Her Rules

Big Tits

Her RulesImagine my cousin and I.Saturday night, near midnight, you’re at a storefront business in Seaside, CA. Music plays low from behind the counter, some eighties rap song. They’re all looking at you. You look like a total whore. This is the intended effect, but you’re embarrassed and try to cover by acting aloof. This is stupid, counterproductive. This is why you’re standing in the fourth liquor store of the night. You keep losing nerve, then acting too stuck-up to be approached. You want to do this. So why don’t you just do it?Second in line, you’re one of four people in this store, the only woman, a white girl. The man in front is Puerto Rican, middle-aged and sleight. He wears the clothes of a labourer, maybe works with drywall. He is dusty all over and wears a painter’s cap that comes low on his forehead. He pays for his six pack and glances back toward me as he is handed his change. You see him focus quickly on your hips which are clad in a short, tight, black rubber skirt. The rubber is stretchy. This skirt laces up each side from hem to waist and the laces are wide enough to expose strips of skin nearly six inches wide. These fleshy strips bulge slightly at the black lashings that crisscross them. The lack of panties is obvious. You love this skirt. You made it. It is a very attention-grabbing sort of skirt.Stepping up, you are aware that there is a young man behind you, almost certainly checking out your ass. The stretchiness of this skirt makes your juicy ass look utterly obscene. It jiggles as you move just like it does when you’re naked. The cleft between your cheeks is clear through the rubber. You selected this material because it is shiny, stretchy and very thin. Wanting your ass to be acclaimed, you note the young man behind me, a tall, slender black boy dressed in an oversize t-shirt and baggy jeans, You hope he is looking at your accentuated rubber-clad ass and licking his juicy lips. That’s one of the reasons you drove out to Seaside to do this. You want a black boy or a man, whatever. You just want to get laid. As you step up, you think you should simply turn around and proposition him in some way. Surely he wants to fuck you. But you’re still acting aloof. But this is stupid. What did you get all dressed up and come out here for?Approaching the counter, you point to gin. No, the fifth, you point again and the old man behind the counter, another Rican, nudges the bottle from the shelf, tapping a few fingers on the cash register. Did he see your tit? You’re wearing a little bolero jacket. It matches the skirt. Under this jacket, which is open, your tits are covered. They’re mashed down, by black nylon which is as thin as a stocking. You’ve got great big fat tits. Your Daddy bought these great big, fat breasts. They’re setting up high and you love caressing these 38 DD breasts. You both get off on the deep pink areoles big as the bottom of a beer can while the nipple are ridiculously small. They are conical, like traffic cones. When you pointed to the bottle, the front of the jacket gaped and swung open. Did he see your tit? You want to rake up the stocking top and smash them together for him. But you just hand him a twenty.He hands you the change. Its too bright in here. That’s what it is, you crave some shadow to start this thing. Considering dropping some of the change, you desire an excuse to bend over, to show your cunt to somebody. It is bald as a cue ball and the skirt is short enough that you wouldn’t even have to bend all the way over to give a good full view. You could drop the change, but don’t. Its too bright in here.Walking out now, you’re haphazardly stuffing the change in your little purse while clutching the bottle in your other hand. Mentally kicking yourself, you bemoan another lost opportunity through your own stupidity. You’re going to do this. How many more liquor stores are there? How many more bottles of gin will you have to buy before you get over your frazzled nerves? As you approach the door, as you put your hand on the glass and push, you tell myself that’s it, no more screwing around. You’re here in Seaside, trying to get up the nerve to fuck some random black guy or black guys, maybe. You’re a nice, ordinary suburban girl who will just have to get over being such a stupid chicken.And here I am. You know I’ll speak the second your eyes rest on me. You’re hardly through the exit door of the liquor store when our eyes meet, but mine do not stop at your face, of course. Judging by your outfit, you look like