Hailey’s Journey Ch. 11



“Please what, Blondie? I can’t help you unless you tell me what you want!”

“Please, Nick, I want to suck your cock. Please, please…”

Dead silence greeted this request and Hailey’s hazy, aroused eyes looked into Nick’s surprised ones with a hint of a twinkle.

The evening had started in its usual way, with Nick wanting to watch a travel program on TV. Hailey, as usual, was bound at his feet, with ankles lashed to thighs and elbows bound together, thrusting her breasts high in the air. Her knees were wide apart, and clamps opened up her pink pussy and taut little clit. Nick had added a few extra touches to make sure she wasn’t bored. A heavy rope was tied around her shoulders, and from the rope, hung three pieces of twine with feathers attached to the ends. These were strategically placed to brush ever so gently and tormentingly against her nipples and clit.

This enjoyable torture continued all evening, and even the beauty of the wild trails of New Zealand or Nick’s promise that they would visit there one day was not enough to distract Hailey. She wiggled and jiggled as best as she could within her bonds, and Nick enjoyed her show far more than the one on TV. Finally, she began to whimper and plead, prompting Nick to ask his question.

When Hailey heard Nick ask her what she wanted, she wanted to yell, “An orgasm, of course , you moron! You haven’t given me one for days!”

But she knew that Nick would not respond to that, and she wanted to torment him at least a little, so she begged to suck his cock. Maybe she could work off some of her sexual frustration that way. Nick was initially surprised, and then he grinned.

“So you want to suck, do you Blondie?” Hailey nodded eagerly.

“Then show me how eager you are and get me excited, slave. Shake those tits for me – do a shimmy and a shake!”

Hailey stared at him in shock. Was she supposed to humiliate herself by jiggling her boobs in his face? No way! Nuh uh! Not her. She shook her head violently and then glared as he calmly turned back to watch TV. Noooooo! Blushing violently, she tentatively began to shake her shoulders, feeling her boobs shake as well. Nick turned to watch the show she was putting on. Then, with a bored expression he turned back to the TV.

Furious now, Hailey began to seductively move her shoulders and her even her hips, undulating in front him in an attempt to wipe the bored expression from his face. And was rewarded when she saw the bulge in the front of his jeans. Slowly, she licked her lips and moved forward, continuing to bounce her tits. Somewhere deep within her, she was horrified at the picture she presented, but right now, all that seemed to matter was getting Nick into her mouth.

Finally she was between his knees, her nose buried in the crotch of his görükle escort jeans. She looked up for permission, and when he nodded, she began to unbutton him with her mouth and teeth. Not an easy task. Hailey almost gave up in frustration more than once, but plodded doggedly on, encouraged by Nick who now held a vibrator in his hand and did not hesitate to use it on her throbbing body. Finally his cock sprung free and Hailey eyed it as if it were the best candy in the world.

Slowly she bent forward and licked the length of his cock, lingering on the swelling head. Then she nibbled her way down the underside, reaching the sensitive area under his shaft. A few seconds there brought a groan from Nick, and smiling she moved on to sucking and licking his balls, feeling them tighten under her ministrations. Back to the head, which was now slippery with his precum, she sucked and licked a few minutes more before taking the rigid cock into her mouth.

Nick held her head firmly as he pushed down into her throat. Thanks to the tips on the Internet, Hailey tried to relax her throat muscles and breathe through her nose as her steadily skull fucked her, his movements getting faster and faster until he finally jetted deep into her throat. He then leaned back with a sigh of satisfaction and zipped up his jeans. He then produced wicked looking clothes pins which he used to dot her breasts, nipples, and labia, as Hailey moaned with pain and pleasure. And went back to watching TV, leaving Hailey as horny and frustrated as ever. No orgasm for Hailey that night!

Nick continued to train Hailey to accept pain and to enjoy it. He introduced her to whips, crops, paddles, switches, hot candle wax and electric probes, and watched with pleasure as Hailey’s body absorbed it and became visibly and deeply aroused. She had no problems with Nick’s rule number two – she was used to delayed gratification, and could wait until Nick commanded her to cum. Then she did, and found that these orgasms were long and incredible. If she had to wait a little to get eyerolling orgasms, well, then she certainly could, would, and did!

Rule number three was not a big problem as long as Nick gave her mindblowing orgasms everyday. But then Nick stopped doing that – for three days in a row, he would bring Hailey to the very brink and then stop. Of course, that did not stop him from using her mouth or her ass whenever he wanted to. Hailey was patient for three days, but when on the fourth day, she was sent to bed, aching and horny, she just could not take it anymore.

Though she was not used to masturbating, it seemed to come easily as her fingers found her throbbing nipples and swollen clit (apparantly a permanent state these days!). But it just wasn’t the same. Nick walked in to find Hailey moaning, with eyes closed and fingers görükle escort bayan buried deep in her pussy, twisting around in an orgasm that seemed to be frustrating her with its wimpiness. He grinned to himself and left the room – to plan her punishment and her next lesson.

