Heads and Tails Game at the Hotel


“Sorry sir, the bar’s closed.”

“But I thought hotel bars stayed open until the last guest left?” Dave looked over at his two colleagues laughing in the corner. “So how do we get a drink in here?”

The bartender shrugged. “You could always buy a bottle and take it to your room. You just can’t drink in here any more, we’re not licensed after midnight”.

Dave sighed. “OK, give me a bottle of vodka.”

The bartender wandered off, returning after a few moments with a large bottle of Russian vodka. Dave’s eyes watered as he paid for it. Even through his drunkenness he knew it was expensive.

“Hey guys,” he said as he wandered back. “Bar’s shut but I’ve got some vodka so we can have a nightcap. Just can’t do it here.”

Debi and Don groaned. “That’s rubbish,” said Debi. “Do you want me to go and have a word? Use my charms?” She smiled, a flashing white teethed smile that made you want to laugh with her.

“Nah, he’s throwing everyone out. Apparently we can drink it in our rooms but not here. And he’s charged me a fortune for this vodka so you’ve got to share at least a glass.”

“Oh go on then,” said Don. “But Debi’s got to come too. There’s no way I’m coming to your hotel room on my own. That doesn’t quite feel right.”

Debi chuckled, flicking her auburn hair back. “Although me coming to a hotel room with the two of you doesn’t seem right either.”

“I tell you what,” said Dave, “how about I toss a coin. Heads you come, tails you don’t.”

“I always come,” laughed Debi, unable to resist the joke. “But go on, toss your coin. I should really go to bed.”

Dave fished around and pulled out a pound coin. Flicking it into the air the three of them watched as it bounced on the table, spinning, before finally landing on heads.

Dave couldn’t resist a smirk. “So, vodka in my room it is. And I’m going to bring the coin too, it brings me luck.”

The three of them staggered to the lift, going up to the ninth floor in silence, all of them smiling with their thoughts. Dave got out first and led the way to his room. Don and Debi followed behind, bumping in to each other and giggling as they struggled to walk straight,.

“Dave’s in charge,” said Debi, admiring his backside as he opened the room door. At six foot tall, dark haired and broad chested, Dave was the youngest of the three. He was also the fittest, playing rugby and doing weights to the point that his broad chest stretched the shirt he was wearing to breaking point.

“Always the way,” muttered Don, who was a good ten years older, nearing fifty and greying. Although he tried to maintain some physique, his age was beginning to show as his belly stretched his trousers and his wrinkles weaved patterns down his face.

He held the door open for Debi to enter so he could perv over her hourglass figure without her noticing. Nearing forty, Debi had the classic desirable body, curved in all the right places with full breasts pressing out the material of her dress. Her black tights and high heels leant a certain classiness to the look.

Once in the room, Dave cleared some space and sat in the one armchair. Don took the desk chair while Debi perched on the end of the bed. The room was dimly lit by the bed-side light, creating a slightly intimate feel to the proceedings.

“So vodka then,” said Dave unscrewing the lid and pouring three generous measures into glasses. “Down the hatch.”

“I don’t think I should,” said Debi. “I think maybe I’ve had enough!”

“No!!” Both men in unison made their displeasure felt. “Now you’re here you have to play along.”

Dave drunkenly held up his hand. “I know, I have an idea.” He got his pound coin out. “We can use my magic coin to make the decisions.”

Debi laughed, throwing her head back to reveal her perfect white teeth, red lips and sparkling eyes. “That bloody coin got me here, now what’s it going to do!?!”

Don licked his lips, an idea forming. “How about we each take it in turns to make a call on heads or tails. Tails is always the get out, but if it lands on heads then you have to do what the person suggests.”

Debi and Dave looked confused, so Don grabbed the coin.

“Right, I’m going to flip the coin,” he said. “If it lands on heads, Debi you drink the vodka. If it’s tails, then you get a pass and can have water.”

Debi frowned. “So a fifty izmir escort fifty chance then?”

“Exactly, and next go you can get Dave to do something he doesn’t want to do.”

“Oh go on then,” said Debi. “But if I’m ill I’ll blame you.”

Don smiled and flipped the coin. All watched as it landed on the bed. Heads.

“Drink up,” said Dave.

Debi knocked back the vodka and followed it up by getting Dave to drink a double when the coin landed on heads for him. The coin was passed around, until Debi could skip a drink when it landed on tails for her.

“My go,” she said. “So, Dave, if it lands on heads I want you to take your trousers off and run down the corridor and back.” She thought this might be a step too far and actually end the game, which would be no bad thing given she had to get up in the morning. But at the same time something tugged at her insides at the thought of seeing Dave’s muscular legs running down the corridor.

He thought for a moment, not wanting to get into his pants in front of Don. Then he thought again. It was no worse than the things he’d done on rugby tours when he was younger, and he had a body he was still proud of.

“Go on then,” he said.

Debi flipped. “Heads!!” she shouted.

