Help the Aged Ch. 03


My panties were pulled aside and my thick black dildo was sliding in and out of my quivering hole. My thighs were soaked and, more importantly, so was my underwear. I wanted to coat them in so much of my juice so that Bert would enjoy them even more. I let out a loud whimper and I heard Bert call out.

“You ok up there Ali?”

I gritted my teeth and pushed the dildo all the way in.

“I’m fine thanks” I managed to call back as my orgasm kicked in. My door was wide open and I had hoped to an extent that he would hear the noises I made.

I pulled down my soaking wet knickers and rolled them up in a ball. I wrapped a small towel around my slim sexy body so that it only just covered my trimmed pussy and had my boobs spilling out of the top.

On my way down the stairs I could see Bert sitting down in his chair. He must have been at the bottom of the stairs getting off on the groans from above. I smiled at him and he looked at me with wide eyes. My flushed skin was blatant and I hoped my aroma was obvious too. I feigned tripping down the last step allowing the panties to fall from my grasp.

Pretending I hadn’t even noticed I marched straight into the bathroom. I used the towel to cover the keyhole by hanging it from the handle. I wanted him concentrating on the present I’d left him rather than spying on my naked frame!

In the shower I was getting horny again imagining Bert sniffing the gusset of my undies but I held off touching myself. I kinda hoped he would make a move tonight and wanted to save myself.

When I was done I left the water running so that he wouldn’t expect a thing and crept over to the door. Whilst I knelt I removed the towel from the handle and peered out into the lounge. I gasped at the sight before me. This dirty, filthy, 82-year-old housemate of mine had my underwear spread out over his face. He was inhaling deeply and sucking and chewing on the crotch. He was balancing with his walking stick so had no free hand to play with the big thick bulge I could see in his trousers. I took a deep breath. My heart was beating heavily.

Right at this moment in time he thought I was in the shower. If I was to open the door now I would catch him red handed. That would certainly move things to the next level. But was it too blatant? I was enjoying the tension between us and wanted him to come onto me properly, not just because he was caught with his young housemates knickers in his mouth.

I decided to turn the shower off and check his reaction. As I returned to the door I saw him quickly making his way back to his chair. I haphazardly wrapped the towel around me and opened the door.

“Hmmm,” I spoke out loud. “I’ve lost my panties. Where could I have dropped them?”

I looked around the floor in the vicinity of the bathroom. I glanced up and Bert sat in his chair looking extremely guilty. I knew he must have stuffed his prize in his trouser pocket. Getting down on all fours I made my way around the area in my fake search.

The Gaziantep Gecelik Escort towel was riding up and when I turned away from him I knew he must be able to see way too much flesh. My boobs were struggling to swing free from the towel. I toyed with the idea of discarding the garment completely but that was too much. Or was it? My pussy was soaked again as I slowly crawled into the lounge and towards Bert in his chair. I’m sure he audibly gulped.

“Could they be in here?” I questioned, my long hair falling forward and leaving my tits teasingly concealed. I lent forward and looked under the sofa, my breasts falling free. I pulled the towel back up revealing my entire arse. I pulled the towel back down and tutted to try and keep up the facade.

“Maybe they are under your chair Bert?” I said as I crawled towards him. He almost looked like he was pushing back, struggling to get away. The tent in his trousers was obvious and I could even make out the shape of his balls through the fabric. I put a hand on each of his legs and pulled them apart, shooting him a smile in the process. Leaning forward I imagine my hair must have brushed his groin region. I stuck my head underneath the chair and pretended to be looking around. I came back up and rested an elbow on each knee.

“No luck” I stated, trying to look glum. “But what’s this?” I asked as I set my eyes on the throbbing package before me.

Bert looked horrified. His secret lust for me was now in the open, if he hadn’t realised already, and I had broken down a huge barrier between us. We were now on sexual terms.

“Are those my panties stuffed in your pants? It’s a very big lump. It doesn’t quite look like my knickers Bert, but you never know.”

He cleared his throat and tried to reply, but no words came forth from his mouth. His face was flushed, I was obviously making him feel extremely awkward and I almost backed away, but I decided for one last quip.

“It’s ok Bert, I guess you’ll be able to wrap my panties round that big old pole of yours and really enjoy yourself. I’ve got plenty of spares.” I smiled and stood up.

I held the flimsy towel to my body. It had fallen away at the back and as I spun and walked away and up the stairs the lusting old codger had a wicked view of my completely naked ass. I rounded the corner up the stairs and exhaled. I couldn’t believe how far I had taken that. I was completely carried away in the moment!

The rest of the week was surprisingly uneventful. It was Saturday night and my week off of work had come to an end. I had carried on my teasing displays in front of Bert but he had become less blatant in ogling me. I was throwing in the odd sexual joke but he wasn’t responding. I was starting to regret my actions and wondered if I had scared the old boy off. Had he decided to stick to his fantasies instead of the real thing?

It was on that Saturday night that my fears were extinguished in major fashion.