a total whore. You’ve clear the door, stepping off the strip of sidewalk that runs next to the building. As you stroll onto the black tar of the parking lot, when I, an older man, milk chocolate-colored in skin tone, speak.You think, I slightly look like Denzel Washington. Being very conscious of twisting on the ball of your foot to look at me again as I speak, you twist that foot in the sexy black patent mule that matches the skirt and the jacket. At the same time, you fling a hip to the side as you turn. As you turn I say in a strangely Tennessean drawl.I state, “Damn, baby girl. You look incredibly marvelous tonight!”Now you know that men like me rarely speak to womyn like you. And womyn, like yourself, white, middle class womyn, do want to engage them. I’m much older than you had imagined the man you’d pick would be. But age isn’t an issue nor are looks or class or any of that stuff. You need a black man and you want it to be a stranger. Your heart crashes in your chest as you turn on the ball of your sexy foot. You thrust out a hip and give me a dazzling smile. Being a pretty girl, you give me your hundred-watt prom picture smile full of total innocence and delight. “Hey, thanks!” Looking mildly surprised, I then smile back. “You are welcome! You’re just the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time!” My smile reveals a missing molar.With the same smile, the same tone, you offer again, “Thanks! That’s so nice!” Raising the bottle, you query “You wanna have a drink with me?” as if the idea has just occurred. Now I seem really surprised. Womyn aren’t normally this forward, speaking so invitingly, much less offering to share a drink. You coyly cock your head to the side at my hesitation, a smile still on your face. I seize the opportunity.”Why not! Where shall we go, sweetness?” Hoisting the bottle higher, you gesture to your brother’s van, borrowed for the night. It’s parked in the far corner of the parking lot, in the shadows. You had told your brother you needed to move a desk.At this I raise my eyebrows while looking around at the darkened, empty lot. Decidedly I start off toward the van. You know I find this something I’d not expect to occur. Womyn like you don’t supply drinks to strangers. You’re freshly forty, but have a c***d’s face. You nearly always are carded at bars and clubs. None of the liquor stores you visited this evening carded you, but perhaps your skirt was a major distraction. You appear young and well-kept. I am probably near forty, black and lower class. I’m wearing an army jacket, but not the kind with camouflage. It’s just solid green and ragged. My work pants are jeans and my feet are clad in chocolate and gray Adidas trainers. I’m 5’9″ tall and broad. My nearly bald head shines in the street light. My whole head is almost shaved bald…i bet like your pussy. I walk next to you, though not looking at you, just glancing from the ground in front of us to the van we’re approaching. As we walk, I claim, “Yes, that’s quite a little ole outfit you are wearing there.”I stop. We are forty or so feet from the store, less than twenty from the van. It is near midnight. An occasional car rolls by, but it is quiet in the street. You turn to face me, your prom smile still in effect. “You think so? I made it. You really like it?” You have stopped and can not tell if I’m still unsure of whether I’ll actually make it to the van. I expect you to change your mind, come to your senses. You are a nice young, white woman like you. I usually don’t get into vans with womyn like you.”I picked the fabric and hammered in the grommets for the laces and everything,” You’re saying. I’m listening, looking at you. Next you get an idea. “Here.” you thrust the bottle at me.”It doesn’t even go like this,” you reveal as you wiggle your hips while twisting the low-slung waist. There is the thinnest layer of cotton flocking on the inside of the rubber, so it slides against your skin easily enough. Twisting the skirt until the laces are no longer exposing my hips, you adjust the skirt until the laces are centered in front and back. The laces are far enough apart that a good six inches of skin is exposed. Your naked pussy is framed dead center between a diamond of laces. Your heart catches in your throat. You’re really doing it! Feeling your ass pushing against the other string of laces, you explain, “It really goes like this, but I can’t go into a store like this.” you’re still smiling. I’m sporting a very good poker face. I feel if I hide my shock, you won’t realize