Ginny Turns Pro Ch. 02


This is the second of a three chapter installment. For continuity, please read GINNY TURNS PRO, Ch. 1, by clicking on my name and going to the link. For Ginny’s previous exploits, read GINNY REMEMBERS DADDY and GINNY LAYS HER CLAIM. Please remember to vote and send feedback. Ginny loves both.

Performance night was a smash! Hundreds showed up and Ginny, suddenly, was much in demand as a local skating pro and instructor on the rise. I’d gathered all the videotape stock for editing and had snapped scores of still shots, downloading them into my laptop. Ginny and Carol were understandably emotionally high after the show and wanted to party. They’d changed into sweat suits and — since it was early yet — at Ginny’s suggestion we bought some champagne, wine and snacks and went to my studio ten minutes away from the rink. At my insistence, Ginny had left on her black wig making her look like her prize student, Cindy. She also left on her fantastic, cat-like eye makeup.

At the studio we cranked up the music, drank two bottles of champagne, then started on the wine until the girls were giggling and rolling around on the large, eight foot square futon. I was pleasantly tired, and satisfied that we’d done a good job. While they were playing music and prancing about barefoot, I dimmed the lights, downloaded the still pictures into my editing computer, and started to segregate them into groups by individual skater.

Ginny switched off the CD player and put on an FM station that was playing some nice night music. As I was standing at my waist-high console, she came up behind me and stretched her arms around my upper thighs. She molded her body to my back, not allowing a bit of space between her curvy self and me. Running her hands up and down my front, she bit me lightly through my shirt and slurred to Carol, “See, Care, this big body is what turns me on so much. And, he’s always so serious but, once he lets go, Gaw-uhd Damn!”

Carol was lying on her side with her head propped up on her elbow, sipping a glass of wine and looking at us through bemused eyes. She wore light blue sweat pants and a loose, white, sleeveless top, baring strong, tan shoulders and showing the generous swells of her bosom tenting its front. “C’mon, Gin, don’t start! You know what that does to me!” she exclaimed, gulping at her glass then refilling it from a bottle on the floor.

I was a bit embarrassed, sensing what the designing Ginny might be up to. She was dressed in a two-piece, black velvet sweat suit with zippered top which she’d undone a little to show a lot of braless cleavage. Most of her theatrical eye makeup was still on, making her look like a surreal, black, furry cat. I emptied my glass, refilling it from a bottle on the console, and quickly gulped about half of that. She then came to me in front and, standing up on tiptoe, grasped me around the neck and made a big production of sticking her tongue into my mouth, moaning — all for Carol’s benefit — who continued watching us from the side, several feet away. Then Ginny groped me, salaciously rubbing my cock up and down in my pantleg, out of Carol’s sight line below the console. Her sweet mouth, garnished with the tart wine, stirred me as she noisily breathed her honeyed vapors into me. I embraced her tentatively, stroking her from ass to shoulders and up and down the tight muscles on each side of her spine. I reached under her top to stroke the flat plane of her tight tummy, then further up to cup each breast in my palms, rolling her nipples. She broke her embrace to put her hands lightly on my shoulders and pulled back to gaze at me through the slits of her lusty, heavily-painted eyes and whispered, “Mmmmnn, yeah.”

“My God, you guys look sooooo hot! Jeeze, stop it, will you, Gin? Show me some consideration!” Carol exclaimed, gulping another half glass of wine.

“Just wait’ll you see this, Care!” Ginny giggled playfully, and unzipped me, pulling out my cock and stroking it, also out of Carol’s sight.

I must have registered something on my face, as Carol gasped, “Ooooh…Jeezus…God,” then brought her glass again to her parted lips. Ginny’s arm was clearly moving in a way that indicated her manipulation of me, and I began to close my eyes periodically, registering my mounting pleasure.

“Ooh, God, Carol, it’s been two whole days! I’ve gotta taste him!” Ginny said suddenly, and swooped down below the console to engulf me with her hot, drooling mouth. Only the top of her black-wigged head could be seen by Carol, moving back and forth as Ginny blew me. I then realized that I was the subject of a voyeuristic exercise, and looked around at the staring Carol, grimacing occasionally as Ginny’s wet throat brought me fully erect. I looked in a helpless way at Carol, groaned slightly, and she unconsciously returned the groan. We did it again, then again after a few seconds, vocally reciprocating the pleasure that Ginny created as she worked her wonders on my cock.

