Good Neighbors Ch. 09


Good Neighbors, Ch 09

Is Liz the Best MILF She Can Be?

“I’ve got a question or two for the both of you,” I huffed out.

We were all a little out of breath. Abbie, Lena and I were just returning from our first power walk since Lena had come out of mourning. It felt really good to be back together, especially since Abbie and I had brought most of our dirty little secrets out in the open. Lord but it felt so wonderful to wake up with a healthy young stud like Jeff sleeping next to me. It was so much fun to grasp that big fat morning erection he always seemed to have and wake him with a few well-placed, gentle tugs. Yelling at my own son, Benjamin to get out of bed was never this much fun. I certainly never had to coax Jeff the way I did Benjamin and I’m sure Abbie felt the same way about waking my son, Benjamin. You have no idea how dearly I have come to love wrapping my fingers around Jeff’s warm, stiff erection in the morning, knowing I can play with it any way I want to for a few minutes until he can’t stand it anymore and he just has to do something utterly beastly and disgusting with me.

“Have either of you girls been losing panties lately? I’ve lost two pairs in the last few days,” I told them as we sat down on the stools around Lena’s kitchen counter, coffee in hand.

Lena chuckled and said, “Men will be men — no matter what age they are!”

“What do you mean, Lena?” I asked.

“I mean, our students are snatching them!” she snapped. “Did it ever occur to you that our students enjoy the scent of a woman and they might just want to carry little reminders of our . . . um . . . womanliness around with them?”

I glanced at Abbie and then back to Lena. I suddenly recalled how taken Edward was with smelling my pussy. Intoxicating was the word I remember him using. My missing panty mystery was beginning to make sense.

“So . . . our students are stealing our panties?” I asked, a little shocked.

“Is that what’s been happening to my unmentionables?” Abbie chimed in, “I thought I was just misplacing them. I have been taking them off in the strangest places lately. I just thought I was forgetting where I left them.” She thought for a moment, and then added, “Well, one pair I actually gave away!”

Lena chuckled again. “My third husband, Buck, was a ‘panty bandit’,” she added, “It took me awhile, but I finally figured out how to solve the problem.”

Abbie and I both stared at her. On my part, it had never ever occurred to me that men could find that earthy, funky smell oozing from between my legs when I got excited as something they wanted to inhale like perfume. It may seem peculiar, but it aroused me to know my students found my scent so intriguing that they would quietly appropriate my panties at the very moment they were at their absolute filthiest.

“Turns out, all he was doing with them was carrying them around in his pocket and sniffing them whenever he felt lonely or just needed a little reminder of me. I thought it was kind of cute but it started getting expensive to replace a sexy little pair of panties every time he wanted something fresh to sniff. I found out he was throwing them away after my scent faded.

“Finally, I was able to convince him to begin a little ‘panty exchange.’ I didn’t mind at all after that. He even started buying me some really sexy underthings to wear. I’d forgotten all about those days. I sort of miss them.”

Lena sounded wistful over this memory and we let the conversation fall away into a momentary lull.

“What is a panty exchange, dear?” Abbie asked when she felt the time was right.

That snapped Lena out of her thoughts and she smiled at us both. “Well, I made him promise to return each pair of panties when he wanted to replace them with a fresh- um, well no — a not-so-fresh pair. That’s when I had the most fun!”

“What do you mean? How can losing a pair of panties be fun?” Abbie asked.

“Well,” she began, with a twinkle in her eye, “It takes a lot of effort to make panties smell truly ripe and sweet for a deserving man! And I mean a lot of effort!”

Abbie and I both let out a squeal as we realized what kind of effort she was talking about. I even squirmed in my seat at the thought of so much hard work.

“Do you suppose our young students would be agreeable to the idea of a panty exchange?” I asked.

Abbie, always the one of us most willing to jump at any chance or take any risk, blurted out, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

After we all stopped laughing, Lena explained how she had approached the topic with her husband. It all seemed so simple and -well, beneficial to everyone involved. Lena had me suddenly looking forward to soiling my panties in the worst possible way.

