Getting Stuck In An Elevator


First let me introduce myself, my name is Alison, I’m 25 years old and I work as a saleswoman for a small but old bank and insurance company. The bank I work for is very traditional, but I was taken on to sell banking products to the newly identified “women’s market”. I am very successful at my job, consistently meeting targets. Really at this stage I’m the top woman in the place (not hard there are only a dozen of us, mainly secretaries). As such I regularly meet with the old men who run the bank in strategic meetings and so on. Being blonde, and attractive and the only woman they deal with I often get leered at, during these meetings.
At first it bothered me to have some 50ish or even 60ish guy staring at my breasts all the way during regular meeting, but gradually I began to find it a bit of a turn on. I began to look forward to these meetings and started wearing sexy lingerie underneath my tight business blouse, jacket and skirt. Frankly I got off on watching these old farts panting their way through marketing meetings, gaping at my thighs or low cut blouses, while all the time pretending to be interested in profit margins!
It reached a climax one meeting when I deliberately let my short skirt ride up my young legs so that a flash of silk stocking tops was briefly visible to the old perverts. I remember seeing their eyes suddenly widening and lust replacing thoughts of strategy! That day I got so turned on that I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom in order to urgently frig away at my clit until I hit a massive orgasm……I can still remember it!
Anyway, it was Friday and I was horny after the usual meeting with the old chaps. It had gone well with me as usual enjoying wearing my sexy lingerie and fuck me high heel, teasing them with my tight short business skirt and revealing blouse. The sad part was the meeting resulted in lots of work for me, so I knew I would have to work late. Anyway it was around 9.30 pm when I got a call from the security guard downstairs.
Two of my college friends, Toby and Mike were in the lobby. Could they come up to see me? Sure I said, as I was finishing up anyway. Wow! This was great, I hadn’t seen Toby or Mike for years and I felt really excited at the thoughts of meeting them again. Anyway Toby and Mike quickly arrived in my office and we exchanged pleasantries, some small talk and a little bit of general catching up on what we’d done with our lives since college.
We then got into the elevator, and pressed the button for the ground floor, sure enough the doors closed after us, but the elevator refused to budge!
“Shit, what’s happening here?” said Toby, the taller and more handsome of my companions.
“Umm, I’ll try the emergency phone”, replied Mike, a shorter and stockier man than Toby.
After speaking with the security guard downstairs Escort on the emergency phone, Mike had some bad news.
“Well, the security guard says that at this hour it’ll take about 3 hours for an emergency call out from the elevator company”
Toby swore, but then his face lightened before breaking out into a broad grin, “Hey seeing as we’re stuck here, I thought we might share a little something I know you guys liked in college, I was going to save this for later – but now seems as good a time to enjoy it as ever.”
Toby reached into his jacket and took out what might be termed “whacky backy”.
As ever Toby was right, Mike and myself did indeed enjoy the odd toke in college. In fact I more than enjoyed it, in college I found that grass made me insatiably horny and I always had taken pleasure in a good fuck after a smoke if it was possible.
Anyway Toby rolled a joint for me, Mike and himself and shortly we were all enjoying ourselves. In fact I was more than enjoying myself, the combination of the grass, and the meeting where I had been teasing the old perverts had me feeling more horny than I could remember in a long time.
Toby was actually an old boyfriend in college as was Mike so I could tell that the pair of them were getting turned on too, by the way they were increasingly brushing up against me in the tight confines of the elevator.
“I still want you” Toby gasped in between puffs
“You’re a damn sexy woman you know”, Mike added.
Well it was just too much for me, I grabbed Toby by his jacket and planted a deep wet kiss on his mouth. I didn’t need to tell the guys twice! Toby responded passionately, his tongue probing mine, whilst from behind I could feel Mike’s hands cupping my breasts, gently squeezing and rubbing them.
By now I could feel my cunt juices really begin to flow and knew that the crotch of my panties must be soaked. I took my hand and began rubbing Toby’s rapidly enlarging organ through the material of his trousers, meanwhile Mike had moved his hands down south and was feeling my ass and rubbing the front of groin. Toby moved his attention to unbuttoning my blouse and pulling the cups of my bra down to reveal my rock hard nipples.
“Nice” he murmered before lowering his mouth to start sucking, licking and chewing on each nipple in turn.
Behind me Mike must have unzipped his trousers, because he grabbed my free hand and pulled it back to grasp his huge erect penis. If there was one thing I remembered about Mike, it was that he was hung like a stallion! I started to gently wank Mike’s massive tool and moaned quietly given Toby’s attention to my breasts. Mike then grasped the hem of my short skirt and pulled it up over my hips revealing my silk stocking tops, suspender belt and silk La Perla panties.
“Sexy underwear Alison”, Mike grunted Escort Bayan before moving down onto his knees and using his fingers to pull the panties sideways from the crack of my ass. I could feel him apply his tongue to my asshole, gently rimming me while his fingers moved forward to stroke my steaming snatch.
