Ginger Spice Ch. 02


As Thanksgiving approached, David began to get very excited, sometimes unable to concentrate at work. He had kept Ginger’s letter securely folded in his wallet for the past 4 months. He would always grin when he saw the small, yellow, crusty patch on the paper, reminding him how hard he came when he found out his daughter was pregnant with his child.

“Knock, knock, Hey Dave?” said a voice at his office door, “Listen, I just wanted to know if you had any plans for Thanksgiving.”

“Sure do,” he answered, smiling from one ear to the next, “Ginger’s coming home from college.”

“Oh, wow, that’s great, Dave, tell her we all said hello,” said Jeremy, one of David’s closest friends.

David agreed and continued entering the data into his computer, glancing over at the clock, what seemed to be, every 5 minutes.

Finally, 6:00 rolled around and David was out the door. He had to run by the store and pick up his babygirl’s favorite foods, plus something extra.

As David walked inside his house, the phone rang, “Hello?”

“Hi Daddy!!” squealed Ginger on the other end.

“Well hey there baby,” he said, smiling to himself, “Is everything ok? You’re still coming home, right?”

“Of course, Daddy,” she answered, “Just wanted to tell you that they’re closing the school a day early since most of the students here have to travel a long distance to make it home for Turkey Day.”

David laughed, Ginger had called Thanksgiving “Turkey Day” practically since she learned to talk, “Okay baby, so I need to be at the airport tomorrow?”

“Yeah, Daddy, I already called the airlines and told them about my situation and they changed my reservations, my plane lands at 6:43 pm, tomorrow night, Flight 442,” she said.

“Got it, baby, I’ll be there,” he said, jotting down the info, “How are you feeling these days?”

“Oh never better, Daddy, I can’t wait for you to see how I’ve changed,” she said teasingly.

“Oh neither can I, babygirl, neither can I,” he said.

The two finished up their phone conversation, which had already begun to make David’s cock hard. He spent the rest of that evening straightening up the house and getting things ready for his babygirl’s arrival.

The next day seemed to pass like a month, again, David found himself staring at the clock, for what seemed to be, every 5 minutes.

Finally, it had reached 5:30 and David decided that was close enough. He quickly snatched up his car keys and began his journey to the airport. He was so nervous and so excited he could barely even think.

Upon passing the gift shop, a small pink teddy bear caught his eye. He knew how much Ginger loved pink, so he bought the gift and made his way to the terminal, unable to even sit still. Finally the voice on the loudspeaker announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Flight 442 is now landing at Exit 35, repeat, Flight 442 is now landing at Exit 35.”

David took off running down the long corridors that seemed to seperate each exit. He immediately took his place in the front of the line, making sure his babygirl saw him as soon as she walked off the plane.

His wait wasn’t long, within seconds, there stood his babygirl. And, true to her word and much to his satisfaction, she WAS pregnant.

“DADDYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!,” she screamed, heading right for David, nearly knocking him to the ground.

“Ginger, my babygirl, Oh my God, you look gorgeous baby, I’ve missed you so much,” he whispered, inhaling the sweet smell of her beautiful red hair.

After a few minutes of hugging, the pair made their way to the luggage carousel, where Ginger proceeded to stand in front of her father, making sure to rub her hot teenage ass against his cock.

“God, ataşehir escort baby, Daddy’s cock is like a fucking steel pipe,” he whispered in her ear.

Ginger giggled innocently and was more then happy to step forward when her baby blue suitcase came sliding down the conveyor belt. She knew that bending over in front of her daddy would only make him hotter.

It took all of David’s restraint not to bend her over that conveyor belt and fuck her like there was no tomorrow.

On the ride home, David put on his dark sunglasses, using them to hide the fact that he was checking out his daughter’s tits, which had now ballooned out in just 4 short months. Again, he felt his cock stir within his pants, causing him to shift a few times in his seat, before finally reaching home.

“Oh God, Daddy, I missed this place,” said Ginger, jumping out of the car the minute the engine was turned off.

David chuckled as he grabbed his daughter’s suitcase from the trunk, watching her make her way up the winding concrete entrance. She turned and faced him, and momentarily, his mind flashed back to when she was a little girl and would stand outside waiting for him to come home from work at night.

As they entered the house, David shut and locked the door and Ginger took a seat on the couch, the very couch that got this whole thing started.

“Can I get you anything from the kitchen, baby?” asked David, placing her suitcase on the floor next to the couch.

