Gina Continues Ch. 02


Gina giggled as she watched Mr. Lay hug his daughter, Lauren, goodbye. She didn’t feel particularly bad about screwing her classmates father, for one he was a great lay even though he was at least 40 (although she was guessing that he was older unless his wife had gotten pregnant with Lauren when he was 20.) And for two, Lauren had never been particularly nice to her. The prudish little bitch would probably flip out if she knew what her father was up to, but who cares? She was on her way to visit her mother for the weekend, which meant that daddy was going to get out to play.

Mr. Lay was young looking for a father, and he obviously kept well in shape. But Gina knew that he wasn’t actually seeing anyone – well except for her now – because his bitchy daughter Lauren had kept him from dating anyone else while she was living with him. She didn’t want someone coming in and replacing her mother while she was still there; Mr. Lay told Gina that he understood his daughter’s point of view, but at the same time it made things quite hard on him. Literally. Seriously, Gina was a godsend to his point of view…. she seduced him in Europe and from that point on he’d been practically insatiable. They’d fucked every chance they got on the trip, and on the way home they’d even joined the mile-high club with his daughter sleeping just four rows away from the bathroom.

As soon as Lauren’s car was out of sight, Gina went running up to Mr. Lay, calling out his name. He turned and his eyes went wide at the sight of her, she was completely covered in a long trench coat, but the flashes of leg that he was getting while she bounced towards him hinted that she wasn’t wearing much else. In that he was completely right, she’d always wanted to dress up like Sıhhiye Escort this, it was incredibly freeing in a lot of ways.

“You’re early,” he hissed at her, grabbing her arm and practically dragging her inside the house. She didn’t let the annoyed look on his face phase her though, instead she just smiled her brightest smile at him as she pressed him up against the door.

“I just couldn’t wait to see you Mr. Lay,” she tilted her head up towards him as if for a kiss, “I made sure that Lauren was out of sight first!” She began unbuttoning the trench coat to reveal her delicious naked body, “But I was just so horny thinking about you all week… I just wanted to start our weekend a little early.”

Completely naked now she dropped to her knees in front of him as he stood staring at her, almost transfixed. As much as they’d fucked in Europe, he’d never quite seemed to have gotten accustomed to sleeping with a girl young enough to be his daughter; she, on the other hand, really did crave his experienced hand (among other body parts). Releasing his already hard dick from its jeans confinement, she began to swirl her tongue around the head, looking up and him with a mischievous look in her eyes. With a low groan he grabbed her hair, pressing her head forward to engulf his dick all the way down her throat. Sucking hard, Gina obliged, using her European-taught skills to take him all the way into her mouth until her lips were pressing against his pubic hair. The man trembled and moaned, before he began a steady pace in and out of her mouth.

With her young breasts pressed up against his thighs and her skillful, teasing tongue, it wasn’t long before he was pouring the first load of the weekend into her stomach. Gina Escort Sıhhiye swallowed happily as her long fingers toyed with his balls, making sure that she got every last drop that he had to offer. As usual, he looked down at her with the slightly dopey expression of disbelief.

“I’m going to go ahead and fix us dinner,” she told him saucily, bouncing towards the kitchen so that he had the best possible view of her jiggling ass cheeks, “Why don’t you go ahead and watch some TV or something… enjoy yourself.” She blew him a kiss over her shoulder as she pranced off. Behind her, he was shaking his head as he buttoned up his pants.


After dinner she asked him if he wanted dessert and he smiled wickedly at her, “Yes, but I have a different idea than you might… lie on the table.”

Intrigued and curious, she did so. Somehow from his tone she got the impression that he didn’t just mean to fuck her on the table, so she was very curious as to what he was going to do instead. As she moved the dinnerware and arranged herself on the table he went into the kitchen and returned, with his arms full of items.

The very first thing he did was lean down and kiss her pussy between her open thighs as he began setting things down next to her.

Then came the honey, dabbed on both her nipples before he licked and sucked it off, his tongue lingering over the task. Dipping maraschino cherries in her pussy before feeding them to her, he stained the pink lips a bright red. Gina licked her lips, maraschino cherries were one of her favorite treats, and having them after a much older man had dipped it in her pussy just made them more delicious. Her body was raring to go, and she could see Sıhhiye Escort Bayan that he was already very hard, but he also wasn’t done yet.

Shaking up a bottle of whipped cream, he smiled at her, and then gave her the proverbial whipped cream bikini top. She almost rolled her eyes at the lameness, but then he did something very different. Inserting the tip of the can into her pussy, he squired the cream into her body as her eyes bulged open at the cool and squishy confection began to fill her. He cleaned off her breasts of the cream before turning his talented mouth to her very sloppy pussy.

Licking around the opening of her thighs, he peeled a banana and inserted it into her pussy. Pumping it in and out of her heated opening a few times, he smiled as she moaned and pleaded for him to fuck her; instead he put the cream and pussy coated banana to her lips and she ate all of it, licking his fingers and sucking on their tips. Lowering his mouth between her thighs, he began licking and cleaning off her pussy, sucking the cream off her skin and using his fingers to scoop it out of her hole. Gina was quivering and shaking as her pussy was slowly cleaned, her head thrashing in sensual delight; no guy had ever done anything like this to her, and she was so close to cumming that she thought she was going to burst.

Finally, as his tongue actually probed inside her creamy hole, she began shaking and screaming out his name, her hands latched onto the back of his head and pressed his mouth more firmly into her cunt as she came. She was practically sobbing by the time her orgasm was over, it was that intense.

“Let’s go upstairs,” he smiled at her from between her thighs, his dick bobbing entreatingly in front of his body.

“What about the dishes?” she asked weakly as he picked her up in his arms and headed for the stairwell.

“Well do them later,” came the instant reply. She could feel his dick pressing against her buttocks, and she wondered what else the weekend had in store for her.

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