Haven Ch. 01 – New Members


Author’s Note: This is the first of a series following Casey and Alex as they explore their exhibitionist and voyeur kinks, along with many others, in the sex club Haven. This first part will be a little “slower” than the rest because it contains the introduction of the club itself. Once the rules and layout are established the subsequent stories will have more action.


Alex and Casey had been wanting to try out going to a sex club for some time now. Exhibitionism and voyeurism were among their long list of kinks but they hadn’t really explored either until last week when a coworker told Alex about a new, high class and professionally run sex club downtown, Haven. After exhaustively browsing the club’s website together, the couple decided to inquire about a membership which they could only do after submitting an application. They filled out a joint, noncommittal application which included questions about sexual history, kinks and preferences, and motivation for applying. They spent about 30 minutes filling out the form and sent it in.

“God I can’t believe we just applied to a bougie sex club!” Casey squealed, unable to hide her excitement. “Imagine fucking me in front of a group of people babe. Both of us completely naked, your cock just pounding my dripping wet cunt. Men in the crowd stroking their cocks, watching me get fucked… so turned on by our little show. Cumming to the sound of my moans.” Casey’s voice turned a little breathier. “Maybe they are imagining you passing me to them so they can have a turn on me. Or maybe they are thinking about joining you behind me and fucking my asshole while you continue to fuck my pussy. Mmmmm so many cocks in the room focused on me…. maybe after you cum in me they’d be happy to fuck my used filled pussy… fuck…. How many loads do you think I could take?… How many cocks could I take?… I bet there’d be some huge cocks there happy to stretch me wide open… ” Casey ran her hands over her tits. “Maybe some of the men would start fucking their wives’ because they are so turned on by us that they just need to fuck something. But we all know they are picturing me on the end of their cocks. Maybe other couples could use me together and make me eat some pussy. Ooooo I’d like to be used by a milf and her husband…” Casey trailed off and mindlessly reached her hand into her waistband. Alex was mesmorized by his wife vocalizing her filthy fantasies of being fucked in front of a group of people and then subsequently offered up to service their cocks. It’s a fantasy they had talked about a lot. Alex loved the idea of fucking his wife in front of others. He was less certain of his wife fucking anyone else, let alone in front of him. He loved it as a fantasy, when it had no chance of happening. Still, there was no denying the thought turned him on. Casey was now rubbing herself on the couch beside him rambling about being fucked in front of an audience. “… maybe you could pee on me in front of everyone too. I bet some people are freaks for that stuff too, like we are. Maybe others would join in and soak me with pee. Streams hitting my tits, my pussy, probably my ass. Fuck, maybe I could pee on someone there too. Oh fuck baby…” Alex had heard enough. He took advantage of his wife’s state of arousal and positioned her on all fours. She was still rubbing her clit. “Oh did I get you worked up baby? Are you going to mount me? Mount me like you would in front of all those horny people watching us.”

Alex stripped his pants off, his cock pointed straightforward at its destination. Precum was already forming at the tip as a result of his wife’s show. Without warning he sunk his cock into her pussy, she was drenched with arousal. Alex plunged his cock all the way to the hilt, giving his wife every inch. Casey moaned in approval. “Yeah baby, show them how you fuck me. Show them what a slut I am for you.”

Alex quickly grabbed his wife’s arms out from under her, causing her to fall forward and hit her face on the couch cushion. He used them to pull her entire body into his cock. This allowed Alex to pound her with a lot more force. He increased his pace and began using his wife’s pussy.

“Yessssss baby, fuck me, fuck me. Look at all those people watching us. Stroking their cocks to us.”

Spurred by her lust, Alex fucked his wife harder, pulled her into him with more strength. He was now slamming his cock into her on each thrust.

