He Said, She Said


My name is Joel, I’m 24, fit and permanently horny, like most guys my age, I guess! I’ve been pretty lucky with my recent hook-ups — Tinder has been amazing. But I have a tactic with my profile that is truly unique — I’m honest! My buddies all post a load of lies about themselves, their sexual prowess, their dick size etc. I decided I’d just tell it like it is and it seems to work. I get fewer matches than my friends but no rejections once I meet a girl, unlike them.

I don’t really have a ‘type’ either. It’s not that I have low standards, but I figure a pretty girl is a pretty girl, regardless of age, skin colour, politics or religion. If she has a sense of humour too, then count me in. I think sex should be fun as well as erotic.

This attitude has led to me meeting and having great sex with all kinds of girls. Asian girls are so pretty and in my experience, fuck like little demons. Indian girls tend to be more demur, but oh boy, when they get dirty, they get real dirty. Black girls really turn me on with their beautiful skin and the contrast of their intimate pink parts — so sexy! And of course, who could forget European girls, especially East European with their sexy accents.

I was out with a group of friends last week and we were all browsing Tinder profiles. It was laddish banter and not very complimentary to the majority of girls whose profiles we viewed. Nobody was getting any matches, myself included, until my mate Jon found what could only be described as a milf profile.

I thought she looked lovely but the others were less than complimentary and quickly moved on. I, however, swiped right and left a brief message. It was obvious from her profile that she had a wicked sense of humour and she was quite clear she wasn’t looking to snag a husband. That made me think maybe she already had one but I’m not one to judge.

I really wasn’t expecting an almost immediate reply! My phone pinged when we ‘matched’ and my friends all demanded to see with whom. I got quite a ribbing, especially from Jon, who swore my match looked just like his Mum. I promised him I’d pop round to see her soon, excused myself, then went somewhere a little more private to phone the number she had given me.

Brrrrrrrrrr. Brrrrrrrrr. “Hello?”



My name is Karen, I’m 38 and I haven’t had sex in ages! Even though I’ve had a few long term partners, I’ve never got married or had kids like practically every friend of my age. You see, I’m an academic and becoming a professor has always been my top priority in life. Now I’ve achieved that and I have a prestigious post at one of the best Universities in the country. It’s time to find myself a mate and even though I’m not in bad shape, it’s not as easy as you might think.

Sure, I’ve had a few hook-ups. Men who just want sex are very easy to find and like I said, I’m not too shabby. I’ve deliberately had a few one-nighters, just to keep in practice, you understand. I’ve been careful not to play too close to home and I tend to avoid the very young-looking guys. Working at a Uni, I’m surrounded by 18 — 21 year old guys full of raging hormones and raging boners! I want someone a bit more mature but I have to admit, I do like a toned young body. A fit guy in his mid-twenties would do me great about now! I’m still practicing, remember?

Last week, my friend Stella and I were due to meet up for drinks and dinner, something we’ve done every week for as long as I can remember. She’s married with two children, so our night out is her one little indulgence — she calls it her ‘mental health’ day. So I was sat at the bar of our regular haunt, chatting and flirting with Tom the sexy bartender when my phone pinged. Stella had sent me a text apologising that as her youngest had just started projectile vomiting, she was going to have to stand me up. I quickly replied not to worry, that Tom would look after me, but I was a bit disappointed. I sent my love to her and her poor little patient then took a deep breath. What to do now?

Tom came over and asked me if I wanted another drink. I told him my friend had baled on me and I was about to go home. He cursed that he had to work until midnight but we carried on flirting anyway. Tom really was cute. He had told me he was 24 and working to get enough money to go travelling. He was a free-spirited guy and I bet he’d be a great fuck too! Wow, Karen, you really need some sex if all you can do is imagine the strong, toned torso of a handsome bar tender as he lay you gently on the bed and fu…. Jesus! I’m so damnhorny now! I excused myself from the bar and went in to the ladies restroom. I entered one of the stalls and eased my panties down. I already had Tinder on my phone so I started to scroll through the profiles, restricting it to local. If I found someone, I wanted him now, not sometime in the future when our schedules coincided.

