Growing in Pregnancy


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.


Vanessa groaned. The giraffe anthro’s body aching lightly as she lay, sprawled, across her bed. A note lay on the pillow from the gentlefur she had spent the previous night with, thanking her for being a wonderful client and wishing her the best of luck with her pregnancy. Her white hair spilt around her short giraffe horns, a soft giggle on her lips as she pushed the note aside.


She smiled warmly. Vanessa had never thought it could happen, not with everything going on in the world. With the fertility crisis deeply set in across the country, she had hired one of the world’s top studs, Jakiel, an elephant, to impregnate her. It had been frowned upon in the beginning, the studding. But with fewer and fewer males having viable semen… Well, what was anyone supposed to do?


Oh, but he had given her a wonderful night indeed as she stretched her arms out over her head, her mind filled with after images of his broad grey body pressing over hers and into hers, how wonderfully they had fit together. There was no question as to her being impregnated — that was one of the guarantees of such top-tier studs who were hired out — and she giggled lightly as the bedsheets twisted around her, remembering just how it had felt to have his shaft inside her, her hips elevated even then to keep every drop of his semen inside her that she could. He had flooded her and filled her so much, her sticky “cummy” bed still showing the messy aftermath!

One last thing she had to do was to take her pills — something that her fertility doctor had recommended for her. She popped them and swigged them down with tap water. Vanessa supposed that they were like vitamins or something, but they were experimental and would make her pregnancy “more potent.” She should have asked more what that meant, but, well…she was not exactly worried about it. It was difficult to worry when she was so excited to be welcoming her little one — or more! — into the world in months to come!

Now, she had to go to work and get ready, setting out a pair of dress pants, a smart blouse and a blazer, all paired in complementary colours. The pills had a “set-in” time of a few hours where she was advised not to eat or drink anything besides water, to ensure that they had the best effect.

She imagined how her stomach would swell, in the months to come. She sat smiling and running her paws over her belly while she rode the bus to work. On getting to work, setting herself up in the office, no one there was any the wiser as to what she had done the night before. Of course, Vanessa would have to notify her manager in some time as to what had taken place, but she was not particularly worried about that. It was a luxury to be pregnant and she’d likely have a good bit of maternity leave when she was ready for it.

But she wouldn’t need that yet…surely?

What the giraffe did not know as the day wore on, her fingers moving more and more slowly across her keyboard than ever, was that the pills working away inside her were more than a little experimental. For they were designed to increase the number of offspring within her womb and the health and viability of them. Combined with the seed of a prime stud, the pills would react very powerfully. Just how powerfully they did that was another question indeed…

She couldn’t help herself, slumping down in her cubicle, the buzz of the office around her. Just five minutes, five minutes… Vanessa could take five minutes just to rest her eyes and that would be okay, her breathing slowing, along with her heart rate. She couldn’t help herself, her blazer pulling uncomfortably around her shoulders, but she was just so tired.

Maybe it was the previous night’s activities that had tired her out or maybe it was the pills. All Vanessa knew, when she startled awake again, hands flying as she was trying, even in her half-awake state, to cover up the fact that she had been sleeping, that her office phone was ringing.


She slapped at it, knocking it off the receiver, though the call had already dropped — which was just as well for the giraffe as she had far, far bigger issues to focus on. Her jaw dropped, shaking her head, tugging her blouse free of her dress pants where the fabric and buttons strained over her rapidly growing belly.

“What the hell?”

“Are you okay in there?”

That was Becky — ugh! If she knew what was happening, she’d tell everyone! What was even happening to her?

“Yeah, don’t worry,” Vanessa called back, as cheerily as she could. “All good, just knocked my eryaman otele gelen escort phone off the desk!”

That excuse would have to do. Vanessa suddenly wished desperately that she had taken the company’s offer regarding that private office while she’d had the chance! Her lower two buttons popped off with a ping, her body grumbling and rumbling as she grew, though it was not like the rumble that her stomach would have given when she was hungry. No, it was something deeper, something more primal, something that Vanessa would become familiar with in the coming months.

