Helping my boss in the business


Helping my boss in the businessthreesome anal I helped my boss in the business, I seduced a client, fucked with himand then my boss caught me./It was around 12.30 A.M, and I was in my bed. I was lying on my backtotally naked, and my boss’s cock was inside my pussy. He had beenfucking me for the past few minutes, and he was ready to cum any timesoon. I was moaning loud, asking him to fuck me harder.The relationship between my boss and me started a year ago when I joinedhis company. After a month of working in his company he started showinghis interest in me, and I also got attracted to this good looking,mature and rich man. We fucked in his office all the time, but when hecame to know that I was looking for a new place to live he asked me tolive with him and his wife. In the beginning his wife didn’t like mebecause I was too sexy and slutty to be around his husband, but later weunderstood each other. My boss and I also kept distance and didn’t talkmuch in front of his wife.“Give it to me, Boss. Oh yes, give it to me deep,” I screamed in pleasure.“Fuck, you are such a hot slut,” Boss said, grabbing my boobs andfucking me harder.He pulled out his cock, and shot a huge load of cum all over my flattummy. He came near my head, and put his cock in my mouth. I sucked hiscock and cleaned it.“You made me cum twice,” I said, as he lay down next to me.“Does it mean that I’m taking good care of my slut?” he asked.“Yes, you are very good,” I replied. “I’m going to clean myself,” Isaid, and went to the bathroom.After a minute, I came out of the bathroom and sat down in front of themirror. I combed my hair, applied a little lip balm and then turned tolook at my boss, who was lying naked in my bed.“What happened to our new deal, Boss?” I asked. “You were working quitehard on that.” “The client is saying that the price is a little high,” Boss told me.I sometimes called him with his name, but he never liked it and saidthat he wanted me to call him,/Boss/.Boss’s company used to design security systems for offices and homes,and for the past few days, Boss had been working on designing a systemfor a really big multinational company. I came back to the bed andwrapped my hand around his chest.“Don’t worry, Boss,” I said. “What is the name of the client?” I asked.“Mr. Robinson,” Boss replied.“Hmm…” I tried to remember if I ever met this man or not. “Give me hisnumber, I think I can help in this deal,” I said.“How?” Boss asked, looking at me.“Don’t ask how, just wait for me to show my talent,” I said.Boss rolled over me, and we started kissing. His hands were againplaying with my boobs, and I could feel his cock getting hard andbrushing against my thighs. He tried to spread my legs, and his handshad reached down to touch my pussy.“Boss, I’m feeling sleepy now,” I said, “You know today I worked reallyhard in the office.” I was working with Boss in our company. My job wasjust to tease all the men in the office, and suck my boss’s cock bygoing under his table.“You sure you don’t want my cock inside you again?” Boss tried to excite me.“I want it inside me all the time, Boss, but I’m feeling really sleepyand exhausted after two orgasms,” I said.“Okay,” he said and kissed me.Boss got out of the bed. “Good that my wife takes sleeping pills,otherwise she would wake up hearing your loud moans,” Boss said while hewas putting on his clothes. “Good night, my whore.”“Good night, Boss,” I replied, and we kissed.Boss left the room and as I was really tired, so I fell asleep naked.Next morning I woke up a little late. I took a shower and got dressed ina blue short dress. After putting my sexy feet in black heels, I was allready to leave for the office. I left my room and met boss’s wife in thekitchen.“Good morning,” she said, “Coffee?”“Good morning, Mrs. Clark,” I replied. “Yes please, I’m going to be verylate for the office.” I grabbed my coffee mug.“Your Boss left about fifteen minutes ago,” she told me. “He asked me togive you this.” She handed me a note.There was Mr. Robinson’s phone number keçiören escort and address in the note. “Thanks,okay, bye,” I said and grabbed my car keys.On the way to my car, I called Mr. Robinson. Standing near my car, Italked to him and he finally agreed to meet me.“Okay, Mr. Robinson, I’m coming to meet you, I got your address,” I toldhim.Mr. Robinson told me that he was in a hotel for a meeting, and I couldmeet him there after an hour. I thought that was better than driving allthe way to the other side of the city to meet him at his home.“Okay, I’ll be there. Thanks,” I said.I came back into the house and told Mrs. Clark that I would leave afterfew minutes. I enjoyed breakfast with her, and after thirty minutes Ileft to meet Mr. Robinson. I reached the hotel, and again called him forhis room number.Mr. Robinson told me to wait in the Hotel lobby for ten minutes, as hewas still in the meeting. I sat down on the couch, and all the men inthe lobby were just looking at me. My cleavage and sexy legs wereattracting them to me.After ten minutes I got a call from Mr. Robinson, and he asked me tocome up to his room. I went to his room and knocked on the door. Mr.Robinson opened the door. He was tall, dark, and very handsome man. Ishook hand with him and introduced myself. He smiled to see me. Iguessed he also found me very attractive. He had big arms and seemed tohave really fit body under his black suit.For few seconds I imagined myself on my knees sucking his black cock.I had fucked many men other than my boss, sometimes for business andsometimes for fun. But I had never gotten to have sex with a black man,and Mr. Robinson seemed perfect to be my first black man.