Helen’s Adventures Ch. 1


I woke up around noon to hear my boyfriend scurrying about in the kitchen. It being Sunday morning I decided to wait until he came in with breakfast for me as he usually did when he had Sundays off. I turned over to my back, the covers falling away from my body when I moved, exposing my small breasts. I ran my fingers lightly over my nipples, finding them still a little sore after the light bondage session we had the night before.

Ed had come home from his shift really horny and had wasted no time putting the cuffs on me. I love it when he just takes me like that, handcuffing me to the bed and fucking me like there’s no tomorrow. We like to play a little rough sometimes and this time he had really gone to work on my nipples. He had cuffed me stretched over the bed and tied my nipple chain to a weight that hung by a hook in the ceiling. It was heavy enough to really cause a torrent of pain and pleasure to rush from my tits down to my pussy. After about an hour of some heavy fucking Ed had released the clamps only to start on my nipples with his teeth. When he finally came, spurting jets of hot cum onto my breasts and rubbing it on my nipples I was completely spent after having three orgasms of my own and my nipples were red and sore. I loved it. I fell asleep still cuffed to the bedposts, my legs spread wide and cunt juice running down the crack of my ass.

Ed came in holding the breakfast tray, his cock still showing the signs of his traditional morning erection.

“Good morning beautiful” he said as he put the tray down on the bed.

“Good morning officer” I said smiling. “Have you been showing off to the neighbours again?”

He gave me a wicked grin. “Yeah, I really think Mrs. Kowalski had her binoculars out this time.”

“Eeewww” I said with heartfelt disgust, “Was that old crow looking again?”

“Oooh yes, She doesn’t even bother to draw the curtains anymore. But I was really going for that sexy blonde who lives above her. She definitely saw me this time.” His grin got even wider. I sat up in the bed.

“Really? She really saw you? And did you like that, you incurable exhibitionist” I leaned closer and ran my finger lightly over his balls. His cock jumped at my touch, growing larger already.

“Sure did. I even made sure she got a good look at me rubbing my dick.” His cock was by now fully hard and he moaned a little as I slowly stroked it.

“Tell me more” I said, still stroking his shaft, taking care not to touch the head. “What did you do you naughty boy?”

His eyes closed and he relaxed on the pillow. “I just pretended that I didn’t know she was looking and started stroking my balls. Then I looked up and stroked my cock slowly. I swear she was looking straight into my eyes.”

By now I was pumping his full length and precum was oozing out of his cock. I bent down and took the head into my mouth, licking it off, getting a taste of what was to come. He let out a long moan, and I stroked him harder, the head of his cock still in my mouth, while my other hand caressed his balls. He moved his legs apart, and I instantly knew what he wanted. I licked my finger, lubricating it well, and then gently ran it over his asshole. He jumped at the touch and his cock was pushed deep into my throat. I continued sucking him deep into my mouth and pushed two fingers into his ass. When I was all the way in I fingerfucked his asshole until his cock began pulsating. Then I took his cock out of my mouth and pumped it furiously with my hand while I licked the underside of it’s head. In a few seconds Ed shot stream after stream of hot jism into my mouth and on my face. As he relaxed I pulled my fingers out of his butt, making him winch. I sat on my knees in front of him and let him watch as I bathed my tongue in his cum, then licking my fingers straight from his ass. I lay down beside him and we kissed deeply, rolling his cum around in our mouths, finally swallowing a part of it each. I smiled and looked into his eyes.

“I’m going to take a shower now honey. You just lay there and relax for a while.”

“What, you don’t want anything yourself?” he said, a little disappointed.

“No, I want to keep this horny feeling for a while.” And with that I made my way to the bathroom.

I took my time in the shower, massaging my nipples with the water, and teasing my pussy a little while I shaved it bare. I didn’t want to cum yet, I knew that feeling this horny would have me playing and teasing my body for the rest of the day and that I usually behaved a little wilder than normally in such an aroused state. So I looked forward to spending the day with Ed.