“What is this?”

She breathed, eyes wide, thankful that the entrance to her cubicle faced her against the wall. Luckily, the walls of her cubicle were also high enough to mostly conceal her from co-workers. She hoped they didn’t want to come in to see what was going on with her. Her breath now catching, pulling at her trousers, though she was not quick enough.


There went the tiny button on those too, the fitted pants giving up the ghost, though the little button had not been all that much help on them anyway. That was why she’d had to wear those with a belt to make sure that there was not an unfortunate accident… and now her belt was straining, pulling tauter and tauter.


It was not all that much growth, not in the grand scheme of things, but it was enough to have her sweating, whimpering, trying to be as quiet as possible with a paw pressed over her lips. Yet Vanessa could not stop her belt from stretching and stretching, even if the plastic of it was thankfully strong enough to stay in place, despite her trousers being pushed down under the rising swell of her belly.

And then…it stopped. The giraffe swallowed hard, wondering if she could get to the bathroom without being seen to take stock of what was going on. She thought she should sling on that long, slouchy cardigan that she kept in her desk for chilly days. That would, at least, preserve her modesty a little bit as she hung it around her shoulders, moving awkwardly, her centre of balance off.

Her belly… She made her way into a small, one-person bathroom with a grunt, leaning against the wall, the mirror greeting her above the sink and the toilet, set beside each other. It looked, to all appearances as if she had passed her first trimester of being pregnant, a baby bump well on show.

Vanessa’s mouth gaped, her breath gasped, ears twitching, her tail lashing behind her. No! What was wrong with that? Was the baby okay? What was going on?

But she didn’t feel…bad at all. Just different, as if she had passed all the worst stages of pregnancy, comfortable as she was, though the added weight was something that, even then, threw her off a bit. Cautiously parting her cardigan, she stroked her stomach, lifting her shirt, though she would have done better to undo all the buttons. The giraffe, however, was more interested in running her hands over the smooth rise of her belly, her belly button appearing a little more defined too, the rich brown of her spots not reaching her pale belly.

Vanessa took a shuddering breath, brushing her fingers, trembling, back through her hair. Things were okay… At least, that was what she tried to tell herself. She wondered about the pills, briefly… but surely that wasn’t it? She would talk to the doctor, see what was going on.

For the time being, however, there was no way she was going back to her desk to work for the day.


According to her doctor, the pills could have some interesting side effects, which was not how she imagined them working. One of them, evidently, was rapidly increasing the speed of her pregnancy — even though the full-term length of nine months would still be reached. She would be heavy and far along in her pregnancy for an extended amount of time, but she could be glad that things like morning sickness and the like were tempered by the pills.

It was kind of nice to stroke her stomach while she was relaxing in the evening at home, later that evening. She made sure that she ate sensibly and enough for two, for she did need more food when she was carrying this demanding pregnancy. That was pretty much all Vanessa had to worry about, according to her doctor, which was simply fine by her.

There was no telling, however, how long her pregnancy would take at the coming stages. Earlier, the entire first trimester only lasted a few hours. It had barely even lasted until she got to the doctor’s office! Another growth spurt had hit her there, making her grunt and go weak-kneed standing at the clinic’s front desk, blushing furiously as more buttons popped off her (new) blouse and her skirt rose out at the front. All the giraffe could be thankful for, as her body swelled and she held a pregnancy that was suddenly two trimesters in, was that she was in the right place to be seen. There was something from the frenzied, worried receptionist, however, about getting her an ambulance, sincan escort even though that was very much not necessary.

Vanessa had all but waddled into the doctor’s office, tears in her eyes, though she was easily talked down after being assured that her baby was fine, just fine. They could check, easily, using an early ultrasound to show her how the pills had accelerated her baby’s growth.

