Having Trish for Dinner.


Trish’s eyes fluttered open. She was dazed and confused. The last thing she remembered was being at a party. What happened after that? She felt groggy, and her head hurt. Where was she? The only lighting in the room was a dim light swinging on the ceiling. It was dangling relatively low. In fact, if she stood on the tips of her toes, she might have been able to actually touch it with her fingertips.

“I need to stop drinking,” she muttered to herself, rubbing her eyes.

She stumbled into a standing position and observed her surroundings. She found herself in a dark, gloomy room. The entire room was made of concrete, and it was dreadfully cold. There were no windows, and there was only one steel door in a corner.

“Let’s try this,” she sighed, walking over to the door.

To her dismay, the steel door was locked. She pounded on it. Hopefully, someone would hear her from the other side. She had no idea where she was. All she could remember was that she had been completely drunk. She must have passed out, but why was she here?

“Somebody help me!” she bawled in a desperate voice, pounding on the steel door again, “I am trapped in this room!”

Her pounding echoed. It was creepy in a way. She stopped pounding. It didn’t seem to be doing much good. She was not used to being ignored. She had never been in a situation where she did not get her way instantly. Her parents were very wealthy. She was perhaps the hottest, little, blonde girl in her high school. She was always dating and hanging with the popular guys.

She was a senior in high school and a relatively attractive young girl. She had curves that everyone noticed. Her ass was very thick, well-shaped, round, and plush. She never hesitated to swing it around as she walked, taunting every guy that saw her. Her skin was a slightly tan color. It was very smooth and soft. Her lips were well-formed and pouty, surrounded by full cheeks. Her thighs were also very thick and supple, and she did not bother showing them off as well with miniskirts. Her breasts were huge, large, and firm, and she always wore tight shirts so as to squeeze them together, causing any male that glanced at her cleavage to have an instant erection.

She felt a shiver run down her spine. It was way too cold in this gloomy room. She looked down and noticed that her attire had changed. At the party, she had been dressed in a pair of jeans and a ordinary shirt. She was now clad in a skimpy schoolgirl’s outfit, complete with a short plaid miniskirt that only covered one third of her round ass, lace panties, knee-high stockings, a button-down shirt, and a necktie. Her hair was also in pigtails.

“What the fuck?” she stammered, “Who the fuck dressed me in this?”

It wasn’t that she looked bad in this particular outfit. In fact, she looked rather hot in it. She just didn’t know who had put the clothes on her. The small shirt clenched her busty breasts together, the short skirt revealed her beautifully sculpted thighs, and the pigtails made her look all the more cute. Her curves were clearly outlined by the tight clothing.

“Somebody help me! Please!” she yelled, banging on the steel door.

The cold was beginning to get to her. She wrapped her arms around her body, squishing her breasts further together. Her soft skin felt numb, her teeth were chattering, and she felt as if she was freezing.

“Will somebody open this door!” she wailed at the top of her lungs.

As if to answer her, the door popped open, and two huge men in ski masks walked into the room. Before she could think of anything to say, Trish was forced face-first onto the ground. She struggled, but the men held her tight in the face-down position.

“What is this?” Trish screamed, “Let go of me! Where am I? Let me go!”

Her pleas were useless, and her struggling even more so. The two masked men had her arms pinned behind her back. The cold floor smothered Trish’s breasts, which were pinned very tightly against the concrete tiles. All she could do was kick her legs.

She watched as a third masked man entered the room. He was pushing a wheeled table in front of him. From her position on the floor, she could not tell what was on the table. It looked like one of the tables that doctors kept their utensils on. She struggled some more, but the two men held her in place.

Following the third masked man was an obese man in a detective’s coat. His entire body was covered by the huge coat, but his face was clearly visible. He was a rather ugly man. He had warts across his face, a giant nose with hairs sticking out of the nostrils, and crooked yellow teeth. His bald head gleamed in the dim light. He looked familiar to Trish for some odd reason.

“Tie her arms behind her back and her ankles together,” the ugly bald man ordered.

One of the masked men that was holding Trish down produced a long, thick piece of rope. He fastened Trish’s arms behind her back firmly and tightly. She squirmed around, but it was useless. The knots were tight. He brought her kicking legs to a forceful halt and tied the ankles together as well. Then, leaving some rope, the three men left. They locked the door behind them.

“Who are you?” Trish demanded, “Let me go!”

The ugly man cackled with a sinister grin. Trish tried to climb to her feet, but with her arms behind her back and her ankles tied together, it was impossible. She just stayed in that position, face-first into the ground. Her nipples were beginning to feel extremely numb from the cold concrete floor.

“Who are you?” she yipped again, glaring up at the ugly man.

“My name is John McCoy,” the hideous man laughed, “And you are Trish Clover. I visited your school sometime back. I am a representative for Blankton University. You remember me now?”