So, the next morning, after a stern lecture from Nick, Hailey found herself bound with her ass high in the air. Nick warmed her up with the flogger, knowing full well that it was making her horny as well. He inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, caressed her clit with his thumb and used a thin, whippy switch to stripe her ass six times. Hailey screamed, counted and thanked Nick for every stripe, but the pleasure building up within her was worse punishment than the pain.

Nick led her to a strange looking chair, if it could be called that. It was made up of a vertical flat board and had two legs sticking out of it in a wide triangle shape. Hailey winced as her sore bottom (adorned as usual with a butt plug) came into hard contact with the board, her legs and knees spread wide apart and attached to the legs of the “chair.” Her arms were bound tightly to the back of the horizontal board, thrusting out her tits and perky nipples.

Nick picked a heavy leather strap and began to whip her tits, focusing on her nipples. He watched in fascination as the nipples grew long and swollen, bouncing back after each blow, seeming to beg for more. Hailey twisted in torment as her plugged ass squirmed around on the hard seat and her tits and nipples throbbed with with each blow. But Nick could see her wide open pussy clearly – the clit was hard, red and swollen, and the seat below her was wet with her juices. Just when she thought she was going to go over that wonderful edge, Nick stopped.

He knelt before her and kissed her clit tenderly, licking it once. Then he held it up – an extra large diaper pin. It was a specially modified pin, with its business end made of sharp, thin, strong surgical steel, but Hailey did not know that.

“That pussy belongs to me, Blondie. You have no right to touch it unless I tell you to do so. So just to remind you, we are going to keep it pinned.”

He swabbed her labia with an antiseptic with a mild, numbing agent in it. Hailey screamed loud and long more with fear than with pain, as he inserted the pin first into one pussy lip and then into the other and closed it shut. He shoved a gag into her sobbing mouth, and with a rope attached her gag to a rope around her waist, so that Hailey neck was bent and she could not turn her head. All she could do was to stare at the pin on her pussy. “Every rule I have is there for a reason, Blondie. Your body belongs to me, and I chose when and where you get your pleasure. Practically speaking, once you have your orgasm, the fun is mostly bursa escort over. The pleasure lies in delayed gratification, both for me and for you. And if you pleasure yourself, anything I do to you will lose some of its intensity. Think about it!”

Nick kissed the back of her neck, pinched her nipples and left her to think about her actions.

It was a very penitent slave that Nick held in his arms that night, and he had a hard time stopping himself from giving her the orgasm of her life. At this point, he knew that she had to prove to herself, and to him that she could and would follow his rules. But given the fact that he had been sexually arousing her for a while now, it seemed unfair to keep her from cumming for so long.

He knew how to solve that problem. The next day, he strapped a leather harness around her waist and hips with straps running between her legs and hung her from a hook in the ceiling. He strapped her hands to long chains from the ceiling, spread her legs wide apart and attached them to the ceiling behind her back. Hailey now looked like a flying marionnette. Then came vibrating nipple clamps, a vibrator with a clit attachment, a vibrating dildo, and a large penis gag.

A flick of a few switches and Nick sat down to enjoy his own puppet show. The vibrators did not take long to get Hailey to the first orgasm, and then continued on without stopping. Hailey’s muffled squeals, jiggling tits, wiggling ass and thrusting pussy were a great way to pass the afternoon. By the time Nick let her down, Hailey felt that she never needed another orgasm ever again!

So for the next few days, Nick continued to torment her, with very few orgasms, and Hailey learned to deal with her body. It was made easier by the fact that if she accepted her lack of cumming with good grace, Nick was wonderful to her for the rest of the day. But if she sulked and pouted, she got a cold, silent Nick who ignored her, except to tend to her basic needs. And so it was that Hailey decided that Nick’s warmth was worth the burning in her pussy.

One night, after torturing and teasing her all day, and allowing her to cum only once, Nick came to her when she was in bed, soft and warm from her bath. He began to make love to her softly and tenderly, exploring her body with his hands and mouth. There were no ties, no gags, no whips or clamps. In fact, Nick encouraged Hailey to do her own exploring. Eager to reciprocate, Hailey did just that, showering Nick with kisses and caresses until Nick’s hard throbbing cock finally entered her pussy. Hailey clung to him and waited like a good slave for his command – then her body arched up high in a sweet, sweet orgasm that drew his own.

That night, Hailey sobbed again, but this time it was with a joy that filled her heart to overflowing. And as Nick held her close, kissing her swollen lips and salty cheeks, he was very much afraid that his imminent fall was irrevocable. Now, instead of just a sex toy that he had expected, he wanted Hailey to be a part of all aspects of his life. So, he was just going to have to alter his training program…

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