Gina’s Vegas trip (Part 1)


Gina’s Vegas trip (Part 1)It started, the way my last Gina Fantasy started-with an email from Gina inviting her BULLS to a “special event”. We were instructed to meet at a small airport in the Port Angeles area about 10 a.m. at hanger number 6. with two days of cloths and-get this-our balls full of sperm. Oh well, no jerking off to Gina videos before the trip.I arrived a few minutes early, but already Gina’s herd of bulls was gathering. As we introduced of our selfs, I was struck by Gina’s collection of sperm bulls. Some were very fit and young (a relative term) meaning twenties and thirties to a 50 year old like myself. Several were my age and -well- maybe not so fit. I guess we are her DaddySpermBulls. One of the young studs was “Steve” who I recalled Gina saying was one of her main fuck toys and had an 11 inch cock. As I was shaking Steve’s hand, I was wondering if it was really 11 inches and thinking-damm- I really want to see Gina handle 11 inches of cock.Promptly at 10, Gina and her husband arrived. Gina was dressed with that cum-fuck-me style she does so well. A low cut blouse displayed those great tits we love so much……..yummmmm. A black leather miniskirt -very tight, showed her shapely ass and beautiful legs. Some sexy black stocking and a pair of nasty-slut black heels completed her cum-fuck-me look. You could tell that the ten bulls in the hanger all responded to the sight of gina with raging hard ons. My erection was compounded by my following of Gina’s email instruction to bring “balls full of sperm”. I had not shot a load for a few days- saving for my sperm donation to Gina.Gina was gracious as always, going around to each of her bulls and giving them each a deep wet kiss. I wonder what her husband was thinking watching his wife tongue-kissing her ten bulls. When she got to me, she thrust her tongue in my mouth and felt to see if my cock was hard. When she felt my hard cock, she gave me that sexy wink. I told her “Don’t worry Gina, SpermDaddy brought you a good load. But she was already on to her next bull. While Gina was still doing her “meet and kiss”, the loud whining sound of a jet engine drowned out conversation. A private bizjet pulled up and stopped in front of the hanger. As the door opened and steps were dropped, Gina’s husband motioned everyone to grab their bags and get on board. How cool is this No TSA, türbanlı konya escort no lines-just step onboard. Still not sure exactly what was going on, I found a seat and since the plane was now moving, I put on a seat belt. Not knowing what was going on or where we were going-only that I was looking at Gina seated about 12 feet away and that I had a hard cock for her and a full load in my balls-we were airborne. Gina, her husband and ten bulls in a BizJet going somewhere at 300 MPH. Still, no announcements from the captain. Finally, the cockpit door opened and the pilot-or as it turned out- the copilot emerged from the cockpit.A tall fit man, who looked like a Navy pilot (turns out he was ex-navy ) stood at the front of the plane, commanding everyones attention.”Good morning to you Gina Jones and your her fleet of bulls” he said as he gave Gina a lustful smile. “I am Tom, you co-pilot. Mark is your captain and is at the controls. We are employees of an extremely wealthy asian businessman who we flew in from asia yesterday. He loves to gamble and is in Vegas enjoying his table games as we speak. In Vegas talk, he is called a whale-because he wins or loses so much is a singe day. Usually in the 1 to 2 million per day range. We will call him Mr Whale. As you can imagine, the hotels/casinos love Mr Whale and have comp-ed him the grand suite as well as a block of rooms-enough for each of you. ” As Tom droned on, I looked at Gina. She was doing her lustful flirt with tom. Making hard eye contact, she was licking her lips with that “I want to blow your cock” look that she does so well.’Mr Whale has one other vice beside gambling- and this is where you-all come in. He has sent this plane to pick up Gina and her bulls because……hummmmm…..how should I put this….well- he has a Gina Jones fetish. ” Damm, I can relate to that I thought. “Mr Whale has spent many hours watching Gina’s videos, and it is his desire to see a real Gina Jones gangbang cumdump. So, that is why you have been fetched by Mr Whale…for his entertainment. Everyone OK with that?”The sound of agreement from the bulls as we all smiled -knowing what the entertainment would be. Gina gave off a lustful joyful squeal.”Its a short flight to Vegas and Mr Whale has asked that you save your bull sperm until entertainment türbanlı konya escort bayan time. No Mile high club.” Tom said as he continued to lustfully watch Gina tongue flirt him. A good natured groan went through the bull