I still had not gathered the courage to ask my friends how they felt about oral sex. I had a lot on my mind just in planning out how to manage the launch of this new Güzeloba Escort panty exchange idea with my students. The topics of pussy eating and sucking young men’s cocks would have to wait. To be honest, the idea of putting a man’s throbbing, stiff cock in my mouth was just a little frightening for me. Edward’s huge cock and his tremendous strength leapt to the fore as I imagined a cock to suck. The head of his lovely joystick probably wouldn’t even fit in my mouth, I decided. On the other hand, the possibility of his cock exploding in my mouth made me positively weak in the knees.

I decided I would begin my new panty exchange with Edward first. I was certain he had been the instigator in the mystery of my missing panties and decided I might as well begin at the source. Shortly after noon when my doorbell rang, I was ready. I was wearing a naughty little pair of lace panties that I hadn’t worn in years. Ned had loved them. Whenever I wore them for Ned, it was my clear signal to him that I needed some serious loving. The panties were a mix of soft pink and vivid blue rosebuds and were so sheer they were almost transparent. They had not been cheap, but Ned had practically cum in his shorts the first time I wore them. They may have been more than ten years old but they had held up well, I thought. Even I got a little damp with excitement when I put them on. The outline of my newly trimmed pussy positively glowed through all those tiny pink and blue lacy rosebuds. As a final touch, I applied just the faintest hint of my favorite perfume to some of the creamy smooth skin surrounding my recently beautified nether regions. My student didn’t stand a chance.

“Now Edward, I have something I need to discuss with you,” I began, once I had him seated on the couch, “Someone has been taking my panties and I think it is you.”

Edward got a sheepish, guilty look on his face and I knew immediately that I was right. I wasn’t upset and had no intentions of lecturing him. First, I wanted my panties back and second, I wanted to replace them with a lovely, and freshly soiled pair.

Edward grumbled softly, his head down, eyes averted.

“I’m not upset with you, young man,” I began, “But I would like to know what you’ve been doing with them.”

“W-w-w-ell,” he drawled. He sounded exactly like Benjamin when Benjamin was concocting some outrageous lie.

“No excuses, Edward!” I barked, “Just tell me why you’ve been taking my panties! Out with it!”

Edward’s shoulders slumped forward and he instantly blurted out, “OK. Mrs. Nobbing, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met! I-I catch myself daydreaming about your ass — er – your bottom,” he said, correcting his preference for the word ass, “And I couldn’t help myself. I just needed something to remind me of you! So, I took a pair of your panties.”

“Only one pair?” I fired back. I was missing two pairs. Now I had to figure out who the other panty thief was.

“Yeah. They were the panties you wore that first night. They were blue. Why?” he asked.

“Oh, I must just have misplaced the other pair,” I told him. The other missing pair were sleek and pale pink. I was going to have to speak with Preston and Marty. Until this very moment, I had no idea my panties might be in such demand!

“Do you have the blue pair with you?” I asked.

Edward drew them out of his pants pocket slowly, reluctantly, and held them out for me. My purloined panties dangled from his long delicate index finger like a hooked fish. They were badly wrinkled and looked like they had travelled many miles.

“I have a proposition for you,” I told him.

Edward looked up into my eyes, hopeful suddenly that he might not need to suffer any further shame. “What do you mean?”

I eased the underpants off his finger and onto the end table, slid onto the couch beside him and smiled. “I can’t afford to go replacing my panties if you young men take them all the time but I don’t mind if you borrow them occasionally.”

I grasped his big hand, the one that had offered up my panties, and brought the palm of it to rest in my lap. It felt so warm and comforting lying spread across my smooth belly. His warmth began to seep through my stretch pants and spread over my belly. The soft pressure and warmth of his hand reminded me just how much I was looking forward to soiling my panties. I had taken to wearing yoga pants for my lessons. You might think that strange, but each of my young students seemed to respond to these pants with such enthusiasm. Each pair was extra-snug and did so much to emphasize my ‘curviness.’ Until a few days ago, I had never realized my broad hips, big round bottom and smooth, rather thick thighs were so appealing. Now, I was having trouble keeping all those young men’s hands off my hips and behind.

Edward gazed at his hand spreading across my tummy for a moment, looked me in the eye and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Well, Güzeloba Escort Bayan I am making an assumption here that you like the scent of me on those panties. It is rather earthy. And womanly.”