We had just finished eating dinner and I had done the dishes. I headed upstairs to get a towel so that I could have my evening wash. I returned and my panties that Bert had stolen were on the floor where I had originally dropped them. I thought this was odd and I looked up at Bert who was reading his newspaper and not taking any notice of me at all. I picked them up and was stunned to find dry crusty spunk smothering them entirely. There wasn’t any fresh cum, but he had clearly been using them to wank off all week. He was ignoring me completely and I admit I found myself turned on at his sudden forwardness. I didn’t know how to react so I headed to the shower as originally planned.

I was in the shower and lathered up with soapsuds when I heard the bathroom door open. I peaked around the curtain and watched as Bert walked boldly, but steadily, into the room. I was speechless as he walked over to the shower and pulled the curtain back completely, revealing my naked and wet body to his aged eyes.

“You girl have been teasing me for way too long now.” he said sternly. “So you want me to see you naked do you? You want me to pleasure myself into your undergarments? You want to get this poor old elderly sap all worked up and then try and make a fool of him? Well it is not happening anymore!” he snapped.

My jaw hung loose and my hands failed completely to conceal my large breasts and my sex.

“Move your fucking hands so I can see you properly!” he demanded.

I was so shocked to hear him use such language and I complied with his wish. My right hand slowly released and revealed my juicy firm melons to his view. He steadied himself with one arm as he raised his walking stick to my left hand and tapped it.

“Oh so now you are going to be all shy are you?” he said.

I dropped my hand from my pussy and I was now nude before him. My elderly housemate was standing watching me fully naked under the cascading water of the shower, soapsuds now a thing of the past. I couldn’t believe it was happening.

With his walking stick he pushed into my belly, forcing me back against the shower wall.

“Show Me!” he said. For some reason I knew exactly what he wanted as I slid down the wall and pulled my thighs apart. My sodden and gaping cunt was open to his view. I bit my lip as he rubbed the end of his walking stick across my glistening lips. He certainly was a kinky old fucker. My fingers made contact with his walking aid and soon I was rubbing my clit and my pussy lips with fingers and stick.

He pulled it away and dropped it to the floor. Was this giving him new found strength? Maybe. Regardless his shaking hand was tugging at his trouser fly as he battled to release his blood filled dick. I fingered my hole as water trickled down my face and I pouted at Bert. My free hand twiddled my nipples that were rock hard and stuck out as far as they ever had.

Bert had soon freed his meat and was tugging on it whilst taking in the private show. I lent forward and that was when we kissed. I felt dirty beyond belief as our tongues rolled and wrapped themselves around each other. Two generations of tongue given over to lust and sharing saliva. My hands pulled him forward by his shirt collar and his head started to get wet from the shower. I reached over and pulled the lever to turn the flow off. I undid the buttons of his shirt and he pulled back.

“Not tonight.” he said, in a commanding voice. He caught me by surprise as he grabbed the back of my head in his hand. He clutched a handful of my hair and ushered me downwards.

“I love a good sucking I do,” he breathed as he waved his fat cock in one hand, and pulled my face towards it with the other. I didn’t hesitate in opening my mouth and taking the head of his penis in. I was soon bobbing my head up and down, trying not to gag as the wide head reached the back of my throat. His taste wasn’t unpleasant but it was quite stale, yet all the same I was turned on beyond belief and couldn’t get enough. I reached up and fondled his balls and found they were hard as rock.

I looked up through watery eyes and could see him looking down on me with a straight face. The look was almost in disgust. I wondered what he thought of me. His hand on the back of my head suddenly came back to life and he forced me to take more and more of his cock in. I choked and spluttered slightly as he thrust his hips. I tried to withdraw but he held me steady. Instead I managed to turn my head sideways and my cheek stretched obscenely outwards. I pulled his hand away and grabbed his cock at the root, wanking it up and down. I removed his member from my gob and looked up at him once more.

“Just let me suck your cock like the dirty little slut you know I am,” I told him and with that I proceeded to give him the sloppiest, firmest and most professional blowjob I think I had ever performed. His dick throbbed so hard and at times I did struggle with it, but with my wrist curving my hand up and down his length it didn’t take long for his knees to start shaking.

“Oooooh!” he stammered. “I’m gonna cum!” he cried as his balls started pulsing.

“Let me swallow it all Granddad!” I teased before resuming my actions.

He soon sprayed stream after stream of hot and sticky goo past my tonsils. I smiled and kissed the end of his cock then stood up to kiss him. His legs, however, could no longer take his weight and he lowered to his knees. His face and mouth were level with my dripping pussy. I parted my legs slightly hoping to encourage his tongue, but he suddenly blinked, stood and turned away. Zipping his now limp yet still plump prick back in his pants, he walked out of the bathroom and away from the scene.

I couldn’t believe it! He had left me all worked up and horny in the bathroom after I’d sucked down all of his sloppy muck. I’d teased him for all this time, and now he was teasing me!

Feeling slightly put out I shut the bathroom door and began to dry myself off. I felt filthy and used, but he had me right where he wanted me. I wanted to fuck the bastard’s brains out!

To be continued?

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