At that instant, it all came rushing back to Trish. Blankton had been her dream school since she was a little girl. Of course, when a representative visited her high school, she was the first to ask questions. This man was the man that had visited her school. He had seemed very interested in her, asking her many questions.

“Did you ever wonder why a representative from one of the top schools in the nation would be so interested in a girl with such mediocre grades?” the old man laughed.

“Because,” Trish began.

“Surely, you did not think that Blankton actually wanted you,” John smirked, “We are ranked very high. Why would we want a girl with such a poor performance in school?”

Trish had not really thought about it. She had always wanted to go there. It was a little odd that such a prestigious school would be interested in a girl with her academic performance. John had seemed interested in her, but she had not really thought about why he had been.

“I just wanted to get your personal information,” John chuckled, “I wanted your name, your address, and so on. You know why?”

Trish was stunned and in disbelief.

“I wanted you!” he answered his own question, “You see, I am part of an exclusive club. It is for the people that are more wealthy than most. Basically, it is a club for rich people. You know what this club does?”

“I don’t care!” Trish cried, “Just let me go! Please! Let me go!”

“Our club is for rich people that are angry and need to get stress out in some way. We pay a monthly fee, and in return, we get to have innocent people trapped in these cold, concrete rooms,” he smiled, “And we get to torture them!”

Trish eyes lit up with horror.

“And for a higher price, we can pick the gender of our victim,” John grinned, “Some of the club members like to torture people to get anger out of their system. In which case, gender is not a big factor at all. I, on the other hand, like to torture young girls because it turns me on!”

“Don’t!” Trish cried, “Please! Don’t hurt me!”

“And for a higher price,” John continued to explain, “We get to select the victim’s age and race. For an even higher price, we get to pick a specific person. The moment I saw you, I knew that I had to have you inside of this chamber. That outfit? It was my selection. You like my taste, sweetie?”

Tears streamed down Trish’s beautiful checks. She could not believe this was happening. What was going on here? This couldn’t be real. She struggled to get into a standing position. It was still impossible. Every time she made the slightest bit of progress, John pushed her back down with his foot.

“Don’t be afraid,” John whispered in a taunting voice, “I am only here to have some fun with you, Trish.”

“No!” Trish screamed, “You will go to jail for this! Let me go! Please! I promise I won’t tell anyone!”

“Hush, little baby,” John sang softly.

Her begs did not help her situation. In fact, those begs for mercy only turned the sick bastard on more. John’s cock was growing hard. Trish could clearly see the huge erection pushing outward on the detective’s coat. It was throbbing with intensity.

“Let me go!” Trish helplessly demanded, squirming on the ground.

John grabbed Trish by her right arm, pulling her into a standing position. He brought her body very close to his body with her back to him. Her ass sunk into his crotch. The warmth turned him on. She felt the bulk grow, pressing into her plush ass. She closed her eyes, hoping and praying that this was all just a bad dream.

“Oh, baby!” John moaned, “You are so fucking sexy.”

His left hand reached over her body, forcing its way between her fastened legs and grabbing her inner thigh. It felt so warm and inviting. He gripped it, squeezing it roughly. His right arm held her body close to his body by wrapping around her waist. She squirmed a bit, but there was very little she could do while tied up. He sunk his face into the side of her neck, inhaling heavily.

“You smell nice,” he moaned, “You know, Trish, most people like to muffle their victims. Most people like to gag them, tape their mouth shut, or do something to stop their screams. I don’t. I love your screams. Scream for me, bitch!”

His left hand slid up her thick thigh and underneath her white, lace panties. He gripped tightly on her pussy lips, scrunching her privates with his fist. Her eyes were still closed, and tears were pouring down her cheeks. She felt his hand twisting her pussy lips around, gripping and pinching the outer vagina. The tight grip of his fist hurt.

“Ouch! Stop it!” she screamed.

“Sweetie, you are bound and tied up in a concrete cell with a crazed rapist,” John whispered, “I’m going to hurt you. I am going to hang you up and whip you raw! No one will ever find you!”

His grip tightened on her pussy. He was twisting it harder than ever now. Pain ran through her body. She was in a helpless situation. Tears continued to stream down her cheeks. John chuckled and licked them from her face. He began kissing all over her neck. She felt his crotch grow in size, pushing against her thick bottom.

“Oh, it is time!” John sneered.

“Huh?” Trish exclaimed.

Before she knew it, John had spun her body around. She was now facing John. He was still holding her body close to his. His right arm wrapped around her small of her lower back, keeping her pushed against his Escort body. His left hand reached around, rubbing one of her ass cheeks. It was so soft, so inviting. He squeezed it.

“It is time for you to dance for me, baby!” John cackled.

His left hand reluctantly let go of her ass. With his right arm still holding her body against his, he used his left hand to tighten her necktie. It choked her a bit, and she felt her throat’s air passage being cut short. He reached up to the low-hung light and tied the end of her necktie to the chain that the the light was hanging from, forcing her on her tip-toes.

