He Never Knew He Was…

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He Never Knew He Was Being Picked UpHe Never Knew He Was…

It had been a tough week at work and I really needed a drink to get me relaxed again. I was not yet in the mood to head back to my apartment alone as always so I decided to head to a new bar I had heard about opening a couple of suburbs away. The place was pretty full when I walked in. Lots of others in suits obviously doing the same as me and winding down after the week. I ordered a drink and just stared at the crowd taking in the ambience. Suddenly a voice breaks my stare – hey this place is great isn’t it. I turn my head to see a guy about my age (I am in my early 30s) raising his glass to me. I acknowledge him and we strike up a conversation .

After chatting for a while we are both starting to lose our voices as the crowd has become very noisy. So Dave asks me if I want to head up to his place for another drink. With nothing else planned for the evening I accept the invitation and follow him on a short walk to his apartment.

At this point I should tell you a little bit about me. I have always been considered a nice guy and very str8. I have had my share of girlfriends and sex – but nothing to get too excited about. I am 5’8 with dark hair and brown with a nice slim body. Dave was şirinevler escort much the same as me only with blonde hair and he was a little taller and bigger than me.

So we are in Dave’s apartment enjoying our bourbon and coke when asks if I would like to watch a porno. Why not I say. Such is my sheltered life I have only ever seen rated R movies – so I am little shocked when a naked guy walks into the picture with a hard cock. I can’t help but stare at it and suddenly notice that I am growing a little hard myself. The movie has two guys in it ravishing this woman.

Suddenly I am aware that Dave has his hand on my leg and I am not sure what to do. Before I have any time to react he leans over and kisses me pushing his tongue into me. I break away and tell him that I am str8. Dave’s just leans back and says – not any more. He pulls me up and starts to unbutton my shirt and then remove my pants. I can not move for some reason. I have never touched another guy before or even considered anything sexual with one and yet here I was being seduced by a guy and not resisting. Before long I was naked and as hard as I had ever been.

“You like being naked for me don’t you” says Dave. All I can do is nod as he escort istanbul quickly strips also.

“Touch my cock as I touch yours” he orders. I am feeling my first cock and its amazing. I can feel it getting hard in my hands. “Suck me he says – take all my cock in your mouth” I look at him nervously but move down his body. I can hardly believe what I am doing. In the background I look at the TV and see the two guys doing something similar – this encourages me to go on. I lick his cock tasting his precum and then start to suck on it all. “Take me all in your mouth” orders Dave.

Before long Dave is fucking my mouth – his cock is so hard. I am lost in the feeling when suddenly I notice his cock is starting to pulse. Before I can say anything he starts to cum – the first in my mouth an the rest all over my face.

“How do you like your first taste of cum” ask Dave.

“Oh wow this is so horny – I love it”.

“You suck like a pro – can’t believe you have never been with a guy before”. I tell him that its true.

“Well the good news for you is that I always like to cum twice quickly” says Dave

“The even better news is that this time I can going to make you lose your virgin ass”.

Dave crawls down on the floor halkalı escort between my legs and starts to lick my ass…it’s all I can take I am so horny that I start to cum all over my chest. Dave scoops some of it up and rubs it into my ass. Then he takes my legs and pulls them over his shoulder and I feel his hard cock press against me. I know now I want him so badly. He senses this and pushes his cock in. A little at first and then harder and faster. He is fucking me now and once I am passed the initial pain I start to relax and enjoy the sensation of having him in me. I can hardly believe it when I start telling to fuck me. He works up a great rhythm and before long he announces he is about to cum. He pulls out and jerks a couple of times and I am covered in his load yet again. He then presses his body against mine as we kiss deeply sharing in his juices.

As we regain out breath I tell him that was amazing and that was the best sex I have ever had.

“Didn’t you know I was trying tp pick you up at the bar for sex” asks Dave.

“No way – that thought never entered my mind” I say.

“Well I could tell you were a virgin but somehow I knew you were ready for this.”

I spent the night at Dave’s and let him fuck me a couple more times before I left. He has some other exciting adventures planned for me – if I am game. I think I am.

Let me know if you liked this story as I am a first time author. This is all from my imagination as I am as the story indicates a virgin when it comes to men. I hope one day thought that will change.

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