High School Quarterback (Part 3-after party)


I have changed the name of “Night Before the Game” to “High School Quarterback”. I am going to go back and repost the first 2 parts with changes and the correct names but enjoy the third chapter.

The locker room was ecstatic as I made my entrance. I just broke the State record for passing yards and touchdowns in a game against one of the best teams in the state. I slowly changed back into my street clothes, digesting what had transpired over the past couple of days. Just then, my running back and best friend, Jake, came over.

“Hey John, I know this isn’t you or anything but there is an awesome party tonight and the guys hope you decide to finally come to one.” I looked around to notice that everyone had stopped to hear what my answer would be. I nodded yes and everyone started cheering.

I quickly got dressed trying to sneak out of the door before anyone noticed but as soon as I reached my car, Jake called out to me.

“Hey man, just ride with me.” After just staring at me for a minute waiting for an answer, he just pulled me to his car assuring me that I would have a good time and my future can take just one night off. I jumped into his car. He got in, fired it up and turned on the latest Escape The Fate Song on his iPod and we started driving.

“You do realize you just broke every record in the State don’t you? You don’t need to go back and review the film.”

“I still need to get home at a decent time tonight, I need to keep my strict workout schedule and…”

“Dude, just shut up. If you don’t have a little fun this year, you will just burn yourself out and I will have to call you Ryan Leaf.”

“But he was good in college, just not in the pros.”

“I don’t know how you can be such a nerd yet great at sports.”

We arrived at the party in a few minutes. The house belonged to the parents of the Left Tackle, Joe. They were super rich and were rumored to be part of the mafia even though it was never proven. No one never knew what his dad did (he would never tell anyone either) but he was always on the phone with someone and seemed to have new cars like every other month. The house was huge. It was on a hill that ran down into a lake. There were two stories as shown from the front of the house and a walkout basement on the back. The upstairs had a huge balcony off the front of the house and the main floor had one off the rear.
Cheers erupted as I entered the house. It was my first appearance ever at one of these after game parties even though it definitely wasn’t the first time I was asked to go. This was not like any parties I have seen on the tv because there were some parents there. They kept to themselves on the upstairs balcony and made sure no one was drunk when they left. The kids were downstairs and on the main floor listening to rap music and drinking. A few would sneak into some rooms and make out for a while but nothing major would happen. I turned around and noticed that Jake had already left to hit on a random girl I didn’t recognize. I noticed Lacy, Tara, and Bri walking towards me through the crowd.

“I didn’t believe my ears when they said you were actually coming,” Tara said barely above the music. Escort She was wearing a pink tank-top that didn’t cover her at all. Her toned stomach showed below and her white bra stuck out the top. She had nice Daisy Duke cut-off jeans on showing off her legs. Lacy had on her cheerleading skirt with a tight black shirt that was low-cut to show off her gorgeous breasts. Bri had on a modest 1-UP t-shirt with a pair of tight jeans. It seemed weird that she was dressed like that in comparison to the other two.

“We’ve been here a while, do you want to go get some fresh air with us?” Lacy asked. I nodded and followed them outside. The kids were all in groups of 5-15 outside all scattered on the hill. Most of them were smoking and there were a few kids that escaped and were making out by the trees. A select few guys were lucky enough to have the girl’s tops off and sucking on their breasts.

“I almost forgot that you haven’t been to a party before,” Tara smiled when she said. “Outside is where all the extra-curricular activity happens. Usually not much more than a boob grab or dry hump but some go a little farther.” Just as the words escaped her mouth, a couple staggered out of the woods trying to adjust their clothes. We all kind of snickered as they made their way back up the hill to the house.

“Sorry for us being rude, but I don’t think you have ever met Bri,” Lacy questioned. I shook my head no and reached out my hand to shake Bri’s trying to be formal. She shook mine in return and I had to try my hardest not to crush her dainty hands. We continued on our way to the lake filling the time with small talk and what our plans were for the school year.

When we got down to the beach, we found a group of chairs and each took a seat. The girls decided that it would be a perfect time to grill me for some reason.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Tara asked. I shook my head no. “Do you want one?”

“I don’t know, I was planning on focusing on football but my plans may change. Who knows?” I replied.

“So you do like girls?” Lacy asked kind of surprised. I was surprised she even asked that considering what we did the previous night and I’m sure she knew what Tara and I did.

“Of course I like girls,” I responded.

“Do you like any specific girls?” Bri piped up. It took me off guard since she hadn’t really said anything to me all night.

“No one in particular I guess,” I said and saw Tara and Lacy’s gaze fall down. “But I may have my eye on a few girls.” With that their eyes lifted back up. There was a cool breeze coming off of the lake and we noticed two benches a couple yards away with blankets on them so we decided to move. I sat down on a bench and Lacy quickly sat my right while Tara and Bri sat on the other bench. Lacy threw the blanket over both of us and cuddled up close. I just naturally put my arm around her to pull her close and keep her warm because I could feel her shivering. The girls continued to grill me.

“Have you ever had sex?” Bri asked while the other two snickered. I nodded and was returned a puzzled look from Bri until she understood why Lacy and Tara were laughing.

“You two did it with him? When?”

“You Escort Bayan remember when I went to go get a sweatshirt last night?”

