Headmaster’s SecretaryChapter II


Liz was not overcome with joy at knowing she would have to work on a weekend, but the excitement of not knowing what was in store for her was a motivator. She had never thought she would take to this sort of thing so much, or so willingly. Before she even knew it she had had breakfast and washed. Now she was picking out her outfit for the day and the extras to go with it. Liz’s lingerie collection was about to expand, seeing as she was never to wear anything other. She had been shopping just before getting in the night before, and had picked up some more blouses that Mr. Harper seemed to have a thing for, some new skirts and office dresses. Today she decided on one of her few remaining push-up bras, a red lace one, with matching panties and suspender belt. To this she added a semi-see-through white blouse, a high-waisted skirt with built-in braces which pulled in her waist and accentuated her breasts and rear, seamed stockings and black high heels. She put on her makeup, did up her hair in the 1940’s porno hikayeler style and headed off. Once she arrived she did as she had been instructed and went straight up to Mr. Harper’s office. She knocked on the door and was told to come in. “Well, don’t you look like a picture today. It’s almost a shame I won’t be seeing you in that, maybe I’ll remember it for another day,” he said with a smile. “I want you to take off all your clothes and leave them in front of me. Then we will get on with what I want you to try out today,” Mr. Harper said with a gleam in his eye. “Yes sir,” said Liz. Straightaway, without another word, she began to strip in front of Mr. Harper. She undid the belt section that was cinching in her waist and slid down the braces. Then she slowly released each of the buttons on her blouse before taking it off and letting the skirt slide down. Then she knelt down and picked each garment up and placed it on the desk. Then she reached behind herself and undid her bra, seks hikayeleri before beginning to take off her panties. Mr. Harper stopped her. “No, keep those on, and the belt and stockings. Did you bring the boots?” “Oh yes sir!” “Good. In the near future we will be doing a Middle Ages Day and part of that is dressing up. I have a costume for you to try out. I have a chemise, dress, hat, petticoat and corset for you. We will also have a World War Two Day to commemorate D-Day, and for this you will wear one of your blouses and a ladies’ army uniform; skirt, jacket, tie. You will also wear a bullet bra, girdle and seamed stockings. “I think we will start with the World War Two one today, that will be coming up soonest,” Mr. Harper said almost disinterestedly. “Take the items into the closet and get changed, then meet me down in history room F.” Mr. Harper stood up and left, leaving Liz to pick up the items and get changed in the closet. It was an odd feeling putting on the girdle, but sex hikayeleri it had a similar effect to one of her corsets, bringing in her waist and focusing her hips. Then she clasped the suspenders and instantly felt a little more 40’s. Then came the bullet bra. Bras had come a long way since the turn of the century, and Liz vowed never to speak ill of her modern-era lingerie. But her breasts filled it out well, and when she put on the blouse they pointed as if she were an actress in a Hitchcock film. Then she slipped on the blouse, which (hopefully to Mr. Harpers’ delight) was at bursting point, then the tie. This may well have been the first and only time Liz had ever worn a tie correctly, as even back in her own school days it was too large or too short in the photos. As she leant down to pick up the shirt a few of the buttons of the blouse gave. She groaned, re-buttoned it and delicately stepped into the skirt, zipping it up. Finally she took the jacket, did up all the buttons on this too and tied the belt. The jacket had the effect of swamping her, but the belt gave her a great hour glass figure and showed off her “assets” wonderfully. Liz popped on her heels, left the office and headed downstairs and out of the main building to the history room.

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