing!”.

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