Guy Time, with a Girl Ch. 2


Shelly smiled and snuggled down into the blankets. Her pussy was still tingling from the dream she had just had. Wow, she thought, it would be so hot to have sex with Rob and Peter at the same time.

Shelly rolled over and hugged the warm body beside her. Her hands played over his chest, her fingers searching for the tuft of hair in the middle. When she failed to find it, her hand trailed lower, over the flat muscular stomach.

“What?” she said aloud, opening her eyes. She was curled against Rob, with her hand resting on his flat abdomen. Her eyes continued the path her hand had begun. She licked her lips at the sight of his flaccid cock resting in its nest of pubic hair. The urge to take it in her mouth was strong, but so was her ravenous hunger for something more nourishing.

She rolled over again, to find Peter on her other side. She smiled, and caressed his cheek tenderly. He was such a wonderful husband to fulfill his wife’s fantasy like this. Carefully climbing out of bed, she donned a bathrobe and went in search of food. She was surprised to find that they had slept the night away. She decided not to wake the men until she had breakfast ready. In spite of her complaints about cooking, she really enjoyed the task.

Peter sighed and stretched as he woke from his nap. A delicious aroma was tickling his nose, reminding him of how hungry he was. He blinked as he saw Rob in bed with him. Then he remembered with a smile. He reached over and shook Rob’s shoulder.

“Time for round two, buddy,” he said.

“Umm, something sure smells good.”

“Shelly is cooking breakfast. I hope she’s planning on sharing.” Peter got out of bed and pulled on his boxers. He tossed Rob’s across the bed to him.

“She better, or we’ll have to torture her,” Rob said.

“That sounds like fun but I think we should eat first.”

Shelly was coming to wake them just as they were leaving the bedroom. The three of them nearly collided in the doorway. Peter laughed and grabbed Shelly in his arms. His hands moved under the bathrobe she wore. He felt her nipples harden against his bare chest as his hands caressed her ass.

“Food first, baby,” she said, pulling out of his arms. “You two need to keep up your stamina for this weekend.”

“I think you were the first one to fall asleep,” Rob reminded her.

“I must have been faint from hunger.” Shelly led them into the kitchen. The table was set with three places, with platters of food in the middle.

Peter and Rob sat on either side of Shelly, and they all three heaped their plates with scrambled eggs and potatoes and sausage. Shelly poured orange juice for them all, and they dug in with relish.

Shelly watched the two of them eating, and couldn’t believe her luck. Peter was an incredible lover all by himself, but coupled with Rob, and she would be in orgasmic heaven all weekend. She smiled wickedly at the thought of all the fun she could have.

Rob started when he felt a small hand creep into his lap. His eyes widened and he looked at Shelly. She grinned at him while she lifted her foot and put it in Peter’s izmir escort lap. She rubbed Peter’s cock with the sole of her foot, feeling it harden under her touch. Her hand squeezed Rob’s balls through his boxers before running her hand along the length of his shaft. She continued to eat with her one free hand all this time.

Rob decided that turnabout was fair play, and allowed his own hand to seek out her pussy. He brushed aside the robe, baring her cunt to his hand. His fingers unerringly found her clit, and she gasped at his first touch.

Shelly opened her legs to allow Rob easier access to her pussy. She moaned when he slid a finger into her juicy cunt. Her muscles clenched around his finger and her hips moved as she fucked his hand.

Peter began to feel a little left out of all this play, and moved his chair a little closer to Shelly. He had finished his breakfast, and so was free to focus his attention on her breasts. He untied her robe and folded it back, exposing her ripe boobs.

Rob watched as Peter sucked one rosy nipple in his mouth. Shelly leaned back in her chair with her head thrown back. Peter couldn’t resist the sight of her neck exposed like that and released her nipple to move up to her neck. He sucked on the sensitive flesh of her neck while he massaged her breasts with his hands.

Rob left his chair to kneel in front of Shelly. She gasped when his tongue flicked gently across her clit. Her hands clenched in his hair and she pressed her pussy tighter into his face.

Peter moved back to her tits and sucked one hard nub into his mouth. He twisted the other one between his fingers with just a little bit of pressure. He knew she was about to cum when he felt her body start to shake.

Rob increased the pace of his finger thrusting in her pussy and sucked furiously on her swollen clit. Her curly black pubic hair softly tickled his nose as he jammed his face into her pussy. She spasmed wildly in her chair as her orgasm peaked. Her hands in Rob’s hair began to loosen their grip. He slowed down his hand action as her orgasm ended. She pushed his head back a little to indicate that she has had enough. He released her clit, but continued to work his finger in and out of her dripping cunt. He did not remove his hand until she raised her head and looked at him. As she watched, he pulled his finger out of her cunt, and brought it to his mouth. He sucked her juices from his finger. Shelly leaned over and kissed him deeply, tasting her fluids in his mouth.

“That’s enough for now,” Shelly said. She stood abruptly and closed her robe. “I’m going to take a shower, and then I want to go fishing.”

“Come on, Shelly!” Peter complained. “You aren’t going to leave us with these hard cocks right now are you?”

“Of course I am. That will just make you want me more after we go fishing. I’ve never been fishing, and Rob promised we could go whenever I wanted.”

“I did say that didn’t I?” Rob looked sheepishly at Peter.