When I got out of the shower I heard Ed speaking on the phone to what sounded like his pal James. My mouth watered when I thought of him. James was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. He was tall, well built with a tanned body and the most beautiful eyes that always made my heart skip a beat. He only had one flaw. He was married. Not that his wife wasn’t great too. Carol was a stunning brunette who always had a smile ready for you. They were just the most perfect couple. But Carol or no Carol, my pussy always izmir escort toyed with the idea of getting into contact with Jimmy’s cock. And I had it first hand from Carol that such an encounter was in fact a memorable experience. There was a possibility too that my fantasy might come true. Ed had told me they sometimes held parties that usually ended in some sort of sexual activity taking place. Even though they weren’t full time swingers they liked to have a little bit of variety once in a while. On the other hand I had never dared to asked them about it and we were never invited to those kind of parties. Still, one could always hope.

I looked myself over in the mirror and wondered if James would like what I saw. My breasts were way smaller than Carol’s, only A cups compared to her full C’s, but they were set high on my chest and perfectly shaped. Due to my red hair I get quite freckled in the summer and my breasts get a fair share of those like my face and shoulders. I really liked my breasts, specially my pink nipples that I was really proud of and could be counted on to stand erect at the slightest brush against skin or clothing. Since my breasts were so small I rarely wore a bra, enjoying the feeling of my nipples freely rubbing against my clothes. I have a good looking 25 year old body, but with my freshly shaven pussy and those small tits I could easily pass as a 15 year old. I tried dressing up for Ed once in a teen school uniform with pigtails and everything and the effect was scary. I nearly didn’t recognize myself. I felt like a jailbait and it really turned me on. Not to mention Ed. But that’s another story.

When I finished drying short red hair I walked out into the living room. Ed was there, already dressed, reading the paper.

“Was that Jimmy you were talking to?”

“Yep.” he said rather unenthusiastically, “He and Carol are having one of their dinner parties tonight and he asked if we wanted to join them.” Ed looked up from the paper, his eyes suddenly alight with mischief. “He said John and Mandy would be there, and things just might get juicy. Do you want to go?”

“What? Do you mean it’s one of those parties? How come they are inviting us all of a sudden?”

“Well, those questions you’ve been asking Carol about Jimmy might have something to do with it. Plus, he said the other couple cancelled and he thought you might want to have some fun. But if you don’t feel up to it then…” He didn’t get any further. I grabbed his paper, jumped in his lap and kissed him furiously.

“I want to go, oh god how I want to go.”

He laughed a little. “Okay, okay, we’ll go, let go of my cock girl.” Then he looked my in the eye and went all serious.

“Helen, do you think that it will change anything between us, I mean would you be comfortable seeing me with another woman if anything like that will happen?”

I wondered for a while. “Ed I think that it would excite me. I think that as long as we’re both getting a piece of the action we don’t have anything to worry about. Or will you be uncomfortable seeing me fucking another guy?”

“No” he said, smiling a little, I think that would be the sexiest thing in the world.”

“Well okay then, lets do it.” I jumped up and ran a finger over my wet slit. “Come on then, let’s go shop for some sexy stuff to wear tonight!”

When I had gotten some clothes on we headed straight for a shop that sold the sexiest lingerie in town. As it happened it also sold some mild fetish things like leather and bondage stuff and even some toys. Since the thought of what we were about to do had me horny as hell I had put on my shortest skirt and a cutoff T-shirt giving everyone a good look at my legs and midriff. Plus my nipples stood out like tentpoles, clearly visible through the material. With sandals on, Ed said I looked good enough to eat. What I didn’t tell him was that I had skipped underwear completely, so he didn’t have to remove anything if he wanted a taste. I was going to make that a surprise.

When we got to the shop we started browsing through the underwear. I found a pair of the skimpiest leather G-string panties I have ever seen and decided that was exactly the thing I was looking for. When I was about to go for the register Ed came up with a small anal plug.

“Hey, why don’t we buy this one Helen, you’re always complaining about the one we got being too big for you.” I thought it was a brilliant idea. Ed loves to play with my ass and I like having it played with, but the plug he bought me some time ago was just way to big for me to keep it in. I already had a good idea for how to use this one.

“Sure, give it to me, I’ll go pay for the stuff.”

