Gorgon Eyes


She cautiously walked down the aisle of the factory, taking count of the inventory. Occasionally, glancing pass her frames of her glasses to peek at him. He was slightly older than her, much taller too, which intimidated her. However, what attracted her were his eyes. She admired them. Their strength and intensity, even if he were smiling, which was beauty of its own. She bashfully looked away the moment he turned in her direction. Not sure if he saw her, but it still sent a shiver down her small frame. God was unfair to her body. Breast barely noticeable, an ass meant for a hip-hop dancer and the body the size of a teenager. Most people would say it is a blessing. She was not most people. She was always mistaken for a 16 yr old but she was actually 22. How would she ever get him to notice her with this childish body?

She sighed and continued on her work, making sure to double check her notes. Her boss always praised her workmanship and respected her for taking charge. She was in charge of her own cell, doing what she did best, telling people what to do and how to do it right. On the outside, she was a little firecracker, but deep down she was weak. With Him, being that weakness. She never had the guts to speak to him directly, especially if it was not work related. In addition, she always seemed to quiver when he was near, but tried to hide it from his eyes. “Then why did he seem to always walk this way,” she thought to her self. She wasn’t the girly -girl type, constantly wore baggy pants and video game t-shirts almost as if they were security blankets. With one exception today, being the day she hangs out with her boyfriend on Wednesdays, she dress cute for him. A sub-conscious way of apologizing for how she felt for another might be the reason. She loved her boyfriend but was turned on by Him. However, her boyfriend would dare not know. She did not want to depart from him, for some crush.

She sighed again, as she stood at her table to calculate her numbers and sensed some one near her. Using her peripheral vision, she glanced to her side and saw him standing there, looking at her. She made a mental shriek. “Did I do something wrong? Is there something on me,” she helplessly thought. She looked down at her self cautiously and realized it was Wednesday. She shrugged the thought of him off remembering this is their day. However, she couldn’t quite get the thought of him out of her head. Her jeans were tighter than she is used to, maybe making unwanted attention towards her. Her shirt was cute in its own way, being a brighter color than black, which she usually dawns daily. The air became tight against her lungs from the pressuring thought of his glare, so she decided to take a walk and get a drink from the water fountain.

The factory was loud. You couldn’t hear much of what people said to you, let alone the footsteps of another. She bent over to take a sip and used her paranoid eyes to scan around her and much to her surprise; there he was waiting in line for his turn. Almost choking on a gulp, she took a second look to see him almost as if he was watching her. She stood up, wiped her lip and calm but franticly walked away. As she did she could hear a snicker from him, which turned her spine to ice. She went to the first place she could think and went to her locker. The way the lockers for the workers were set up were, a small locker sat on top of the same size lockers so that the poor sap who got the lower locker would have to kneel down to retrieve their belongings. She was one of those poor saps. Having difficulty catching her breath, she searched through her things to find her tool she need in her section. “I must have left them behind this morning,” she thought. Crouched down in her locker, she shuffled through her slightly messy locker in search for the missing tools.

“Well now, isn’t this a sight.” A fairly deep voice pierced her ears in hopes it was a friendly face behind those words. She raised her head up to see him again.

“What is he, stalking me,” she questioned at the sight of those beautiful eyes looking down at her.

Her eyes hid away back towards the locker in an instant and chuckled as the only response she could give. The memories of him leaning against the locker next to her, arms crossed and that smile were carried away in her mind making her forget why she was in the locker in the first place. She could see his dark blue jean clad legs crossed as well behind her frames. Realizing what he said she leaned back, slamming and locked the door and stood up to walk away very quickly but was halted by his words again.

“My, my, aren’t we cute today.” Her eyes widen away from him by the sound of his voice.

“Oh no, this could get bad,” she thought to herself.

“For your boyfriend again?” He must be very lucky,” he said almost sinisterly.

A smile baked on the side of his lips. The only place her eyes can actually look at. Any lower or above made her uneasy. He released the grip of his arms and stood up straight in front of her as, görükle escort he tauntingly walked to her. Her only reaction was to walk backwards. She looked around and realized the lockers blocked the sight of them from everyone else except behind him. In addition, behind her were nothing but more lockers and a wall.