“Oh, God!” Trish gasped.

Since the tie was attached to the ceiling, it pulled her head up in such a way that forced her to look directly into the bulb, which made her squint. Even on her tip-toes, it was hard for her to breathe.

“I want to see your sexy ass dance,” John laughed.

“What?” Trish yelped.

It was hard for her to talk with her throat’s air passage cut so short. She had to gasp for air, inhaling in gulps. She also couldn’t move anywhere. All she could do was slightly sway her body back and forth or right and left. Standing on her tip-toes really restricted her movement. It didn’t take long for Trish to discover what John meant when he said dance. John grabbed an item on the rolling table. It was a Cat-O-Nine-Tails whip. She could barely see it out of the corner of her eye, which was watering from looking directly into the light.

“No!” she screamed, “Please! Don’t!”

Paying no attention, John ripped off Trish’s white shirt. Buttons spilled across the floor. He threw the shirt at her feet, which were still on their tip toes and tied together. He ripped open her bra as well, revealing her well formed breasts. She shrieked. Calmly, he pulled her her skirt, panties, and knee high socks down to her ankles. She was completely naked. She felt so cold.

“Dance time!” John growled, standing back.

Crack! The nine-tailed whip cracked against her ass. John swung it around again. Crack! She screamed in pain and agony. Tears streamed down her cheeks. It was all in vain. She could not even move! All she could do was scream. Crack!

“Ouch!” Trish screamed.

Visible red marks were spread across her soft, plush ass cheeks. Chuckling, John swung the whip again, this time on her big, beautiful breasts. Swat! She let out a cry of pain. The full breasts jiggled as they were smacked. She could do nothing about it. All she could do was sway back and forth, crying to herself. Swat!

“No! Ouch!” Trish screamed.

Swat! John paused for a second. He walked close to Trish again. He bent down and began to lick the tip of her right breast. His tongue swirled around the nipple. He then began to suck on the tit, wrapping his lips around the upright perk. She struggled, but it did no good. Suddenly, she felt his teeth clench onto her tit. She screamed in pain.

“Yummy! I’m going to bite your cute little tits off, you cunt!” John hissed between his teeth.

The grip of his teeth on her tit was unbearable. She let out another cry and another scream. She begged and pleaded, but the clenching of his teeth only got harder. Was he really going to bite it off? She felt his teeth pulling on it. The flesh around her tit stretched out. Yet again, she screamed. The teeth tightened. He swung his head around, stretching the breast out more.

“Ouch!” Trish screamed, “Stop! Please! Stop! It hurts!”

His teeth let go, and she let out a sigh of relief. The tit must have swollen at least twice its original size from the harsh treatment it had endured. It was still very difficult for her to breathe, and her feet were beginning to cramp from being on the tip-toes for so long. John’s palm rubbed her swollen breast, caressing it softly.

“Please,” Trish begged, “No more.”

John stepped back again, and swung the whip. Smack! The nine tails assaulted her breasts again. Swat! They whipped her ass cheeks. She swayed around, but it did no good. Crack! They cracked against her butt cheeks again. Swat! Yet another smack on the butt. The nine tails really hurt. Every strike was followed by her sexy scream. Slap! That one was on her breasts. Smack! That one swatted her belly.

“Ouch!” she cried.

John grabbed her by her pigtails with his right hand, pulling her body towards him. He clenched his teeth onto her right breast again. She shrieked. Not again!

“No!” she screamed, “Stop it! Stop it! It hurts!”

“Oh, scream, you cunt!” John hissed, letting go of the grip his teeth had on her breast.

He stepped back. Swat! Another time across her ass. Her back arched, and she cringed in utter pain. He walked in front of her and swung the whip again. Crack! It smacked her across her belly. She could not take it. It hurt so bad. She struggled, and she felt the tie gripping her throat.

“Ouch!” she whimpered, “Stop! Please! Ouch!”

“Oh, yeah!” John cackled, “Scream!”

Crack! Across her belly again. The pain shot through her body. She was helpless. He walked behind her and swung the whip. Slap! The nine tails stung as they whipped across the back of her thighs. Swat! Each tail left a throbbing red streak on her skin.

“Ouch! Ouch!” Trish shrilled.

John dropped the whip and walked up to her again. Face to face, he reached his hands around her, hugging her closely. She was still on her tip toes, still looking up at the light. He pushed her plush and supple body against his. She was so warm! He pinched her swollen right breast. She closed her eyes, ready for another bite. However, this time, he did not bite down on it. He loosened his pinch and began rubbing it with his palm. He squished it, squeezed it, and slapped it around.

“Yes!” John whispered, “Nice! Just as soft and cushiony as I dreamed you would be! Oh, yes! I’ve been planning this for such a long time, Trish!”

“Please,” Trish whimpered, “Don’t.”