türbanlı edirne escort what you’re doing. You shrug your jacket off so I can see your smashed-down, big fat titties. Your enormous nylon-covered boobs are capped by tiny nipples tenting in the breeze. You again cock a hip in a “what do you think” gesture.Finally I just shake my head, my eyes glued to your cunt. Your bald, pink, white girl cunt has begun to perfume the van. I blurt out, “My god, my god.” Suddenly you feel like Miss America. I’m smiling at you.Start to walk again, you now are dragging your jacket behind you. “C’mon. Lets get in the van.” You get in front of me so that I can see your ass cheeks smashed together under the laces as you stroll. You’re betting your ass looks good and that I can’t believe my good fortune. However, I can’t even begin to imagine what’s going to happen.We reach the van, which your brother thinks you borrowed to move a desk. You’re supposed to return it tomorrow afternoon. Reaching for the handle to the side door, the one that will slide open to reveal the futon you wrestled into place just hours ago, you inform me, “I’m Amber. Do you want to tell me your name?” Your name isn’t Amber, but it sounds like a slut’s name. You don’t care what my name is though. It’s just something to say.I say, “My name is Khambrel Green, ma’am.” As you slide open the door, I peer directly into your eager eyes, my expression searching. “You sure you want get in this van with me? You not scared?”Staring right back at me, you exude all the confidence you can muster. Still smiling, you ask, “You sure you want to get in here with me? Are you scared?” Not waiting for an answer, you climb into the van. It thrills you being aware of how I can see your pussy. After the smallest pause, I climbs in after. I shut the door. We are alone.I am on my knees. We both are. The van ceiling is low. It is quiet. You reach for the bottle. I hands over as I remain gazing at your cunt again. You tell me to have a seat, get comfortable, as you knee-walk toward the front. Plastic cups are on the passenger seat. Handing me one, you open the bottle. Pouring a generous amount of gin into the cup, you then hit the bottle against the cup. “Cheers, Khambrel.” You swig from the bottle. I drink from my cup, never taking my eyes from you. I’m allowed to see everything, your tits and cunt hold my attention. You’re not nervous anymore as you’re so excited to actually be doing this. You take another swig. “You got a friend you can call to come hang out with us, Khambrel?”I think for a minute. Is he thinking about who he can call to come see this spectacle, this whore of a white girl drinking gin in a van in the liquor store parking lot? Is he thinking if he calls someone, he won’t get to fuck me? Does he know how I’m gonna let him fuck me? I’m going to let him fuck me. You’re so excited to actually be doing this. “This is your lucky day. Look at my tits. Don’t you have a friend you can call?””Yes, Amber, I do.” You hand me your mobile. Dialing a number, I then resume watching you as the ringing begins. Hearing it in the quiet of the van, you smile at me as you pinch your rigid nipples. I wince, narrowing my eyes and smile back. The phone rings. On the third ring, someone picks up. The voice is just a buzz. You don’t try to listen.The conversation is brief. “Sean there? Yeah, go get him.” Then, “Hey Sean. You gotta come on out here and meet me. You not gonna believe this shit.” While I’m talking, you wiggle out of your skirt. My eyes are glued to you. There’s a tent in my pants. Raising your eyebrows, you renew your smile: surprise! “Yeah, come on now, Sean I can’t tell you nothing. Just hurry up and come on out. The parking lot next to Boogie Liquors. Hurry up man. Take a shower first, but hurry.”I hand the mobile back. Tossing it onto the front seat, you go from kneeling to sitting on your ass, your legs are spread and bend at the knees. Your whole pussy is on display; you fucking love this. Leaning forward, you grab your ankles. Your big, fat tits strain against the nylon. You feel the fibers pressing tiny grids into your bubblegum nipples. “That was nice, Khambrel, but you didn’t have to tell him to shower.””You don’t know what kind of mess he might show up in.””That’s okay, though.” you stick the first three fingers of your left hand in your mouth and get them all slobbery. Next you force them into your cunt. Pushing your fingers in and out has your pussy making a squishing sound. “Khambrel, I’m playing a role tonight. You know what role I’m playing?””I think I got a little bit of an idea.” I’m