The hunk of a black stud beside me grinned and nodded his wholehearted agreement.

“But my scent fades and pretty soon you’re left with a pair of panties that barely have any fragrance on them at all.”

I got another nod from Edward as I paused.

“Well, what if we replaced them every few days? You know, sort refreshed them,” I continued.

“We? You said we,” he countered.

“Why, certainly. You weren’t going to do it alone, were you? Surely you weren’t planning to go skulking around, digging through my laundry hamper, were you?”

Another sheepish shrug from my student.

I shifted his hand gently, wedging his index and middle fingers into my crotch. The warm pressure of those long, talented fingers between my thighs was delicious!

“I have a much better idea!” I announced as I began to draw his fingers in a seesaw motion over my crotch. Even with a layer of stretch pants and my dear, sweet panties between his fingertips and my little honeypot, Edward was already doing me a lot of good. I rolled my hips and belly into his hand a couple of times before he realized what I had in mind. His hand came to life then and began work its own little wonders down there. “That’s it, dear. With a little effort we’ll have my panties all damp and smelly just the way you like them in no time.”

Edward assumed his new role as the principal tormentor of my pussy with relish. He kissed me in the most enthusiastic manner, his tongue dueling with mine until I just had to close my eyes and give myself over to all that he was doing for me.

My hips had been doing a slow enthusiastic roll against his fingers for only a minute or two when Edward broke from our kiss and announced excitedly, “I may have a much better idea!”

His hands suddenly began tugging at the waistband of my yoga pants. I prefer high-waisted pants because they accentuate my slender waist. Call it a vanity of mine if you like, but high-waisted pants draw attention to my slim waist as well as the sharp flare of my broad hips. Young men’s hands seem naturally to come to rest on the sharp crest of my hips when I wear pants like these and Edward’s hands were no different. He pawed at my hips and waist briefly before discovering the waistband, slipping his thumbs inside and tugging them down a few inches.

He broke away from me, dropped to the floor abruptly and resumed his tugging at my pants. He was frantic by now. I lifted my bottom and he stripped me of my pants in one single tug that turned them inside-out and sent them flying across the room.

Edward stood and began fumbling and tugging with his own belt and pants until he had them down around his ankles. It was such a pleasure to watch a handsome black stud stripping down to nothing more than his glowing erection for me. In fact, I gasped and squealed out a little, “Oh my!” when that magnificent erection of his leapt free from his underwear and bounded up to point in my direction. It was almost as if his cock had radar, the way it bobbed and quivered a time or two before that one-eyed monster of his finally settled down and took direct aim at me. It made me feel so special to know I could draw so much attention.

He dropped down beside me on the couch, kicked his shoes off, then turned to face me. He gazed down into my lap for the first time since starting all this commotion. His eyes grew big as saucers. “You are willing to trust me with those! They’re – why, they’re beautiful!” he sputtered, “Are you sure you want to part with them?”

“Oh, Edward, don’t be silly! You’ll give them back in a few days. Remember, I’m letting you borrow them. I wanted you to begin with my loveliest pair of underpants because you’re special. I hope you appreciate them. They are very dear to me. They have a great deal of sentimental value,” I told him, then added, “Now, why don’t you pick up where you left off?”

“Oh, Mrs. Nobbing! Thank you! But I think I have a way to do this that’s even better! I think you’re gonna love it!” He was practically beside himself by now.

Edward grasped the hem of my form-fitting top and tugged it unceremoniously over my head. He tossed it thoughtlessly behind him. He then slipped his fingers into the waistband of my panties and began to tug them over the swell of my broad hips. I obliged him by lifting my hips slightly. I didn’t believe my panties were anywhere close to the level of nasty sweetness that would satisfy Edward, but my young student was insistent. Clearly, he had a plan and now he had my curiosity aroused — among other things. With panties in hand, Edward dropped back onto the couch beside me and braced his feet on the carpet in front of him.

“Let’s just see how this goes . . . I’ve been dreaming Escort Güzeloba about this ever since I brought you home from the lake!” he crowed.

