His Highness Jon Ch. 02


After Jonathan left, Francis had quickly unchained Sammi knowing that her state of mind left any further play out of the question. As they all rode back to Francis and Rose’s house, Sammi was so content that she only spoke one or two words to answer questions. Rose laughed and then climbed in the backseat with her. She pulled Sammi to her and held her close while telling her what a good job she had done and whispered excitedly about Jonathan. Rose stroked Sammi’s beautiful pastel purple hair, paying extra attention to the stubble hidden underneath the longer locks, much like Francis loved to do. The two women stayed quietly like that the rest of the way back.

The next morning, Sammi awoke to find herself alone in Francis and Rose’s bed but she could hear them down in the kitchen. She looked at the clock and realized that it was almost noon. All the events that took place last night really must have wiped her out. Throwing a t-shirt over her naked body, Sammi headed sleepily downstairs. Just before she reached the bottom, she heard a third voice in the kitchen. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing; she’d know that Irish tinged voice anywhere!

Part of Sammi wanted to go bounding into the kitchen but, instead, she made her way timidly into view. The second she made eye contact with Jonathan all timidity was gone. He made her feel so bold and warm, like the world was hers if she belonged to him. “Samantha, beautiful Samantha,” he purred in a deep, throaty kuşadası escort voice that made her melt. He bit his lip and looked as if he were trying to restrain himself. Then his face changed and he ordered “On your knees Samatha, now.” She dropped to her knees right in the kitchen entrance without hesitation, it was like only they existed in the world at that moment. Jonathan moved closer and took her face in his hands, stroking her cheek. “Oh such a good girl.” He murmured. Sammi smiled up at him, completely mesmerized. Without warning, his palm cracked hard against her cheek. That instant searing heat was shocking and wonderful and confused her a bit. She shook her head a little and he grinned, “Please mind what you say to me when I pay you a compliment Samantha.”

She was so taken with him she’d forgotten all her manners. “Yes Sir.” She replied softly. In that moment she caught a glimpse of a very pleased looking Francis and she smiled. Mistake number two.

Jonathan clenched her face hard and pulled her back to his attention. “Your attention does NOT leave me in these moments. Understood my selfish little brat?”

Samantha nodded furiously and tried to apologize through clenched teeth as he kept his grip, “Yes Sir, I’m so sorry Sir.” Many women would go ballistic at this behavior, but Jonathan’s words and actions captured something in Samantha. She felt safe and wanted and didn’t have to think. She didn’t have to think about anything, kuşadası escort bayan she just had to feel and be. Unlike the other parts of her life where she had no off switch, always analyzing and making decisions. Letting someone own her was a welcome break, especially when that someone was a stunningly gorgeous actor.

Samantha wanted him to take her, right there on the kitchen floor. But instead she agreed to meet him at his hotel at 4pm. He instructed her to wear anything comfortable and bring nothing. The bizarre instructions had her curiosity piqued for sure. And just as Jonathan was leaving, Francis pulled him aside and the two men had a very hushed conversation before he departed. Sammi looked at Rose and Rose just shrugged.

Once the door had closed behind Jonathan, Sammi started to get to her feet. “No. Nobody said you could get up slut,” said Francis very calmly and softly. His voice was almost scary when he issued demands that way. Sammi scrambled back to her knees which were starting to ache at this point and dropped her head. “Good girl.” Francis whispered. He bent down to pet her a little, “Stay like this until I say otherwise.” And with that, he walked away. And Sammi couldn’t see anything but the floor, but she heard Rose pad out of the kitchen too.

Sammi’s knees were on fire, her back was killing her, and she wanted nothing more than to look up around her. Then she started hearing moans coming from the escort kuşadası other room. Then silence again. Next there were soft grunts and a couple slaps. That’s when she realized that Francis was in the other room fucking Rose. She wondered just how long Francis was going to make her stay like that. The thoughts, and pain, and sounds were leaving her panties soaking. Yet, a few minutes later she was fighting back tears, when she felt him behind her. Francis knelt and pulled her into him from behind. His body was still naked and hot and he was still very much aroused. “Good girl Sammi, so good.” He cooed and she just crumpled against him.

The relief her knees felt in that moment was almost more painful than the pressure. Rose wandered lazily into the kitchen just then. She too was naked, her face flushed, and nipples taught. Smiling, she knelt next to Sammi and massaged her knees lightly, making Sammi cry out a little. She shushed her then as she gently straightened out each of her legs and being peeling the soaked panties down from Sammi’s body. Tossing them aside, Rose began to run her hands softly over Sammi’s inner thighs. Sammi sighed and smiled at her touch. After a few minutes, Rose pushed Sammi’s thighs apart just about as far as she could make them go. Sammi winced but shivered in anticipation.

Rose looked up, “May I Francis?”

Her husband nodded and, although Sammi couldn’t see him, she could feel how pleased he was. “My, my, you are a horny little one…” Rose giggled a little as she very slowly slid her index finger into Sammi’s dripping pussy.

Sammi leaned her head back against Francis and murmured. He responded by grasping her head and tilting it forward. “I want you to watch her play with your cunt honey.”

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