Haitian Men are Kings Ch. 02


Watching that sexy Lebanese slut Aamina Farouk’s big round ass and floppy tits jiggle as she sucks my cock and balls, I sighed in pleasure. My name is Fabien Lafontaine. Born and raised in the town of Montreal, Province of Quebec, to proud Haitian immigrant parents. I’m as Canadian as maple syrup, and just as delicious on your tongue. Just ask any of the freaks I’ve fucked in recent times. Right now, I’m having a hot threesome, man. While Aamina Farouk is sucking my cock, this Somali guy named Muhammad Aziz is licking my asshole. What can I say? I’m having a really good time. Ever since I moved to the Vanier area of Ottawa, Ontario, a place crawling with Somalis and Arabs, I’ve been having a raunchy good time. Had I known the outwardly conservative Muslims were such freaks in private, I would have started fucking them a long time ago.

Here’s a little back story, if you will. I attend Carleton University and work part-time as a security guard. In my neighborhood, there’s this hot chick named Aamina Farouk who lives with her openly gay Somali roommate Muhammad Aziz. They both go to the University of Ottawa and flirted with me so much since I first moved to Vanier that I quickly figured they had designs on me. I wasn’t sure which one of them I’d go for but they made it clear that they wanted to share me. Either I would take the deal or I’d get nothing out of either of them. Damn. They really wanted me. It’s not their fault, really. I’m a six-foot-four, 250-pound Haitian-Canadian stud with nine inches of thick, uncircumcised chocolate dick. With big hairy balls to match. And I sure as hell know how to use them. I mainly prefer women but if I were to be totally honest with myself, I just like sticking my dick in a tight spot. Doesn’t matter if it’s a beautiful woman’s warm mouth, hot pussy or tight ass. Or sometimes the mouth and ass of a willing gentleman. I don’t discriminate. I guess you’d call me bisexual. Whatever. It’s all good. Sex is natural, man. I just enjoy showing it off.

Anyway, at the time that I met Aamina Farouk and Muhammad Aziz, I was in a bit of a funk. I was new to the City of Ottawa, Ontario, gaziantep bayan escort and had just broken up with my girlfriend Cheryl Lalonde, this fine-looking blonde-haired white chick from the town of Laval, in provincial Quebec. I wasn’t really used to Somalis and Arabs because we don’t have too many of them in the City of Montreal. The Province of Ontario is more tolerant of the ultra-conservative and deeply religious mindset of the Arabs and Somalis so they love it there. The Province of Quebec is a tougher place for these people because we don’t put up with bullshit from people whose customs we don’t really understand. Look, I was raised Adventist and I’m fairly tolerant of other religions but sometimes the Muslims are really pushing it. In some parts of the western world, people hesitate to put up Christian symbols in fear of offending the Muslim minority. In Quebec, we don’t do that shit. Live your life the Quebec way regardless of what race or religion you are into or get the fuck out, that’s what we say. And I am a proud Quebecer, ladies and gentlemen. Anyway, back to the fucking. I squeezed Aamina’s big round ass as she went down on me. At the same time, I almost moaned as Muhammad Aziz thrust his tongue into my ass. Dude was really good at what he did. And here I thought all Somalis did was pray and chatter in their guttural language. Hmmm. Dude’s got some sweet lips on him. Word up.

Man, after getting my cock and balls suck and my ass thoroughly licked, I was ready for some serious fucking. I assumed control because I’m the stud around here and both Aamina and Muhammad were ready to follow my lead. First, I spread Aamina’s plump thighs and breathed in the scent of the Lebanese Canadian woman’s pussy. I never stick my cock in a pussy without first inspecting it, ladies and gentlemen. It prevents all kinds of nasty surprises. Much to my delight, Aamina had a sweet-smelling and even sweeter-tasting pussy. I began licking her up as if she were made of the most delicious of nectars. Aamina giggled and ran her hands through my dreads as I licked her. At the same time, she was jerking Muhammad Aziz off. Apparently, the gay Somali didn’t mind getting a hand job from his female best friend. Now that’s what I call true friendship. I wish I had friends like that.