He draped my wonderful panties over the crown of his big, and now throbbing cock and tried unsuccessfully to tie the waistband around his pole. It wouldn’t stay tied. Edward abandoned that effort, turned to me, grasped me by the hips and lifted me onto his legs so that I was facing him. His cock, with my panties still draped over it was now rising up out of his lap between my open legs.

“I have never seen anything more beautiful!” he gasped out.

It was clear to me that he was quite taken by what he saw but I couldn’t tell if he was talking about the panties, his cock or the distinctive look and contours of my newly trimmed pussy. Amazingly, his cock stiffened even more as I looked down at this growing spectacle between my legs.

“Lean forward a little bit and watch this,” he told me.

As I leaned forward and placed my hands on his broad shoulders, he grasped my hips once more and lifted me up. I keep forgetting how strong he is. With my pussy hovering over his cock, I watched as he gently lowered my pussy until my opening came to rest atop those panties.

The sight of his immense cock, panties draped over it and nuzzling my pussy sent a high-voltage shock through my body.

“Oh!” I yelped. I couldn’t tell whether I was having an orgasm or a heart attack. The sight of those lovely blue and pink rosebuds draped over the broad head of Edward’s cock and snuggling their way into my pussy sent me over the edge. Edward was right. I had never seen anything this beautiful or thrilling in my life.

Edward toyed with me. He began to slip just an inch or two of his staff inside me and withdraw it ever so slowly. It was an exhilarating sight to watch my panties slip almost out of sight and then to watch them pop into view once more. The excitement of it was causing me to have the smallest of orgasms over and over again. I was experiencing the loveliest sensations caused by the soft lace and elastic tickling my pussy lips.

My student was enjoying himself. He was making gurgling and clucking sounds in his throat and then, without the slightest warning, he began to drop my poor helpless little pussy all of the way down on his cock in the roughest manner. My panties disappeared inside me and then reappeared. Edward began to repeat this little scenario over and over again and I began to worry that he might cum all over my lovely panties. That wouldn’t do at all. I was certain that no self-respecting nineteen-year-old would ever want to carry cum-soaked panties around in their pocket, even if it was their own cum and even if the panties had been thoroughly marinated in my juices.

It turns out, Edward had no intention of cumming quite yet.

“Would you just look at that!” he announced proudly after a long moment of abusing my pussy with all those rough slams.

I opened my eyes for the first time since he began dropping my ass into his lap and gazed down into his grinning face. He had hoisted my bottom up until I could only feel the very tip of his dick tickling my labia. I followed his gaze slowly down between the two of us to where we were joined. I stared for a long, stunned moment. My panties were gone!

“Where are my panties?” I squealed in shock.

Still grinning, Edward answered, “You know exactly where they are, Mrs. Nobbing.”

“Oh, Edward!” I huffed as it slowly dawned on me why my panties weren’t dancing on the tip of his cock anymore.

“I’m positive they’re nice and ripe now! Wanna see?” he fairly cackled. With that said, my young tormentor gently rolled me off his lap and back onto the couch beside him. Again, he dropped to his knees between my open legs and used his big strong hands to spread my rather ample thighs open further.

With his cock no longer plunging in and out of me, I could now feel the location my panties. They seemed to be lodged deep inside my little trench. My pussy was wet, very wet. I could tell at a glance that my labia were glistening with my own excitement. I just knew I was going to cum if he tried to retrieve my underpants and, yes I’m sure they were riper now by a longshot than I could ever have imagined.

“Ew-ew-ew-ew,” I mewed out softly when he first touched me down there between my legs.

Edward surprised me. As thrilled as he was at the prospect of having a soggy, positively reeking pair of my panties to put in his pocket, he devoted a generous amount of time to comforting my frazzled little puss.

His fingers circled about my clit and caressed the folds of my rather large and swollen lips. Just as I expected, there were several little orgasms to accompany his thoughtfulness. When he was satisfied that I had been comforted sufficiently, his fingers slithered gently into my slick channel. His pile driving had sent the panties deep. I’m not sure I could have reached them with my own fingers but Edward was a tenacious young devil and I was certain he would salvage what remained of these, my loveliest of panties with his long, slender, talented fingers.

“Ah! Yes! There they are!” he told me as he began to pull and twist at them.

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