“And when I took a shower this morning?”

“I can’t believe you both did that. You know I liked him. I told you both last night that I liked him!”

“Bri calm down,” Tara said. “Every girl likes him and we just had sex, it isn’t like we are going to marry him because of it. He is free to choose whatever girl he wants.” As Tara was trying to calm down Bri, I could feel Lacy’s hand on my inner thigh teasing my manhood. By the time Bri was calmed down, I was at full length and Lacy was no longer just teasing. She started trying to get under my shorts and was almost successful when Tara noticed what was going on.

“Lacy!” she exclaimed. “You want to get both of us pissed off at you?” When Tara yelled, Lacy quickly removed her hand and elbowed me in the rib cage in her haste. Tara got off her bench and squeezed on the left side of me.

“Where am I supposed to sit?” Bri asked, noticing me still wincing from Lacy’s jab.

“Fine,” she said. “I’ll just take care of his bruise.” She quickly moved and pulled the blanket off of me and lifted up my shirt. She leaned forward and gave my ribs a kiss and slowly moved up my body to plant one on my lips. Lacy and Tara both seemed taken aback by how forward she was but I didn’t understand since we were just talking about having sex.

Bri paused just long enough to pull my shirt over my head and straddle me. As we were making out, she slowly started to grind against my rock hard cock. She pulled away again and looked me up and down. She slowly pulled off and grabbed the top of my shorts to pull them just far down enough to expose myself to her. She gasped when my full length poured out of the constraints of my shorts but was soon licking it up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the head.

Lacy quickly grabbed my face and pulled me in for a deep and passionate kiss. Tara got up from her seat and kneeled down by Bri to help with me. Lacy grabbed one of my hands and pulled it to her crotch. I noticed that she may have kept on the cheerleading skirt but she didn’t keep on any other part of the outfit. She was already wet and I easily slipped two fingers in her while my thumb worked her clit over. She was soon moaning into our kisses and pulled away. She took her shirt off as quickly as she could and made her bra follow suit. She returned to kissing me and I noticed her hips were now rocking in rhythm of my fingers. I was paying so much attention to the goddess next to me I forgot about the two lovely ladies on my cock. I broke the kiss to look at what they were up to and noticed Tara had taken off her tank top but not her bra or shorts while Bri had managed to take her pants off.

Bri looked up at me and slowly made another trail of kisses up to my mouth. Lacy got off of the bench and started to make out with Tara on the ground. Bri finished climbing on top of me and positioned my penis at the entrance of her moist cunt.

“I haven’t done this in a while and have only used my fingers on occasion so it will probably be really Bayan Escort tight,” she said. I nodded letting her know that I understood.

She slowly lowered herself onto me, only letting me impale her couple of inches at a time to let her get used to being filled again. When I was completely inside of her, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around my neck and nibbled on my ear. This gave me a chance to catch Tara and Lacy lying in a 69 position on the other bench. Tara was on her back with her face buried into Lacy’s moist pussy and Lacy was having a hard time keeping attention on the vagina in front of her face. I was an awesome thing to see and with the tight pussy milking me with that kind of visual stimulation, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

Bri sat back up on my cock and started to grind her hips into me. I took one of her breasts in my left hand and bent over to lightly graze the nipple with my tongue. Instantly, the nipple was standing at attention and Bri picked her pace up. Just then, I felt one of the most extraordinary feelings. Tara had left Lacy on the other bench to catch her breath and was sucking on my balls. After a few seconds, she left my balls and started to lick from Bri’s pussy to her asshole. With all of this extra stimulation, Bri was quickly sent over the edge and was convulsing while her pussy was severely milking my cock. Once it subsided, she climbed off of me to allow Tara free access to my cock. Tara popped up and leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Lacy told me that you in her ass magical,” she said while keeping a hand stroking my cock. “Let me feel like that.”

She took her other hand and stuck it in her pussy before lathering up her asshole and turned around. Her hand reached between her legs and guided my cock to her back door and slowly pushed it through the barrier. Her ass was tighter than Bri’s pussy obviously but it was way tighter than Lacy’s ass. She didn’t hesitate at all though and she quickly bounced up and down. I reached one hand around to fondle her breast and the other hand reached around to her vagina. I was vigorously rubbing her clit and she instantly started to shake with an orgasm. She powered through it and kept going. A second one hit almost directly behind it and as it started to subside, I felt the familiar feeling.

“I’m going to cum,” I said just giving her warning.

Lacy and Bri both heard and started coming over. Tara jumped off of my cock, turned around and dropped to her knees. All three girls started stroking my cock in unison. With just a few strokes, I was launching cum in all three of their mouths and over their faces. Once I was spent, the girls took great care of cleaning each other. I slowly got dressed while watching the girls give each other one last orgasm before putting on their own clothes.

Once we looked presentable, we walked back up to the house. Most of the partygoers had left and we also decided to call it a night. The girls all rode together and I asked if they could bring me back to the school to pick up my car. They agreed but were jealous when I choose to not ride in the backseat with Lacy and Bri but ride by myself in the front. Truth is, I’m sure it would’ve been amazing with those two at once in the back seat but I doubt I had enough stamina to keep up with those two. Maybe I will have to see if it can happen again some other time.

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