“Please take a seat,” he said.We sat down facing each other, and there was a small table between us.He looked at my sexy legs and smiled. I smiled back.“Would you like to have something?” Mr. Robinson asked.“No thanks,” I replied.“Okay, then straight to business,” Mr. Robinson said. “Look, MissScarlett, I have already talked to your Boss. The price you aredemanding is very high, and if you can’t cut down on the price then thedeal is off.”Mr. Robinson kept talking while I was thinking of something else.“Mr. Robinson, I think the price is fine with what I’m going to offeryou now,” I said, and pulled down my dress revealing my firm big boobs.Mr. Robinson stopped talking, he was just starring at my boobs now. “Sowhat do you think, Mr. Robinson,” I asked.“Miss Scarlett, I’m not that kind of person, so please…” he said, but hecouldn’t look away from me.“Think again Mr. Robinson,” I said, getting up from the chair and goingnear his couch.I sat down next to him and put my hand on his chest. I guided his handsto my boobs, and he just couldn’t resist it. While his fingers wereslowly moving around my erect nipples, I moved my hand down to his cock.His cock was hard, and I could feel it through his pants.“I think you find me hot, and you are ready to make this deal,” I said,as I slowly rub my hand over his hard cock.“Mr. Clark has a really hot employee,” he said.“And deal?” I asked, and grabbed the file I had brought with me.Mr. Robinson grabbed a pen from the table and signed the papers in the file.“Now I also think that the price is not really high,” he said, and Isqueezed his cock with a big smile.“I have never been with a black guy before,” I whispered.“I’m glad to know that I’m going to be your first one,” Mr. Robinson said.I smiled and leaned over to kiss him. He was rubbing my nipples, and Iwas feeling his cock getting harder in his pants. After kissing him fora while, I moved down. I sat down on my knees and started undoing hispants. He was looking down at me, and I was still giving him the naughtysmile.He raised his ass, and I pulled down his pants and underwear to hisknees. I totally took off his pants and underwear, and sat down betweenhis legs. I grabbed his cock and moved forward, bringing my lips closerto his cock.“Hmm… beautiful big black cock,” I said before giving a lick etlik escort to his hardcock.I wrapped my lips around his big cock, and he leaned back into thecouch, letting me do my work. I was stroking his cock slowly with mylips around it. I could already taste some pre-cum. I saw him undoinghis tie and the buttons of his shirt. I got up and took off my dress too.“Looks like you have already planned all this,” Mr. Robinson said seeingthat, I wasn’t wearing any panties. He also took off all his clothes.“You like it?” I asked, touching my pussy.“Let me take a better look,” he said, and he made me sit down in the couch.Mr. Robinson went to his knees, and he spread my legs. I felt his tongueon my pussy. I was playing with my boobs, and caressing his hair.“Hmm… you are so good,” I moaned when he moved his tongue all over mywet pussy.Mr. Robinson was really good in eating pussy, and he made me moan loudin pleasure. I was feeling so good to see a big man like Mr. Robinson onhis knees and sucking my pussy so good.“You taste so good,” Mr. Robinson said, looking at me.“Take me to your bed, Mr. Robinson, we should work on this deal more,” Isaid.Mr. Robinson was a strong big man, and he lifted me in his arms. Hethrew me in his bed showing a little rough side of him. I was lying onthe bed face down, and he came over me. He grabbed my firm ass andstarted kissing all over it.“Hmm… Yes,” I moaned.“You have an amazing ass, Miss Scarlett,” he said and spanked me.“Ah,” I moaned.“Suck my cock, Miss Scarlett,” Mr. Robinson said lying on his back.I moved and grabbed his cock. I took his cock deep in my mouth andstarted sucking him as good as I could. His hand was on my head pushingme more onto his cock.“Fuck yeah,” he moaned.I got tears in my eyes when I took all of his cock in my mouth, “Ohfuck, you are such a big whore,” Mr. Robinson said.I pulled out his cock from my mouth and smiled, looking at him. I spiton his cock to lube it more. I got up, and sat on his cock. I moaned ashis cock went deep inside my wet pussy.“Oh fuck you are so tight,” he said.“You are so big,” I said.I started riding his cock, with my hands on his chest. His hands were onmy ass helping me jump on his cock. I loved riding his cock, and feelingit inside me. His hands moved to my boobs, and he started squeezing them.“I’m going to bend you over and fuck hard,” Mr. Robinson said, and I gotoff of him.“Yes, fuck me from behind,” I said bending over the bed.He came behind me, spanked me again really hard, and then pushed hiscock deep in my wet pussy. He spanked me more, and then by grabbing myhair, he was ready to fuck me harder.“Fuck me harder,” I moaned, feeling his cock in my tight wet pussy.Mr. Robinson pulled my hair and fucked me really hard. His big cock mademe moan and scream very loud. I had orgasms after orgasm, and he keptfucking me. I paid him as good as I could for the money he was going topay in this deal with our company.