“Ah shit,” said Dave and stood up undoing his belt. “No photos please.”

Debi couldn’t help but stare as he pulled his trousers down, revealing a large bulge in his boxers and some strong, long hairy legs.

“Now run!” she said and walked to open the door.

She and Don watched as Dave sprinted down the corridor, his shirt barely hiding his bouncing packet as he rushed back into the room. He sat back in his chair, making no move to put his trousers back on.

As they went around again Debi couldn’t stop herself glancing at Dave and his bulge. He was young and fit, and she could certainly feel a little twinge of desire as she admired his strong arms and broad shoulders.

Don broke her daydream.

“Debi! Heads you take off your dress and run down the corridor!!” he shouted,

slightly flushed with drunkenness.

“That’s not quite fair,” said Debi. “Dave only lost his trousers.”

“I tell you what then,” said Dave. “How about you lose the dress but put on the dressing gown in the bathroom and run down the corridor in that as a compromise.”

Debi thought for a moment. There was no risk in that. “Go on then,” she said, not wanting to appear conservative.

She walked to the bathroom and after a couple of minutes emerged dressed in the white towelling dressing gown holding her dress and tights in the other hand. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she murmured as they opened the door. She dropped her clothes over the chair. “Best I lose the heals,” she grinned, kicking off her shoes leaving her standing at around five foot two.

Quickly she scampered down the corridor and back again, trying to hold the dressing gown shut but revealing a little of her toned thighs as she came running back. She ran with a purpose, and there was something sexy in the way the dressing gown also showed the top of her chest, giving a glimpse of the gentle swell of her breasts.

Flushed with excitement and adrenalin she darted in the room and sat back on the bed, forgetting about putting her dress back on.

“So Dave,” she said salaciously, “heads you lose your top and you do twenty press ups”.

He smiled. “If that’s what turns you on.”

She flipped the coin again, watching it spin in the air, bouncing on the floor and rolling over to Don. “Heads again,” he said as he picked it off the floor.

Dave stood up and made a show of taking his top off. His six pack showed as he stretched, his muscular arms twitching as he positioned himself for the press-ups.

Don and Debi watched as he counted, seeing the muscles in his back move and his firm buttocks clench as he worked his way through the twenty. He rolled over when he finished panting slightly. Debi felt herself flush as she appraised his thick set body, clad only in a tight pair of boxer shorts as he climbed back into his chair. Fleetingly she imagined one of his large hands squeezing her breast, but she pushed it quickly from her mind.

Don picked up the coin. “Debi, heads you take off the dressing gown and do a dance.”

She was alsancak escort excited, tipsy and almost past caring now. Although she wasn’t really thinking of the consequences, she still had some restraint left. “I won’t take it off, but I’ll give you a flash if that’s what you want”.

The men nodded together, hardly daring to breathe with excitement. Debi didn’t see Don spin the coin, but he slapped his hand and shouted “heads”.

Don and Dave looked at her expectantly.

Debi stood up and undid the dressing gown. Don put on some music and she began to sway in time to the tune. As she did the dressing gown kept falling open, giving them glimpses of her black underwear, full breasts, flat tummy and shapely thighs. The triangle of her skimpy knickers drew their gaze, contrasting with her olive skin and showing just enough to be erotic. At the end she drew the sides together and sat back down, strangely excited by the attention.

“Brilliant!” said Dave. “My go with the coin! If it’s heads Debi you come and sit on my laps for one song while I nuzzle your breasts.” He wondered whether he had gone too far as it wasn’t even his turn, but Debi quite liked the idea of feeling his muscular shoulders while he played with her tits. Surely there was no harm in that. She was older than him and believed she could resist his charms if she needed to.

“Ok, but if it is heads that’s it for the night, I’m done.”

Again Debi didn’t see him flip the coin but almost in unison Dave and Don shouted “Heads again!!”

She rolled her eyes. “Calm down boys, last bit of fun tonight.”

She walked over to Dave still in his chair, leant forward and put her hands on his shoulders. Her dressing gown came open so he could admire her full figure and lacy underwear. The sheer nature of it didn’t leave a lot to the imagination, and he could make out her nipples pressing hard against the material, and her dark bush under her knickers. He couldn’t hide his excitement, he cock pushing his pants high as he sat gazing at her.

Slowly she sat astride him, legs outside of his. Turning to Don she said, “So he has one song to nuzzle my breasts and then we’re all off to bed. Choose it wisely!! Oh, and no hands – that’s cheating.”

She wriggled on Dave’s lap, teasing his hard dick and laughing infectiously. “Although I’m not sure Dave will last a whole song with that pressing into me.”

Don started the music, but then couldn’t see as Debi held her dressing gown open, letting Dave have access to her breasts. He could see Dave’s head moving, but couldn’t see more.

After about a minute Debi gave a gasp. Dave had been playfully biting and sucking her nipples through lacy material but had managed to get one loose by sticking his tongue inside her bra. She knew she should tell him to stop at this point, but looking down at his strong chest, holding onto his muscular arms and feeling his dick play with her unintentionally was making her get wet.