“Now,” John chuckled, “You get fucked!”

He let her body go for a bit. She was gagging on the choking grip of the necktie. He reached on the rolling table and took a big knife. She shrieked. He brought the knife up, and to Trish’s disbelief, cut the necktie. She fell to the ground, gasping for air. She could breathe!

“Open your legs, bitch!” John commanded, holding the knife in a menacing way, “Open them up, sweetie, or I will slice off your swollen breast!”

“I can’t!” Trish cried, “You tied my ankles together!”

“Bitch, don’t get an attitude!” John yelled, “I know you can open your knees up! Open your fucking knees, baby, and let me slide in between your legs. I am going to fuck you!”

“No!” Trish screamed, “You aren’t fucking me!”

Angered, John grabbed Trish by the neck. He choked her and lifted her into a standing position. He spun her around so that her back was to him. Again, his right arm wrapped around her waist so as to grip her body close to his body. She struggled, but since she was tied up, it did no good. His left hand, which held the knife, went to her throat. He ran the dull side of the knife across her neck.

“You are going to open up,” John smiled.

He put the knife back onto the wheeled table. Trish’s body squirmed around, but John kept her mushed close to him with his right arm still around her waist. She felt his large cock push against her ass cheek through his detective’s coat. She whimpered. He grabbed an electric device, which was no larger than a television remote control, from the wheeled table.

“You know, Trish,” John whispered, “You should have listened, honey. This thing is used for unruly cattle and animals.”

Trish could see two pointy tips at the top of the device. John clicked a button on the small device. There were three levels of voltage on the device – low, medium, and high. He turned it onto medium. An electric current sparked from one tip to the other. It gleamed in the air with a weird zapping noise. The electric current flowed across the tips. She shrunk back in fear and trepidation. That line of electricity looked frightening.

“It is used to electrically shock them when they aren’t doing what they’re told,” John snickered, “You are my pet, and you aren’t doing what your told, baby. I have no choice.”

He turned off the device, moved it down to her pussy, and let the two tips touch her pussy lips, cramming it between her tightly fastened thighs. He shoved the device deep into her pussy. He snickered. She was scared now, and he could tell. She was going to open her legs for him. He already knew he had won.

“No! Don’t turn it on!” Trish gasped, “Please! Help me! God! No! Not There!”

“Ready to open those legs?” John asked.

“Yes! Yes! Anything! Please!” Trish pleaded.

“Well, nothing assures me more than a little voltage up your pussy!” Johns hissed, “Here we go!”

“Please! No! I’ll do anything! I’ll do everything you want me to do!” Trish pleaded, “I will open my legs! I will suck your cock! You can fuck me! Anything! Just don’t shock me! Please! Don’t shock me! Please! Don’t!”

John’s right arm gripped her body tighter than ever now. He was holding her tightly against his body. He could feel her squirming, he could sense her fear, and he loved every single perverted second of it. He smiled. He loved letting girls think that he was going to let them off the hook.

“Well, baby,” John hesitated, “That was pretty convincing, but I still want to shock you!”

“No!” Trish screamed.

His right hand grabbed a handful of blonde hair, bringing her head backwards next to his. He kissed her lightly on the cheek. His left hand kept the device crammed deep into her pussy. He turned it on medium. Bzzt! The electric shock ran into her beautiful body, causing her to jolt. Her eyes widened.

“Ye-oawww!” she screamed, “Yeeek!”

“Just so we understand each other,” John whispered.

The current kept flowing through her body, causing her to squirm ferociously. John adjusted the current from medium to high. The jolt shot up through Trish’s body harder. Her eyes were wide open, and her mouth was ajar. She was screaming for her life. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, and it made John all the more horny. High voltage ran through her sexy little core.

“Yaaa-ouch!” she screamed, shaking uncontrollably, “Oh God! Eeaahh! Stop! Aaah! No! Aaah!”

“If you live through this, sweetheart, I am going to fuck you!” John whispered.

His left hand buried the device deeper into the blonde beauty’s pussy. She screamed, and tears rolled down her pouty cheeks. Why hadn’t she just opened her damn legs? Why did she have to be so stubborn? She regretted refusing to open up for this pervert. Things had gone from bad to worse. The smell of burning flesh filled the air. Her pussy was being damaged. Smoke began flowing into her nostrils from her burning pussy.

“You’re cooking!” John giggled, “Are you ready to fuck, baby?”

“Ye-oawww!” she screamed, “Yes! Just get that thing out of my bod-eeaahh! Aaah! Yaaa-uuuh! Uuuh!”

John stuffed the device in as deep as it could go for one last moment. Trish cried out in pure agony. John then turned off the electricity. Trish nearly Escort Bayan fainted. The electricity had been painful. John let her body fall to the floor. She felt jittery. Her pussy felt as if it were on fire. Smoke was coming out of the lips, and the entire crotch area seemed burnt and cooked.