I have to admit, I was scrolling with one hand and tickling my clit with the other. So many hot guys’ profiles were getting me even hornier. Kültür Escort Most of them were obviously fake or full of bullshit. You don’t get to my age without being able to spot a crank or a dreamer from a mile away. Then I landed on a profile that piqued my interest. He was handsome, funny, mid-twenties and looked pretty fit. His profile was understated and self-deprecating but it was the twinkle in his eye that really attracted me.

“Ping!” Oh, of course, now I’m online, I might get the odd right-swipe. I checked without much optimism and I nearly dropped the phone! It was him! Wow, I guess it was just coincidence, but I managed to convince myself, quite quickly, that it was a sign. As I’d already read and liked his profile, I immediately swiped right and sent my number in a text. My pussy was getting very moist with anticipation. I quickly straightened myself out and left the bathroom, returning to my seat at the bar just in time.

Brrrrrrr. Brrrrrrr. ” Hello?” I answered, nervously.



“Hi, it’s Joel. Thanks for swiping right. How are you doing?”



Gosh, he sounded confident. This was no time to pussy-foot around, so I put on my best Professor voice and confidently replied “Hi Joel, I’m Karen. Thanks to you as well and for calling me.”



“I see you’re very close to me, how about we meet for a drink? No pressure, I’m a nice guy, honest!” Joel continued.



“That sounds great. Can you get to Mario’s on Park Street? Name your poison and I’ll have one waiting for you when you arrive!” Wow, I hoped I didn’t sound too eager, but I’m not really a game player. If I like a guy, I make it quite clear.



“Awesome. Jack Daniel’s and Coke please, I’m real close and I’ll be with you in just a few minutes.”



Joel sounded as eager as I was. I called Tom over and told him about this turn of events. He grinned and said “Lucky sod!” and fetched me a JD and Coke and replenished my large glass of Pinot Grigio.

No sooner had the drinks arrived than the handsome face of Joel appeared beside me. He must have come in the back entrance (stop it!) and he made me jump when he said “Hi Karen!” with a huge smile.

I was immediately flustered, having had no time to prepare myself mentally. Joel looked gorgeous, smelt amazing and when he leant in to kiss my cheek, my knees felt weak.

“Hi Joel, nice to meet you. Jack Daniel’s?” I offered, holding his glass towards him. He took it gratefully and drained half of it in one swig. I think he was actually a little nervous and putting on his confident air. I found that to be quite endearing.

Tom wandered over, no doubt to vet my potential partner for the evening. I wasn’t expecting him to say “Oh, hi Joel. You’re Karen’s date tonight? Nice one!”

Joel replied “Hey Tom, how are you doing? Yeah, I’m the lucky guy. You two know each other?”

“Only professionally!” joked Joel, waggling a wine glass in our direction. Then, slightly seriously, he added “Karen, you’ve found one of the good guys. I’ve known Joel a long time. You two are well-suited.”

I thanked Tom for his opinion and saw Joel beaming, giving Tom the thumbs-up sign. So, my date had the seal of approval from the bar tender. The idea that this would make any difference at all made me chuckle to myself. I had already decided I wanted Joel to fuck me, the sooner the better.

We exchanged some banter and had another drink, Joel was really funny and entertaining. When I asked him who lived closer to the bar, him or me, I saw that twinkle in his eye, the one that had attracted me in the first place. It turned out Joel lived closest, just a short walk around the park, so I suggested we go check out the décor in his bedroom. He didn’t protest! We both said goodbye to Tom, who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, linked arms and headed off to Joel’s place.



This night was taking a turn for the better, I thought to myself, as Karen and I walked to my apartment, her arm linked through mine. We’d been in the bar for about half an hour when she suggested going back to mine. She only had one thing on her mind and happily, it was the same as the one thing I had on mine!

I had been immediately impressed with Karen. I said earlier that age doesn’t bother me, so the fact that she was fourteen years my senior wasn’t an issue. But I’ve been with girls of this age before and without trying to sound rude, I could tell. Their skin and flesh were different to girls my age and younger. Not worse, just different. However, Karen’s face and what I could see of her skin weren’t like that. She had the tautness of a girl much younger and her complexion was smooth and fresh. She obviously didn’t use a lot of makeup and to be fair, she didn’t need to, being naturally very pretty.

Not that it mattered to me, but nobody would look at us, walking arm in arm, and think we were mismatched. It’s funny, an older guy with a younger girl never Kültür Escort Bayan attracts any curious glances, but the other way around and eyebrows tend to raise. What a hypocritical world we live in!