“Yeah take my cock baby, such a good slut. Look at them stroking their cocks to you. They want to to fuck your tight pussy too. But they’ll have to wait until I pump my load into you. Then they can fuck your stretched, filled hole.” Alex fed his wife’s fantasy. Casey imagined that her husband had already filled her and this was now a strangers cock fucking her. She imagined she was still in front of the audience only now she had no idea who was behind her. This cock was unfamiliar, but it felt so good as it fucked her. It wouldn’t take long to coax the cum out of it. bursa escort She heard the owner of the cock moaning, he couldn’t withhold his cum from her for much longer. Casey clenched her pelvic muscles increasing the pleasure for both of them. The moaning from the couple got louder. Alex pulled his wife tight against his hips, driving deep into her. His cock started to spasm, pumping a load of cum deep into her womb. Casey felt the warmth spread out and fill her pussy, she imagined this as the second load she had taken in front of the crowd. Fuck, she yearned to be filled with cum. She moaned and experienced a strong orgasm of her own. Alex kept his cock inside her as she contracted around it, milking the last drops of cum out. Finally he removed his cock from her grasp, cum dripped out behind it. Alex released his grip on his wife’s arms and she fell into the couch, cum overflowing from her pussy.

“Come on my little slut, let’s get you cleaned up.” Alex scooped his beautiful, exhausted wife into his arms and walked to the bathroom. Alex sat her on the toilet and got the shower ready. Once the temperature was warm enough he had Casey get in.

“Lay on your back and spread your legs for me baby.” Casey smiled and did as she was told. Alex aimed his flaccid cock at her and relaxed his bladder. He let out a sigh. Pee jetted from the tip of his penis and splashed Casey in the face. She also let out a sigh. He quickly aimed the stream down to her cum coated pussy which Casey had exposed to him. Alex circled his stream around her outer lips, lingering on her clit, and finally centered on her stretched hole. Casey gasped as a little bit trickled into the folds of her pussy. Alex’s stream dwindled, he finished by soaking her neatly trimmed bush. Casey smiled up at him, Alex helped her to her feet. She pressed her pee covered body into him and grinded up and down a bit. They made out under the water, got cleaned up, and went to bed.

A few days later Alex received an email from Angela, the membership director at Haven. Their application had been accepted! Angela offered to give them a tour of the facilities and an overview of the club so they could make a decision on becoming members. Buzzing with nervous excitement, Alex and Casey responded to the offer and set up a tour on Saturday at noon.

When they got to the club Alex and Casey were greeted by Angela and ushered into the building. Angela began by walking them through the facilities. The ground floor was much like your typical night club with just a few notable differences. Mainly, the dance floor and bar were separated by a short, wide corridor. The bar area was largely uninteresting. It was a sizable room, the bar stretched along the side wall. Alex guessed it could hold 40-50 people comfortably. The seating area was filled with pleather couches sunk into the floor for group conversation and private booths that were recessed into the walls for more private conversation. They accommodated 2-4 people, perfect for couples or quads. It was early in the day before the luxurious sex club was open to members so the overhead lights were on and staff were busy prepping for the night. A bartender was restocking her bar while a few other workers went from couch to couch thoroughly disinfecting all the surfaces. Angela explained that the bars of Haven were strictly no sex zones, they were meant to regroup either before or after going into the “play” zones where sex was permitted. Still, it was nice to see that the club was committed to clean facilities regardless if sex happened there or not.

They walked back to the dance floor room. This was even more uninteresting in the light of day. Pleather couches lined the walls around the dance floor. There was also a section of standing tables in one of the corners of the room and scattered around the perimeter. On the far side there was a raised stage with stripper poles. Like the bar, this room was fully lit and workers were busy prepping for the evening.

Angela turned and faced the couple. “So this is our first play area, creatively named the dance floor. We have 3 floors here at Haven, the 1st and 2nd have a bar. The basement, which we lovingly call the dungeon, does not have a bar. Like we discussed, the bar areas are clearly labeled as “non-play” areas meaning sex is not permitted there. The only other non-play area is the locker room we passed through to get here and the front lobby. Everywhere else is a play area. On your application you guys indicated this is your first sex club. Feel free to ask questions as I show you around. I’m here to make you guys comfortable, I know it can be weird at first.”

Casey spoke up “Will people be… you know, naked everywhere?”

“That’s a good question. Anything goes in play areas. You can be dressed as much or as little as you want to be in those areas. But in non-play areas we require you to be in underwear at the least.”

It was Alex’s turn to ask a question “So bursa escort bayan in play areas… everyone is just having sex in the open?”