“That was hot,” John chuckled, “Literally.”

Trish cried, lying on the floor face-up. Without even being asked to, she opened her knees up, revealing her cooked pussy. John smiled. He was basking in the glory of what he had done to this poor, innocent girl. He had ruined her! Her pussy was damaged beyond repair, and he was proud of it. She had become his sick work of art. He was an artist!

“It smells like steak,” John licked his lips.

“My legs are open,” Trish sobbed, “Do what you want. You win. I will fuck.”

“Oh, Trish,” John smiled, “Have you lost all hope? Well, let me tell you something, sweetheart. Your pussy is entirely too burnt for me to fuck. My dick only goes into places that are fresh and raw.”

“So you aren’t going to fuck me?” Trish asked, somewhat confused.

“Oh, I still will, baby. Don’t worry about that. I will fuck you in your sweet asshole. Besides, I am aware of the fact that some guys have fucked your pussy already,” John laughed, “I will, however, be the first to take your ass!”

Trish shuttered at the thought. She had never been fucked in her ass. Many of her boyfriends had fucked her, but none of them in her ass. That had always been her requirement. That was her stipulation with sex. She had promised herself that she would never ever take it in the ass.

“But don’t bother turning over,” John smiled, “I still have some use for your wide open legs.”

“What are you going to do?” Trish asked, someone intimidated.

John chuckled, but did not answer the question. He grabbed something from the rolling table, but Trish could not see what it was. He stuffed it into his coat pocket. Trish did not know what was going on. She decided not to resist. If she resisted, that electric shocker might come back. What if his plans were worse than the shocker? Not likely. Nothing could be worse than that form of heartless torture.

She allowed John to crawl into the loop that was formed by her open knees and her tied ankles. She was now underneath him, but her legs were straddling his body. She discovered that it was now impossible for her legs to close because his body was blocking her knees. Her vagina was now clearly accessible to this pervert. She didn’t care. There wasn’t much more damage he could to do it anyways.

“Good girl,” John smiled, “You’ve learned.”

“Just,” Trish sobbed, “Just do what you want and be done. I can’t stop you.”

John nodded with a sinister grin. He then produced the object Trish had not been able to see from his coat pocket. It was the big knife he had used to cut the tie earlier in the session. He held it in his left hand. She was a bit scared. What was this crazy maniac going to do now?

“What’s that for?” Trish whimpered.

“Well,” John snickered, “I thought since your pussy smelled so much like steak, perhaps it tastes like steak.”

“Then lick it and see,” Trish retorted.

“Oh, no, no, no,” John crowed, “I plan on eating it like a real steak. I plan on cutting your pussy out of your body! Cut the entire area out and eat it like a steak! Yummy!”

“No!” Trish screamed.

This would be even worse than that extremely painful electric device. He was actually going to cut a portion of her lovely body off and eat it! He was a cannibal! She struggled around, but it really did no good. She could not hide her pussy from this gross man. John sat up. Trish was lying in front of him, and her legs were wrapped around his waist. Her knees were wide open. He could cut off the entire area in one circular slice. It smelled cooked and ready to be devoured by his watering mouth. He panted at the thought of it. Then he remembered something.

“Trish,” John whispered.

Using his right hand to grab a fist full of hair, he pulled her body into a sitting position so that she was face to face with him. Trish felt her hands begin to go numb. They had been tied behind her back for such a long time, and those knots had been fastened in a very tight fashion. The ropes were cutting off blood circulation to her hands.

“Do you remember,” John inquired, “When I came to visit your school?”

“Yes,” Trish moaned, “It was the happiest day of my life. I didn’t know it would lead to this.”

“Well,” John smiled, “I will give you a choice. If you answer my question, I will not cut off and devour your cooked pussy. Deal?”

“Yes, yes, anything,” Trish stuttered.

“When I went to visit you that day, there was this other girl that you were hanging around before you came and talked to me,” John recalled, “Who was she?”

“I don’t know who you are talking about,” Trish grunted.

The day John had visited the school as a representative, he had seen Trish mingling with another girl. She wasn’t as hot as Trish. However, the girl was rather cute. John had not bothered stalking her because he had been too obsessed with Trish at the time. However, now that he had Trish to himself, he was a little curious about Trish’s little friend.

“Sure, you do,” John threatened, running the tip of the knife in a circle around Trish’s beloved pussy, “She shorter than you. She was also blonde. She had very thick ass. She was a very cute, young lady. She was obviously not as gorgeous as you, but she was very attractive. Ring a bell?”

“I don’t kn…”

The knife pressed deeper into her flesh. If John pressed any harder, it would puncture the skin. She gasped. She did not want to give this pervert the chance to hurt her friend, but she also did not want her pussy to be cut out of her body. The knife threateningly made its way in a circular motion around her pussy.

“Okay!” Trish exclaimed, “Her name was Katie.”

