Her Fantasy


My wife and I have been looking for a woman to explore a new relationship. We were delighted when you appeared to be what we were looking for and us you. We envisioned a close relationship of the three, loving and relaxing together. Friends and lovers such a nice thought.

It had long been my wife’s fantasy to watch me have sex with another woman and maybe join in. That would be the two of you doing me. However my wife admits enjoying the sight of the female body. She isn’t sure if she has any desire to be with a woman however if she got to know the woman well enough…never know what may cum of it.

She starts by sitting in the corner of the darken room with her robe on. We entered the room and slowly undress each other, paying close attention to all that is uncovered. I love being oral with a woman…to feel her react to my touch and tongue really turns me on. As I undress you, my wife is playing with herself as she watches izmir escort us. You seem to know all the right places that only fire my desire more for you. Licking my neck, gently biting my nipples and your touch with my cock make me feel the lust and passion of the moment. You lick the dripping precum from the tip and kiss me deeply sharing my taste with me.

We are both explore each other’s bodies with mouth, hands and eyes. We can feel her watching us and we both smile. You lay back on the bed and I slide between your legs. I want to inhale your musky scent, I must taste your love juices and lower my mouth to your mound gentle biting and sucking it into my mouth. Then I find your clit and lightly lick it as I move up and down your lips.

We hear my wife using a dildo and her moans as she works herself over.

I slide my hands under your ass and bring your pussy to my face. alsancak escort As long as you can stand it, I lick and suck you. Inserting my finger into you I make a “come here” movement with it as I lick your clit. My enjoyment increases as I see your body reacting to my lovemaking. To see you breast raise and fall as you get near your orgasm drive me wild. My reward is the gushing of your cum into my mouth and your moans of delight.

We have heard my wife cum at least once. I move up and we kiss passionately, our hands exploring each other’s body. You grab my cock and start to lick me. As you do you stare at my wife, showing her your new candy and how you like to enjoy it.

My shaven cock slides in and out of your mouth. The veins standout as I am rock hard for you. You to straddle me lowering your hot wetness down onto my cock. I feel your pussy grab me and stoke me as we move buca escort slowly. We both watch my her as she has moved from the corner to the edge of the bed. Eyes move from one to the other to the other as we fuck. I pull your hips down so I go deep into you and cum from the core of my being. With my thumb I massage your clit until you have your second which seems like a continuation of the first.

I pull my cock from you, reach for my wife, she moves to lick me clean. She sucks and licks our cum mixture from my cock. She doesn’t miss a drop.

Then she moves to mount me and asks you to sit on my face. I am in heaven lick and thrusting at once. The two of you stare at each other. Hesitantly…as your pussies are being attended to a dreamy look moves across your faces and she reaches out to stoke your nipples. You take her 34Cs and massage them. We all are getting it from both ends and love the sensations. You lower your head and suck her nipple into your mouth; this first contact with a woman sends her into a shattering orgasm. As she stokes your nipples and looking into each other’s eyes you cum.

The three of us lay there together enjoying the after glow of our lovemaking. Who knows what will be in the future for us?

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