I did, and then I asked the girl if I could use their change booth. She said sure, and I went there, calling discreetly for Ed to join me. When we were into the booth, I took the plug out of the package. I licked it all over, lubricating it well. I then handed it over to Ed. I turned away from him bending over and told him to stick it up my ass. I couldn’t see the look on his face when he realized I had no panties alsancak escort on, but his hands sure got the idea, and he was soon probing my asshole with the plug while he caressed my clit with the other. The plug sent a rush of pleasure through my body as it settled in my ass. It was long enough for me to really feel it when I moved, but not so fat that there was a danger of it popping out. It just sat there like it was supposed to, giving me a naughty and horny feeling. I turned again, gave Ed a deep kiss, and walked out of the booth with the plug up my ass. I shot the girl at the counter a playful glance as we walked by, and I hoped she would notice that we weren’t carrying the package any more. It turned me on even more to know that someone could know about my little intruder.

When we got to the car, Ed was completely red in the face. But I could see from the bulge in his pants that he was enjoying this as much as I was. I thought I should give him even more to think about on the way. We got in the car and drove off. I got the most delicious feeling when I sat down and the plug pushed even farther into my ass. I told Ed to head for our local mall, knowing there wouldn’t be a lot of people there on a Sunday morning and I was feeling a little experimental. A little along the road the plug in my ass was making me wiggle my butt in the car seat and I decided that It would be a good idea to do something to make it feel even better. I pushed the seat as far back as it would go leaned back and hiked my skirt up over my hips. Then I licked my fingers and started to play with my pussy ever so slowly right there on the freeway. Needless to say Ed’s eyes popped out of his head but he soon got the idea and started rubbing and pinching my nipples, pulling the T-shirt away from my breasts. I was in exhibitionist heaven lying there with a toy up my asshole, a finger on my clit and hand on my tits, in free view for anyone who happened to look into our car while driving past us. And according to Ed there were quite a few who noticed, although I was too busy enjoying the slow, sensational pleasure that flowed over my body as I brought myself to the verge of orgasm again and again without ever going the whole way.

“Hey horny girl, wake up.”

Ed spoiled my thoughts of Jimmy’s cock by announcing that we were at the mall and he thought that maybe I should get dressed before we went in. He added that maybe we shouldn’t go in, but just go home instead. I could see that he was about to go crazy with lust and his cock was straining for more room in his pants.

“Oh, no honey” I said, as I straightened myself out, “we are going to go in there and have some fun.” Now I was really getting in the mood for something wild. “We are going to buy one of those one-time cameras and you are going to take pictures of me waving my bald pussy in everyone’s face.”

“What?!” Ed looked scared and exited at the same time. “You really want to do that?”

“Sure, you’re not the only incurable exhibitionist around here you know.” And with that I got out of the car and headed for the entrance.

Ed followed me and by the time we got to the photography/developing shop he was exploding with excitement just as I was. The clerk was a boy about 17 and he obviously couldn’t keep his eyes off me. I liked his attention and when Ed wasn’t looking I shot him a sultry glance and ran my tongue over my lips giving him the sexiest smile. He completely forgot what he was doing and when I pinched my nipple for him he just stared with a look of disbelief. He finally came to and gave me the camera. Ed paid for it and excitingly asked where I wanted to start.

“Why not right here?” I said. “Take a picture of me with…eh…Mark here.” I smiled to the boy when I read his name tag and looked right into his eyes.

“Ok” said Ed and moved away from the counter for a better shot.

“Mark” I said, “do you think I’m beautiful?” I leaned over the counter and held ran my hand through his hair.

“Ehh…well…uhm yes ma’am” he fumbled.

“Good, then you wouldn’t mind if I do this.” I drew him close and gave him a deep passionate kiss, exploring his mouth with my tongue. At the same time I hiked my skirt up over my ass and put one knee on top of the counter exposing my pussy and plug-filled ass to Ed’s camera. I then released Mark and stepped down from the counter.

“Thank you for a wonderful service Mark. We’ll come back when we’re through with the film.” We left him like that, staring after us as we walked out, his heart pounding and his cock throbbing.

“What did you think of that little show” I asked Ed.

“It was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. You nearly gave him a heart attack.” I smiled and grabbed his cock through his pants

“Let’s go take some more”

We had a lot of fun for about an hour, snapping photos of me flashing my breasts and pussy behind unknowing people or even sometimes in their face. When the film was finished we headed back to the developers where Mark was still standing behind the counter with a silly grin on his face. Seeing buca escort us enter he jumped up and asked what he could do for us.

“Well,” I said, “we need to get this developed. Would you be so kind as to make two copies of everything for us? And could you make it fast?”

