Her Christmas Wish


I’ve been getting ready for Christmas by myself this year as my boyfriend is away for work. He’s been out of town for two weeks and should be home in two days, which lands on Christmas Eve. I’ve missed him terribly and wish he could be here to help me with all the Christmas stuff. It’s our first Christmas together and I wish we could have done the whole thing together. However I knew he’d be a busy man when we started dating. I’m just getting done putting up the tree and still need to tackle wrapping the last bit of gifts. I head to the kitchen and make some hot cocoa thinking of what it would be like if Marc was here with me. I know how helpful he would be getting this all done. I’ve never been a fan of Christmas stuff, I find it more of a hassle then its worth but being with someone makes it worth it.Sitting back down I begin to wrap the last remaining gifts and lose myself in thought of Marc. It has been two weeks since I’ve had sex and I was so horny at the thought of having him here and taking me right here on the couch. I can feel myself climb onto his lap and kiss his tender soft lips with his hands wrapping around me, squeezing my ass making me lean into him more. My breasts pushed up against his chest while we kiss, I can taste his tongue in my mouth letting out a soft moan. My mind is gone with the thoughts of him and his touch. I find my hand slipping down into my shorts feeling the softness of my shaved pussy already wet with pleasure for him.I work my finger into my tight pussy teasing myself. I let my mind race with thoughts of him. I can feel him remove my shirt my breasts bouncing freely in front of his face. He looks at me with a smile his tongue slides along my hard nipple gently teasing it before taking it into his mouth and sucking on it lightly tugging with his teeth. I let my mind go through the scenes of this as my şişli escort fingers dancing over my clit and inside my pussy with the thoughts of him. Suddenly I hear the sharp shrill of my phone bringing me back to the here and now. I let out a groan and reach for it. I see it’s Marc and I smile instantly.“It’s funny you call now, baby. I was just thinking of you.”“Oh is that so, anything good?”“If it’s about you, it’s always good! I miss you and want you home now.”“I want to be home too. I’ll be home soon enough Angel, I promise.”“I know. *sighs* I just want you home now.”“Let’s not dwell on what we can’t change. Now tell me what were you thinking about?”“Umm, well. I was umm.”“Is it that bad, baby? You’re scaring me,” He teases me as I stumble over my words.“No, smart ass. I just was sitting here wrapping gifts and got lost in thought of having you here and one thing lead to another. I started thinking of you kissing and touching me.”“Mmm I like where this is going. What were you doing before I called, or should I say what was I doing to you before I called?”“Marc, you’re making me blush. You’re so mean.”“I know. Now answer.”“I was sitting here touching myself thinking of you, my thoughts were of me sitting on your lap and you were sucking on my nipple. I didn’t get far before you called.”“Hmm, now that is a shame. Maybe you should continue now then?”“While I’m on the phone?! No way!”“It’s just with me, baby. Come on; let me hear you purr for me.”Having him simply say that to me makes me horny enough to the point it hurts and I can’t control myself. I slide my fingers back down into my shorts and start to play with my tender little clit. It’s swollen and I can feel my pussy begin to throb for him. I lose myself in the thoughts of having him here with me. I don’t hold back my moans as I hold the phone to my ear, escort şişli I let out soft purrs and moans for him. I can almost feel his mouth on my nipple sucking on it hard while I move to take his now hard prick out from his pants. I slide down on his shaft feeling him fill me deeply right there on the couch. My moans increase with my fingers moving quicker over my clit. I then hear Marc start to moan with me and I know that he is on the other end of the phone joining in with me.My mind switches for a moment seeing him in his hotel room wearing just a pair of night pants with his hand around his cock jerking it softly while listening to me. My lust and desire for him jack up to high gear wanting him deep inside me. I slide two fingers into me and begin to fuck myself harder. I let my mind go back to fucking him on the couch. I can feel his hands on my hips forcing me harder down on his cock, his mouth still on my nipples switching back and forth driving me insane. I arch my back spreading my legs a little wider laying on the couch as I fuck myself the thought of him jerking off for me, the thought of having him inside me, the thoughts of him listening to me touch myself, listening to him jerk off for me becomes so overwhelming. I cry out his name and feel myself orgasm so hard that my body twists, arching hard while I orgasm for the man I love. My orgasm moan clearly sends him over the edge when I hear him growl out and orgasm with me.“Bloody hell. That was amazing, Angel!”“You’re not kidding. I came so hard my body shook.”“Mm don’t tease me again or we’ll have to keep going.”“Well then get your ass home and we can do it the right proper way, baby.”“I am, I am. I’m coming home to my Angel. It’s just two more days.”“It feels forever away. I want you home now.”“Come on now, don’t pout. I can even see your lower lip mecidiyeköy puckered out and pouting even through the phone.”“You think you know me so well, Marc!”“Ha, I do my Angel. I got you a surprise for Christmas. I’m sure you’ll love It.”“Oh! Who’s the one teasing now! You know I don’t like surprises. You’re so mean!!!”“Yes, you said that. You love me though, so I must be doing something right.”“Yes, you must be. I have to get these gifts wrapped or I’ll be up all night.”“Alright, baby. You get that done I need to get some sleep before the last meeting tomorrow.”“Sweet dreams baby. I love you.”“And I love you, Angel. Missing you always.”I hang up and sigh. I down my now cold cocoa and smile thinking of what we just did and can’t help but blush. We’ve never done something like that and it was exciting and hot. I finish the wrapping and place them under the tree. By the time I’m done I see its well after 1:00 am and go to bed. Waking up the next morning I get all excited like a kid knowing Marc will be home tomorrow. I get up and dress for work.My day at work drags on and is so busy with last minute things to do before the Christmas break. I will have five days off so I have a lot to get done. At lunch I’m asked to go out after work with the girls and I go. I have a great time but have a bit too much to drink. I stumble up and into bed sleeping off my buzzed state not even bothering to undress.I wake up the next morning with a slight headache that I well deserved. I make my way to the shower and dress. I know I need to clean the house a bit and get ready for Marc coming home this evening. I look outside and see it’s snowing. I let out a soft groan. What do I hate more than the holidays? It’s snow. I hate snow. I clean the house from top to bottom listening to Christmas music to my surprise. My mood is up and I’m happy because I know my baby will be home in a few hours. I get lost in the thoughts of having him home again and don’t hear my phone go off until it beeps letting me know I have a voice-mail. I go and check it.“Hey baby, you must not have heard your phone which is no surprise with you.

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