Happy Birthday Ch. 01


I’d been asking James what he wanted for his birthday. He would never tell me; he’d only give me one of his mischievous, sexy smiles that told me I knew damn well what he wanted. Of course sex would be a big part of his day. It was the center of our relationship, after all. But I wanted to make it extra special for him somehow. We could have plain old sex anytime we wanted.

As if sex was ever plain with him.

On his birthday, I went to pick him up for his surprise. He was a bit taken aback when I told him he needed to be blindfolded. James liked to be dominant sexually, which I loved, and he’d get to do that once we arrived at our destination. But I wasn’t telling him that.

“Why do I need a blindfold?” He asked, backing away from me a little.

“Oh come on, baby,” I cooed. “It’s your birthday surprise.”

By now he was up against the kitchen counter. I pressed myself against him and reached to his crotch, finding his cock already perking up in anticipation.

With a gebze escort sigh, he relented. “I’m only agreeing to this because I trust you,” he said, turning around so I could tie the blindfold at the back of his head. His tone implied that this had better be worth it. I checked to make sure he couldn’t peer out of the black cloth, and took his hand. I led him out to my car and helped him get in, and secured the seat belt for him.

I couldn’t help giggling a little, looking over at him. God damn he was sexy, even with a goofy thing on his head that made his hair stick out in back. I could give him a blow job right now. Ooh, what a delicious idea!

“What are you doing?” He asked, feeling my hands on his thighs.

“An appetizer,” I said, pushing my seat back as far as it would go, tipping the steering wheel up. I looked around outside; none of the neighbors were around. I locked the doors.

“Cheryl –” he began, but I put my hand göztepe escort over his mouth.

“Shhhhh,” I said in a low voice. “Just enjoy it, feel it.”

I touched his cock through his clothes first; getting him hard, squirming in the car seat a little. Oh so slowly I undid his belt and pushed down the zipper a little. With my nose I found my way inside his underwear, the warmth and musky scent filling me with desire of my own. I kept my hand on his thigh, the other braced against the console between the seats, only using my mouth on him. I licked his shaft, rolling my tongue around it, loving the sound of his pleasure. I managed to free his cock with my nose, and went right to work licking the wet tip. He jerked a little but settled down. When I looked up at his face he had that silly sex smile on his lips.

I moved down to lick his balls, letting his hard cock languish untouched while I did so.

“Use your hands,” halkalı escort he said breathlessly.

“Nope,” was all I responded.

“Goddamn,” he could barely speak as I took his cock in my mouth carefully, running my tongue all over it, around and around, sucking and slurping.

He tasted so good. If I could bottle this and sell it, I’d be a millionaire.

I continued my work, painstakingly making sure every inch of his manhood was loved and licked. He was panting a little now, his chest heaving against his shirt buttons. I could probably get him off anytime I wanted to, and I probably should. After all, we had somewhere to go. I took all of him inside my mouth, feeling him nearly touching my tonsils, the skin at the tip of his penis dimpling. He was so close. I moved faster now, he undulated with me, gasping. I stopped abruptly to suck hard on the head, and that did it- he exploded in my mouth with a loud sigh of bliss, and I sucked his cum into my mouth, the hot ooze running down my throat like ambrosia. When he was done, I licked him to make sure not to leave any mess.

“All cleaned up,” I said, raising my head, and when I kissed him, he grabbed the back of my head and mouthed me so hard it startled me a little.

“Christ that was awesome,” he said.

“Sure was,” I agreed. “And now off to your birthday party.”

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