“Yeah, some water would be awesome, Daddy, thanks,” she answered, slipping off her delicate pink sandals.

A few minutes later, David returned with a glass of water and the tiny pink teddy bear he had purchased.

“Awww, Daddy, it’s adorable,” she gushed, “Thank you.”

David smiled as he sat in front of her, on the coffee table, right between her 2 gorgeous, tanned knees.

Their eyes never left each other as Ginger sipped her water and playfully ran the teddy bear, which was no bigger then an aspirin bottle, around the 2 mounds sticking out from her blouse.

David groaned in a low, controlled growl, licking his lips and watching that teddy bear rise and fall as his daughter slid it from one tit, to the other.

Finally, she put the glass of water down and slid her ass to the edge of the couch, “I’ve missed you, Daddy,” she whispered, before leaning in to kiss her father.

David placed his hands on Ginger’s knees, slightly pulling her legs apart as they kissed wildly, often making loud slurping noises. David’s fingers began to walk up his daughter’s body, first up her legs, then to her semi-swollen tummy, then finally up to those tits that had been getting his attention since they were still at the airport.

Ginger moaned into her daddy’s mouth, since becoming pregnant, her nipples had become super sensitive, and had already hardened like small, brown rocks beneath her bra.

It didn’t take her long to place her hand on that familiar bulge behind her daddy’s zipper ………. but, suddenly, David broke the kiss.

“Something wrong, Daddy?” she asked nervously.

“Stand up, baby,” he whispered, as he unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles, “Now walk over there, into the dining room and undress for me.”

Ginger was a bit stunned at this request, but obeyed, only wanting to please her daddy.

“That’s it, baby, now take off your clothes for Daddy,” he said, almost in a whisper, as he sat down on the arm of the couch and began stroking his already hard cock.

Piece after piece of Ginger’s clothes began to find their way to the floor, until finally, she was completely naked, watching her daddy stroke his steel pipe.

“Ohhhhh, ataşehir escort Godddd,” he moaned, taking in his daughter’s beauty, “God, babygirl, your tits look so fucking hot, do you have milk in them yet?”

“Yes, I do, Daddy,” she whispered, realizing this was the most erotic moment of her life.

“Come here,” he whispered, “Come to me, baby.”

Ginger smiled and walked over to her daddy, placing her hands on his shoulders and staring into his eyes, “Yes, Daddy?”

Without a word, David grabbed his daughter’s succulent left tit and brought the little brown nipple to his mouth, quickly sucking it into his lips.

“Ohhhhh Goddd, Daddy,” Ginger moaned, leaning her head back.

David looked up at his gorgeous teen slut, watching her face as he sucked her milk filled tit. He took the right tit in his hand and began massaging the full, creamy breast.

Ginger couldn’t take much of this, her pussy had already began tingling and it was screaming out for attention. But, just as David was about to stop, he tasted his daughter’s milk. He almost came at that very moment, but controlled himself and continued sucking like a newborn.

“Daddy, Daddy, please,” Ginger begged, “Please at least finger me while you suck my tits.”

This only made David hotter and he wasted no time sliding his hand from his daughter’s right tit, down to her hot, still shaven teen cunt. He began rubbing her puffy pussy lips and sliding his thick fingers up and down her sloppy slit, letting his tips dip inside her wetness.

Ginger widened her stance and slid her hands behind her daddy’s neck, pushing his mouth hard to her swollen nipple, “Mmmm, God yes, Daddy,” she moaned, “Oh God, finger me harder, please, Daddy, please.”

David couldn’t stand it anymore. He thrust 3 fingers deep into his daughter’s sloppy wet pussy and pumped them a few times, before finally ordering her to lay down on the living room floor.

He hated to leave his daughter’s delicious tits, but his cock was so hard, it was beginning to ache.

“That’s it, baby,” he whispered, watching his pregnant daughter take a spot on the plush brown carpet, “Spread your legs for Daddy.”

Ginger was used to this position, having had several doctor’s appointments, as of late. So, again she obeyed, spreading her long legs open and revealing her still perfectly shaven cunt.

“Oh, God, yes baby yes,” he moaned, taking in the sight of her naked body.

David slid down to the floor and in between his daughter’s legs, leaning in for just a few licks of that hot, teen, pregnant cunt. He wasted no time lowering his mouth and lapping up his daughter’s sweet cunt cream that had already began to flow.

Ginger closed her eyes and arched her back just a bit, slowly grinding on her daddy’s tongue, “Oh, God, Daddy, I’ve missed you so bad,” she moaned.