“Sure thing ma’am.” He nodded enthusiastically, grabbed the camera and nearly ran to the developing machine. We smiled to each other and sat down on a small bench in the store. It was a small shop and Mark was the only guy working there so I thought maybe we could have even more fun while we waited.

“Ed, do you want me?”

“Oh yes baby I want you so much, I think we should go home now right now.”

“No, I mean do you want me now?”

“What do you mean?” I looked around, zipped down his pants and reached into his boxers.

“I mean now, here, while we wait” I gripped his cock a little tighter.

“Hell yes, but how?” I stood up and pulled his dick out of his pants.

“Like this” I said, turning my back to him and squatting down to sit on his prick. I felt the head of his cock touch my pussy lips and then I sat down on it, sliding it all the way up my pussy. Ed moaned

“But Helen, what if someone comes in?” I turned to one side, his dick still inside me, so that I was sitting on his lap with my legs together. I looked just like we wee a loving couple, him holding his girlfriend while they waited for their pics to develop.

“Don’t worry, my skirt covers your pants and no one can see that we are fucking.”

“Well I hope you’re right,” he said, “because someone just came in here.” I looked and saw a couple in their forties at the counter. Mark was there helping them and it didn’t look like they wee paying any attention to us so I began slowly rocking myself back and forth, making Ed’s cock slide in and out of my box a little at a time. I moaned quietly, but when I looked up the couple was out of the shop and Mark was staring at us with a horny look.

“How are the pics coming Mark?” I asked with a little heavier breathing than before.

“Cumming up” he said, reluctantly dragging himself away from the couple fucking in the middle of his store. With him gone I moved up the pace a little, making Ed grunt with pleasure.

“Helen, I’m going to come if you keep this up.”

“Oh God yes, cum in my pussy, cum for me baby!” With that he stiffened and I could feel his cock spurting inside me. It felt so good having him fill me up with jism. Ed stuffed his semi-hard dick back in his pants as stood up. We had been at it for nearly half an hour and it didn’t take long until Mark showed up with the pics. As we walked to the counter I could feel Ed’s cum leaking down my legs mixed with my own juice.

“Here they are ma’am” Mark said with a shaky voice.

“Thank you Mark,” I said, “now tell me honestly, did you look at them, did you see me in the pics?” His face reddened and he looked away.

“Honestly Mark,” I said with a little strictness in my voice.

“Yes I did have a quick look, but only at a few of them.” He looked embarrassed.

“Did you like them?” He looked bewildered

“Well…yes, very much”

“Thank you…and since you have been so extremely nice I’m going to give you the other set of the pics. Here, I hope they will help you take care of that thing in your trousers.” His mouth dropped open as I gave him one of the photosets. I waved goodbye and we left him a lot happier than when we came in. Ed wasn’t sure he liked the idea of giving him the pics.

“You know that those pics are probably going to end up on the internet, he won’t keep them for himself you know” I only smiled at him.

“I know.”

By now it was only two hours until we were to be at James’ and Carol’s house so we headed for the car. On the way I noticed that the men’s looks stayed a little longer than usual on my legs. It took me a while to realize that they were staring at the small streams of cum dripping from my pussy as I moved. I thought let them have their fun.

When we got home I decided to clean up a little so I would be ready for the nights adventures. I took a short shower and popped the plug out of my ass for a while. While Ed was in the shower I got out my sexiest summer dress, a short silky thing that only went down to my mid-thighs. It was a light blue colour that contrasted my short red hair beautifully and showed off my freckled shoulders and neck.

I pondered for a while whether I should wear my new toy to dinner and in the end the temptation got the better of me. I smeared a little KY on it, bent over and eased it into my hole. As it settled in my ass I thought of how naughty I would feel having that thing buried in my ass right in front of James and the others. Then I realized that if things went well they might even get to see it and my pleasure took a jump to the next level. I heard Ed getting out of the shower and decided to get dressed. I got the leather thong from my purse and slid into it. I looked myself over in the mirror and wondered if I was laying it on a bit thick. The thong didn’t cover anything really. It was just a very small triangle connected with strings and when I had it on, the string cut in between my pussy lips and left my pussy uncovered. On the other hand it rubbed against my clit all the time and that was one effect I liked about it. I put the dress on and found some high heeled open shoes to wear with it.

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