“You look so nervous. I just want to talk,” he explained.

She didn’t believe a word of it. His eyes did not match his words. While he was slightly looking up and down her imperfect body. Looking back up at her, “You should wear these kinds of clothes more often. It suits you.”

Her mouth opened for the first time to him, “T-thanks but I got to get going.” Trying to make a mad dash for the only exit, she jetted towards him.

He moved in front of her and said, ‘Whoa, what’s the rush, we hardly ever talk.” His hand on her shoulder to stop her made her body conflict with its self.

“Look, I have a boyfriend, I’m not interested in anyone else,” she explained, which wasn’t a total lie.

“Hmm?” he said raising his eyebrow. “That’s funny. I seem to recall a certain someone staring at me constantly…” He took a step closer.

“Well I don’t, so if you can kindly step aside…,” she said making her move again.

“Hmm…,” he interrupted. “I want you to tell me again, and look at me when you say it.”

“My one true weakness.” she thought. She lifted her head as best she could but only made it up to his chin before she panicked. “I…” she began.

“No, no. Up here,” he said as he lifted up her head by her chin with the side of his fist. She quivers by the sight of him and try to look away but he had a pretty good grip on her.

“I …,” her eyes welling up.

“Hmm?” he questioned aloud.

“I don’t want you!” she said swatting his hand away.

“Maybe I can get the real truth out of you,” he said walking continuously closer. Every step he made she made behind her, until her back hit the wall. His hand darted to the side of her head on the wall, making her flinch. “Now now, my dear. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want the truth,” he said in a calm voice.

“That is the truth!” she said almost shouting. Then all of a sudden he lifted her head again and without warning, he planted his lip on hers. She struggled under him, making him hold her arms down at their sides pinning her to the wall. The fear became more enjoyable as she feel his tongue trace around hers. He had such power that it became intoxicating. His lips were smooth and warm but strong and forceful.

He than pulled back his lips and looked at her with his head leaning to the side. “Now then…” Her breath was rapid and her hands trembled. Part of her didn’t quite believe it. All she could feel was the warm rouge around her face. “Still not sure?” he asked seductively. ‘Let me help,” he said as he pinned her to the wall with his waist as he whispered in her ear. “How ’bout now?” She yelped in either terror or excitement and could feel his hand slip slower in the front of her jeans as he unbuttoning them. She shirked. “Relax my dear; I am only proving a point, “he whispered. She wasn’t sure if he was taunting her but all she knew was that she was frozen with fear. The best she could do was whimper. “Well well,” he said. She just notice that his hand made it through her panties. “It seems you were not completely honest.” Her body had betrayed her as she stared at his glistening fingertips. “What would your boyfriend say about this?”

“Now that was a taunt for sure,” she thought. “W-why?” was all she could muster. He stood up straight and sighed.

“I don’t understand. I know what you want yet you’re still being stubborn. I have some rough edges to file, I see,” he said getting closer again. “Now be a good girl and get back to work, people are worrying,” he said rubbing her face with the back of his hand. She maneuvered away not looking back as she walked away from him and heard his final words. “Don’t worry my dear, I see you there in a bit.” She paused and shivered then walked away back to her station.

She walked back to her table and stood there. Her desk was made so that you had to stand to use it. Just tall enough to rest you’re head on when stressed, which she was. 2 min. later, her mind relaxed out of panic mode and began replaying the events through her closed eyes. The images were so vivid; it felt like it was happening again. Her excitement grew stronger the more she thought.

Then she heard a “Hey!” near her ear.

Her head jetted up almost in fear, to see a co-worker in need of aid. “Oh I’m sorry; I was in my own little world.” She apologized. The co-worker smiled and explained their problem with their machine. She tried her best to fix the problem but to no success. As she flipped the light on for further aid from the maintenance, she realized that, “He might come for the light.” Panicking she looked for an alternative. I could still feel his fingers running down my clit. The excitement grew inside görükle escort bayan her. “How could he just touch me there like that?” she thought. She could even smell him on her still.