David continued sucking his daughter’s engorged clit and puffy pussy lips, also letting his hot tongue dip inside her and wiggle around a bit. Ginger seemed to love the hell out of this, she began squirming and moaning, sometimes groaning in a low, slutty tone that David had never heard before, but loved at the same time.

“OOOOh, OOOOhhhhh OOOhhhhhhhh Goddddddd, Daddy, OOOOhhhh, mmmmmmm uh uh uh uhhhhhhh, I’m cumminggggggggg,” she groaned, releasing that delicious, sweet nectar that David remembered from their first night of sinful sex.

The more he lapped up, the more seemed to flood his tongue and his cock felt as though it was about to break at any moment. Finally, he was able to remove his mouth and slide up his daughter’s pregnant belly. He stared her in the eyes as she wrapped her sexy legs around her daddy’s waist, anadolu yakası escort letting her feet press into his naked ass.

“I can’t hold back anymore, baby,” he whispered, slowly sliding his thick, throbbing, engorged cock into his daughter’s cunt.

They both moaned in unison as Ginger’s pregnant pussy sucked her daddy’s cock deep within her, “Ohhh, God, Ginger, baby,” he moaned, already thrusting into her, “Fuck, I’ve missed this pussy.”

Ginger never said a word, she never wanted this to end though. For the past 4 months, she thought of nothing but how fucking good her father’s cock had felt inside her. And now, she was here, being Daddy’s little fucktoy, once again.

David leaned back, placing his daughter’s legs over his shoulders, completely opening her up. He looked down and watched his wet cock piston in and out of his babygirl’s cunt. His eyes then began to roam to her sexy, swollen belly and those hot, milk filled tits, watching them jiggle with each of his thrusts.

He reached up and placed his warm, rough hands on Ginger’s tits again, massaging them as he fucked into her. Within a few minutes, both tits had began expressing milk from the small, brown nipples, “Ohhhh fuck,” David yelled out, “Shit, Daddy’s gonna cum, he’s gonna flood your hot, pregnant fuckhole.”

“Mmmmm, Daddy, cum inside me, let our child watch Daddy’s cum flow inside Mommy,” she hissed, bucking her hips wildly and clamping her hot cunt around David’s aching cock.

That was it, David lost all control. He began pawing her tits like a wild animal, feeling the warm milk gush out over his knuckles. He started pounding away at his daughter’s sloppy, wet, pregnant cunt, “Ohhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhh FUCK!!!” he screamed, “You want it babygirl, here it cummssssss, mmmmmmm take it, slut, take Daddy’s seed again.”

Rope after rope of thick, hot, creamy cum exploded from David’s cock, flooding his daughter’s cunt like a broken dam. This sent Ginger over the edge and she began to shake and moan and quiver beneath her father’s naked body, “Ohhhhhhh God, Daddy, I’m cumming again!!” she screamed, arching her back and convulsing like a dying prisoner in the electric chair.

For a few moments, the father and daughter said nothing, both trying desperately to catch their breath ……… finally, David spoke as he withdrew his cum soaked cock from his daughter, “Baby, Daddy wants to ask you a question,” he said, lying beside her on the living room floor.

“Yes, Daddy?” she asked, rolling over onto her side, facing him.

“I want you to stay here and raise the baby, with me,” he said.

Ginger thought for a moment and said, “But what about college Daddy? I’m only half way thru my sophomore year.”

“I don’t care about that right now, baby,” he answered, “You would have to come right back home in a couple months when the baby’s due anyway, I think it would be easier if you just stayed home.”

Ginger didn’t speak, at first. She was not prepared for this. She had made lots of new friends and wasn’t sure if she was ready to give them up so quickly.

“I wanna sell the house and move somewhere else, baby,” he continued, “I want us to live as husband and wife and raise our child.”

Suddenly, Ginger liked the sound of that……..husband and wife. It had always been a secret fantasy of hers when she was a little girl. She would play with her dolls upstairs in her bedroom and pretend they were she and her father, “Okay, Daddy,” she finally answered, “I’ll be your wife.”

David let out a huge sigh of relief, “I love you, Ginger,” he whispered.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she whispered back, as father and daughter laid there kissing.


Daddy and daughter fucked 2 more times that night, each time more passionate then the last. And true to his word, David put the house up for sale and they were moved to another town, 70 miles away, just in time to welcome their son to the world, David Michael McCoy, Jr.

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