“For some reason fishing just doesn’t sound as good anymore. There’s lots better things to do alsancak escort right here in the cabin.”

“We are going fishing, and that’s that,” Shelly stated. “You guys get dressed and go on down to the lake, and I will meet you there after I take my shower.”

“I don’t think I can fit my cock in my jeans,” Peter said gruffly. Shelly just smiled at him and sauntered off to the bathroom for her shower. The two men did the washing up after breakfast before heading out to the lake. Fortunately Shelly is a neat cook, and there wasn’t too much to do.

Shelly chose her clothes carefully for the fishing trip. The guys were disappointed that she wanted to go fishing, but she intended for them to enjoy every minute of it. She put her chosen outfit on the bed and headed for the shower.

The hot water felt good coursing over her skin. She washed her hair first, and then lathered up her body. She closed her eyes as she soaped up her breasts, thinking about how Peter had sucked her nipples while Rob ate her out. Her hands worked slowly down her body, until she came to her bushy pubic hair. She rubbed soap into her hair, feeling it curl around her fingers. Her hand parted her pussy lips, and she soaped herself up good. Her clit was still sensitive from Rob’s mouth, so she was really gentle there.

After she had cleaned her pussy thoroughly, she stepped under the spray of water to rinse. She began to get the glimmerings of a delicious idea when she spotted her razor resting on the ledge in the shower. She ran her fingers through the hair covering her pussy and tried to imagine what it would look like bald.

She quickly turned the shower off and got out. She dried her body quickly, her mind whirling with the possibilities. She wrapped a towel around her long curly brown hair, and looked for Peter’s shaving cream. She put a fresh blade in the razor first, and then tried to decide how best to do this. She found a hand mirror to help her see, and returned to the bathtub. She sat on the edge of the tub, and tested her position. She found that if she had her ass right on the edge of the tub, and leaned way forward, she could see to shave around her pussy lips.

She turned the water on, and set it for the removable showerhead on a hose. She sprayed her crotch with the shower, and giggled at the strange sensation.

Shaking the can of shave cream, she sprayed a small amount in her hand. She applied it to the mound of hair in front, leaving her lips for last. Stroke by stroke she slowly removed the hair from her mound. When that was done, She directed the spray from the showerhead at her crotch and rinsed thoroughly.

Next was the difficult part. She put a small amount of shave cream in her hand, and applied it with the fingers of her other hand, being careful about where she applied it. She leaned way over to be able to see what she was doing, and carefully removed every trace of hair from her pussy. She rinsed carefully when she was finished, and was amazed at how much more sensitive her clit was. The spray from the shower hitting her clit felt almost buca escort like a mouth on it. She focused the spray on her clit and gasped as the full force hit it.

She explored her shaved pussy with her other hand. The skin felt smooth and soft to her touch. The water drumming on her sensitive clit had her teetering on the edge of orgasm. She couldn’t believe how much more sensitive her pussy was without the hair covering it. She slipped a finger deep into her pussy, searching for her g-spot. When she found it she rubbed the tip of her finger back and forth. She shivered at the sensations she was sending through her body.

Shelly dug another finger into her pussy so that she was fucking herself with two. Her hips thrust forward, shoving her fingers as deep as they would go. She slipped down into the tub and leaned against the back.

She rested her feet on the sides of the tub to spread her pussy wide open, and inserted yet another finger. She fucked herself with the three fingers for only a minute before added her pinky. Now she had all her fingers plunging in and out of her dripping pussy. She slid her thumb in behind her tightly squeezed fingers, and slowly inserted her hand to the knuckles. She slowly began to slide her hand in and out of her juicy cunt and gradually increased the pace until her hand was a blur of movement. She wiggled her fingers as much as she could inside her cunt while she pounded her hand. She felt her hand slip in past the knuckles and nearly screamed at the feeling of being stretched so far.

She moaned as her orgasm neared and jammed her hand in even deeper. Her body began to shake and it was all she could do to hold the spray of water on her clit. Her ass was sliding uncontrollably around in the bathtub. She braced her feet more firmly on the tub sides to hold her still.

She felt the slippery feel of her own juices mingling with the water from the shower as she came on her hand. She slowed her movements gradually until she was resting with her hand half shoved up her twat.

She slowly pulled her hand out, shivering at the sudden emptiness. She moved the spray of water over her entire pussy slowly to savor the last remnants of her orgasm.

Finally she turned the water off, and dried herself. She walked naked into the bedroom and began to put on her clothes. She had chosen a tight white tank top, one that would allow the men to see her rosy nipples through the material. She pulled the shirt over her head and stretched it across her full breasts.

Looking down at her breasts, she smiled at the sight. She admired the way the thin material molded to her breasts. Her nipples stood out like hard little nubs begging for attention. She pinched each nipple between her fingers and rolled it gently back and forth.

Next she picked up the thong she had planned on wearing. She looked at it for a second before tossing it back on the bed. She picked up the white shorts and stepped into them without her panties. She zipped them up and then turned to the mirror on the back of the door to survey her appearance.

The clothing did little to hide her voluptuous body, and she nodded in satisfaction before slipping her feet into her white sandals. White probably wasn’t the best color for going fishing in, but it was the bait her hook needed. She didn’t intend to do a lot of fishing anyway.

To Be Continued…

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