“Katie what?” John demanded.

“Katie Mae,” Trish sobbed, “Don’t cut out my pussy.”

“Is she a senior like you?” asked John, still pressing the knife hard on her pussy’s surrounding flesh.

“No,” Trish sobbed, feeling helpless traitorous to her friend.

“Well, what grade is she in?” asked John with a menacing tone.

“She is a freshman in high school,” Trish cried, “Don’t hurt her. She’s only a freshman.”

“Underage pussy,” John cackled, “I like the idea.”

“Please,” Trish begged, “I told you what you want. Please don’t cut my pussy out of my body.”

“I did promise that I wouldn’t,” John said, letting Trish’s hair go.

Trish fell into a lying position again. The ugly man was still sitting in between her legs. She had betrayed her friend. She felt horrible. She was a traitor! How could she do this to her friend? However, she had saved her pussy from being removed and eaten, or so she thought.

“The thing is,” John chuckled, still running the tip of the blade around Trish’s cooked pussy, “I lie a lot.”

“No!” Trish screamed, “You promised!”

The knife sunk into the skin around her pussy, cutting a circle around the cooked portion. She screamed in complete and utter pain. She squirmed harder than she had ever squirmed in her life, but it was all in vain! After a few times of cutting around the burnt pussy, John tore it out of her crotch area with his left hand.

“Aaahhh!” Trish let out an agonizing scream.

“Yes!” John roared, holding to pussy up victoriously.

Blood spurted from the hole that he had created between her thick, supple thighs. Red liquid rolled down his arm as he lifted the pussy high into the air. Trish kept screaming. Blood was everywhere! The area between her legs, which was once cursed with a burning sensation, was now completely throbbing in pain. He had completely detached the pussy lips, the hole, the vagina, and the clitoris from Trish’s body. Between her lovely legs now was just a bloody mess.

John moved the pussy to his mouth. He ferociously took a bite out of the clitoris part. It was chewy, juicy, and tasty. It was better than steak. He took another bite of the delicious meat. He loved it. She was the tastiest piece of meat that he had ever eaten. After completing about half of it, he looked down at Trish’s crying face.

“Want a bite?” he asked.

“You disgust me!” Trish screamed.

“You need to eat,” John laughed, “Open wide!”

Trish refused to open her mouth. Aggravated, John pushed his left hand, which held the leftover cooked meat to her face. She refused to open her mouth. She was determined not to eat herself. Besides, he couldn’t threaten her anymore. She knew that if she did what he said, he would still hurt her anyways.

“Oh, so you want me to force it in, baby?” he asked.

Trish mouth simply refused to open. He continued pushing the piece of meat into her face, but it was going nowhere. She would not open her jaws. She was entirely too stubborn. John would have to find a new way of doing this. He was quite angry at this point.

“I didn’t want to have to do this, honey,” John huffed, “But you made me!”

With his left hand still smearing the pussy on Trish’s lip, he grabbed the knife with his right hand. Trish’s eyes lit up wide with fright. He jammed the knife into the bloody mess between Trish’s legs, twisting it around. Blood splattered everywhere, and Trish screamed on instinct. Upon Trish’s mouth opening, John shoved the rest of her pussy into her mouth. He then swiftly used his now free left hand to block her mouth, so she could not spit out the meaty flesh.

“Chew and swallow, bitch!” John commanded.

Trish’s jaw refused to move. John’s left hand continue to block the cooked meat from coming out. Trish was disgusted by the fact that her own privates were now in her mouth. She was tasting it with her own tongue. It was disgusting. She was completely appalled.

“We don’t waste food, bitch!” John screamed.

His right hand stabbed Trish’s demolished crotch with the knife again. Blood squirted out. She cried out, but it was muffled from the hand and pussy meat blocking her mouth. She sobbed. Tears rolled down her beautiful cheeks. She was doomed. The stab came again. She jolted in pain.

“Chew and swallow!” John demanded.

Reluctantly, Trish began chewing. As she chewed, blood rushed into her mouth. Weeping and crying, she chewed up her own pussy and swallowed it with a large gulp. John removed his hand, pleased with what he had accomplished. Trish glared up at him with hateful eyes. For fun, John gave her crotch area another stab. Blood squirted out again. Trish wailed. This time, John stabbed deeper, causing blood to squirt higher and onto his face.

“My dream has come true,” John giggled, “To bath in the blood of my baby.”

“I am not your baby!” Trish screamed.

John chuckled and stood up. He stepped out of the loop that was formed by Trish’s legs. Instantly, Trish shut her legs. She was not about to let this pervert do anything else to her sexy body if she could help it. He had already ruined so much.

“Close those legs up tight, honey,” John snickered, “There’s nothing to protect Bayan Escort between them anymore. I already took the prize, sweetie.”