Two minutes into the song and she started to press her breasts into his mouth, wanting him to suck harder. She sat up higher, her hands pulling his head into her as he sucked and played. Her excitement grew and she closed her eyes. “This won’t end well,” she said and she leant back, allowing him full access to her open dressing gown.

He needed no second invitation, his hands slipping to her backside, squeezing and kneading it through the material while he sucked her breasts and she held his head.

Debi began to squirm, and didn’t flinch when she felt Don behind her, pulling her dressing gown off her shoulders and to the floor.

Having watched he now wanted to see more, and by pulling it off he could see her firm backside being worked on by Dave, his hands moving down to her thighs and back again while she still leant in so he could suck her breasts. A small tattoo above her knickers gave an added sensuality, and now Don was getting excited too. Her figure was truly hour glass, with her small waste accentuated by her broad backside, framed fantastically by her panties.

As Dave continued to play, Don moved forward again, running his finger down Debi’s back making her arch backwards, thrusting her tits forward. Dave’s hands by this time were working their way slowly up her legs and the to her inner thighs, and she was making no buca escort move to stop him. She breathed in as he toyed with her knickers, rubbing her pussy and feeling her wetness on his fingers.

Emboldened, Don ran his finger from her neck slowly down to her bra strap, making her shiver with anticipation. He pinged her bra strap open, pushing it off so it fell in between Debi and Dave.

“Oh my god,” said Dave as he looked. “You’re gorgeous”. As her rounded breasts jutted forwards, his eyes wandered down past their fullness, over her belly to the small piece of fabric that stood between him and her sex.

Don stepped back to watch. Debi was now moving on top of Dave, playing with the tip of his dick that was bulging out of his pants. She seemed lost in the moment, unable to stop herself from moving. She now moved her hands through her own hair, twisting her head and mewling.

Behind them Don stripped quickly to his underwear and moved forward again.

He looked at Dave who nodded for him to carry on. Don reached from behind and grabbed Debi’s tits. She gasped as he began to play with them, leaning back so he could get a full handful. Don closed his eyes then began to run his hands down her stomach.

When he reached where he thought the top of her knickers should be there was nothing there. Dave had already pulled them down slightly, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy as she lay back on Don. He moved his hand down, cupping her mound while Dave moved his hands up and down her thighs. Debi could no longer think straight, the hands were all over her, touching her in the places she loved to be touched and all at the same time.

Don stepped back, holding Debi as she stepped back off the chair and positioning her onto the bed. She lay there, breasts exposed, knickers just slightly down but not completely.

“Someone fuck me,” she said, rubbing herself, and hoping Dave would be first.

Indeed it was him, standing up, pulling his pants down to reveal his meaty penis, hard and ready to go.

He sat in front of her, pushing her legs together so he could remove her knickers completely. He then kissed her knees, working his way up her leg until he reached her pussy, where he blew softly causing Debi to open her legs so he could kiss her vagina.

Don lay next to her on the bed, reaching across to play with her breasts, and putting his finger into her mouth as she writhed with excitement,

“Now, pleeeease…” she gasped, as Dave pushed her legs slowly apart, almost dribbling with desire as he looked at the pinkness between her thighs.

He moved forward as Don moved aside to watch, pressing his hard dick at her hole, causing her to move frantically to get him inside her. He gave her breasts a final lick, kiss and nibble, causing her to groan and grab his hard ass pushing it into her as she lifted her knees either side of his strong frame.

They both gasped as he entered and he began to pump. She put her hands above her head, giving Don a view of her quivering breasts as Dave continued to fuck her, holding himself up so he could also watch her writhe and her breasts move as she did. As he got faster she got louder, demanding more, deeper and more satisfying. With a final flourish and a “Yeeeessss” she came, groaning and mewing as he slowed down, also spent.

By this time Don was almost beside himself with horniness. As Dave rolled off, he pushed Debi onto her side, so he could admire the shape of her ass, the coloured tattoo and reach around to cup a full breast in his hand. She did as she was told, completely lost in the moment. Don moved in, penetrating her from behind, pleased she was still wet and willing to respond to his moves. She kept moving her ass back into him, creating a sensation of completeness of fit as she got excited once again. As he continued to play with her tit she moved rhythmically backwards and forwards, clenching her vagina around his penis so that before too long he was coming too. As Don pumped, Dave watched, having the perfect view from the front of Debi’s nakedness and closeness to orgasm. She briefly opened her eyes, locking her dark brown eyes on to his before closing them again as she came close to climaxing. Don thrust for a frantic final few seconds as she threw her head back and grunted, gasped and then flopped onto her front, done.

Dave and Don also collapsed on the bed, spent but satisfied and still admiring the gorgeousness of the body before them.

Dave leaned over, tracing his finger down her back, to her buttocks, in between her cheeks and to the entrance of her vagina. He tickled her there.

“Heads we go again…?” he suggested.

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