Carol’s mouth was partly open as she watched me unblinking for several minutes as my hips undulated in time with Ginny’s moving head. Continuing her gaze, she then began to very balçova escort slightly move her pelvis to and fro, matching Ginny’s and my movements. Very soon she slowly stuck her long, tan fingers down inside the top of her pants, pushed her hand lower to her crotch, and began the obvious task of rubbing her pussy as her eyes closed and mouth opened. She then lay back and put two fingers of her other hand in her mouth for a few moments, sucking them as if they were a surrogate penis. I was captivated by the strong, smooth, practiced strokes that were clearly revealed through the thick, cotton material, as well as her rhythmically hollowing cheeks. So mesmerized was I, in fact, that I forgot for a moment that Ginny was the one who was throating me.

I brought Ginny up from the floor and quickly emptied my glass. She looked at me inquiringly as I stooped to lift my pants, grabbed her hand, and pulled her toward the futon where Carol reclined. Sensing our approach, Carol opened her dark, clouded eyes slightly and focused on my bobbing erection. As we sat gingerly next to her, she cooed softly with each pronounced movement of her hidden hand. Her lips protruded in a sexy pout, revealing a few perfect, white front teeth, and her breasts heaved with deep breaths. Each exhalation was marked by a measured, tremulous, sound that only hinted at a moan. It was a rhythmic, airy indication of a deep longing that I was sure would soon cause this woman to erupt into the galvanic throes of a crashing orgasm.

Ginny once again took me in her mouth and began deep bobs of her head, stopping only as her snorting nose was buried in my pubic hair. Transferring my attention, I began stroking Carol’s taut legs through her pants — kneading her tight, fleshy calves — which caused her to open her eyes fully and stare at Ginny’s groping lips as they engulfed my veiny, red, throbbing cock. She moved her legs away a bit, shyly rejecting my touch, but kept her eyes open as her hand and breathing increased their tempo. Each time Ginny would plunge her greedy mouth onto me Carol would open hers in mimicry, occasionally licking her lips. Her face took on a pleasurable smile, and at that I flexed my hips upward toward Ginny’s mouth, exaggerating her rhythmic cock sucking for the sake of her sympathetic friend. Carol finally tilted her head to the side and her jaw became slack, her eyes losing their focus, as she rapidly began plunging her slick fingers into her smacking cunt, with her hand still obscured by her pants. My nose detected the smell of her rich, odorous effusions.

Carol then began an intermittent groaning as the first orgasmic wave washed over her. For the next minute or so, she mouthed deep, throaty moans, each one separated by a few seconds. “Ahunnh…ahunnh…ahunnh…ahunnh,” then “AhUNNH…ahUNNH…ahUNNH…ahUNNH,” as her legs began to tremble around her hand. Another minute passed with her getting more vociferous. The volume of her sounds grew as she graduated to a new level. “Nnngah…nnngah…nnngah,” she groaned, then continued as another wave hit her, “NnnGAH…nnnGAH…nnnGAH, nnnGAH,” she cried as her legs then stiffened and stood straight out, with long tan toes curling.

At that point I looked at Ginny, who was focused on me, and closed my eyes to indicate my impending climax. With her jaw exhausted by now, she pulled her wigged head off me and wanked me lavishly, flinging copious gobs of saliva over my groin. Ginny cried “AHH!” with me as the first splash of semen jetted from my cock to land on one of Carol’s feet and ankle. “AHH!” she exclaimed again as two other shots flew to land on Carol’s pants. Carol sat up to watch the red, pulsing head of my desperate rod exude two more streams down over Ginny’s hand. Her tits heaved with heated breathing and her eyes glistened with wonder as the very last of my load soaked into the futon cover. As Ginny licked the residue from her hand, Carol very tentatively reached down to her foot and ankle, scraping my cum from them onto two fingers, and – looking at me – slowly placed them in her mouth for a long, savoring, taste.

On my knees, with my dick dangling, I gathered both of these gorgeous women into my arms for a long hug. “God,” Carol gasped, burying her head in my shoulder. “I’m sooo embarrassed. Wha’ da’ ya’ think of me?” she slurred. “Gin, I feel so guiiilty! You know how dirrrty I get when I drink.”

“Aww, Care, babe, it’s okay,” Ginny soothed. “I wanted you to see us. And we watched you! Oooh, it’s so cool…you even got a little taste.”

“Mmm, Jesus, I feel so wick…ed…so fil…thy!” Carol murmured. “Jay, I’m really sorrry!” she said, unable to look me in the eye.

I was about to salvage the situation with a witty suggestion when Carol glanced at her watch. Her head suddenly cleared and she said in a panic, “My God! I’ve gotta go! Look at the time! Dusty’ll kill me!”

“As long as you can be here tomorrow, girl,” Ginny said, wagging her finger. “You okay to drive? Gimme a ride home?” she asked.