staring at your hand and plump pussy. You’re rocking those fingers in and out of your fleshy, gooey cunt. I’m enjoying watching you cram your fingers up your cunt, smiling all the while.”I am playing the role of a filthy fucking whore. A white cunt you and your friend can fill with come. I want to be filthy.” Jabbing your fingers deeper in your hole. “I want to be absolutely fucking nasty, dirty and disgusting. Sucking some unwashed, stinky, strange black dick suits me just fine. I don’t want to be treated like a good girl.” Jab, jab. “How long do you think he’ll be?””He stay just a couple of blocks from here. Girl, get over here.” I unzip my jeans. Suddenly my shaft springs free from my gaping zipper. You’re amazed at the size and shape. It’s a nice length, although the base is hidden in my jeans. It is a dark brown like my face and hands. The girth is what’s amazing. It’s like a massive chocolate cucumber. You can’t wait to get it inside. Grasping it in one hand, I reach for the back of your neck with the other. My eyes search your face for signs of resistance. Pulling your fingers out of your hole, you obediently allow me to pull you forward. I pull you by the back of your neck, pulling your face, your mouth, down onto my amazing, fat dick. My big, fat black dick stuffs your mouth with its slick head. My piss hole is huge and you stick your tongue in it quickly right before your mouth is filled too full for you to move my tongue at all. I breath harder. Pushing your head down, I command, “C’mon now, little one. Get that dick at the back of your throat. That’s where you said you want it, huh?” Your mouth is full and you can barely breathe through your nose, which is smashed against my zipper. I’m not even letting you stroke up and down. I’m just gagging you.You bounce your face on me the little that my grip will allow. This is fucking nasty. “I don’t even know this man.” you think. “I am such a whore. I fucking love this shit.” I taunt, “You know what you got in your mouth girl? You know where I been?” You bounce your face some more. A hard dick in your throat always makes your pussy wet. This is so amazing, you feel pussy juice ooze on your inner thighs. Moving a knee for a more stable position, you notice a gooey spot on the futon. Here you are, naked in a borrowed van with some strange black guy’s meat stuffed down your throat.”I been in jail, girl, that’s where I been. I been in jail for three years, four months and two days. Just got out ten days ago. I ain’t seen no pussy in a long time. Watch the teeth now. There you go girl. Up and down, up and down, that’s a good girl. Good little white girl. Take Daddy’s dick.” You choke yourself on this convict’s shaft. Your pussy is drooling.I erupt without warning, barely five minutes after pushing your mouth down on me. My length spasms. The head is still stuffed into the back of your throat. Not surprised by my load, nonetheless you gag at how thick it is, how much of it there is. It’s impossible to swallow with your throat lodged open with all this meat. Come coats the inside of your mouth, covering the roof, teeth, tongue, and wells at the corners that your lips make where they come together. Once my dick stops jerking, I release my grip on the back of your neck. You sit up and make a disgusting, noisy show of slurping jizz back into your mouth. I swallow in exaggerated gulps. Looking at me, you ask hungrily. “That’s not all, right?”Unbuttoning my pants, I declare, “Girl, you heard me say I been in jail. You give me a minute. I’ll get it hard for you again in just a minute.” Sitting back, you dig your hand in your cunt again as I yank off my keks. There are no underwear. We are both naked from the waist down. Your pussy feels like pudding; you’re so wet. You say, “I’ve got a couple of ground rules, Daddy. I’m going to tell you before your friend gets here, so you can tell him.””You aren’t gonna tell him?” I’m watching you playing with your cunt and pinching your clit. Narrowing my eyes, I make a sound, like I’m sucking my teeth. I stare at you like a starving man watching a steak dinner.”I think my mouth’s gonna be full again by the time he gets here.” You lean up, your hand remains buried to the knuckles in your cooze. You give my dick a long, hard lick. I’m hard. With your face in my crotch, between licks, you state, “First, I prefer it in the ass. I’ve got a nice, türbanlı edirne escort bayan tight shit hole, but it can stretch out to take a great big cock like yours. You guys can fuck my pussy, and you can fuck