John was so proud of himself. This had been his best session ever! Never had he tortured a girl to this extent. Trish was perfect, and he had tortured her in almost every possible way. He was a sick pervert, and he was beaming with pride. He looked down at his work of art. It was beautiful. He turned her body over. There was no need for those pretty legs to be open now. He could fuck her ass with of without the legs being open. In fact, the contracted form of the asshole when the legs were closed would make for a better anal invasion. She squirmed as he held her.

“Get your hands off of me!” she yelped.

John didn’t pay any attention to the demand. He ripped off his detective’s coat, revealing his entire body. Trish was completely revolted. His belly was very fat, his chest drooped, and his large cock had random moles and hairs on it. He looked disgusting.

“Ugh!” Trish expressed her disgust.

A little angered by this expression, John got on all-fours. Trish lay face-down beneath him, arms tied behind her back and legs tightly shut. He shifted into a kneeling position. He then pulled Trish up by her pigtails into a kneeling position in front of him. He smothered his cock with her backside. He placed his head on her shoulder, breathing in the scent of the bitch. He licked her ear.

“We’re going to see if your tight, little, teen, virgin asshole can take my entire twelve inch cock!” John whispered into her ear, “I didn’t put any lubricant on it, so I can just rip it into you dry!”

“No!” she screamed, “No! Please don’t! Not in my ass! Haven’t you done enough? God! No! Please!”

He let his cock feel the warmth of her buns. He sunk in cock into the plush ass cheeks. Oh, it was so warm and inviting. He slipped his cock to the tiny asshole. It was very, very small. He tried to shove it in. It was too small and tense. She was tensing it.

“Oh, that’s right, sweetie buns,” John said happily, “Tighten that ass! Fight it, cunt! Make me force it in!”

John’s two arms wrapped Trish body, pulling her very close to her. His left arm was fastened around her waistline, while his right arm gripped her neck. There was no escape for her. She was about to suffer a major anal fucking session. She cried out in pain. John’s cock broke through the tight barrier and sunk into the constricting hole.

“Come here, pussy!” John hissed, using his arms to shove her body deeper into his.

“Ouch!” she cried out.

The cock forced its way into her asshole. She felt pain jolt through her body. She was helpless. All she could do was squirm, and the squirming actually turned the pervert on more and more. She still continued to squirm. The cock was tearing her ass up. Pain shot through her body.

“No! Please! Ouch!” screamed Trish, “No! Ouch!”

Her whining, her complaining, and her pleads did not help her at all. The cock began going deeper and deeper. It was only about one forth of the way in, but she already felt like she was in hell. John tensed his cock more, forcing it in deeper.

“Take it, bitch!” He grunted, “Only nine more inches to go, cunt!”

“Ouch! Please! Ouch!” Trish squirmed.

“Keep squirming, bitch! Yes! Oh, yes, bitch! Squeeze that asshole!” John moaned, “I want to force it into you! I want to rip your asshole apart!”

Her asshole began to tear open. She felt so helpless. The edges of the hole began stretching more and more. She closed her eyes, praying to God. There was nothing else she could do. John forced it in harder. Suddenly, the asshole ripped. The edges of the hole gave way and split into a large slit, allowing the cock the slide in easily. Blood trickled down her inner thigh. The ripped asshole was emitting internal blood, coating John’s cock with bloody bliss.

“You are my fuck doll, now! Mine!” John screamed in joy, shoving his cock harshly in and out of the destroyed bloody asshole.

“Ugh,” Trish moaned, becoming limp.

She had given up trying to resist. Her asshole had been ripped apart and torn to shreds by John’s massive cock. There was no hope in keeping anything out. All twelve inches of pure sexual pain pushed in and out of her asshole. Blood was trickling down her thighs. She was squirming, rubbing her fastened legs together and spreading the blood across her inner thighs.

“Oh, yes!” John gasped.

His right arm moved down to her right tit, the one that had previously been toyed with by his teeth. He pinched it really had with thumb and forefinger, causing more pain to the poor, little girl. She shrieked, she cried, she begged, and she screamed. All of this only made John’s massive cock throb harder. It pulsed rapidly in her asshole.

“Oh, yes! Scream for me! Uh! Scream!” he yelled.

With his right hand still pinching on Trish’s swollen nipple, his left arm clutched her head. He wadded a mass of blonde hair into his fist and pulled her head back, making lip to lip contact with her mouth. He continued to brutally pump in her asshole as his tongue probed her mouth. After a minute or two of tonguing, he let go of the lip lock.

“Scream!” he cried out, shoving his cock deeper into her bloody asshole.

“Ouch!” she cried helplessly.

“Yes! Scream! Make me cum hard into your asshole, bitch!” he bellowed, “I am cumming!”

He gripped her head tightly with his left hand, pulling it back hard. His right hand was no longer pinching her tit. It was now twisting it in a painful circle, nearly an entire way around. He exploded into her injured asshole. Warm sticky liquid filled up the damaged slit. She wept. There was nothing pure about her anymore. She had been manhandled and beaten by this monster. Now, she had been anally raped. She was hopeless and helpless.

