Goodbye, Professor Gordon.


“You and I need to tell them the truth.”“Must we?”“I’d rather they hear the whole story from us, instead of from strangers spreading rumors, exaggerating the nature of our….”“What is the truth? In your opinion.”“We’re friends, Quigley. Friends who coincidentally see each other at the same monthly movie club.” “As well as today, in a booth at the back of this quaint diner.”“Approximately once every 30 days, we engage in cinematic conversations.”“In a congenial manner.”“And we watch the movies separately.”“Occasionally together, Jax.”“Not together. Yes, at the same time. But in separate houses.”“While we text each other–”“About the movie we are watching.”“Sure.”“Quigley, is that not what we do?”“Maybe I’m mistaken, but when we were watching Gattaca a couple months ago, I don’t remember a hand job featured on the screen. But I do recall receiving your text, which involved an eggplant emoji and a brown hand performing a Vulcan salute.”“I will allow that there weren’t many brown hands in Gattaca.”“Then there was this kiss, peach, and splash emoji message I received during Apollo 13.”“Put down your phone. Okay, yes, Quigley, we converse about a variety of subjects, including fruits and vegetables. Admittedly, our one-on-one coffee shop discussions after the club meeting ends are the highlight of my month. We went for hours last time.”“I didn’t get home until long after midnight.”“I was wiped out, but I woke up happy.”“Every time you and I sit together, with my mug empty and my heart full, there are countless words I want to say, but I won’t let myself.”“Tell Escort Anadolu yakası me now.”“Impossible fantasies.”“What have you fant…”“Look up at me, and I will tell you, Jax.”“I’m waiting.”“Waking up with you.”“That would be a crowded bed.”“Mine and Amber’s, or yours and Kevin’s?”“My husband doesn’t even like to have snacks on our bed, much less welcome a third person.”“I’d risk it, if I could open my eyes in the morning and see you snoring next to me. I’d put my arm around you, stroking your thick hair, inhaling your scent.”“You’re such a dork.”“You like it.”“Keep going.”“Regardless of who’s in the bed with us, with your body pressed against me, I wouldn’t be able to hide my morning arousal. You don’t know what you do to me, Jax.”“Jeez, you are too much.”“Your cheeks are getting red.”“They are?”“Do you ever daydream about me, Jax?”“Yes.”“At work?”“And other places.”“Where?”“In bed, when I’m alone. I picture touching you.”“You can touch me now.”“We shouldn’t. Just our hands?”“Under the table. Where do you think of touching me, Jax?”“All over. Your chest. Your stomach. Unbuckling your belt. Unzipping your pants. Letting my fingers roam across your inner thighs, massaging higher. Feeling your skin grow warmer.”“I’m burning up.”“Should I stop?”“When you think about me, do you…”“Shh.” “The diner’s practically empty. No one is listening.”“I have a toy.” “Holy smokes.”“When I think about you, I take off my clothes, lie back on the pillow, and place the toy between my legs. I envision you watching Kurtköy escort me, gazing at my hands caressing my bare body, as your hands find your own crotch. I squirm on the sheets, my toes curling, moans escaping my lips. Quigley? You’re squeezing my fingers really tight.”“Oops.”“What are you contemplating?”“I should start running baseball statistics through my head, or else I’ll never be able to leave this room.”“I can’t believe I said those things out loud.”“I know what I’ll be dreaming about tonight. While we’re in confession mode, even though I’ve denied it for a while, I’m in love… I love you, Jax.”“Quigley.”“I’ve never done this before.” “Cheated on your wife?”“I’m not chea– I haven’t been in love with two people at the same time. Which makes sense, because even though you and Amber are both different, sometimes you are exactly the same.”“Your wife and I are both parents of kids at the same school, we’re both tired of people being surprised at how ‘articulate’ we are, and somehow, we’re both friends with your ex-wife.”“Who also hates when people compliment her English, the sole language she speaks.”“Quigley, you’re a piece of work. You think you’re in love with me. Me? Me?!”“We’ve been hanging out for almost a year. This isn’t coming out of nowhere.”“You are not in love. You are infatuated with the clandestine nature of our–” “Our?”“Our mess. What would your students say? ‘Tell us about your second divorce, Professor Gordon.’ I don’t want to do anything you’d regret.” “I regret nothing. Guilt, yes. But Maltepe escort bayan every moment with you is worth it, Jax. What would your coworkers say?”“They would ask if this means Kevin is available.”“Vultures.”“I never thought someone as handsome as you would see a weirdo like me and want… This has gotten out of control.” “Oh, Jax. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I don’t have any tissues, but take all the napkins.”“Thanks. Okay. Okay? Okay.” “They will be here in a few minutes. If we tell them about us, it’s over.”“Quigley. I’m ending this. It’s over.”“What is happening?”“We cannot do this anymore.” “Even if you don’t feel the same way, we could still see each other. As friends.”“Friends with a dangerous attraction to each other.”“Tell me you don’t love me, Jax.”“It’s not that easy.”“Tell me I’ve been imagining our connection.”“You haven’t.” “Tell me I’m out on this ledge by myself. Tell me you don’t love me.” “I can’t.”“I’m going to sob giant tears at home, alone in the dark. In about five hours, after Amber and I read the kids their bedtime story. If she doesn’t kick me out first.”“How did we weave this tangled web?” “I saw you at a café, and I thought you were cute.” “I am cute.”“Amber texted. She just parked. I’m barely holding it together, but I’m on board. How do we do this?”“Top level it. Tell them our friendship has crossed an emotional line, but nothing physical has happened. Stay honest.” “What if Amber cries?” “Don’t lie to her.” “What if she tries to punch me?” “Duck.”“What about Kevin?”“This is going to devastate him. I wish we could…” “I’m listening. Jax?”“They just walked through the door. Amber, Kev! We’re back here!” “Jax! Give me a hug, hun.”“Hi, Amber. Hey sweetie.”“Hey, baby. How you two get here so early?”“Yeah, that is suspicious, Kevin. If I didn’t know better, I’d suggest we should be jealous.”“Oh, boy.”“Amber. Kevin. Have a seat.” 

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