Angela giggled “It’s fun to imagine that, but it’s not really true, no. The truth is all of our members are here for something different. On the dance floor you might see fully clothed couples dancing beside naked couples having sex beside a foursome swapping dance partners. Or you might see naked dancers on the poles, threesomes on the couches, or couples watching the fun while touching themselves. The important part is every interaction must have enthusiastic consent. This is extremely important. Here at Haven we work really hard to maintain a safe atmosphere. Do not. Under any circumstances. Touch anyone without asking for consent. You will be asked to leave and your membership will be terminated immediately. We have security staff posted on every floor. If another member violates you or makes you feel uncomfortable in any way please find a staff member and report it. Our staff are all highly trained for these situations. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do here.”

Casey and Alex looked at each other and smiled. Angela had just addressed some of their most pressing concerns.

“Okay let’s go see the dungeons!” Angela walked them over to the split staircase and walked down the stairs. At the bottom they found a wide hallway lined with jail-like cells. Each cell had different types of BDSM equipment in it. They were filled with a variety of wall restraints, paddles, gags, blindfolds, and sex toys. Some had sex swings in them. Others had sybians and fucking machines. The hallway was also lined with pleather benches for spectators.

“Based on your applications I’m guessing you guys won’t be down here much. But if you ever want to watch or, hell, explore something new, this is the dungeon. Rooms can be reserved in 1 hour time slots. We’ll give you a key and it’s all yours. Each room also has a curtain you can close for privacy.”

Alex and Casey looked into each room with nervous fascination. Angela was right, this wasn’t really their scene but maybe someday they would find themselves in one of these play rooms. Or maybe they could stop down and enjoy a show sometime.

Angela continued “Haven also employs a universal safe word that all patrons know and can use. Simply yell the safe word and our security staff will come and stop the scene. We ask that you use this as a last resort but as often as you need; We’d rather you overuse the safe word than not use it when you need it. Like I said, Haven is committed to making our members feel safe and comfortable”

Alex squeezed Casey’s hand. Angela was saying all of the right things. This place was sounding better and better to them.

“Okay, I know this floor can be intimidating.” Angela chuckled. “You can use it as little or as much as you want. Some couples have never come down here. Me on the other hand, I come down here regularly.” Angela winked at the couple. “Yes, along with being the membership director, I am also, myself, a member! Most of the staff are actually! Turns out a sex club attracts kinky and sex positive employees. You’ll occasionally see me down here or on the other floors playing with members.”

Alex’s cock stirred in his pants. Up until now he hadn’t looked at Angela in that light. But now he noted that she was quite attractive. Picturing her fucking other members was arousing to him. Casey had the same thought and felt a damp spot start to form in her panties. She noticed the bulge in her husband’s pants and knowingly squeezed his hand. Alex blushed, betrayed by his cock.

“So feel free to talk to me when you see me at night here but I might be a little… preoccupied.” Angela winked again. “Okay, let’s go see the 2nd floor, I think you’ll both love it!”

Casey spoke up again as they climbed the stairs. “So the website mentioned regular testing for members?”

“Yes! Another good question Casey. To enter Haven you must have blood work and a full STD panel on file from no longer than a month old. That is non-negotiable. We offer those services here but it takes a few days to process so please be aware of that. We also require members who test positive for STDs to alert us immediately along with a list of members they played with that month. Staff disinfect all equipment after each use and regularly throughout the night. Members sre also asked to wiped down the furniture after they are done playing there, much like a gym does. We really try our best to prevent outbreaks. All that said, we provide condoms and other forms of protection in several spots within play areas.”

The trio had reached the 2nd floor. They entered a bar that was more cozy than the large one downstairs. This one had more private booths, some tvs, a stage for a small band, and typical bar games like billiards. There were pleather couches and bean bag chairs in the corner.

Angela began again “This escort bursa is the second bar, it’s much quieter and less intense than the downstairs one. Actually, that’s sort of the flow of Haven, it gets less intense as you move up. Let’s go check out the play areas.”