my mouth, but just know I love getting fucked in my asshole better than anything else, okay?”You look up at me. My nostrils flare wide. I give a short laugh. “Ooookay. Whatever you say, baby girl. We’re going fuck your ass tonight.”Slurping my massive helmet into your mouth, then you push it back out with your tongue. “Also, I only take come in my mouth. It’s a waste for you to shoot it up my cunt or in my ass. I like to taste it. It’s a waste to come on my tits. Every time you come, it should go in my mouth. When I go home, I want my belly sloshing with it.”Gazing up at me again, you observe that I’ve got a wide smile. I enjoy watch you push my shaft up and out of the way with one hand, while you encircle the base of my scrotum with the other. Tugging my black, hairy balls taut, you give them a broad, wet lick with your flattened tongue. They taste sweaty. You’re overcome with how nasty what you are doing is. Not knowing this man, has you wanting to gag and come at the same time.”Three, I don’t want to be treated like a princess.” Pushing my legs wide with your elbows, you suck a ball into your mouth and then spit it out. Your thoughts are explained out loud: “I got dressed up in this slutty outfit and came out to find some random guy to fuck.” Next you suck my other ball into your mouth, spit. “I don’t even know you and I let you come in my mouth. I’m dirty. I want you to treat me like it.”At that, I grip your hair into a pony tail at the base of your skull. Already you’re going to work on my balls, but I enjoy pushing your head around, smearing your face down there. You lick and suck my nuts only. My length bounces around free. Using your fingers to get them both in your mouth at once, it’s a tight fit. My balls are big, fat and full. They are hairy and sweaty. You dig slick juice out of your pussy hole only to smear it on my sack…..lick-lick-suck. This is so nasty which has your pussy just running. While your mouth is stuffed full of my black testes, there is a knock on the side of the van.Since your mouth is full, I beckon, “C’mon, Sean.” As he, my cousin, opens the door, I’m sitting in a splayed position on the futon. My back is against the wall opposite of the sliding door. Kneeling between my legs, your face in my crotch. Your gorgeously, round white ass in the air. When Sean opens the door, your mouth is stuffed with sweaty balls, while your wet, swollen slit and puckering asshole are completely visible. I love this shit.Sean says, “What the fuck man?”Replying I bark, “Get in, man. Close the door.”Unable to see anything but cock and balls, you can tell Sean hasn’t moved. The van door is wide open. You’re so exposed as you make slurping sounds around my nuts. You wiggle your ass. This guy standing outside the van door doesn’t even know what your face looks like. He’s getting introduced to your pussy and asshole before he ever sees your face.Sean asks again, “Hey, Khambrel, what the fuck cousin? What you doing?”I scream, “Get in this fucking vehicle motherfucker! Close fucking door.”Your whore ass lets my balls plop out of your mouth before revealing, “That’s okay, I don’t care who sees.”I give out that short laugh again and push your head back down. Finally we hear Sean climb in and slide the door shut. Something, some fabric that he is wearing, a sleeve maybe, brushes your ass cheek. The space in the back of the van suddenly feels small, full.As you take Daddy’s dick between your plump, soft lips again, I command, “Sit down, cousin.” You hear rustling, as you sense the other man settling behind you. I draw my knees up so that my feet are flat on the futon. You’re buried between my long legs, face down in my sweaty, musky crotch. I relay to my close cousin, “Have I got something to tell you.”You push your mouth down on this fat, black dick as far as you are able. My shaft is huge, bigger than you had at first thought. That first time you sucked it, I’d still been in my jeans. It is not too thick, but it’s just long enough for you to work at getting your lips down to the base. Trying, you open your lips wide, wider than my length; wide like a yawn. You slam your head down over and over, jamming the tip into the back of your throat. This makes a delicious gagging sound as if you’re being stabbed in the throat with something. You drool slobber all over my shaft. It pools and lathers in the kinky, musky hair around the last inch or so of my dick. Reaching back with both hands, you divide your ass cheeks apart. You spread them until you feel your ass button stretch out. You know Sean can see how nasty you are. You can’t wait for us to fuck you.While you gag yourself on dick, I tell my cousin, “So this slut came on out the store and asked if I want a drink. Next thing I know– ah, ahhh, that’s good, mmmm-hmm!