“My, my, aren’t you quite flushed?” he whispered in her ear as he slithered beside her. She gasped softly so not to bring attention to them. Her eyes planted to the table as he asked “Well?” Her mind went blank for a second till, a thought sparked in her mind.

“Oh yeah, it’s that machine over there that needs work done to it.” She pointed but not looking at him, trying to sound as calm as possible.

“Hmm, show me, show me what’s wrong,” he demanded. She cringed and cautiously walked to the malfunctioned machine. She turned it on and pointed to the problem. “I don’t see anything wrong, so tell me,” he explained.

“Now he’s just teasing my weak point. He knows I am unable to speak to him,” she groaned. “I-it won’t pick up the product,” she muttered softly looking at the machine.

“How rude,” he began to say. “Look at me when you are talking to me,” he continued in a stern yet some how sexy voice. She could feel her self getting more and more turned on. Her head felt like it was 20lbs. as she slowly lifted her head to look in his eyes. Her head was hesitant, barely making it half way before he grabbed her chin with the side of his finger to pull her up. Their eye connected for a split second before she closed them, memorizing those beautiful eyes.

He sighs and begins to work. “I see I have a lot of work to do.” She wasn’t quite sure what that meant but she walked away rather fast. With her head on the table and her arms crossed above them, she sighed in disbelief of what just happened.

“This is just too much for me. I can’t take it,” she complained. “Why is this happening? ”

A few minuets later, she continued on her work writing down things and catches herself staring at him from a distance. He was so handsome she began picturing him taking of his work shirt slowly in front of her. The excitement grew inside her and before she knew it, it was time for her to go home. She took care of her last minet work and headed for her locker. She was a little taken back as she remembered what happened a few hours before but, continued on her way.

As she walked, pass the maintenance room she caught a glance at him leaning against the wall with a smirk on his face and could hear him say, “Sweet dreams, my dear.” A shiver from her head down her spine made her knees buckle slightly as she hurried out the door to go home.

The next morning after her boyfriend kissed her and wished for her to have a good day. She climbed out of the car and walked inside. The familiar scent of the factory triggered the memory of him. His warm lips his tight grasp on my arm, the fear she felt. The trebles were coming back as she walked to the scene of where it started. All goes well for the beginning of the day. She can feel his glare on her but she learned to ignore it. At some point, their eyes accidentally meet. The desire burned in his, so she looked away fast, groaning in slight pleasure. She tried her best to avoid him as lunch came around.

Walking to the lunchroom, he ambushes her and whispered, “Come with me.” He grabbed her arm with great strength and pulled her outside. He walked her in the corner under a tree and firmly pushed her against the wall.

“What, what do you want?” she was getting agitated with his games.

“I don’t think I like your tone,” he said crossing his arms.

“Well, I don’t like you!” she made sure not to mess that sentence up.

“Oh, we’re at this again.” he said rather intimidating. Her body cringed at what was coming next. She looked up at his gorgon eyes to realize they were petrifying. The fear grew stronger as her excitement grew as well. They were a bad combination but one she could not resist.

“My dear, are you afraid of me?” he asked sounding rather proud of this accomplishment.

“N-no,” she said trying to sound convincing.

“Must I prove that as well?” he asked moving closer. A soft whimper escaped her lips as she tried to push herself through the wall to the other side. Something she knew was impossible but it was worth a try. Dirt was kicked from the back of her heels as she pushed against the wall trying to stay away from him. “Hmm, you’re even like that during work. You never seem to want to be near me,” he said. “What is it that I have done to you?” Her jaw trembled. “Is your desire for me so strong that you can’t look at me?” he asked putting his hand on the wall beside her head. “Is it so strong that I excite you when you do?” he said lowering his head to eye level with her. “And does your body conflict with your mind about these feelings because of your boyfriend.” A teardrop ran down her cheek. His finger caught it and wiped it away. An unusual smile pained across his lips. “I can make all that tension go away. Now hold still.” However, before he can make his move, bursa escort the door of the building opened which made them jump away from each other, and a chance for her to escape.

