Granny’s New Friend


Granny’s New FriendGranny’s New Friend By BossDaddyA few years ago, my grandfather had a heart attack and died leaving my 75-year-old grandmother all alone. She was in good health for someone her age but the family decided she should move into a nursery home so she would have friends her own age and keep active. My brother, sister and myself all live busy lives and we live on the other side of the state from her nursery home. When we went to visit her, she looked great. She was happy and healthy and we felt good that we made the right decision putting her in the home. One day while we were visiting her we met a man who was delivering her lunch. My grandmother said his name was Azacca and he was from Jamaica, he looked to me to be in his mid-twenties and that he started working at the home 6 months ago and that they seemed to be good friends.On the car ride home, my wife said to me that she got a strange vibe from Azacca. I said I thought he seemed like a nice man and it was all in her head. We were staying in town for a week and we planned on visiting my grandmother every day. The next day my wife went to visit her and when she got to her room it was empty and she wasn’t there. While she was waiting for her to come back to the room an old woman from the room next to hers said to my wife. “If your waiting for Dorine you going to be waiting for hours”. My wife said “why, is she out doing something fun?” The old woman said “if you think getting every hole in your body fucked by a big black cock fun then yes, she’s out having fun.” My wife was taken back and was starting to think this old woman might have Alzheimer’s of something. The woman said, “You don’t believe me, come with me.” Escort She took my wife to an exam room at the end of the hall. There was a two-way mirror that looked into the exam room next door. There in that room was my grandmother bent over and Azacca was ramming his cock into her. Azacca had a huge cock and was fucking my grandmother in her ass. She looked like she was loving it. She turned around and took Azacca cock into her mouth and sucked him off. He came all over her face and she swallowed his semen and licked his cock clean. The old woman said, “See I told you so. These two fuck all day. In her ass, in her pussy and in her mouth. All day long… that guys cock is in that old slut.” She went on to say, “We counted one day and those two fucked each other nine times”. My wife was in shock and couldn’t say a word. She left the nursey home and she was flustered and came back to the hotel we were staying and got me. I could see that she was obvious upset and asked her what was wrong. She was having a hard time telling me what she saw. She sat me down and told me striate out what she saw. My grandmother and Azacca were fucking and what the old lady told her about how many times a day they do it and how long It had been going on. I too was in shock and didn’t know what to say or do. First, I was super mad that this nursing home was taking advantage of my dear sweet grandmother like that and then my wife said that my grandmother has every right to find love, or friendship or just sex even at her age. I was still mad and decided to drive back to the nursing home and give Azacca a piece of my mind. I went to her room and open the door to find my grandmother on her Escort Bayan knees sucking Azacca huge black cock just as he was coming on her face and in her mouth. “Stop that!”, I said and my grandmother said, “honey, please… It’s okay, it’s okay”. Azacca was trying to pull his pants back up and was having a hard time getting his big dick back into his pants. I looked over and noticed my wife was looking right at his big cock and smiling and shaking her head. My grandmother was wiping the cum off her face and grabbed her robe and covered her big and surprisingly firm tits.Dorine said, “Everybody just relax and have a seat and we can talk about this”. Dorine said that they were just having some fun and no one was getting hurt. My wife chimed in and said, “with a cock that big it’s got to hurt”. I gave my wife a look like “that’s not helping”. Dorine looked at my wife said, “isn’t that cock amazing? It feels so good deep inside me”. Dorine said she has needs and that Azacca makes her feel alive. We talk some more and I just got madder and I decided to take a walk and calm down. My wife stayed in the room with Azacca and Dorine. She says she needs his BBC and that they are going to continue to fuck.My wife kept making comments about the size of Azacca’s cock and how Dorine could take that big thing, especially in her ass. My wife finally asked him to take his cock out so she could see and hold it in her hands. Azacca was all too quick to pull it out and place it in my wife’s hand. My wife was softly stroking it in a petting motion and said, “wow you can really feel the weight of this thing”. Azacca”s cock was now getting erect as my wife stroked it and he said to Bayan Escort my wife in a Jamaican accent, “go ahead and suck on it”. My wife said “no I don’t think it will fit”. Azacca said “go ahead and try”. My wife put her lips around just the head of his cock and it filled her mouth. Dorine got down next to my wife and she too licked and sucked Azacca cock. As my wife worked on getting more of Azacca cock into her mouth my grandmother work on sucking his balls. She commented to my wife that Azacca really likes it when you work his balls too.My wife and grandmother sucked him together and then Dorine said to my wife, “You need to feel that in your pussy”. My wife was quick to take her clothes off and get on her hands and knees on the bed. Her ass was high in the air and she was anticipating that cock penetrating her. Azacca licked my wife’s pussy getting it ready for what was coming next. He rubbed the head of his cock on my wife’s pussy and then pushed the head in. Her pussy lips spread to accept it. She involuntarily pushed her pussy back on to his cock. It was in. Deeper in her pussy than any other cock my wife has ever had. Azacca took turns in both my wife and Dorine. My wife was getting fucked hard and she noticed that Azacca pushed deep into her pussy and then she felt him release his load. They all got dress and by the time I got back to the room they were all just sitting there like little angels. I thought I was being very mature about things and agreed to let Dorine and Azacca do what they wanted. Six months later my wife and I moved back into the area. Now my wife visits Dorine almost every day to keep her company. She is always so happy when she comes home. I asked her what they both do all day at the nursing home and she says they play games together. By the way Azacca still works there and I’m sure is still fucking my grandmother but that’s between them and I’m not going to say anything to anyone.

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