ranks.”Of Course” tom cheerfully added ” that does not apply to me, since I am just a humble co-pilot, not one of Gina’s bulls” Resplendent in his pilot uniform Tom now was standing in front of everyone with his cock out. A large hard one. Probably not Steve’s 11 inch size, but close.”Come and get some of this Gina, I know you want it” Tom challenged. Gina stood up, smiled than kneeled on the isle floor, and crawled on all fours to the waiting cock. The bulls cheered and applauded. Gina professionally wetted the tip of the pilots joy stick and commenced giving him her A-game blowjob. Gina’s husband and bulls crowded around to watch offering encouraging dirty talk. The sight of Gina in her sexy cloths on her knees servicing the pilot cock was to much and several bulls ( ahhh guilty) dropped their zippers and started stroking. I was mindful of our host Mr Whale request that we arrive carrying a full load of sperm for the entertainment so I gently stroke my cock.-careful not to shoot a load. Instead, I joined the other bulls and shot a verbalload at Gina.”Suck that cock Gina, you little cum slut””Yea, you know you want his sperm-that what you live for- sperm whore” etc., etc.,etcHer tits had found there way out of the blouse and were swaying as she gently head bobbed on the cock. Well, I think the expert Gina blow job and all the nasty talk was getting to pilot Tom because without warning he grabbed her head and pushed his good size cock deep into her throat. He was, for lack of a better term, skullfucking our beloved Gina. I always thought that throat fucking was for those girls who didnt know good cock sucking. An expert with great cock sucking skills like Gina should be allowed to service the cock with her lips and tongue, not used like some blowup fuck doll. Gina, cum-seeking trouper that she is, was struggling to take all the cock. The sounds of her gagging and choking filled the cabin of the small plane. But, I have to admit, I was enjoying the show. Her husband came to her rescue. Walking down the isle to where his wife was on her knees being roughly türbanlı escort konya skullfucked by some stranger, I saw him say something to Tom and hand him a small plate produced from somewhere. As Tom took the plate, he let go of Gina’s head and she immediately pulled back so toms cock was no longer in her mouth. Gina knew exactly what to do. She took the plate from tom with one hand and stroked his cock with the other hand.Keeping toms cock wet with her spit, she pointed the cock at the plate stroking, milking, seeking that sperm that she needs. The plane grew quite except for some jerkoff sounds and it was Gina’s turn for dirty talk-now that she did not have a mouth full of cock. She handed the plate to her husband.”Hold the plate and catch his sperm when he cums” she instructed. “Your wife is going to stroke this cock till it shoots. If you catch it all on the plate, you and my nasty bulls can watch me lick it all up.”Well, I for one must admit that the videos and pictures of Gina licking sperm off a plate of glass are some of the hottest porn on the net. Nothing says cumslut like a good plate licking. The sound of Gina’s very loud -very wet-hand job- drolling spitting filled the cabin as we all tried to get a good view. Gina began stroking his balls with her free hand and that did it. A good squirt of sperm splattered the plate which husband expertly positioned to catch it all. As the second squirt hit, along with a squeal of joy from Gina, I wondered how many times her husband had caught sperm on a plate from one of his wifes bulls. Its a tough job, but some one has to do it.Still on her knees, Gina turned around and proudly displayed the cum filled plate to her bulls. Those with two free hands applauded. the rest of us lewdly shout our approval. Gina was now standing, plate in hand.-showing the sperm like a trophy. Taking a bit of cum from the plate with her finger, She playfully asked “anyone want a taste?” If some of her bulls enjoyed a salty taste once and a while, no one fessed up and everyone declined “Its for you Gina. Lick up. You worked hard for it.”Gina slowly began licking the sperm from the plate. she moved around to each of her bulls,making sure they got a good view of her tongue licking the sperm. I looked into her eyes when she got to me and watched her swallow. And than she was on to the next bull. Tom was gone- back to the cockpit and we were told to prepare to land in Vegas. Well, I am still not a member of the mile high club, but that was some dam fine in-flight entertainment. As we touched down in Vegas I thought-Fuck-that was just the trip here. the real fun, what we all saved our loads for, is about to begin with this Mr. Whale guy. TO BE CONTINUED

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