The trio walked down a short corridor and found themselves in a large open room with tons of sex furniture scattered about. Several conversation pits that were more like mattresses sunken into the floor; all pleather for easy cleanup. Each set of furniture had a small table by it with a mounted power strip for sex toys. Angela explained that sex toys were available to check out from the front office or members could bring their own. The room also featured two amphitheaters in opposite corners, each with 3 rows of benches for horny onlookers. Along the wall on the far side there were several private rooms. Instead of cells, these rooms were filled with more modern looking bedrooms; each with at least a king bed and couch. Each room had a window, a lock with indicator to communicate if additional guests were welcome or not, and a set of curtains for privacy.

“Like the dungeon rooms, these rooms are also available by reservation. They are stocked with everything you need for some public fun” Angela explained.

“One more thing, I saw in your applications that you are both into pee play. That’s something you can absolutely partake in that here at Haven. We just ask that you grab one of the waterproof blankets from the front desk if you plan on letting loose for the night” Angela smiled at her own pun. “The blankets are super absorbent and make life much easier for staff.” Angela stole the question out of Casey’s mouth.

She wrapped up her overview “Alright, I know that’s a lot of info, especially for a couple who haven’t been to a sex club before. Do you have any more questions for me?”

Alex and Casey looked at each other. Alex spoke up “I think you answered all of our questions actually. This is all foreign to us but you made it seem like the most normal thing ever, I’m impressed!”

Angela laughed “That’s my job after all! Once you get past the initial shock you guys will find yourselves right at home. We analyze the applications very carefully and only admit people we know will fit into the culture. I have no doubt you guys will love it here.”

Casey lingered by the amphitheater; she was imagining herself getting fucked in front of a live audience of the 20 or so people that would fit in the rows of seats. Angela caught her staring at center stage and walked behind her without Casey noticing.

“Exhilarating, isn’t it? The thought of being fucked in front of a crowd.” Casey jumped, her wet daydream interrupted.

“Oh! I don’t… not for… I’m not…!” Casey stammered out. Angela laughed.

“Very convincing! But I’ve seen your application, remember? Not to mention we’re standing in a sex club.” Casey blushed, she was a bit flustered. Angela softened her voice with a more caring tone. “It’s normal to be nervous Casey. It’s one thing to fantasize about taking a big cock in public but it’s entirely different to actually do it.”

Casey’s face was still flushed with embarrassment. Angela continued “You two could have sex here in the theater now before officially signing up, just to see if it suits you. I know part of you must be excited at the idea, I’m telling you it’s okay. I’ll be your audience.” Angela was practically whispering in Casey’s ear at this point. Casey’s face was now glowing red with both arousal and embarrassment. Her thoughts were racing leaving her unable to form a sentence.

“It’s okay. The first time is the hardest. Let me help you. Can you nod your head if you’d like that?”

Casey slowly nodded her head. Angela rubbed her back “Okay, good girl. Remember I’m a professional, I’m not going to do anything to make you uncomfortable. I’m going to take your shirt off okay?” Casey nodded again, she was practically shaking with excitement. Angela gently pulled her shirt off. She rubbed Casey’s shoulders. “There you go. Bra next.” Angela undid the clasp of Casey’s bra, releasing her breasts. Angela whispered in Casey’s ear “You have beautiful breasts Casey. You’re doing great.”

“Alex, could you please help us over here? Could you help your wife with her pants?” Alex walked over and gently did as he was directed. He kissed his wife’s neck causing her nipples to harden.

Casey giggled and spoke up. “Sorry, I didn’t expect to be naked today, my underwear doesn’t match!” she said with a frown. Angela just smiled “You look beautiful, right Alex?”

Alex nodded with vigor. He was also aroused by the scene.

“Let’s help Alex out of his clothes and then I’ll leave the underwear bottoms to you two” Angela said as she removed her newest potential member’s shirt. Her professional demeanor throughout the process was appreciated and put the couple at ease. Casey slid Alex’s pants off. Now they were down to their underwear. Casey had a noticeable wet spot on her panties and Alex’s penis was practically ripping out of his underwear.

“Okay you two, get up on stage and have some fun! I am going to grab a seat over there to watch!” Angela sat down in the second row, front and center.

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