“O’ course, but don’t cha’ wanta’ stay with Jay a while?” Carol asked considerately, watching me karşıyaka escort stow my limp dick in my pants and zip myself up. I secretly wished to spend some more time debauching with the black-wigged Ginny.

“For sure, but if I did we’d fuck all night and be wasted tomorrow. We’ve gotta wrap up the videos and still albums for the parents. I’ll wait,” the suddenly-practical Ginny said, smiling fondly at me.

* * *

Next morning I was in early, thankful it’d been an early night. Cleaning up the party mess and stashing the leftover wine, I organized the photos for the parents’ albums. I’d started the video editing when the girls arrived at about nine, carrying a basket of sandwich makings and a cooler of drinks for lunch.

Both were in a great mood. It was a beautiful, crisp, morning and the autumn sun pouring in the skylights promised a stunning day. I kept the doors and draperies closed in the studio to discourage nosey neighbors, since Ginny’d cranked up the music. We were here to work, after all.

The ladies – looking like girls today — were dressed in shorts and cotton tops, both baring a fair expanse of muscled flesh, ivory in Ginny’s case and buttery tan in Carol’s. As is my wont, I noticed that neither displayed a panty line around their fulsome asses. Carol had begun to show the first, high swelling of her pregnant tummy. Both had their hair down to their shoulders.

After three hours the girls had assembled all the album material. Carol’s hands flew over the keyboard, typing catchy biographical sketches on each skater and matching them wittily with the particular pose that had been captured in each photo. Ginny did the grunt work of layout, printing, collating, and assembling each album. I was amazed at the amount of work they did, which meant they could help me with the video editing, given their knowledge of the sport and each skater’s desires. The eldest, Cindy, would require the most attention since she wanted to use her videotape for auditions.

At about noon I was relieved when Ginny started smoothing out the kinks in my neck and shoulders. I’d been hunched over the editing console the whole time and desperately needed a break. “Want a beer, sailor?” she asked, handing me an icy open bottle as I turned down the music.

“Mm, thanks, sweet,” I said, standing and gulping half of it down. I went to the futon and reclined, stretching. “There’s wine left over, if you guys want some,” I offered, noticing a large, dried cum stain on the cushion from the night before.

“Ooh, I’d better not,” said Carol. “Remember my delicate condition.”

“That’s just what your condition needs,” Ginny said pointedly, going to the cupboard and bringing out a large bottle of red and two glasses. Filling them, she handed one to Carol who accepted it and immediately began to sip. Ginny leaned back against my upraised knees and asked, “Well, JJ, are we gonna finish today?”

“Hope so,” I said. “Let me see how far you’ve gotten.”

“Aw, c’mon, slave driver, relax! I’ve got just the thing for you,” Ginny admonished, reaching into her pocket and withdrawing a small, flat, plastic case from which she took a hand-rolled joint. We each took a deep toke and I forgot about my tense neck and shoulders. After a couple more, my libido kicked in and for the first time this day I focused on the profusion of flesh facing me on each side. Ginny’s curvy, pale legs ran from her leather trainers up to her loose, tan cargo shorts, with a seam nipping in at the crotch to split two puffy, pantie-less pussy lips. Her tight, black tube top showed the creamy shoulders and covered the bra-less breasts that I’d feasted on so many times. The sun was now coming in the skylights directly overhead, highlighting her blonde hair with the faint strawberry cast that was barely discernible in the pale, platinum down on her upper thighs. The picture of bouncy health, she wore no makeup.

Carol was leaning back on her arms — looking very stoned since she’d finished the joint — with her face upturned to the sun, eyes closed, allowing me to absorb her visually. Her dark brown hair and eyebrows were highlighted by an auburn color that only enriched the endless, tan expanse of her skater’s legs, completely shaven – and slightly shiny — up under her long, orange shorts. She’d relaxed her knees so that they’d opened to allow the heat of the sun on her belly and crotch, no doubt providing warm comfort to the embryonic life growing within her. Her firm, full, breasts pushed out the front of her brown tank top, tantalizing me with their pouting arrogance. Her makeup was flawless, with dark gloss marking the elaborate bow of her lips, always slightly open to occasionally allow her furtive, pink tongue to emerge and moisten them. Without opening her eyes, she reached up to one breast with long, caressing fingers and adjusted a tit in her bra. I inhaled tremulously as she did so, and she opened her eyes sleepily to smile warmly at me for the first time since we’d met a month before.

“Isn’t she gorgeous?” Ginny whispered to me, gently breaking the mood created by Barber’s çeşme escort Adagio for Strings on the radio.