“I’m going to cum,” Mr. Robinson said, and he pulled out his cock.He stood up, and grabbed me by my hair. He made me sit on my knees infront of him, and I was looking up at him. He was stroking his cock overmy face.“Open your mouth, Miss Scarlett. I’m sure you love swallowing cum,” he said.I smiled and opened my mouth, “Yes, I love it Mr. Robinson,” I said.He shot his cum aiming my mouth, and I took all his cum in my mouth. Iswallowed his cum and then licked his cock.“Fuck, so hot,” he said and lay down on the bed.I sat a while, then went to the bathroom. After washing my face andcleaning myself, I came back to the bed. I lay down next to him. We tookour time to relax after good sex, and so many orgasms that I had.We talked a little, and I came to know that he was married. His handswere on my boobs, and he loved playing with my erect nipples.“Where are you going?” I asked when he got out of the bed.“I need to send some emails,” he said, sitting down on the couch infront of his laptop.“Should I leave?” I asked.“You can stay if you want,” he said with a smile.I etimesgut escort smiled back and kept lying in the bed. I was thinking to get fucked byhim again.Suddenly we heard a knock on the door, “You keep working, I will see whoit is,” I said to Mr. Robinson.I got out of the bed wrapping the sheets around my naked body. I went toopen the door, and as I opened the door, my boss came in.“You little bitch,” Boss yelled at me, and he pushed me to the wall.“Mr. Clark,” Mr. Robinson said with a shock and he tried to hide hiscock with a file, “Your girl made me…” he tried to explain.“I know Mr. Robinson,” my boss said, “She is a real whore, always usingher pussy for the benefit of our company,” and Boss grabbed my ass.“I hope you have enjoyed her tight little pussy, she is good in takingcare of a man,” Boss said.Mr. Robinson was shocked to hear my boss, and he got more shocked when Iturned to face my boss. I stood by sticking my back to the wall, and Iwrapped my hands around my boss’s neck. I pulled my boss closer to mewhile looking at Mr. Robinson, and I kissed my boss.“What the fuck,” Mr. Robinson said.“Don’t get shocked, Mr. Robinson, Boss fucks me all the time, and I lovehim,” I said. “And for the good of the company I sometimes spread mylegs for hot clients like you.“Well, you have signed the papers, so thank you for the deal, Mr.Robinson. Would you like to join us in celebrating this deal? My bossdoesn’t mind when our clients join us in our celebration,” I said as Imade my boss stand by the wall.I went on my knees, and pulled down my boss’s pants revealing his nicecock. Mr. Robinson was really shocked to see all this, but the way hewas looking at us, I was sure that he was getting excited too.“Boss, ask Mr. Robinson to join us, It’s been so long that I have hadtwo cocks at the same time,” I said, and wrapped my lips around myboss’s cock.“What do you think Mr. Robinson?” Boss said looking at Mr. Robinson.“She is a big whore,” Mr. Robinson said, “And I like her.” He came to meproudly showing his cock which was hard again.I pulled out Boss’s cock from my mouth, and licked Mr. Robinson’s cock.I was stroking Boss’s cock and sucking Mr. Robinson’s cock at the same time.After sucking and stroking their cocks for a while, I got up. “Fuck meguys,” I said, going back to the bed.I bent over, and Boss came behind me, “Suck Mr. Robinson’s cock while Ifuck you, you dirty slut,” Boss said.Mr. Robinson gave his cock in my mouth, and I enjoyed it more when Bossstarted fucking me. Mr. Robinson fucked my face again, making my eyeswet. I was looking like a cheap whore.Mr. Robinson lay down on the bed, and I moved to ride his cock again. AsI leaned over Mr. Robinson’s chest after taking his cock deep in mypussy, Boss came behind me.“Shove it in my ass, Boss,” I said looking at my boss.“I love it when my boss fucks me in the ass, Mr. Robinson, I’m a reallydirty whore,” I said looking at Mr. Robinson.“Fuck me Mr. Robinson, while Boss fucks me in my ass,” I said, “Yes, Ilove it,” I moaned as Boss pushed his cock in my tight ass.Boss spanked my ass, and Mr. Robinson played with my boobs. Both menfucked me really hard in that position. They fucked me really good, andmade me cum so many times. When they started moaning and telling methat, they were going to cum too, I asked them to get their cocks out ofmy tight holes because I wanted their cum in my mouth.I moved to the floor. I was on my knees, and they were standing in frontof me. My mouth was opened, and I was squeezing my boobs while they werestroking their cocks.“Oh yes, give me all the cum,” I talked dirty to them.First Boss shot his cum in my mouth and all over the face. I sucked hiscock to clean it up while stroking Mr. Robinson’s cock.“I’m going to cum now,” Mr. Robinson said.With Boss’s cum still in my mouth, I moved to Mr. Robinson. My mouth wasopened and Mr. Robinson filled it more with his cum. I swallowed all thecum and then sucked Mr. Robinson’s cock more.“Mr. Clark, I have never met a girl like her,” Mr. Robinson said sittingon the bed.“She is my beautiful whore,” Boss said, and he kissed me.“Yes Boss,” I said.“Order something to drink guys, I’m so exhausted,” I said getting up,“And, Mr. Robinson, I loved doing business with you,” I said and went tothe bathroom.

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