After retreating to her comfort zone, she could feel his eyes glaring at her. He didn’t look too please with her. However, some how she felt good inside knowing she disappointed him, by not giving what he want. She gave a victory smile at him and turned her head. He just chuckled and walked away. Sleeping was a joke to her. All she can think about was him and those eyes. Therefore, she hoped this little victory would help in the end. She walked back to her table and continued her work.

He later came up behind her and whispered in her ear, his lips grazing her ear, his firm chest pressed against her weak frame, “You will not go in the car with him but, you will come with me. You go to my car and to my place and I will make you perfect.” Her eyes widen to their limit. Air tightens in her lungs. She had no idea she was holding her breath. “You will be perfect. If you disobey, I will punish you.” That last part shook her small frame.

“W-what?” The only word to be forced out from her quivering lips. He stood back and walked away with a devious smile. I groaned. “He will not do this to me. No man has power over me.” She thought with intensity. She turned around, “No! You have no kind of control over me.” and with a “humph” she turned her head. She could hear a chuckle from him, and began to worry.

After work, She walk past him and he gave her a look that almost petrified but she had to be strong and just lifted my head high and just walked away.

“Heh,” he chuckled to himself. She walked to the door, placing her hand on the door and paused. A hard gulp forced down her throat.

She sighed, opening the door and walked outside to her boyfriend’s car to hang over his window and said. “Hey babe, I decide to do some overtime, so come back in 4 hrs.” It sounded like a cheater’s lie but she had no choice she thought. She did not want to hurt him. He smiled and said, “Ok, love ya.” And with a kiss, he was off. As she headed back with her head hung low, feeling like crap, she grabbed the door and pulled it, and saw him on the other side.

A smug smirked across his face. “Good girl” she heard him say, which enraged her.

“Look I’m doing this so you can keep your damn mouth shut. I love my boyfriend and I don’t want to hurt him!” she said almost straight in his eyes. “That felt right,” she thought.

“Whatever lets you sleep at night,” he said grabbing her arm and guiding her out the door.

“He doesn’t believe me,” she thought.

He opens her door and said, “Get in.” With a hesitant jolt, she slowly climbs in as he closes the door behind her. He gets in and starts the car looking at her one last time. She cursed herself the entire ride there. He parked in an apartment parking lot and guided her to his place. He opened the door and allowed her in first.

Part of her was excited to be in this place, but the smart side of her is screaming, “This is blackmail! He is using me!”

Her mind conflicted with its self. The thoughts were interrupted with the slam of the door. She turned fast and saw him stand there, arms crossed, head tilted and oh so sexy. He took a deep breath and walked off to the side, throwing his keys on the table he scanned through his mail he picked up from the mailbox on their way up here. She stood stiff and distant, trying to anticipate his next move. He walks in the kitchen, ignoring her. “He’s taunting me,” she thought. She began to get irrigated. “What do you want from me?” she asked almost yelling. He poked his head out from the wall, not looking too pleased.

“I never allowed you to speak,” he said and went back to what he was doing.

“Allow?” she asked in an irritated voice. She could hear him chuckle. She huffed and just stood there trying to figure out how to get out of this. He came out with a glass in his hand.

“Here,” he said. Instinctively her hand reached out but her mind was flushed with thoughts.

“Um.” No thank,” she said for some reason politely.

“What, you don’t trust me?” he asked in a sinister smirk.

“Uh no actually I don’t.” said a little ruder. He eyebrow tweaked a bit and the smile dropped he raised his head high to show dominance. She never realized how much tall and bigger he really was. His eyes were just as intimidating. She felt small and weak. He took the glass and placed it on the table, and stood there. She saw as his eyes scanned her up and down and it made her uncomfortable. She turned around facing away from him. She felt his hand placed in the middle of her back pushing her to a room. She shook in fear when she saw his bed in a very boring room. He closed the door behind him. The air was thin and the room grew smaller. Her mind couldn’t stay on just one thought, making her realize that she was freaking out.

“Sit,” he said and her knees buckled under her to sit on his bed. Softer than she thought it would be. She looked around to calm the storms that raged in her mind. This man she crushed on for so long and now she’s in his room. Her eye caught movement in his direction and she watched as he unbuttoned his maintenance blue shirt slowly.

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