These passing thoughts didn’t distract me from my main thoughts though — how sexy Karen was and how much I was looking forward to her testing my bed springs!

We got to my house, I opened the door and closed it behind us. Before I had chance to say anything, Karen turned to me, pushed me back against the wall, reached up and kissed me passionately. Wow, she’s a bit dominant, I love it! I returned her kiss with equal passion and suddenly, our hands were exploring each other’s bodies, tearing at our clothes, desperate to feel and experience the flesh beneath.

Still groping and kissing like a couple of desperate teenagers, we managed to climb the stairs and flop onto my bed. It seems it wasn’t the décor of my boudoir that Karen was really interested in! When she pulled down my zip and reached in to grab my cock, we both gasped, me with the electric feeling of soft hands wrapped around my erect manhood, Karen with shock and awe at the impressive size of my member.

Ha! Not really, I’m pretty normal in that department. I guess for her, it was the realisation that this was about to happen. We managed to tear off the remainder of our clothes and we were now naked and thrashing around aimlessly. I decided to take control, despite Karen’s assertive actions earlier.

I pulled away, took Karen’s shoulders in my hands and lay her gently on her back. I parted her legs, knelt between them, then bent forward to resume our passionate kiss, knowing my throbbing cock would now be pressed against her pubes. We dry-humped in this position for some time, my hands exploring the exquisite soft flesh of Karen’s breasts, her hands squeezing my ass cheeks and running all up and down my back.

I couldn’t stand this any longer and lifted off her enough so my cock was now accessible. I felt Karen’s fingers wrap around it again and I let out an involuntary moan. She was guiding me towards where I wanted to be, in between her legs where her red-hot, soaking wet pussy was waiting to be penetrated.



Oh my God! I don’t think I’ve ever been this aroused with a guy before. Joel was lying on top of me, practically eating my face, such was the passion of our kiss. I could feel his strong, hard cock pressing against my mound. I could even feel his balls against my clitoris and I was so wet and ready for his cock.

As Joel lifted his body up slightly, I took hold of his throbbing penis and guided it to my vaginal opening. I heard Joel gasp as I rubbed the tip up and down my slit and when he pushed, his cock slipped in to me and we both let out a long, deep moan. I was in heaven. Not only was Joel gorgeous and sexy, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

I could feel long, slow, deep thrusts into my aching pussy and I knew I was going to cum quickly. I normally masturbate quite frequently, but due to being so busy with work, I hadn’t done so for at least a week. No wonder I was so horny! I think I’d struck gold with Joel too.

He had started slowly but was now picking up the pace and banging me hard and deep. I was stroking my own clit and my orgasm was building nicely. When Joel placed his hands behind my knees and bent them backwards, he started to thrust more quickly. He fucked me so hard and deep, I reached my orgasm almost immediately and couldn’t help but shriek with pleasure and relief as my body shook and my eyes rolled back, wave after wave of pleasure washing through me.

I composed myself in time to look at Joel’s face as he came too. His eyes were scrunched and he groaned a loud “Oh God!” as he pushed into me for the last time before holding it until I felt the cum spurt out of his rock-hard cock. I don’t usually let I guy I’ve not met before cum inside me, but there was just something about Joel. That and the passion with which we’d got carried away, I needed to feel his cum inside me.

He didn’t disappoint! When he withdrew his softening cock, a small river of semen followed and added to the damp patch already on the bed sheet which I had been responsible for. I don’t exactly squirt (is that really a thing?) but I do get very wet.

I couldn’t resist when I reached a finger down to my pussy, inserted a finger in, then brought it up to my mouth to taste our combined essence. It smelt so hot and tasted musky and creamy. Joel rocked back on his ankles and watched me do this.

“Wow, that looks hot,” he observed, ” How does it taste?” I put my finger back inside my pussy, then offered it up to Joel. “See for yourself!” I taunted, not really expecting him to take me up on my kind offer! I was wrong. Joel held my hand and licked my cum-covered finger, lovingly. “Hmm, not bad! In fact, rather good!”

And with that, Joel dropped his head between my legs and proceeded to kiss and lick all around my open Escort Kültür pussy lips, cleaning the cum from them and licking his lips noisily. He obviously did find this very erotic as I could see his cock stiffening again already. I was grinning to myself, mentally clapping myself on the back for finding exactly what I needed this evening — a strong, confident fucker who could go again almost immediately.