Whilst Mike was investigating my asshole and pussy, Toby took time out to unzip his trousers and let his tool spring out. His dick was big at around 8 inches long and 2 inches thick and he grabbed the back of my head with his hand and pulled me down so that my mouth was just opposite his erect member. I knew exactly what to do and immediately set about licking the helmet of his prick, slurping away greedily at the drops of pre-cum that had formed.
His penis tasted delicious so I moved my mouth further down the shaft, sucking deeply, my tongue working overtime over the ridges, veins and bumps of his magnificent erection. As I set about sucking Toby into oblivion, Mike was slowly introducing a finger into my pussy, to add to his tongue up my asshole. The combination of all three of my holes being stimulated was simply too much for my body to stand and I came in a massive convulsive orgasm that saw my pussy spasm in pleasure around Mike’s finger. Toby too must have been close to the edge because, as I was shuddering from the power of my orgasm, he too stiffened suddenly, grabbed the back of my head pulling and forced my mouth in deep onto his prick. Simultaneously his cock twitched, spurted and pumped a gigantic load of salty choad into my mouth, which I swallowed with delight. Toby slumped against the wall of the elevator, weakened momentarily by the stunning force of his orgasm.
Meanwhile Mike was getting a little impatient, “Hey, now it’s my turn blow my load!” he cried, grabbing my hips from behind and positioning me so that my hands were balancing against the wall of the elevator, where he could penetrate me from behind. And penetrate me he did!
I told you before Mike was hung like a stallion, with an amazing 10inch cock that would do a porno stud proud. He slowly took his gigantic dong and set about stuffing it into my still heaving cunt. Fortunately my orgasm had been so strong that the pussy juices helped lubricate his entry. Mike started slow and began heaving his monstrous prick in and out of me like a steam train entering a tunnel, but before long his excitement was showing as his pumping increased until he was jack hammering my g-spot from behind. I was gasping from the strength of this sexual assault against my erogenous zones and knew a second orgasm couldn’t be far away. It wasn’t. Mike gave one or two final heaves, and as I could feel his cock jetting wave after wave of spunk into my pussy, my second orgasm hit, as strong as the first.
“UH AH YESSSSSSS”, Bayan Escort I screamed with the pleasure.
I collapsed onto the small floor of the elevator next to Toby, who was showing signs of regaining interest in more sexual activity. I could see his prick was twitching and growing with the excitement of seeing Mike fuck me to another massive orgasm.
“Mmm that leaves one hole left to use Alison” Toby whispered.
I had lost my anal virginity to Toby at the age of 19 and he knew well how much I enjoyed anal sex. Toby reached over me and kissed me on the mouth, tasting the remnants of salty cum, all the while slowly inserting his index finger into my pussy.
The first finger was then joined by a second and then by a third, as Toby squished his fingers in the mix of my girl cum and Mike’s spunk, before pulling his cum covered fingers out of my pussy with a loud “plop” sound. The fingers then slowly slide down to my asshole, where Toby gently pushed and probed until one finger, then two and three and four where eased in past my sphinter, using the cum as a lubricant to smooth the penetration.
“You’re ready” he whispered. I agreed back and pushed Toby onto his back so that he was lying on the floor, with his erect throbbing penis poking out through the zip in his trousers.
I mounted him in a reverse cowgirl anal position and slowly slide my lubricated ass down onto his cock. I looked up and could see that Mike was watching this with renewed interest. As Toby started eagerly humping away at my asshole, Mike moved close and offered his sticky half erect dick to my willing mouth.
It didn’t take long between my sucking and licking of his prick to have Mike back at full attention. In fact his cock seemed bigger than ever as he attempted to mouth fuck me more and more aggressively. Suddenly Mike pulled his dong away out of my mouth and crouched down to attempt to stick his massive prick into my pussy while Toby was simulaneously shafting my asshole! Wow! I’d never experienced a double penetration of that sort before! Somehow Mike managed to get his prick into me despite Toby’s by now very enthusiastic thrusts into my back door.
Once Mike was home and dry humping at my pussy I felt ecstatic – two cocks at the one time! I’d never felt so full or satisfied in all my life so far. Sadly it couldn’t last long. Toby was obviously majorily turned on by fucking a girl in the ass who was taking it in the pussy from another guy, because his thrusts were becoming increasingly violent until with a shout he let loose a volcanic eruption of semen straight up my ass. My own orgasm hit just after Toby’s and then Mike pulled out of my pussy and pulling his cock up towards my face, and let loose with a gigantic spurt, spurt, spurt of his sticky white semen all over my face and hair.
After that finale we collapsed onto the floor of the elevator and waited until the repair men came shortly afterwards. What did we do for the rest of the night? Well that’s a whole other story.

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