Going to a Concert


Goingto a Concert My boyfriend and I are going to a concert in North Carolina; it’s about a three hour drive. It’s the middle of summer so it will be a hot day and night. I start getting ready by trying on different clothes to wear. I finally decide on a denim mini skirt with a black top that says “stay dirty my friends on the front” I love this shirt, it fits me perfectly and I don’t need to wear a bra with my small breasts, which I hate wearing bras anyway. I slip my black lace bikini panties on then my black carrie booties and I am set for an fun day. My boyfriend, Chris has my favorite drink in the cooler as we leave for the concert. It’s already hot outside so I open one of my Black Dress Vodkas and pour it into another cup with some water before we go on the road. I climb into his large Chevy truck; you know the kind that has large tires and sits real high. I almost need a ladder to get into. We start off down the road talking about stupid things and how much fun it is to be out of town. By this time I have finished my first drink and started on my second one. I am already feeling a very slight buzz. As I am looking out the window I feel Chris put his hand on my leg and I turn to look at him, he looks at me and smiles devilishly then turns his attention back to the road. I know that smile and I always enjoy it. His hand slowly goes under my skirt and I feel him touch me through my panties. I open my legs and slide down into the seat so he has an easier time. I let out a moan as I am looking out the window then I feel him slide my panties over and slip a finger inside me. I let out another moan as he begins to finger fuck me while rubbing my clit with this thumb. I begin to breathe heavy as I feel an orgasm building when suddenly I feel his finger leave me. Ohh god, what the hell as I look over at him and I see his grin kolej escort bayan again as I punch him in the arm, He knows how I love and hate being teased. As we continue driving down the highway he continues to tease me. He starts daring me to flash people as we go by them. I raise my shirt up and flash some lucky trucker’s they look shocked as they smile and they blow their horns. This turns me on even more and I still haven’t had a release from all his teasing. As we pass by a group of kids in a convertible I roll down the window and give them a big flash and quickly drop down in my seat to hide, laughing while they speed up to get beside us to get another look. I give them one more quick flash before Chris speeds up to get in the other lane. Just as I am starting to come down from Chris’s touch and constant teasing and the flashing, He starts rubbing me again then I feel him slip a finger inside me then another. He is working two fingers in and out as he rubs my clit. It is driving me crazy as just as I am about to have an orgasm I feel his fingers leave me. He just knows where to touch my buttons and when. He asks me to remove my panties, I slowly remove them and raise up my skirt showing him my waxed pussy. He starts rubbing me again. I begin to help him with my hand but tells me not to. I feel him slip one then two fingers inside me again I let out a big moan as I feel him slowly finger fuck me. I start to play with my breast as I let his fingers invade me. I am at the brink of another orgasm when the asshole stops again. He tells me it’s not yet my time. I give him a disgusted look as I start to put my panties back on when he says to leave them off. I so much want to touch myself and finish it is driving me crazy. I grab another dink and by now I am feeling pretty good and so horny I will do anything for Escort sihhiye some release. I reach over and start rubbing his dick through his shorts. I look at him and smile. He returns the look smiles. I then run my hand under his shorts and feel the head of his cock. I rub his dick and I can feel it growing. I keep playing with it and I can tell he is getting ready to cum when I suddenly stop. He calls me a bitch and says I will pay for that. I just laugh when he pulls down his shorts and I see his large dick pop out erect and he knows I can’t resist it. I grab it with my hand and lean over and stick him in my mouth. I start sucking him, while rubbing my tongue along the shaft and playing with his balls when I feel him shoot his cum into my mouth. I keep my mouth on his hard dick letting it fill my mouth as I swallow every bit of him. I rise back up with some cum dripping out of my mouth and I smile at him as I wipe it off with my finger and suck the last drops of him. He then pulls off the next exit and goes down some old dirt road. He jumps out of the truck and comes around and opens my doors and I get out. He leads me to the back of the truck and I climb up into the back as he follows me. He pushes me down onto my knees and I know what exactly is coming. I undo his shorts and let his shorts fall to the ground, he steps out of them and I begin to take his cock in my hand and guide it into my mouth. I suck his growing cock while playing with his balls. I lick the shaft and then take his balls into my mouth as I am stroking his cock. His cock is very hard now and my pussy is aching to be filled with something, anything at this point. He jumps out of the back of the truck and pulls me to the edge; my ass is almost hanging over the edge. He spreads my legs and I see him guiding his large hard cock into my wanting pussy. sincan escort I let out a big moan as I feel him enter me. He slowly pushes his cock into me, I feel his balls touch my ass and I know I have taken all 8inches of him. He pulls back to the point that I feel the head of his cock almost leave me when he thrusts it back in which makes me let out a loud moan. He then begins to slowly pick up his pace fucking me and each time I feel his balls slap my ass my moans get louder as my first orgasms begins to explode throughout my body. My legs clinch around him as it rips through my body as he keeps fucking me hard. He continues to fuck me hard when he puts his hands around my throat and picks his pace up even further. I start to have another orgasm when he starts lightly choking me while his cock keeps pounding my aching pussy. I am just getting over my orgasm when I feel him pull out and he pulls me to the edge again of the truck and I feel him thrust it into my asshole which was soaking wet from my own juices. I let out a large moan as I feel him thrust his hard cock deep into my ass. I begin to scream to God and yell for him to fuck me harder. He pounds my ass while I rub my clit. He picks his pace up further and I have stop rubbing my clit so I can hold onto the edge he is pounding me so hard I don’t want him pushing me away. I feel another orgasms building and I can tell he is about to release his cum deep into my ass. My orgasm rushes through me and I scream. I hear him moan and let his cum loose deep inside my aching ass. He withdraws and rubs his cock on my aching pussy. I jump as I feel his cock touch my sensitive area. I can feel his cum dripping out of my ass. He leans over and gives me a passionate hug and kiss and whispers. Now you can put you panties back on. I climb off the back of the truck and I feel more of his cum drip out of me and I slip my panties on. I can smell the sex and I can feel the juice’s soak my panties. We get back into the truck and I feel my aching holes mixed with or juices and this make me horny all over again.

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