“All you need to do is be a good momma, as you always were going to be, for nine months and carry them with you. You’ll just be carrying a little more weight in the meantime” the doctor said, a smile on the owl’s beak as she soothed her patient. “This is scary, I know, but you’ll be even better prepared by the time they are born. You have plenty of time to get everything ready.”

That was reassuring to the giraffe, but the difficulty in finding late-stage maternity clothes when she did not know if she was going to swell again was…a trial. She went in and out of the shops with bigger sizes, soft, stretchy waistlines, even her breasts growing too as if they were anticipating needing to feed a little one sooner rather than later.

Yet one thing the giraffe did not consider was how the extra weight around her belly made her more tired than ever. She was slower at walking, huffing and panting, for she had not had the slow increase in pregnancy weight that most others dealt with. It had all come at once for her as she worked her way around for the week, blushing as she explained to her boss that there was a “medical issue” with her surprise pregnancy but all was fine. All she would need time off for would be to attend the usual pre-natal appointments and with her gynaecologist — that was all.

Others around the office, well…they could not help but give her the side-eye. Most were respectfully quiet, if quizzical, as a few days passed. Vanessa tended to her large tummy, working as normal. But one day, Becky the raccoon barrelled in with wide eyes, paws fluttering all over the place. Becky had just come back from a short vacation and hadn’t seen the giraffe yet.

“Oh, my goodness!” Becky proclaimed, blocking Vanessa’s exit from her own cubicle, her raised voice turning every head within the open office space. “Look at you!”

That was embarrassing enough as it was. Soon enough, thanks mostly to Becky, she had to deal with everyone cooing over her. The respectful quiet faded away as more co-workers grew curious. Vanessa fielded all the questions and secretly enjoyed the attention. They only meant well. Though, many were curious as to how it had happened so quickly — how much medical information, like that bit about the pills, could she actually give out?

Things, however, took a deeper turn one week later, her body rumbling while she was in the break room, eating a sandwich, her stomach rising too quickly for her to do anything about it, bursting through the fabric of her dress in a fervent rise, though it did not tear there. Oh no — the dress split down the seam of her right side, bringing a shriek to her lips and, thankfully, her work friends to her rescue.

Still, she managed to flash upper management a sliver of her backside as they tried to get her to the bathrooms, with her sudden third-trimester baby weight weighing her down. She left for an in-depth ultrasound the same day.

It turned out she had at least six little ones bundled up in there (the doctor was not sure if there was a seventh hidden amongst them yet). Three were elephants, like their father, and three were giraffes. She was pleased to hear that two elephants were male and one was female, though the giraffes were the opposite, with two girls and one boy. They were still unsure if there was a seventh hidden behind them in the womb. The number of kids was something that would either be laughed about or cried about later and Vanessa did not yet know which way it would go.

Her stomach was no longer perfectly smooth as she worked through that third trimester, though it had only taken her a single week to get there, shifting and moving with the weight of her active, healthy children within. Yet there was something softening and soothing about carrying them with her, her belly huge and staying that way, even if she had to get used to, well…other things too.

The weight of it tired her out and she did what she could to become a little more accustomed to that. Her centre of balance was thrown off, sometimes needing to balance against the wall or rest when she was going somewhere. She got stares and looks, but those bothered the giraffe less and less, resting a paw on her stomach at all times, wanting her little ones to know that they were safe and protected.

“Oops, sorry!”

Her stomach, however, had to be managed in other ways too.

Vanessa blushed as she tried to squeeze into place at the meeting table, not managing her stomach well; it was getting in the way, bumping into other furs, knocking another clipboard off the desk. The gölbaşı otele gelen escort pencil holder that had been her round belly’s first victim was still rolling on the floor while everyone, flustered, moved and tried to help her, even if the giraffe wanted to do everything herself. Although she tried to squeeze into her usual seat by the wall, she found that she couldn’t wedge herself into the space anymore, not without her belly pushing the conference table out.