Jesus, that was hot! I only ever licked a girl’s cummy pussy once before and I’d liked it. This time, I fucking loved it, probably because Karen was enjoying it too. It was so hot, my cock, which had started to shrivel after cumming so hard, started to grow again. I’d never recovered that quickly before but our first fuck had been so erotic and urgent that I was already eager for more.

I could tell Karen was ready for more too. She was watching me licking and slurping at her pussy and smiling, breathing hard as her arousal built again. I decided to be very naughty and with a mouth full of my cum, I pulled my body up and reached in for a kiss. Karen wasn’t shy in sharing my load and we savoured the creamy cum and salty taste as we kissed hungrily.

My cock was now fully erect again and I was hoping Karen would want to suck it. From kissing her mouth, I pivoted my body so I could resume kissing her other lips, parting them with my tongue and licking the full length of her vagina. I felt Karen gasp my hard dick again and moaned as she gently pulled my foreskin back and forth, jerking me slowly, teasing me before wrapping her lips around it.

The warmth of her mouth was almost as sensational as the feel of her hot pussy. This time, there was a tongue to enjoy as well and I was in awe of her oral skills. Having cum so hard earlier, I knew I’d be able to hold out longer for round two, so I really relaxed and enjoyed Karen’s mouth at the same time as enjoying her pussy.



Wow, this guy is kinky too, licking my pussy after cumming inside it. Awesome! I do love a man who isn’t scared to taste his own cum. I was watching him admiringly when he reached up and kissed me, depositing the last of his cum into my mouth. We swirled it around our tongues as we kissed, it was incredibly erotic.

Joel then went back down to eat me some more, but this time, he had turned in such a way that meant I could reach his cock. I’m sure it was deliberate, but he didn’t say anything. Fortunately for Joel, I adore sucking cock! It always astounds me when my friends tell me they hate it or only do it for their husbands on special occasions! I’d suck cock every day if I could! There’s nothing more erotic for me than the smell and the taste of cock. The feeling when it throbs when I have one deep in my throat gets me so wet, even if I’m not being eaten at the same time.

Joel was doing wonders down there, sucking and nibbling at my clit, fingering my pussy and tickling my anus as well. The sensation of his expert tongue and the feel of his hard cock throbbing in my mouth led me to another beautiful orgasm. It wasn’t as abandoned as the first one, but felt amazing, especially when as I started to convulse, Joel grasped my buttocks and really pushed his face into my groin, sucking my clit hard.

As my body relaxed, Joel released me from his grasp and gently stroked my thighs and belly. His cock slipped out of my mouth, but I saw how hard it still was. I couldn’t go again right away after another strong orgasm, so I suggested we take a little breather.



Wow, Karen came hard when I sucked her clit. I pulled her ass up and buried my face in her sex as she spasmed, nearly suffocating myself, but loving how sexy it was. I felt her relax so I tried to bring her down gently, with soft caresses on her legs and belly.

She breathed a huge sigh of satisfaction, and released my cock from her mouth. I was about to suggest we take a break when Karen said “Mmm, I’m thirsty, got any wine, stud?”

“Stud” — that made me smile. “Of course, Pinot Grigio was it?” I guessed. Karen grinned and nodded, so I jumped off the bed, wrapped a sheet around my waist and stumbled down the stairs to get a bottle from the fridge. I returned to the bedroom clinking two over-sized glasses and a freshly uncorked bottle of crisp, dry Pinot. It may be a dry wine, but this was going to taste so sweet after the musky, sexy taste that had filled our mouths so far.

Karen had straightened the bed and was sat cross legged waiting for me to pour the wine. I handed her a glass and we touched them together. “God, I need this!” said Karen. “Here’s to Tinder!” I offered, as a toast. We both laughed and savoured the cold wine, which slipped down easily.

I liked watching Karen as she sat in front of me, drinking her wine. We talked a little, Karen giggled infectiously and I could tell she was relaxed in my company. To be honest, I’ve had worse dates with girls I’ve known for months than this ‘hook-up’ with a complete stranger. I think we’d clicked, both on a mental and sexual level.

I slid back off the bed for a quick visit to the bathroom. When I returned, clean and fresh, Karen was subconsciously rubbing her cold wine glass over her nipples and had a far-away expression in her eyes. I wondered where she was.

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