He Is Mine


As I sprawl in my bed my toy huddles in his. His bed is not an afterthought: nothing I do with or to Will is an afterthought. He does not have a pillow, his sheets are woolen and scratchy, his mattress was carefully chosen to be harder than he likes and too short for him to fully stretch out on — a headboard and footboard block him from even trying. All of these remind him of his purpose: my pleasure. He sleeps uncomfortably and restlessly so that I can have the satisfaction of knowing it.

Sometimes Will sleeps in my bed. I like having access to his body and he deserves the occasional treat. If he sleeps with me I usually tie his feet or ankles together, not so much to restrain him as to remind him that he is mine. My toy, my pet, my slave; in my bed not for his pleasure but for mine.

But last night he slept in his own bed and I’m horny. I usually wake earlier than he does, a benefit of having a bed not designed to make my nights difficult, and this morning I feel extremely alert and ready to have some fun. I climb out of my bed, walk over to his, yank his head up by the hair, and say, “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“Master?” he mumbles, not really awake, not really sure of where he is. I kiss him to help him wake up, then twist his nipple, a bit of pain to remind him of his place. I kiss him because I like kissing beautiful men; I twist his nipple because I also like hurting them. “Master,” he says again, more firmly, more certainly, “How can I serve you?”

Always a good question. On one hand, he’s been a good pet these past few days and maybe I should reward him; on the other hand, he’s really cute when my underpants are stuffed in his mouth and his butt is red from a good spanking. I’m not actually wearing underwear right now, so I grab a pair from my hamper and tell him to open his mouth; he does and I shove them in. “You know that you are mine?” I ask him, and he nods. “I can do whatever I want with you. I silivri escort can give you pleasure” — I stroke his cock, already rock-hard with anticipation, for awhile, letting him enjoy the sensation — “and I can give you pain” — I pull a fold of skin on his stomach, pick up a clamp from my dresser, and put it on — “and I get to decide which.”

He nods. I sit down on my bed and order him to grab the paddle hanging on the wall. A moment later he’s standing next to me, paddle in one hand and cock in the other. I slap that hand away. “Bad toy,” I scold. “Your cock is mine and I decide when — and if — it gets any more attention today. Give me the paddle and get in my lap.”

When we first started dating, he might have feared that the paddling would be harder than usual as a punishment for his infraction; he knows better now. I don’t punish him by hurting him, I hurt him because I like to see him in pain and he is mine, he exists for my benefit. Anything I do to him is to add to my pleasure, the only punishment he gets — or should need — for disobedience is the knowledge that it displeases me.

He’s lying in my lap now, my hard cock poking into his stomach. I swing the paddle and hit his ass. I do it again, and again, and again, watching his ass redden. He lets out a whimper and I stop, letting him think that maybe I’m feeling merciful, then I hit him the hardest I have so far, grinning as he moans and squirms.

I like his face with my underwear gagging him, but I also want to hear him say that he’s mine. I extract the underwear, put down the paddle, spank him with my bare hand, and ask, “Who’s your master?”

“You,” he says. “I am utterly and completely yours.”

“Do you want him to spank you again?” He nods. “Then beg for it, slut.”

“Master, please spank me. I want to feel pain for you, I want to suffer so that you can make me yours, I want my ass to bakırköy escort be marked.”

“Good boy.” I resume spanking him with one hand as my other hand travels along his back. God, he really is beautiful. His shoulder and back muscles twitch occasionally as he feels my hand roam; he’s probably afraid of what else I might do with that hand. I haven’t done anything yet, but he knows I what I can do.

But he is mine, and I get to choose what happens to him. On a whim, I choose not to hurt him with this hand, letting the fear course through him as he anticipates a pain that will not arrive. Knowing his fear, knowing that he is entirely mine to use and hurt, makes my cock twitch; I’m incredibly aroused now and it’s taking a lot of self -ontrol not to just push him off my lap and start fucking him.

Instead, I yank him up by his hair again — he grows it out specifically so I can pull it — and turn him to face me. I pick up two more clamps form my dresser and put them on his nipples. He winces in pain and I smirk. “You are my wonderful, precious toy,” I tell him. “Mine to use and fuck and hurt as I please.”

“Yes master,” he replies. “I exist for your pleasure.” I kiss him again, long, slow, and hard, pulling on his nipple clamps with my hands. Then I pull back and spit in his mouth, another reminder that I kiss him because he is mine.

“Thank you, master,” he says. “Thank you for using and degrading me.”

I pat him on the head and lean in to lick his cheek. I run my hands over his body, feeling and caressing it, treasuring this beautiful body that is my property.

At this point I need to fuck him. I push him off my lap and stand; he automatically gets into a kneeling position. “Stand up,” I order. I walk around his body, taking it in with my eyes, fondling and groping it with my hands. I pull the clamps off his body and rub his nipples.

“Thank halkalı escort you for hurting me, master. I love being hurt for your pleasure.”

“Get on the bed.”

He obeys and lies prone, knowing that’s usually how I like him. I certainly like it today, with his juicy red ass just begging to be fucked. I get on the bed as well, lube a finger, and start playing with his hole. He squirms and I yank his hair, not for any reason, but just because I can. I add a second finger to his hole and begin to fuck him with my fingers. He moans and begs me not to stop. I spank his ass and say, “What are you?

“Your slut and toy. Yours to use and take and own. Your possession to do with with as you see fit,” he answers.

“Beg me to fuck you.”

“Master, please fuck me. Please take what’s yours and use me as your fucktoy. Make my ass yours so that you utterly own me. I need to be fucked, master, please. I exist for you to fuck me, it’s my only purpose.”

I enter him and begin to thrust. I start off slowly, luxuriating in the sensation of his hole, in the knowledge that he is utterly mine. I lean down so that my chest is pressed against his back and nibble his ear. That always drives him wild and I like to see him horny. He squirms and moans as I take him. I adjust our position so that he’s kneeling with his forehead against the mattress and spank him. He cries out and I continue, spanking him again and again as I thrust again and again into my property, my wonderful precious fucktoy.

I know I’m about to cum and I want to do it on his face. I pull out and turn him over. It only takes a few strokes before my cum covers his face and he looks up at me. He makes no move to wipe it off, he knows I want my mark to stay on him.

“Now to decide if you get to cum today,” I tell him, and flip a coin. It’s tails, and I bring my mouth to his cock and slowly lick the shaft. His cock is bigger than mine, except that his cock is mine. I take it in my mouth and suck him off, letting him fill my mouth. His hips begin to buck and I know he’s about to cum…

So I get up and say, “Not today, sorry.” I smirk at him and leave the room as he lies there, covered in my cum, horny, desperate to get off, and obedient enough that I know he won’t.

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