John let go of Trish, and she fell to the concrete floor. Blood was leaking all over the floor. Her pussy had been demolished, and half of it was inside her own digestive system. She was lying in a puddle of her own blood. She was face first on the floor, soaked with her own blood.

“I own you, bitch!” John stated, climbing to his feet.

Trish rolled over in the puddle so she was face up. She looked up at the man that had fucked her, stolen her pride, and destroyed her sweet body. She had given up. There was no hope. She sniffled. John smiled at her. She was so beautiful, lying soaked in blood. She belonged to him, and she had accepted it.

“Who is your fucking owner, cunt?” John asked.

“You,” she cried.

John knelt down beside his artwork. She was crying. A place in his heart felt a little pity for her, but the horny side of his mind was far stronger. His hand clasped her inner thigh. She didn’t even bother pinning her legs together to try to hinder his efforts. He began squeezed the inner thigh tightly and roughly.

“So thick,” he commented.

He wasn’t done. He picked the knife up from the floor. She knew what was coming, but she wasn’t strong enough to fight it. She had completely used up her energy struggling and squirming around helplessly. She was out of breath. She couldn’t even scream.

“No more,” she moaned and pleaded, “Please, no more.”

That was all she could do. She could only moan in a weak tone. Of course, this did not stop John by any means. He jabbed the knife into her left inner thigh. She let out a moan, but that was it. Blood spilled out. He continued to stab her soft, thick, and supple thigh. After there were about five or six stab wounds, he bent his head down to her thigh.

“Don’t,” Trish groaned, “Don’t.”

Her weak voice did nothing. John mushed his face into the wounded thigh, opening his mouth wide. He began to bite chunks of the thick, supple flesh off. He was eating her. Her thigh tasted really good. The thickness, the suppleness, and the juiciness. Blood was everywhere. He kept biting and chewing. She tasted so good.

“Ouch!” she would wince between the bites, too weak to do anything else.

“Good girl,” John would reply, biting away at her flesh, “Very good girl.”

After he ate a decent amount of her inner thigh, he turned her body around. He was met with little resistance. He plunged the knife into her left hindquarter and dragged the blade down, ripping open her thick, upper leg. He was destroying her left leg. She had learned who was boss, and now the boss was having his feast.

He reached his hand into the large cut he had made into her leg, soaking his fingers in her blood. She moaned in pain. He leaned down and began to eat away chunks of her flesh from the back of her thick upper hind leg. Too weak to fight, she let him have his way. He feasted on that portion of her meaty leg for quite some time. It was so thick and juicy.

After he had finished devouring a majority of the meat on her upper left leg, he turned her body over, so she was face up. He looked into her eyes, her sad weak eyes. She was the prettiest thing that God had ever created, and he had completely destroyed her. Her face was so beautiful. He locked lips with her, running his tongue through her mouth. The kiss lasted for a long, long time.

“I love you,” John whispered to her, unlocking lips with her, “I love you, Trish. I want you to know that I really do love you.”

“Then why did you do this to me?” Trish cried, “Why?”

John’s hand went to Trish’s left breast, the one that had not been bitten and tampered with. It was so soft and so well formed. He squished it in his fingers. She cried, knowing what was to come. She knew what he was going to do. She whimpered, knowing she could not prevent it.

“Please,” she pleaded helplessly, “You have misused and abused every part of my body. Leave that breast. Please leave that breast.”

“I am sorry, my love,” John grunted.

He lifted the knife and began to saw off her left breast. She cried out in pain. He cut the entire hunk of breast meat off of her chest. Blood rushed out of the large round wound that he had created. She cried in utter agony. He took a huge bite out of the tan flab of breast flesh. It tasted delicious. He took another large bite.

“You taste so good, sweetie,” John slurped in between bites.

He gobbled up the breast. He turned her body over again, so she was face down on the floor. She didn’t care anymore. She was bathing in a puddle of her own blood. This sick pervert had stolen everything from her. She had nothing else to lose.

“Baby,” John whispered, “I haven’t been that cruel to you. I only ate one leg, you pussy, and one breast. I left you one leg and one breast.”

“You are sick,” Trish whimpered.

“Yes,” John nodded, “I am, but I still love you. I just wanted you to know that you have given the the most pleasing torture session out of all of my sessions. I love you.”

He leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. With that, he stood up and walked to the steel door. He knocked on it, and the door opened. One of the men in ski masks entered with a gun in his hand.

“I’m finished,” John nodded to the man, “The next one I want is Katie Mae, freshman at the local high school.”

The man with the mask lifted the gun. Fear ran through Trish’s damaged body. She screamed.

“No!” Trish screamed.

“This is for the best, my love,” John whispered, blowing her a kiss, “Bye bye.”

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