I was ready to fuck, and put a condom on. I put Aamina on all fours, gave her big round ass a slap for good measure, then slid my cock into her pussy. Muhammad Aziz watched us, stroking his thick member. Hmm. I didn’t know Somali guys were packing like that. Since they’re usually tall and thin, I assumed they weren’t thick anywhere. I stand corrected. Anyhow, I began drilling my cock into Aamina’s cunt. The Lebanese chick had a nice, tight pussy. Oh, I knew that she sure as hell wasn’t a virgin or even close to it. The thing you have to understand about Muslim women, especially the ones from conservative nations like the Republic of Lebanon and the Nation of Somalia, is that they’ve got both a public face and a private face. Same as you and me. In public, they dress conservatively and act all soft and sweet. In private, well, you’ll get the idea of what they’re truly like. That’s when their true self really comes out. I once saw a pair of hijab-wearing Somali chicks inside the adult video store located near the big mall downtown. Yeah, man. I am not kidding. And they bought enough DVDs and sex toys to shock even me. And I’m not a prude in any sense of the word.

I pinched Aamina’s big booty and told her to make some noise while I’m fucking her. When she seemed reluctant to comply with my request, I pulled her hair and yanked her head backwards while slamming my cock deeper inside of her. Muhammad smiled as Aamina’s eardrum-bursting scream filled the master bedroom of the apartment they both shared. I went really wild on her, man. I smacked that ass, pulled that hair and fucked that pussy. I owned her. Later, I had a go with her ass. Face down and ass up, Aamina spread her plump ass cheeks and offered me her asshole. Muhammad held Aamina’s ass cheeks wide open and lubricated her while I pushed my cock into her asshole. Hmmm. Aamina’s ass felt wonderfully warm and tight around my dick. Gently I began fucking her, taking my sweet time. We fucked and sucked for a good forty five minutes, then I had my nut. Once I pulled out of Aamina, Muhammad grabbed my still-hard dick, took off the condom and drank my seed. Man, I so wanted to fuck Muhammad but I was spent. Fortunately, the Somali stud knew a way to get me back online, so to speak.

Muhammad sucked my cock and fingered my asshole. Even with his best efforts, I wasn’t able to get hard again. At least not at first. Hey, if you’re smiling maliciously while reading this, you really should shut the fuck up. I’m a normal man, more or less, and I’ve got my limitations. Fortunately, Aamina joined Muhammad’s efforts. The sexy Lebanese mama sucked my cock while Muhammad sucked my balls. And what do you know? Lo and behold, in no time they had me hard as hell again. Muhammad smiled happily and assumed the position. Aamina held Muhammad’s ass cheeks wide open and poured lubricant all over his asshole while I put on a condom. I placed my dick against Muhammad’s asshole, and began fucking him. Aamina grinned at me and smacked Muhammad’s ass while I fucked him. She’s so naughty. I leaned over and sucked on Aamina’s tits while fucking Muhammad. The Somali stud didn’t mind. I enjoyed this delicious plate of Somali man booty for a good while, then I got my second and final nut of the night. And once more, Aamina and Muhammad sucked me off. Man, are Muslims freaky or what?

After that fantastic first night, the three of us became inseparable. I visit my hot new neighbors fairly often. Lebanese pussy and Lebanese booty along with a healthy serving of Somali man flesh. What kind of bisexual stud would I be if I didn’t enjoy such tasty dishes as often as I could? I’m new to Ottawa and although it’s a very boring town, I’m having fun. Carleton University is full of freaks too, I’m sure, but I’m new there and don’t want to get a bad reputation yet. That’s why I’m having my fun with some freaks located a bit closer to home. And for now, it works for me. While Ottawa isn’t half as beautiful as my beautiful hometown of Montreal, the local bitches ( both male and female ) give it up so easily that they make this town an attractive destination for booty catchers like myself. I think I’m going to like it here. This city won’t know what hit it!

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