She seemed to be saying that a lot lately, Vanessa blushing and waving her paw. She wouldn’t change anything about being pregnant, of carrying her six (at least) little ones around with her, feeling them kick and squirm…but it could be a little more difficult than she had expected. But no one had thought that her pregnancy would be huge and sit at the third trimester (with six, maybe seven!) for the majority of the months!

But that was okay. It was all okay. She chatted and laughed and sat in a new seat, one on the far side from the wall, placing a hand on her round stomach, fingers gently tapping it. It distracted her a little with how her newly tailored blouse strained over her belly, her short coat of hair visible between the buttons, as if she was bulging through it. The babies squirmed and they kicked and it was as if her belly was always in motion, though Vanessa enjoyed the feel of them.

She liked the reminder that they were there.

Her colleagues all wanted to feel her bump, which was her defining feature, her belly larger than what most anyone could have carried naturally. Her breasts were larger and fuller, a touch of lactation hinting at appearing. She didn’t want to worry about it too much, not even when she couldn’t fit on the bus anymore, the sideways step with her large belly too much for her to manage anymore.

Not that taking a taxi was any better… That was embarrassing, how she had to wiggle and heft and squeeze herself into it, the vehicles seeming smaller and smaller. She wasn’t going to book something bigger either, not even ones special built for the larger, taller species, even if her work was paying for it. Her company wanted her to be comfortable, for her contributions and presence at work were important enough for her to be repeatedly taxied to work and home again.

Little things, awkward things, but she would go through them all ten times over just to meet her little ones, to be the mother she’d wanted to be for years.

Today, the wolf taxi driver glanced at her, squashed in there, the babies in her womb squirming, wriggling, always active. It was not to be helped, not with how her pregnancy had progressed. Vanessa preferred it that way.

Sitting there, she grunted, her belly pressing out against the back of the driver’s seat, the wolf grimacing as he scooted his seat forward with a clack-clack-clack that could not be mistaken for anything else. Vanessa squirmed in place, offering him a half-hearted laugh and shrug of her shoulders.

“Ah… Yeah, sorry?”

But she had nothing to be sorry about, a mother enjoying the thrill of being pregnant, tail flicking back and forth contentedly. Slowly but surely, she came to terms with her pregnancy, how she had to adjust her stance, when she had to be careful not to bump her belly into items or other furs. No one minded, not really, giving her allowances, telling her how wonderful it was that she was pregnant, even more so considering the nation’s fertility crisis. It was a blessing and she carried her kids well, anticipating their arrival.

They admired and respected her. So, what did it matter if she knocked a full cup of coffee into the CEO’s lap? They let her get away with it (it had not been boiling) and it made for a good story at the holiday party!

Growing so huge in her pregnancy might well have been the best thing that had ever happened to Vanessa.


At the end of her pregnancy, having carried her full, maximum third-trimester weight and size for over seven months, Vanessa was almost sorry to see it go. Her co-workers had asked her all about it and, in time, she had been open about what stud she had hired, what pills she had used, how many babies she was carrying — all of it shared. Of course, her co-workers had wanted to contact who she had hired and had used his services too. Soon plenty of her co-workers were in varying stages of pregnancy, though some of their trimesters had not progressed quite as quickly as Vanessa’s had.

It seemed that she was the luckiest of them.

“Yes, I think a group of us may even want to hire Jakiel on full-time,” she said, tipping forward with a wink, though there was nothing confidential about what they were saying. “The pills seem to work best with his seed, after all… And we wouldn’t want to be without this now, would we?” Vanessa tittered to a chatting group of also-pregnant girls.

For there were some things that gave them more pleasure than the grind of daily life, office work, everything dragging on. For them, it was the delight of seeing and feeling their bodies swell with the blessing of new life, finally able to do something about the fertility crisis while their bodies blossomed.

The growth of their pregnancies, however, would bring more surprises each and every time.

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