Girls Gone Black – Susan’s Story – Part V


They showered and dressed. Samuel handed her belongings back and she dressed. She did not want to put her rings back on, but at his request, she did so.“You want your friends to know that you are fucking a married white woman, and you are,” she said holding out her hand to him. “I suppose that you will want to show me off to them when my belly starts to swell?”She could tell from the look on his face that he did. She also noticed the swelling in his groin area. She reached and touched him. Samuel groaned. “You are something else,” he told her with a kiss. “I’ve never met a woman like you before.”Susan smiled. “That’s what they all say.”“I am not, all men. If I say it, I mean it.She could see from his face that he meant it and kissed him again. “Thank you.”They left in his car. She wanted to get some clothing and Samuel offered to pay for it, but she turned him down. “No. I am using the joint credit card and I want him to see what I buy, but you can choose if you like. I would like you to choose underwear to put on for you, for your eyes only!”He groaned his appreciation.Susan didn’t take long shopping. She knew how men hated being dragged from shop to shop. She took him to a couple of dress shops she uses and let Samuel choose a couple of dresses and some tops and skirts. izmit escort He stood guard outside the changing cubicle, and she opened the curtains a few times for him to nod his approval. In reality, she could have put anything on, his eyes were only focused on her half-naked body.When they left, they headed for the lingerie shop. Her choice of shop was calculated. Serina’s was owned by a customer of the bank. She knew both Phil and Susan. While they weren’t friends by any measure, Serina knew them both and regularly used the bank.She was out front that afternoon and Susan smiled at her and said hello. Serina’s eyes were fixed on Samuel. She saw him walk around the rows of lingerie with her and make his choices. At the counter, Serina smiled as she folded the items of intimate clothing and put them into a bag. “Phil not with you today?” she asked.Susan smiled. “No, he’s away playing golf. Some sort of corporate thingy going on.”Serina smiled a few times at Samuel but didn’t speak. Outside, she laughed, as they walked away. “She has enough gossip now to keep her going for a month,” she said to Samuel.He just smiled and shook his head. “Hell, hath no fury… hey?”With clothes shopping done they headed for the pub. Susan had actually been there before, but it yahya kaptan escort was quite a while back, and it was just for an after-work drink. Samuel immediately led her to a table with three Black guys sat drinking. She immediately felt the focus of their attention. While Samuel introduced her, their focus was on her. She felt quite naked in their presence, but she didn’t feel intimidated. They were interested in her and she had Samuel to protect her. She took a mental note of each name, but it wasn’t important to her. They wanted her, and that was all that mattered. The feelings were not reciprocated but she enjoyed the attention. It was good to feel that men wanted her. All this time of having Phil treating her as a non-entity had taken its toll. She didn’t care if they looked at her wondering what she looked like naked. She didn’t care if they wanted to know what her cunt looked like, or her tits for that matter. She sensed that they must have had erections thinking about her body, and that made her feel so much better.Abe got some drinks in, and they sat talking. Karl asked her how she knew Samuel, and he cut in and told them that had met on a dating site. Abe smiled and asked her if she specifically dated Black guys, gebze escort and she nodded. “She prefers our guys,” Samuel told them.Susan noticed their attitude changing. Solomon asked her if they were better in the sack, and she smiled and said yes. She was teasing them; she knew it and was enjoying it. Samuel smiled at her showing his approval. Karl noticed her shopping bags and went to take a peek inside one of them, but she slapped his hand away. “They’re personal and private,” she told him. Samuel told him that they were for his eyes only. Susan smiled at him, acknowledging his teasing of his friends.Abe asked her quietly whether she had dated many Black guys, and she shook her head and told them Samuel was her first, increasing Samuel’s pleasure and teasing them even more. “He won’t be your last though, will he?” Solomon asked. She reached for Samuel’s hand and squeezed it. “I think Samuel’s enough for one woman,” she answered. “Well, for now anyway!”“Now?” Abe asked.Susan smiled and said nothing, but Samuel was direct. “She wants me to knock her up.”It stunned them all. After a few moments, Karl said that Samuel was a lucky bastard. Solomon stared at her lower body and Abe asked the question. This time she answered his question. She shook her head and said no. “We’ve only just started this weekend.”There was silence again but when she glanced down at Solomon, she noticed quite a bulge in his pants. It was Abe who asked next if she wanted any help. Susan laughed. “I think he can manage it on his own.”“Four is better than one,” Solomon said.

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