– next thing I know she is showing off her pussy and telling me she wants stick my dick in her throat.” Sean doesn’t say a word as you gag noisily on black meat. “We get in here, she soon is drinking right outta the bottle, taking her clothes off and asking me ‘call up a friend.’ Cousin I know you haven’t had any in awhile, so I rang you before anybody else.”Peering down at you, I explain, “We were in jail together, baby, same pod. Well we got out four days apart. How do you like that?” You don’t answer anything. With your mouth full, you simply suck.The first thing Sean says since getting in the van is, “I sincerely want to thank you for that, cousin.”Feeling fingers on you pussy lips, you enjoy them rubbing up and down. You have no idea who is rubbing your gushy pussy. The thought makes you bang your throat harder on my rigid dick. You have to stop for a second. You’re gagging so hard that you almost puke. Gripping the base of my shaft with one hand, I clutch the back of your neck with the other. Though you are resisting, still fighting your gag reflex, I force your mouth back onto my length. “Get back on that dick, babygirl. Put Daddy’s dick back in your mouth and suck.” Those fingers remain teasing your pussy lips.Taking just the head and sucking hard, it’s like you’re trying to plunge the come out. Pausing to look up at my serene face, you remind me, whose come has already coated your tongue once, “Tell him. The rules.” Then you’re back to work, gagging on Daddy’s dick. You enjoy thinking of this stranger as Daddy. The idea of putting Daddy’s dick in your mouth, sucking it is appealing. Daddy’s cousin’s fingers slither up and down your slit.Breathing heavy for a moment, I eventually exhale a long hiss, then state, “She says she has a few ground rules.” You come up off my dick only to go back to tongue-slathering my heavy balls. Damn they are tight and heavy. You’re trying to make it easier for me to talk to my relative. As soon as I’m done explaining the rules, you’re going to suck me until I blow. You want to eat jizz until you’re sick.”She wants to get butt fucked, that’s one. OH FUCK, baby girl put it back in your mouth. That’s better. Ain’t that better, bitch? And she want us to bust all our nuts in her mouth–“”Right on, my cousin,” stunningly says Sean.”Her rule, not mine. Tell her. Ooooh shit!”San crams two fingers up your cooze. Rocking back onto his hand, your accepting pussy wants to swallow his whole hand. He asks, “After we do it in your ass? You want it back in your mouth after its been in your ass?”For the first time, you turn to look at him. Your ass is practically in his face. He’s had to bend his wrist at an unnatural angle to finger your gash. You appreciate the effort. You gaze into this strange man’s eyes with all the heat and sincerity you possess. “Sean, I would love to gag on your dick after you’ve rammed it up my shit hole twenty or thirty times. I’d love it if you went back and forth between my mouth and my asshole, stroke for stroke. Just make sure you, ah, bust your nut on my tongue. I like to eat it.”Sean stares at you, speechless. Smiling your best prom picture smile, you eagerly return back to Daddy’s meat. ummmm, Daddy’s cock, you ponder as you slurp it into your soft mouth again. Pushing your really wet pussy onto Sean’s fingers, you relish feeling so nasty.Meanwhile I am blowing another load as Sean unzips behind you. I make yummy mouth and throat noises as you swallow the sweet spunk. You didn’t expect it to taste good. It is a surprise that it tasted good while feeling nasty.My dick is semi-hard now, so you suck on it like a pacifier. You recall what Sean looked like when you turned around. He spits on your puckered asshole. You flex it in invitation. As the head of this strange shaft pushes against the rim of your anus, all you think of what Sean looked like. He is kind of unkempt and slightly older than me by a few years. Darker skinned, smaller eyes with heavy brows, thicker lips above türbanlı escort edirne sharp wedge of a nose and his hair is in a low afro, Sean is an okay looking guy. He is a little dumpy, yet you are loving it. Fucking these two guys makes it even funner. You feel like such a fucking whore. Too bad this wasn’t being taped this so you could be blackmailed and humiliated with