“Mmm…yeah,” I mumbled, and reached out, first to firmly stroke Ginny’s thigh to her crotch, which caused her to sigh, recline and push her mound up to my hand. Then I took Carol’s hand and kissed its dry, satiny palm, running the tip of my tongue up to the inside of her elbow, tickling the inside of her arm with my moustache as I did so. Nervous as a schoolboy, I said, “Ginny…I really want to…”

Looking at me dreamily, Ginny whispered, “It’s okay, sweetie, she does too. We talked. She needs it…you. I want you to.”

I wished that I had four arms to grasp them both. Making do with two, I climbed between them and gently caressed as much flesh as I could. Then I moved over to Carol and placed my torso between her legs, which she opened fluidly with a sigh. I mouthed her hotly through the thin material of her top, pinching a nipple through it with my lips, which caused her to gasp and stiffen. She raised an arm and, with her hand on the back of my head, I moved further up to place a long, deep kiss on her sweet, velvet lips. She opened them to me immediately and – moaning – sucked my tongue in harshly to its root. “Mmmnnslpp…aannnghslp…aannghslp,” she groaned as she wetly drew my tongue into her deep, open mouth. Leaning on my elbows, I grasped both of her breasts with my hands, feeling for the first time their taut full flesh through her clothing. She pushed herself up to me, allowing me to grope at her chest until my large palms covered it completely, as I twisted and turned her nipples until they protruded petulantly through the brown top like two miniature, burrowing, subterranean things.

I gazed down for a moment at her flawless facial complexion, now beginning to glow with perspiration from the sunlight, and scattered little kisses over her dimpled cheeks, neck, clavicle, shoulders and down to her neckline. Her scent was flowery and her taste tangy with the morning’s soap. I lifted one arm, then the other, to lick languorously at each armpit – savoring the mix of powder and sweat — which caused her to groan deeply in her throat.

I wanted to spend another hour at this slow work, but she wouldn’t let me. Opening her eyes, she uttered a plaintive cry that ended in a high “C,” and threw her arms around me to begin thrashing her hips. Throwing her legs wide apart, she lashed her pelvis up, hunching her mound against the now-bulging front of my pants. Groaning deeply in her throat, she humped against me – issuing desperate little cries and clawing at my back – and pounded herself to orgasm against my clothed groin in no more than a minute. At the height of her climax, she arched her back to stand only on her shoulders, with heels planted in the futon, and screamed her passion into my mouth as I sucked on her tongue. Coming down, she murmured happily, shuddering, “Mmmm, God. Mmmm…mmmm…God…mmmnn…mmmnn.” She then whispered, “Jeezus, I’m so scared, you guys. So scared…mmm…unfaithful…mmm…and so…fucking…horny.” I ran my finger reassuringly across her glistening lower lip to silently show my understanding, as she gazed at me with half-lidded eyes.

Ginny and I then undressed, seemingly the most natural thing in the world. Carol took off her shoes then, shyly, allowed us to do the rest. Ginny pulled off Carol’s brown top to reveal for the first time her curvaceous tits, snuggly cupped in a lacy, black, strapless, under-wired bra. Her barely-pregnant, tan tummy pooched out just slightly, still surrounded by well-toned muscles. I removed her orange shorts with – yes — trembling hands and was made privy to her silky, perfectly-curved, tan hips and thighs. This woman sunned in the nude! She wore an orange thong that came easily off her stunning legs to reveal a small, cotton absorbent pad over her vagina that was soaked with fragrant juices. Blushing, she peeled that off with an audible sssst. Her bra joined our growing pile of clothing on the floor, which allowed her proud, tan breasts to push upward with dark pink aureoles and erect nipples. My mouth watered. Carol looked so frightened, so vulnerable — so utterly ashamed in revealing her beauteous charms – that some deep, feral impulse stirring in my gene pool nearly caused me to ravage her on the spot.

I looked at Ginny, fearful of making her jealous, and she nodded ‘yes’, reaching over to stroke my hardness, which jutted threateningly from my groin. I embraced her completely and raised both of us to our knees, kissing her with grateful thanks for bringing me the gift of her friend, and ran my hands over her little body as Carol watched closely. Taking Ginny down with me, with her pussy starting to leak on my thigh, I then began caressing Carol from her jaw, down her neck, across her shoulders and tits to her belly and beyond. Her nipples engorged immediately atop her bounteous tits, as her breathing quickened, inviting me to suckle each one softly. As I nipped them and sucked more surrounding flesh into my mouth, she began gasping, with her chest rising and falling rapidly as her hips began a hunching motion. I stroked her lower belly with my fingertips, brushing her neatly-trimmed, dark brown pubic batch lovingly, and – as she sighed and leaned her head back to display her lovely neck and collarbone – I reluctantly left Ginny and insinuated my upper body between Carol’s spread legs.

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