it later.My cousin pushes his thick dick into your ass. He is too abrupt and it hurts, but you just reach back and stretch your butt cheeks. You desire it to hurt. What’s the point of getting fucked up the ass if it doesn’t hurt some? That’s why you only ask them to use spit or pussy juice as lube. Get it too slippery back there you’d miss that painful drag of tender skin on skin.So this guy you don’t know is fucking you in the asshole in the back of your brother’s van. My stiffening dick is still stuffed in your mouth while Sean bangs your asshole like he wants to hurt you. You whimper and wail around my manhood until I bark, “Cuz man, cool it man! You gone wear it out.” So you start going uh-uh, uh-uh and slamming your plump ass back against my cousin’s thrusting. You want it hard; you want it to hurt.He yelps says, through gritted teeth, “Naw man, looks like she wants it like a jailhouse hoe. Whoo-hoo! Get on that motherfucker, bitch!” You push your asshole up and down as best you can. He’s fucking you hard and there’s not much you can do but slam back onto me over and over.I say, “Oh yeah, she wants to be treated nastily, too, like a whore. She said, before you got here. I’m supposed to tell you. Treat her naughtily, not nice.” You concede by licking up and down on my dick and now manageable nuts.My cousin pumps furiously. “I’ll treat her like a nasty bitch; nasty like a motherfucking dog. Here it comes! Here it comes! Turn around here, you motherfucking whore. Turn around and eat this nut!”You pull away from his cock, turn around and squat with your palms on the floor. You tilt your face to receive what was just stuck up your rectum. He lumbers awkwardly to his feet, hunched over in the low-ceiling van. Jerking his meat rapidly, Sean slaps you in the throat, then goes back to jerking.”Open your nasty mouth, whore.”Opening your mouth wide, you allow him to put the heel of one hand on your forehead and push your head further back. He wants to watch himself come in your mouth, dumping semen on your tongue. And when he does you almost vomit. It is much too much and it tastes rank. This strange man has just blown the most disgusting load of come in your mouth you’ve ever tasted. You’ve got to get it out of your mouth or you’ve got to swallow. But Sean says no.He’s still jerking off, jizz still squirting and dribbling out his piss hole. He is squeezing every last drop onto your tongue and saying, “Don’t you motherfucking swallow, bitch. Don’t you do it. You hold that nut in your mouth til I tell you to swallow.” He commands. His gut hangs over his still solid dick. Obeying, you hold his spunk in your mouth. You want to vomit. Yet your pussy gushes. He looks into your face so intently it makes you blush. You’re a blushing beauty with strange Black Man’s come pooling in your mouth.While kneeling here like this, with your face upturned, your mouth holds a slimy swamp of come. Now you feel Daddy Khambrel’s massive cucumber pushing at your puckered asshole. With your palms still planted on the futon, you tilt your body to accommodate me. My cousin grabs your chin just as his seed spills thickly from the corner of your mouth.”Not a motherfucking drop, you hear me?” He reaches down and twists one of your erect nipples through the nylon so hard you pee a little. He reaches further down, yanking your top up so hard your tits bounce around until he slaps one of them. He slaps it again, right on the nipple, hard. The only noise you make is back in your throat, under the come. It is a wet squeal, a little gurgle. “Not a motherfucking drop. Don’t you swallow it. Don’t you spill it. You just hold that nut while you get it up the butt again.”Your on your knees as I deeply fuck your ass. I do it slow and long. It is a terrible effort for you to hold my cousin’s semen on your tongue while a giant slab of meat gets pushes in and pulls out of your stretched-tight shit box. Eventually you start gagging. Come gets thicker as it sits out. When it comes time, you might not be able to swallow it, at least not without puking it back up.This being the third time I’m using you to get off, it takes me a while. I spend a deliciously long time doing these long, even strokes. They glide all the way in, then all the way out. You go from squatting to being on your knees again. The head of my dick completely clears your pucker each time. Each time I push it back in, I force you open over and over. Come congeals in your mouth while your asshole is stuffed to the brim. Sean hovers over you with a sneer on his face while he pulls on his thick shaft. His balls are still heavy. They bounce and jiggle obscenely as he pulls on his dick in front of your face. Knowing he wants to stick it in you has you in an ecstasy of humiliation and disgust.After a while of this, I growl low, “Ah man, I’m close.” Sean says, “Well come on with it man. Hit this bitch. I’ve got to take a piss and I don’t want to miss it. She gonna swallow my old shit with your new shit here in a minute.” He squeezes his meat. I slam your ass. Your neck aches from trying to keep this souring jizz from spilling. You have an idea. Damn, you are so nasty.You make the only sound you’re able, “Argh, argh!” The sound emerges from down in your throat, under the come. You lock eyes with Sean’s. You stroke underneath his length in a “come here” motion, while at the same time pointing to your open mouth with your other hand. I’m pumping you from behind so hard you feel your asshole turning inside out. The stroking motion under Sean’s cock, as you point to your mouth signals that he can piss here. He gets it. Grinning, he positions himself.Feel me coming about three seconds after my cousin begins using your mouth as his toilet. You realize watching Sean urinate in your mouth is what pushes me over the edge. It is the hottest, nastiest, most disgusting moment of the night. You will use this to get off when you finger yourself for months. Washing down congealed come with a Black Man’s piss while another Black Man pumps his nut into your rectum excites you like nothing you’ve felt before. It’s a rule broken, but you don’t care, in light of the hot piss that’s being sprayed across your face and into your throat. You gargle and choke. It tastes disgusting. Sean is laughing. “Nasty white bitch.” He waves his dick back and forth, purposely making it messy, making you chase the stream. You don’t even know this man who is laughing at you as he pees on your face. He fills your mouth, then says, “Flush.” Then he laughs again. You are drinking a stranger’s urine while he laughs.Though I had blown another wad, my meat is still buried to the hilt in your ass. When my cousin is finished drizzling the dregs of his urine onto your outstretched tongue, he shifts position enough that he is looking directly at your stuffed ass. I start to withdraw, but San pleads, “Wait. Make her shit it out. I wanna see.”You beg, “Sir, my asshole’s sore. I don’t think I can push.””Then let it stay in there, whore.””Sir, I’m sore. I want to go home. Come on. I’ll drop you guys off wherever you live.” You attempt to pull away but the his hand is on you, twisting your nipple again. I cry out. He looks at you with a serious, hard expression. “You want to go home?” He twists some more. You cry out. “Then shit. Shit his dick out of your butthole. Shit it like it was a big ol’ turd.” He laughs his mean laugh. Now you’re ready for this to be over. Shame is overwhelming you. So you try squeezing your muscles. You feel Daddy’s dick coming dislodged a little. Sean releases your nipple and says, “Here, lemme help.” He reaches around, spreading your ass cheeks so far you think for a second the skin in the crack of your ass will split. He pushes his face right into yours. He licks your face, lips, chin and nose with his fat tongue. There is too much spit on his tongue, like he let it collect in his mouth before he licked you. You have his spit smeared on your face. He says low, looking into my eyes, “Shit. Now. Bitch. Shit with my tongue in your mouth” And you do while gagging against that slimy tongue, Bearing down, you push with all the muscles that control your shit box. For a second it seems like it is too long. It seems like my massive meat just goes on and on. It’s coiled in your intestines and you feel you’ll never shit it out. But you finally push me all the way out. You have that feeling again of your asshole being turned inside out. You shit my length out of your slutty anus while sucking on Sean’s meaty tongue. Yeah you sucked on it, finally. DAMN, you are so nasty.Resting for a few seconds, you then climb into the front seat of your brother’s van. He thinks you are moving a desk. Your ass is greasy and sodden against the vinyl seat. You put the key in the ignition. In a few minutes, you will drop these men off somewhere, go home, remove the futon, air out the fuck-smell and no one will ever know.You’ve given you mobile number to Khambrel. You may tell your brother you need to move furniture on a regular basis.

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